Sunday, November 02, 2014

Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere

An inscription discovered at Ahkenaton's city: "Here is the place that belongs to no prince, to no god. Nobody owns it. This is everybody's place. The earth will find joy in it. Hearts will be happy in it."

More than three thousand years later, on February 7, 1968, The Mother defined the Charter of Auroville in strikingly similar terms when she wrote: Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future..
Origins of Auroville

Life is supernatural .. death is supernatural ..
all matter is born from this unified force! - ZenSu

In last posts I tried to explain that gravity does not exist and as a result anti-gravity also does not exist. If we use the archaic science model of "gravity" to describe and explain reality then we may as well say that planes and birds are evidence of anti-gravity [because they fly]!

The strange reality is that gravity is a simplistic human understanding of a dynamic force and anti-gravity is the poor man's alternative to this flawed science. I am not the first person to question 300 years theories of gravity as set out by Newton .. but I am going to go further than most gravity theory opponents wish to go...

I am going into hyper-space and into the realms of The Supernatural.

At the same time I can say to you that The Supernatural is not what you think. In fact 80 percent of our physical reality is governed by the supernatural .. and as our material reality is somewhat stable then that is a good thing! No?

I do not support base "theories" but I support direct experiences that lead the human mind to have deeper realisation into the structure of matter and the mind .. energy and magnetic [and electrical] principles. This means using direct observation to understand Nature and oneself and to combine the two into a unified energy [realisation].

Where does this approach come from?

I was born many time on this Earth in many situation experiencing many difficulties and truths. Most of all the force I meet time and time again that I always recognise is The Supernatural. I know The Supernatural better than I know current physical reality .. and so in this sense I call this force: Inner Guidance Navigation System.

Material base physical reality cannot form life and changes in the Earth reality.

Base material world cannot move and change or alter its form to adapt to continuous changes and challenges. But .. most of all we do not question or find the answers to the true force that moves and alters physical material reality transforming our lives. Between life and death is REALITY = |0|

I tried to explain that old world gravity theories are the science of Santa Clause and anti-gravity theories are the pixies... Santa's helpers [human science is the mindset of child like four year old's] .. this is not a mature nor realistic science. The ancient world had a much more mature awareness of the workings of the forces of the Universe.

Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere
When planes fly overhead you hear the plane and you see it. When Unidentified Foreign [reality] Objects move around the skies you may see them but generally you do not hear them. Probably most of the time you so not see them and you do not hear them.

Science tries to ignore this phenomenon 100 percent of the time .. but science certainly does not want to accept paranormal forces that cannot be detected as sound waves and cannot be seen. The supernatural is more about feeling .. then seeing [hearing].

Future scientists have to consider: How can I feel something before I hear or see. Add also that sometimes you hear something but do not see it and sometimes you see something but do not hear it! This is what I call a basic guidance to The Paranormal. Nothing to be afraid of .. it is natural but it is strange. So .. consider strange as a challenge.

Science today is hopelessly trying to decode the Earths atmosphere and weather patterns in physical material terms. The current lines of self measurement are based on a mechanical linear system that does not apply to Nature. This is where the psychic / supernatural enters the quantum rabbit hole.

When you see strange and unexplained phenomenon in the sky above .. the first thing you notice is the FEELING. You may be seeing a strange object with your eyes .. but the unusual feeling dominates the experience. Something inside you [beyond thought] instinctively knows that you have experienced something beyond the everyday physical realms.

I am going a step further and I am suggesting that the Earth's atmosphere is 80 percent supernatural phenomenon within which the strange unusual lights and crafts interact. So .. they use the 80 percent supernatural atmospheric force [energy] to move and interact with this World. I am saying that these unusual craft are not using anti-gravity!

We see this reality defying phenomenon from our Earth-bound standpoint and we say: WOW!! We only say: WOW .. because we are not inwardly connected to the source. Maybe I should say that we humans are not psychically connected to the source! The first rule is that it is not WHAT you observe .. it is HOW you observe. Dual observation applies to yourself [inner self] and not only to the external reality you are observing.

Inner and the outer observation are ONE...

To understand what I am saying .. try to be aware and observe planes flying in the skies overhead. Do not just take planes for granted and ignore their presence. Even if it is a bird .. be aware of this life force flying over you. Also be aware = we created planes and they are our created life force. Even better .. be aware how many people look or pay attention to planes [or birds]? I can tell you now = ZERO awareness .. #_*

I have stopped to observe REALLY strange lights and objects floating in abnormal ways over the skies above the town [not every day] and I look around me to see two things! 1. No one else sees these strange lights of objects floating across the skies. 2. Everyone ignores me stopping to look up and observe these abnormal phenomenon objects.

The Supernatural is PART of the physical material .. be aware .. what defines the functions of your computer? First energy! Without energy your computer or mobile device cannot function. Next comes the hidden electronic hardware. Next comes your physical material experience of the interactive screen or keyboard / flat-screen. Where most of your online experience [80-90 percent] is hidden unseen .. and beyond your comprehension !!

The aspects we do not yet understand is that it is not the UFO OBJECT or the strange behaviour of the OBJECT appearing to defy 300 year old Newtonian science theory. The supporting key is the EARTH ATMOSPHERE or what I call the Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere.

Physical material world is like the outer structure of your physical body .. or the physical computer .. or the tablet you use to communicate. Inside these technical structures is ENERGY and a hidden energy-physical related technical connection structure. It is the same with your BRAIN. A supernatural Qi force seamlessly connects our inner reality experience.

I am saying science cannot account for 80 percent of REALITY ...