Thursday, May 18, 2017

Secrets of The Tendons [Electric Field Resonance]

You may be aware of your muscles? Bones? The bodies key organs?
Perhaps the most underestimated are your tendons ...
You possibly know nothing about the Meridians?
And even less about the tendons ??

I am going to begin by saying that from what I observe .. the human body is not well suited to being adapted to Earth field and Earth climate. Zecharia Sitchin wrote that the first "modern" humans were called ADAPTA. In my mind this implies some humanoid form was ADAPTED to inhabit Planet Earth [for whatever reasons].

The basis for my observations are ELECTRICAL CURRENT RESOLUTION within and around the human body. All creatures of the Earth adapt very well to living on the surface of the Planet or living in the lakes .. rivers and oceans. Animals will either heal themselves quickly or die [without problems]. Humans do not heal well and struggle to die naturally.

These problems humans have are not only fear .. but much more complex = electrical field incompatibility with the planetary electrical field resonance. The human energy field is fundamentally a refined hybrid that is ultimately not suited to the Earth environment.
Secrets of The Tendons
As I outlined in the last Post: Tendons Muscles Ligaments Mind .. out of necessity [or because I use my mind] .. I was able to affect the healing of the body with my mind / psyche / intent. With injured main tendon behind the outside knee and across the toes of the same foot: I was able to easily go up and down 100 stairs 3 to 4 times a day with very little pain.

How did I do it?

The key creative tool is my mind ... but I have to add that if I have muscle / tendon / joint injury then high quality New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract over weeks and months removes inflammation and repairs tissue damage [as it is a nutrient food]. Turmeric powder under healing clay and a plastic bag is the number one for tendon / joint & muscle injury.

So? What about the mind _#

That part is difficult because it is not thought .. but is outside the thought part area of the brain. There are big parts of the human brain where thought cannot go / travel to / see / be aware of / know / explain or describe.

Probably 98 percent of the human brain is dark to thought.

I try to see for days how do I explain this to people? If I can do it .. you can too! The first is that the mind is everywhere in the body and not just in the brain. What you think is the brain is actually in your foot. Meditation is the best way to figure that one out.

Then there are the Meridians [the electrical chi force] .. and it is possible that tendons and ligaments play a key role in the chi flow throughout the body. I was able to [with my mind] alter the chi flow in no-time. Thought [ego self] is knowledge .. is time .. is measurement. The most powerful aspect of your brain = most of its surface .. is outside of time.

When you injure yourself the aspect of time is thought [experience] saying: This will take time to heal. If an individual suddenly heals then this is called a miracle or is supernatural occurrence. This is why I say the human resonance field is not suited to living on the surface of this Planet.

The human electrical field resonance is compromised.

Maybe similar to Doris Lessing's: Shikasta Canopus In Argos .. it is probably that humans on Earth were adapted from humanoids on other Planets and it is possible adapted from The Watchers who orbited the Earth living in hybrid environments.

If the human resonance field is compromised then the human mind is compromised. One practical way to alter this is to synchronize electrical resonance directly with the Qi Energy Field of Earth = the light. The Watchers were hybrids designed to interact with light fields on orbiting platforms that took energy from the Sun.

This is probably why there is general obsession with THE LIGHT as savior of mankind and the SUN _+

There is some truth to it .. all be it hidden .. and this is probably the success to human semi-adaptation to life on Earth. Using meditation or Chi practices it is possible to shift the internal frequency of the human resonance field to synchronize with the Electrical Sun Matrix that is activated by the Sun in the Planets of the Solar System. You can also call it the Energy Sun Matrix.

If your ancestors could do this then you probably inherited the ability by default.

It is like inheriting a horse from your fathers ..
you still have to learn to ride it.