Friday, March 20, 2015

Today I Touched The Sky ...

I am totally whacked out !!
Below you see the first part [preview] of my March 20 Spring Equinox 2015 Eclipse videos. I have so much material I do not know where to begin [from two video cameras]. I filmed the 2015 March Spring Equinox Eclipse using Panasonic HC-W858 and Panasonic Pro DVC30. On the tripod was my classic Panasonic Pro AG- DVC30 video camera.

However this video clip is from the Panasonic HC-W858 with 50x izoom.

Eclipse: March Spring Equinox 2015
The whole experience was so deeply profound and moving that all I can do right now [after 13 hours of filming .. converting .. uploading and editing] is to go to bed and sleep. Nature is truly awesome!