Friday, March 27, 2015

When Shadows Touch The Sky

Dark Eclipse Light Phenomenon
I woke up early this morning with the Eclipse video presentation you see in this post visually in my mind. I also had another post playing out in my mind about reincarnation and our responsible behaviour .. because the Earth is to teach: The Mind.

I had this realisation today about the physical nature of light. I tested it out. Whenever I have a realisation .. I also challenge and test out that realisation. When filming the 2015 Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse I saw a lot of things.

Scientific theory and explanations of how the human eye sees is flat-earth theory that has little to do with the true nature of light and the nature of reality. You know! Light from the Sun bouncing around .. enters your eye and projects images and colour onto the screen at the back of the eyeball.

Filming the Equinox Eclipse I was working with two video cameras: Panasonic Pro DVC30 and Panasonic HC-W858 .. with one telephoto lens and both video cameras had 1000x ND filters. In a way the video cameras are also 'alive'.

I became aware the two video cameras were electro-sensitive 'life forms' that allowed me to zoom and record the Moon crossing the Sun [becoming my electronic eyes]. Humans created the video camera technologies .. extending human life into these tools that we use every day.

I began to question this strange notion that light from the Sun bounces around and reflects colour spectrum called 'light' directly into the retina of the human eye. I began to consider: What if light is not bouncing around? What if light is ambient? What if matter absorbs light and we see the light within matter?

All you have to do is walk around outside as you normally do .. but BE AWARE!

Do not just SEE .. but be aware of HOW you SEE. Pay attention to matter. Observe how you see light .. colour .. texture on the ground. Trees and grass. The side of the road. The clouds. The blue sky. Observe the light within matter! It is everywhere and all around you.

Physical matter [including human body] is absorbing the light from the Sun as is the Earth and the atmosphere of Earth. Everyhting is absorbing light and is 'becoming' the light. The human eye is not seeing the bouncing shadows of light reflections. The human eye is designed to see light within matter.

If your eye was being hit by reflected light bouncing around the sky above you .. it would totally blind you! Walk around and use middle-distance seeing where you do not focus on details .. but you use whole-eye awareness. Ask yourself what exactly are you seeing?

Apply the same principle at night... In darkness the material energy absorbing process is still at work. In darkness matter is absorbing a higher percentage of dark matter. The human eye sees darkness [more difficult to explain]. I hoped to catch this phenomena on the Eclipse videos .. but it is not easy to explain.

If light was reflecting and bouncing around in the way flat-earth science claim .. we would see nothing but light. There is so much light out there that it would blind us completely. Look at the sky and try to imagine that this vastness you see is all apparently focused onto a tiny point at the back of the eye.

How is all that light from that expanse of vastness hitting the back of your eyes?

In a strange way the video cameras help us to realise or understand the true nature of reality because of the way they function. The human mind is building tools that help us to understand ourselves. Humans are building a mirror to better see and understand themselves more clearly.

Light and matter are simply compatible and interchangeable frequencies.

I am saying that matter absorbs light and that sunlight ENTERS matter. The eye is designed to see the light within physical matter. Seeing has nothing to do with light from the Sun bouncing around reflecting off the surface of things. Light is absorbed into physical matter. Light comes alive inside physical matter. Matter comes alive within light. It is the same process for darkness [dark matter].

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Solstice Super Moon Eclipse 2015

I can safely say the 2015 March Equinox Solar Eclipse is the most amazing experience of my life. I am still whacked out by the electro-radionic effects of the energy waves .. but I am functioning. I slept so peacefully without dreams .. and yet I can feel the electro-cellular effects on the nervous system and body. We were not directly in the shadow!

I have experienced a Total Eclipse of the Sun .. but this one was much more powerful! This was a Super Moon Eclipse of the Sun on the Celtic Spring Equinox. An Eclipse on the Spring Solstice! Over the Celtic heartlands of Europe. Right at the mid-point it got REALLY COLD.

Without a good telescope or suitable camera you would not have known a total Eclipse of the Sun was taking place in the 80% shadow locations. I was 13 hours on the go first filming simultaneously with two video cameras and then converting uploading and editing files until I fell asleep.

Even now I can hardly believe what I experienced. Of course .. I was focusing on documenting the event using two video cameras. I added an ND 1000x filter to the DVC30 Pro with a Polaroid 3.5 Super Telephoto lens I went out into Nature in the middle of a grassy field. Usually when people see a woman using big professional video cameras they stop to talk >_<

I was just praying .. please don't let anyone walk over and start talking .. because I needed the spatial silence and the natural sounds of the birds. The birds sing to the Sun and the Moon crossing. Everywhere all you get is a beautiful echoing sound harmony of Nature!

I set the larger Panasonic Pro AG DVC30 to film on the tripod and simultaneously I was filming holding the Panasonic HC-W858 camcorder. The w858 is good because it allows you to add an extra lens or filter. To film in direct sunlight I used a 49mm ND 1000x lens filter in Normal Mode with 50x izoom.

Deep into the Eclipse it got REAL COLD.

Even though I was wearing a weather change suitable woven fabric hiking jacket and hiking trousers .. I still felt the sudden cold deep in my bones .. as though the cold reached right into the bone marrow. I started to shiver and lose internal body heat. I now understand that whatever took place was stronger than 'heat' or 'cold'.

Spring Equinox 2015 - Eclipse Gets Really Cold

The strange nervous system neurological part of this experience is that I can now edit the videos [visual] with ease and yet I am finding it very difficult to write the experience in words. Before the 2015 March 20 Spring Solstice Eclipse it was the other way round. I was finding editing videos difficult and I was writing with super fast dynamic cognitive ease.

I think I am on a new adventure!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today I Touched The Sky ...

I am totally whacked out !!
Below you see the first part [preview] of my March 20 Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse videos. I have so much material I do not know where to begin [from two video cameras]. I filmed the 2015 March Spring Equinox Eclipse using Panasonic HC-W858 and Panasonic Pro DVC30. On the tripod was my classic Panasonic Pro AG- DVC30 video camera.

However this video clip is from the Panasonic HC-W858 with 50x izoom.

Eclipse: March Spring Equinox 2015
The whole experience was so deeply profound and moving that all I can do right now [after 13 hours of filming .. converting .. uploading and editing] is to go to bed and sleep. Nature is truly awesome!

Monday, March 16, 2015

UFO Experiencer Innovations

Past to future lives experiencer interactions create a personal sense of one's own past connected to the present and moving into the future. The UFO experience is key to this progression. My first paranormal experience was as a baby. My only childhood memories are of supernatural events. As I started to walk I knew I was not from here [Earth]. By the time I could think English words I was thinking: how do I get back home?

My first memory seeing hovering lights in the sky was to tell them: Get down here now .. I don't want to stay on this Planet. The first major challenge I had to overcome was my intense dislike of human beings on Earth. I was always good at building things with my hands.

Pu'Erh Bamboo Tea Knife
I want to share with you the practical down to earth application of what I call: Experiencers / UFO Experiencers

This is a hand carved bamboo Pu'Erh tea knife I created for myself because I did not like using metal to break ripe pressed Pu'Erh tea cakes .. so I can brew my tea.

Many years ago I drank loose leaf Pu'Erh tea and later I could not find a good source for the tea and I stopped drinking it. Recently I discovered a good source for ripe and raw Pu'Erh cakes. Raw and fermented Pu'Erh cakes are shaped like a flat disk.

I was using a flat metal shaped spike to open the Pu'Erh cake [fermented leaves]. I found the experience unpleasant. This is what I want to share with you about the foundation of the experiencer and practical innovation. I explain at the end.

I loosen leaves from the cake using metal. Each time I experience a feeling: This is wrong. I do not like the metal and the way it feels opening the pressed Pu'Erh leaves. I do not like to use the metal. I have other 'memories' that are expressed as a feeling. Out of the feelings come solutions and pictograph like images.

I had an bamboo Shakuhachi flute I made that did not work out. I did not think RATIONALLY about what I was doing. I did not think: I am now going to make a bamboo tea knife. I simply followed my feelings without thought. I saw pictures in my mind and I re-created those pictures using the bamboo.

I cut across a section of the bamboo with a handsaw then I split it length ways down the middle using a thin Chinese chopper. The knife has to be thin to better control splitting the bamboo. I split vertical strips from the two half pieces. I carved and sanded the pieces until I had the tools I wanted.

Once I carved the tea knife from the bamboo and held it in my hands I knew this is the tool I want. This feels right .. this is exactly the right experience.

Next I had to test the bamboo 'innovation' on tightly pressed ripe Pu'Erh: 2012 Yunnan ChiTse Beeng Cha from Kunming QingMei Tea Company of pretty decent quality. It has a slightly mild pleasant fermented sweet-sour flavor.

The best part is still to come!

Experiences are not only related to actual events in 3D physical reality. Experiences are related the psyche .. who we are .. our journey through life with internal connections: Past present future.

In the Chinese Shang and Zhou Dynasties 1066 BC 221 BC the Pu people in Yunnan served their tea as tribute to the Emperors. The local people drank the raw green tea and the dark fermented ripe Pu'Erh tea cakes are apparently a more recent innovation. Raw pu-erh was introduced during the Ming dynasty 800 years ago.

I use my own hand made bamboo tea knives because I prefer them to metal. If people hundreds of years ago were making and using similar bamboo only tea knives .. the bamboo would have rotted and so there is no evidence of its widespread use.

Originally pressing the Pu'Erh tea made trading transportation across the Tea Horse Road easier. The tea cakes were solid .. easier to pack and the quality of the tea was preserved. Just think that a trading trip from Yunnan to Lhasa took one year. Pu'Erh was traditonally pressed into brick like shapes or mushrooms.

I disagree that Pu'Erh tea fermentation preservation and storage was an accident. In fact .. I am sure the process is much older than we currently accept and that the process was probably a family [clan] secret not shared with 'outsiders'. In this respect I am saying as an experiencer that INNOVATION is WEALTH.

Innovation: Valuable Resource
In ancient times innovation was a primary RESOURCE for families communities and clans. Local clans were not going to share their valuable innovation secrets with outside parties. When you survive on trade and others who compete with you later use your processing and preserving secrets .. they can use your innovations to trade against you.

Ethnic clans will have kept their innovations and techniques within their ethnic region. Their inherited innovations and processing techniques were one of the most valuable [cultural] assets. Having this knowledge they could continue to innovate and adapt to changing climates and needs.

Once an 'outsider' discovers an ethnic clan innovation secret .. they are going to write: I discovered this fermentation and preserving process while transporting my tea to trade on the Tea Horse Road. Imagine you marry the daughter of an ethnic family and she shows you the ancient tea fermenting process... >_<

Everything I have written came from re-making a past life bamboo Pu'Erh tea knife. Bamboo is superior to metal in opening the tea cakes without leverage and without breaking the leaves. Why are we so obsessed about metal?

Metal equals material wealth [value] and prestige. Today we primarily use metal as a sign of wealth and position in society. Metal is an intrinsic form of cultural advancement to show we are not poor and we are not rural peasants. Bamboo is a poor peoples resource and metal is a sign of wealthy urban sophistication.

Past & Future UFO Connection
I am using the modern UFO Connection signature but culturally across the ages the relationship connection is something else more dynamic. We use the term UFO today because our collective minds have become more metallic .. more analytical .. we pretend that subjective experience has to be eliminated .. we are less creative and more restrictive in terms of innovation and imagination.

My experience is awareness of past physical incarnations experiencing UFO contact [connections]. My experience is awareness of future physical incarnations experiencing UFO contact. In past incarnations I would often see lights or object hovering in the sky during the day or at night. Not SEE but EXPERIENCE this real and mysterious phenomenon.

How do I know this?

When I see mysterious lights and objects in the sky in THIS life .. I also experience the whole inner connection across time and space = dynamic interspatial phenomenon. In the past .. present and n the future I 'recognise' them and I recognise myself. The observation of the phenomenon and myself is the same across the time-space portal.

In the same way I can carve bamboo tools in past incarnations and I can carve bamboo tools in this incarnation. The coolest part is yet to come... In future high-technology incarnations I carve my own bamboo 'art tools' .. just like I am doing now! What connects the past present and future? I do .. who I am .. what I know .. what I have learned .. how I grow. I am the past present future.

I hope that makes sense! If it does not totally make sense .. I suggest you make something with your hands or innovate something .. or design something .. or draw something .. or discover Martial Arts movements .. or do something relevant to your own inner connection with the past / present / future.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Human Mars Venus Connection

In the space around Earth is a Mars Venus Interface

What is generally called The UFO Phenomenon is not a single phenomenon. From our perspective it may appear that genuine night sky mysteries can be cataloged and researched as though they all represent the same phenomenon. What very few people understand is us [the human being] and our mysterious Planet [paranormal psychic interface].

We do not live on an exclusively black and white solid physical material world. Matter is designed to seamlessly interact with life force [energy] .. electrical fields and the psyche. In other words the electric field psyche of all creatures interact with and understand the hidden information contained within and surrounding physical matter.

All this means is that animals insects birds and plants can navigate. One example of plant and animal navigation is migration also used for location change when the climate becomes too warm or too cold for them. Plants migrate all the time .. but we rarely pay attention to the plants and so we miss the detailed migrations.

Observing my own local environment over years I have become aware of year by year exchanges in plant dominant species [called weeds] .. wild plants that we humans do not plant but they plant themselves. You may say: The plant seeds just blow around and land somewhere. Not exactly! There are advanced intelligence cycles at work too complex for this post.

Physical matter is surrounded by intelligent fields and these intelligent fields seamlessly interact. The human Earth being is designed to interact with these intelligent [electrical] fields in highly sophisticated ways. Humans are not designed JUST TO SURVIVE .. but somehow we are behaving as though this is all we are designed to do.

Apart from physical matter interactive electrical field intelligence there is also Earth atmosphere interactive electrical field intelligence and there is space orbital interactive electrical field intelligence. I forgot the human interactive electrical field intelligence. Probably most of the genuine UFO experiences observations and encounters are something much deeper than we can currently understand.

Mars Venus Connection
I call this the Mars Venus Interface because when migrations take place essential skills are retained even when buried deep out of sight. There are inherited skills that may not be needed and may never be used. Those inherited skills are part of the building blocks that create the next wave of adaptation to new environments.

It would make sense to create a highly advanced intelligent interface to monitor and guide spacial development. What I am saying is that an encounter with the unknown is an encounter with ourselves. Any experience you have is an encounter with yourself. How you react to that experience is the subjective individual part of the interaction and learning process.

Ultimately .. you are always learning about yourself.

The Asian Martial Arts .. REALLY CLEVER! They designed self-awareness teachings that also include Daoism and Buddism. You do not learn the Martial Arts in order to hit someone. You learn the Martial Arts to learn about yourself. More important for you to learn to handle yourself.

When you learn Martial Arts .. you are not really handling the other person [opponent] but you are always handling yourself. One example is balance. When you learn to kick you really have to handle all aspects of your own balance as well as your own sense of balance.

Sense of balance is: You may want to kill someone who just attacked you. Learning about your own sense of balance is how do you deal with that emotion in a nano-second and probably redirect it? Usually when someone attacks their electrical field comes to you and comes through you. Probably you may be picking up what THEY feel .. how do you deal with that?

This is why I say we are always faced with and learning about ourselves!

It is the same with genuine UFO phenomenon although that experience can be even more intense due to the nature of the interactive electrical fields involved. People think mechanical electrical fields emanating from a craft .. but this is not what I mean. For example .. an experience can be observing something that looks like a star and you are nowhere near it. The entire experience is so intense it can have a very powerful effect on many levels.

The human Mars Venus connection has its own intelligent interface.

There are the physical Martial Arts and there are the mental [inner] Martial Arts. Like yin yang the two go together even though you can focus practicing one and not the other. The beauty is that as you learn how to move and you learn physical discipline you are also affecting the mind whether you know it or not.

The human Mars Venus Connection does not have 'an opponent' .. it is more like a teacher. Even when we interact with a teacher we are really interacting with ourselves. The strongest students are the ones who realise this and who do the inner work rather than focus on the outer phenomenon.

When I was younger I always wanted to know: WHAT IS THAT ??

The Mars Venus Connection is YOU >_<

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Human Hybrid Environment

THEORY of Earth Human Hybrids and Human Hybrid Environments.

Hybrid Human Environment
In this drawing you can see my basic theory of: The Earth Human Hybrid Environment. The reason I call this the Insecure Hybrid Human is due to our hybrid vulnerability.

Humans require some form of hybrid environment to survive.

Continuing from my last post: The Earth Human Hybrid Phenomenon. This Hybrid Field Theory is based on real world observation and experience and what I call the Third Principle In Man.

The ancient physics of: Tri / Three / Triangle. The three sided pyramid is based on the triangle and the four sided pyramid [based on the square] .. is where four triangles create the square base of the four sided pyramid.

A key understanding of Earth Human Hybrid vulnerability is how Human Hybrid Environment sensitivity created insecure aggressive fearful inhabitants of Earth.

Hybrid humans behave as though they have to SURVIVE in hostile conditions. After thousands of years living on this Planet humans still act INSECURE and UNCERTAIN about our SURVIVAL. The main reason for this is human beings are not designed to live in natural environments. Humans require some kind of physical shelter. That shelter is designed as our own hybrid environment.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
My pictograph drawing is really simple. Our human social environment is based on this pictograph. Imagine you have no home .. tent .. covering .. no physical protection .. like the birds animals trees and plants on this Planet. But .. you have food and water! You can eat food and you can drink water. How do you feel? I know how it feels .. because I have experienced similar situations.

You need to eat food to survive and you also need water to drink. Let us say you are living out in the fields but you have food and water. FANTASTIC! Are you feeling okay? Not exactly! I do not recommend you go out into the fields to experience how it is to have no cover .. shelter .. basic protection or physical security. Simply help and support communities [in the future] who experience disasters and help these vulnerable people to somehow survive!

The pictograph drawing communicates a basic principle of: Earth Human Hybrid Environment [vulnerability]. I think this is a key indicator humans did not originate on Earth and that humans originated in a hybrid environment that may or may not have been another Planet. It may have been a space orbit system or within a satellite like the Moon.

If Earth human body was covered with fine hair [like an otter] allowing us to be comfortable in the changing and varied climate on the surface of Earth? Then I would assume that humans had a natural place on this Planet like all the other animals and creatures who live here.

The physical home we inhabit is a hybrid environment. A car is a hybrid environment. Planes and trains are hybrid environments. Shopping centers are hybrid environments. Tents are hybrid environments.

I experienced sleeping in the wilds with no shelter other than bushes and trees. I would not recommend it! I slept outside in a natural safe beautiful warm Summer Mediterranean climate [with no tent] and it was not a pleasant experience .. even though I am a person with practical basic survival skills.

We structure our entire life experience around the hybrid environment = HOME.

We can love the Earth and we can appreciate the Earth. Such a BEAUTIFUL Planet... But we hybrid Humans are not suitable to inhabit the surface of the Earth. This hybrid insecurity has led to many of the problems we create as we structure our world for our collective survival. There lies our vulnerability and insecurity as well as our strength.

Hybrid Earth Humans are VULNERABLE and SENSITIVE, Hybrid humans need to create Hybrid Environments. Humans also have the intellectual ability and skills to design and build these hybrid environments. This ability is designed into us.

To understand society and how society works we have to understand ourselves. The human is one part of the UFO phenomenon. When we see things and when we experience things we are also part of that encounter / interaction. A relationship or encounter does not take place outside .. it takes place inside.

In a strange way we are always interacting with ourselves...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Earth Human Hybrid Phenomenon

Linear duality is dealt to humanity as slight of hand [slight of mind]. The same cards are dealt again and again from the bottom of the deck. The same answers are pre-encoded into the card game you call 'reality'. The magicians stick with its two polar sides: Right-side and Left-side [opposing each other].

The stick is the illusion hidden in plain sight: The third principle in man. You do not have a right side and a left side without the stick itself. Laws governing life on Earth are triangular. Reality is not based on two opposites [polar duality]. Reality is based on Tri = Three. A four sided pyramid [the square] is made of four triangles #_#

I want to continue to explore the possibility that Earth humans are insecure hybrids unsuited to the environment on the surface of a Planet and as a result destroys the natural environment in order to survive. Don't give me this: Natural Man argument .. because the physical evidence exists to show that throughout history human occupation of Earth has resulted in destruction of the natural environment.

I am just going to cut the crap and suggest all of you walk around and open your eyes and SEE how much of our lives are dedicated to destroying the natural environment on the surface of this Planet. Rather than feel anger and condemn mankind .. I want to find the ANSWER. Jiddu Krishnamurti always said: The solution [answer] is in the problem.

Finding the solution requires insight into the problem.

This is like a navigational compass. You navigate the problem. You begin to understand the problem. In understanding the root of the problem you find the solution [OBVIOUSLY]. Essentially the problem is a guide to finding the solution or to finding the answer and resolving the problem / crisis.

Depopulation theory is not going to solve the destruction of the natural world by man. Human depopulation has taken place many times over the last few thousand years and it solved NOTHING. One example .. the mysterious end of the Mayan civilization! This is not the only highly populated civilization to have been destroyed on a massive scale. We are still here destroying the environment faster than ever.
Archeologists have discovered that an ancient Egyptian cemetery contains 1 million bodies. According to the team of archeologists who discovered the burial ground: The ancient burial site represents a mystery. The scientists are puzzled about where such large numbers of people came from. Another mystery of the mummy burials was the large number of blonde and red-headed mummies buried in clusters. Perhaps we have family areas or genetic groups [in certain areas], but we're still trying to explore that. >_<
Earth human populations are periodically devastated through natural disasters or war and none of this has solved the ongoing problem of the increasing destruction of the natural environment on the surface of this Planet. Maybe it is time to go much deeper into the problem .. understand who we are .. where we came from and find the solution.

I am going to start by pointing out how vulnerable and insecure we humans are. By that I mean first physically insecure and from that physical insecurity arises a psychic or psychological vulnerability [fear]. This is my own special area of study. I understand things like this without having been 'taught' to understand.

The first thing you do is OBSERVE while reserving judgement. We are not here to judge ourselves .. but we are here to find solutions and to correct the loss of intelligent navigation. When you put a vulnerable hybrid onto the surface of a Planet and that hybrid loses all advanced means of living and survival you potentially create an environmental monster.

If the advanced hybrids came from Mars [more technologically developed than Earth] and later they lost everything they relied on .. meaning they have to learn to survive living in a more primitive environment? Then you would probably end up with the destructive survival struggle we experience on Earth today.

I know some of you might think: DESTRUCTIVE SURVIVAL STRUGGLE ??? DUH !!!

I guess maybe you never experienced losing everything you have in an earthquake or tsunami? Don't worry! We don't have to go that far to understand and have the experience [evidence] of mankind's ongoing: Destructive Survival Struggle. Just pay attention when you take out your trash. Then look at the trash of everyone else when you throw yours out. No other creature on this Planet does stuff like this.

Why not take a family trip to your local trash collection depot and ask them to show you what happens to all that neighbourhood trash? But .. you do not even have to go THAT FAR #_# .. you can just look around at how we live. Look at all those private little hybrid living areas we build and call home. Humans cannot live on the surface of Earth without the protection of some kind of hybrid shelter. No matter how primitive that shelter may be.

One part of the environmental destruction problem is our hybrid human needs for survival because we are not suited to living on the surface of this Planet. Humans live on Earth as though the Planet we inhabit is an alien hostile environment. As soon as we humans expand our hybrid communities into natural habitat we destroy every natural think including TREES.

The next thing we do is we completely sanitize the natural environment of any THREAT. We kill all the wolves and bears. I am saying that all creatures on the surface of Earth co-exist in some kind of balanced form other than us humans. Hybrid humans cannot protect themselves: They need weapons.

It seems humans are some kind of sensitive hybrid who were bred for hybrid environments where they probably do less harm than we do now on the surface of the Earth. I do not see that we humans are so great at survival as we think we are. We depend on a whole lot of resources that are necessary for our day to day existence. Our DEPENDENCE is greater than our STRENGTH. The strength of the natural world is greater!

Probably all struggle within society on all levels comes directly from Hybrid One = the need for a hybrid living area [home]. Try living out in the woods and doing everything you do each day like go work in a bank. First we need a hybrid living area of some kind into which we bring food and water. Next the hybrid living area has to be heated and our food has to be cooked >_<

Various levels of destructive-survival-struggles orbit the need to live in a fixed hybrid environment. Getting the physical resources to build [including financial] .. ownership .. debt .. maintaining ownership .. natural disasters .. political [territory] .. health .. safety. If you stop to look at the key principle of your life needs then it is having a shelter. We also build Tourist Shelters all over the Planet.

The environmental question is directly related to the social question. Hybrid humans need to live in hybrid environments no matter how basic. Hybrid humans also require external energy sources for warmth and cooking even if it is only a wood fire. It is possible to collectively reduce environmental destruction when we focus on creating the hybrid environments that make us secure and we allow the natural world space to revitalize itself.

To make those steps humans would have to stop pretending that they are Earth humanoid animals natural to this Planet and originating from this Planet. Do not take my word for it! Just observe yourself and your needs. Pay attention to how we live on this Earth. Look around at the variety of little hybrid home units we cannot live without. Observe how much space is left around us for NATURE. There is very little space left for Nature.

The worst part of all is when humans start fighting each other for control of physical resources. There you see our collective Achilles heel. If you just step back and suspend judgement .. and just observe the actual root of this problem! It all comes down to the need for a hybrid shelter of some kind and the energy to heat that shelter. That is what we are all fighting over. The problem is very simple and yet very complex.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Third Principle In Man: Experiencers

The third principle in man is: The Experiencer

Human society is currently based on the stick [duality]. The human paradigm is a horizontal line connecting two opposed ends of the line or stick: Left and Right .. the left-wing and the right-wing .. science and religion .. research and witnessing. There is the right-brain and the left-brain. It is a very simplistic view especially as there is more to the brain than a left-side and a right-side. This is the Duality Paradigm where a stick [a wand] rules.

What you have just read is the THIRD PRINCIPLE: The view of Experiencers

In a way human experiencers are the missing link. You take the Celtic principle of the three sided pyramid that was replaced by the Roman Empire stick [primitive linear duality]. Social interactions decree that people are either witnesses or they are researchers [some can be a mixture of the two]. The third element of social interaction exists .. but the third element has to be hidden in the closet. It is more acceptable to say one is 'gay' than to have ones place in society as 'an experiencer'. Simply because one can be a gay researcher or a gay witness and still profit from the linear duality paradigm.

Everything I have just written comes out of the fact that I am who I am and I am beginning to understand the Third Principle within man. Experiencers exist .. but unfortunately they sometimes pretend to be researchers and more often they pretend to be witnesses. That is why the paranormal UFO phenomenon is also a SOCIAL phenomenon [although this fact is not factored into the research].

How can one research AN EXPERIENCE ?? Especially collective social experiences. Although I discovered this for myself looking into the mirror of the paranormal UFO experience .. the role of experiencers applies to all human social activity.

The Experiencer Returns
A lot of people may wonder: What is she talking about? What is an experiencer? It sounds like something out of Star Trek!

Experiencing is not about linear thought and explanations or theories .. but it is about showing.

As an experiencer you have to find a way to SHOW people. The most important aspect is to understand something for yourself and make it your own. There is no standard light-switch mechanism. The Third Principle of man is more closely aligned with the paranormal and the elusive unknown.

One example of this is the drawing I made where 3 elements replace the polarity of two opposing forces and where 5 elements are the combinations interacting within the balance of yin yang. I see these symbols and I directly experience them.

I can use this drawing to show you what it means to be an experiencer. I can look at symbols and I EXPERIENCE them. You could also argue this is close to the mind of an ARTIST. I guess artists would be experiencers = they are the Third Element within mankind.

I EXPERIENCE symbols and information comes to me out of the unknown where the related experience is like a personal bridge. The key is = PERSONAL BRIDGE. Researchers do not like this and they say: Personal is subjective and we do not like SUBJECTIVE. In the stick duality paradigm researchers like witnesses and witnesses like researchers. Neither of the two particularly like experiencers.

The experience is like a bridge between oneself and the unknown. The next skill experiencers have is they make sense of and understand things without any previous knowledge. I show you how this works by explaining my experience of the symbols I have drawn. This is what my own mind came up with [like a state of inner knowing / inner meditation].

The three principles of man are related to the three sided pyramid forming combinations of elements within the human as well as affecting society. Although different people may have dominant skills with respect to research witnessing and experiencing we all embody different levels and combinations of the three. In this way we are all able to understand each other and work together.

Unlike the linear philosophy paradigm who like to build a light-switch unit that anyone can switch on without effort .. the experiencers role is to not create a standard light-switch unit [method / system] that anyone and everyone can switch on and use. The experiencers role is PERSONAL where each person taught will be able to carry out a task at their own level.

Personal understanding is essential to the work of experiencers. In a stick duality paradigm personal understanding is unwelcome intrusion into the systematic functioning of the fixed social order. Researches and witnesses are to function within the system for the system and what we do is we create mini-systems within the larger systems that all exclude personal understanding and experience.

Within UFOLOGY are numerous systems functioning within their own fixed paradigm and arguing with each other. Each system does not necessarily agree with the other systems. They all create and follow systematic explanation structures regardless of how outlandish their research may be or whether they agree or not.

Witnesses are happy to go along with the system and the structure because they do not want to be EXPERIENCERS. To witness and to research an event is one thing and to experience the event is totally another level that is not part of the witness researcher observation.

I always knew that researching UFOs did not interest me. I don't want to be a researcher. I knew that witnessing UFOs held no interest for me .. it is boring! I am not one and I am not the other .. and so what am I? Who am I? I pretty much had to figure that out for myself. As I show in the drawing civilizations were not always based on a linear stick duality paradigm of singular opposing opposites.

Later civilizations ruled with the wand or the stick .. but earlier civilizations 'ruled' with the understanding of the cycles and balance of ELEMENTS. You see the symbols for ASIA where I experienced the square .. the four directions .. the four sided pyramid and the combination of the five elements.

People assume the first pyramids were built in Egypt .. but I do not think that is true. There were earlier pyramids in China and other locations around the world and some are hidden under water [in Lochs] and under the sea. Everything I am writing I experienced directly by drawing and looking at the symbols. I can also experience symbols in my mind without drawing them.

The Chinese five elements are: Fire Earth Metal Water and Wood. These five elements rotate in cycles as well as relate to each other directly and indirectly. A researcher of the five elements will research the relationships. A witness to the five elements will observe and witness the relationships. An experiencer will experience the elements and their relationships.

The researcher and the witness can get along fine and understand each other .. but they generally do not like the so-called SUBJECTIVE experiencer. In my own experience >_< I have found that researcher and witness are also operating within their own subjective fields. The issue is they just do not like the PARANORMAL.

Let me put this another way: Researchers and witnesses generally do not like the experiencer approach to UFOs and the paranormal or supernatural events and encounters. That is the great tragedy of a whole generation of people whose lives were destroyed experiencing something they could not understand.

It was not the phenomenon itself these people could not understand .. but it was that the people were unable to understand themselves. Partly because of the linear duality system where subjective experiences are treated like a disease. Don't tell me what you THOUGHT or PERSONALLY FELT. Just tell me about the shape and the colour .. height and direction.

That approach in itself is SUBJECTIVE = what I WANT to hear!

I am saying that what people feel and experience when witnessing paranormal UFO activity is just as VALID as witnessing the phenomenon .. because the whole EVENT is an experience. To understand that you can go back to the three sided pyramid and the four sided pyramid together with the interactions of the five elements.

The mind of an experiencer sees reality in a totally different way than the skilled researcher or the skilled witness. The experiencer cannot separate themselves from the event. Events act like a mirror in which we see ourselves and understand other realities. The subjective experience in which one sees oneself is the bridge that connects this world with the unknown.

Experiencers act like an intelligent bridge. They have the skill to become the event. To become one with the mirror. They have the skill to understand and connect both worlds.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Extraterrestrial Genetic Seeds

They claim: Human apes fell out of the trees...
Truth is: Earth humans fell from the Tree of Life [genetic trees]

I was going to continue exploration of the Venus ET connection .. but I have to first address the Third Phase of The Moon video I embedded about a probable UFO crash recovery on a frozen lake in Manitoba Canada. To do this I am going to make a few things clear as to why I am who I am and how I got there [here].

As a kid I spent a lot of time reading advanced books from an early age. I read Richard Wilhelm translation: The I Ching or Book of Changes [over and over again] before I read any books on extraterrestrials and UFOs. By the time I was 15/16 I read John Keel: Operation Trojan Horse. Before Collage I read every classical Ufology book that had been printed.

Ufology books were food to me and I DIGESTED them. What do I mean by DIGEST? When you digest food you make the elements your own. You digest the food and you throw out the toxins and waste that cannot be used.

I read a lot of stuff but I did not BELIEVE it.
Most UFO information is DIS-INFORMATION.

I had one experience where a UFO researcher came into the bookshop I was working in .. for some strange reason invited me to help with reports of a well known UFO Research Organisation. I was 17/18 years old at the time and I did go to a few sighting interviews involving people who had reported UFOs or had reported Contact experiences.

When I went to the locations I could feel what I call: The Presence and when I saw the Contactees I could see The Presence. Because I was one of them >_< .. sort of.

Researchers documenting [paranormal] UFO sighting / experiences could not feel or see what I call: The Presence. I decided that this kind of study and analysis of witnesses lives was not for me. The Contactees would look at me and I would look at them .. this contact was another world the RESEARCHER(s) could not see.

Leaving one UFO sighting area after interviewing the family [who had reported the paranormal UFO sighting] .. I saw a silver disk shaped UFO hovering in the low lying clouds. The disk was a classic metallic silver-grey UFO silently hovering above as we [researchers] were leaving the house.

I did not say anything! I observe everything! I waited to see if the UFO researcher would see the silver metallic disk hovering partly in the clouds above. He did not see it .. he did not see anything as he was in a world of his own talking and talking = not paying attention!

I was observing myself .. I was watching the research guy and I was observing the clouds with the metallic UFO all one in the same moment. This is the true nature of the paranormal. Let me I share with you a key Martial Arts Discipline. When you see something strange everyone thinks you shout out: LOOK! LOOK!! IN THE SKY!!!

Well .. No! Over the last 2-3 years I have seen strange objects in the sky during the day and sometimes at night over populated areas and no one sees them or stops to look up. Only I appear to see them .. even though they are pretty obvious and they are pretty STRANGE !!!

I stop and look .. I observe myself .. the objects and I observe the people around me. I say nothing. I simply observe. This is a key inner Martial Arts Principle. If people do not want to see something leave them alone. Do not try to waken people out of their sleep-walking existence. If people wake up for themselves ?? That is something else.

The reason I write this is because your reality is your reality. You cannot force this onto someone else. Whenever I have shown these experiences to people it was a disaster. People are generally afraid of the unknown. I was never afraid. Because life is a mirror and we fear ourselves most of all.

We cannot judge other people and their fears or reactions. This is why I say apply the Martial Arts Principles. This brings me to a basic down to earth observation of the 2015 Manitoba Incident... Everything we experience on Earth is a shared social human experience. Even when the experienced is polarised and fragmented it is still a shared social experience that affects everyone.

The experience is similar to how we view the weather. Some people like to experience stormy weather and others do not like the experience. The weather is the weather no matter how we react to it. Sometimes people are faced with the paranormal [something unknown] and how we react to it is the social aspect of the interaction.

Ongoing UFO Incidents
As far as Earth's human history is concerned there has always been a strange mix of actual extraterrestrial craft and Earth based craft. The technology influence followed step-by-step the resources and abilities of the societies of the interaction periods. For example .. strange flying balloon craft were observed in the skies that were not balloon shaped UFOs but appeared to be human operated flying balloons way ahead of their time.

A very small number of humans were being shown or taught how to create flying machines from the resources and technologies they had available to them at the time. At the same time real [paranormal] cigar and disk shaped UFOs were observed and documented by every culture around the entire world.

The same is happening today only we are using metal based technology .. electrical-fields and nano-electronic circuits. The social relationship exists although the phenomenon seems to be largely paranormal in nature. What do I mean by paranormal?

You cannot get into an anti-gravity craft and just fly around as though it is normal. The electro bio-fields of these craft interfere with the functions of the human brain .. the human mind and the human energy meridians. Flying around in anti-gravity craft would be similar to a trip with Amanita Muscaria [on the human nervous system].

When Earth humans face-to-face encounter and interact with this phenomenon NOTHING MAKES SENSE. No matter how advanced or friendly the encounters are the experience can be highly unpleasant in terms of the human internal energy system. I assume that an unrecognised effect of mixing Martian genetics and Venusian genetics with a smaller percentage of Earth hominid genetics was a loss of key spatial cognitive abilities relating to the paranormal and other dimensions.

Essentially we became trapped on this Planet in more ways that we can imagine!

Earth humans came from the skies and trapped down here on Earth are continually fighting over the resources of this Planet .. because resources are POWER. Control resources and you control the Planet. Everyone is going totally nuts. Because .. we are a mixed race with deep currents of emotions relating to our genetic origins.

The Venus aspects would like to peacefully find a solution [similar to the Vulcans and Mr. Spock] and a Martian / Earth hominid mix is just for all out war. This also means war on the Venus aspect within mankind. You have highly exotic human hybrids who think they fell out of the trees digging up roads and building .. and re-building .. but they are deeply frustrated.

You can observe an intellect that is neither primal hominid nor it is primal extra-terrestrial not feeling at home on Planet Earth. The hominid aspect has issues with destroying the natural environment and the extra-terrestrial aspect has issues feeling trapped down here. All this inner conflict operating below the levels of the conscious mind.

My question is: Can hominid genetics leave the Planet and can Mars genetics accept to be trapped on this Planet? In ancient Greek times this post would be called: An Allegory. Allegories are used as literary or rhetorical devices that convey hidden meanings through symbolic figures, actions, imagery or events, which together create moral, spiritual, or political meanings the author wishes to convey.

Allegory is an option for those who do not like extra-terrestrial origins.

I am neither a researcher nor a witness to the UFO paranormal phenomenon. Writing this over the last four days made me understand that I am something else. I am the third element. Our society is based on opposing forces called: Duality. We have science and religion representing research and witnessing. Later I want to explore the older Celtic Trinity and the square or pyramid of Asia.

We are very simplistic in our view of the world:
Two opposing poles [polarities] = duality.