Monday, March 16, 2015

UFO Experiencer Innovations

Past to future lives experiencer interactions create a personal sense of one's own past connected to the present and moving into the future. The UFO experience is key to this progression. My first paranormal experience was as a baby. My only childhood memories are of supernatural events. As I started to walk I knew I was not from here [Earth]. By the time I could think English words I was thinking: how do I get back home?

My first memory seeing hovering lights in the sky was to tell them: Get down here now .. I don't want to stay on this Planet. The first major challenge I had to overcome was my intense dislike of human beings on Earth. I was always good at building things with my hands.

Pu'Erh Bamboo Tea Knife
I want to share with you the practical down to earth application of what I call: Experiencers / UFO Experiencers

This is a hand carved bamboo Pu'Erh tea knife I created for myself because I did not like using metal to break ripe pressed Pu'Erh tea cakes .. so I can brew my tea.

Many years ago I drank loose leaf Pu'Erh tea and later I could not find a good source for the tea and I stopped drinking it. Recently I discovered a good source for ripe and raw Pu'Erh cakes. Raw and fermented Pu'Erh cakes are shaped like a flat disk.

I was using a flat metal shaped spike to open the Pu'Erh cake [fermented leaves]. I found the experience unpleasant. This is what I want to share with you about the foundation of the experiencer and practical innovation. I explain at the end.

I loosen leaves from the cake using metal. Each time I experience a feeling: This is wrong. I do not like the metal and the way it feels opening the pressed Pu'Erh leaves. I do not like to use the metal. I have other 'memories' that are expressed as a feeling. Out of the feelings come solutions and pictograph like images.

I had an bamboo Shakuhachi flute I made that did not work out. I did not think RATIONALLY about what I was doing. I did not think: I am now going to make a bamboo tea knife. I simply followed my feelings without thought. I saw pictures in my mind and I re-created those pictures using the bamboo.

I cut across a section of the bamboo with a handsaw then I split it length ways down the middle using a thin Chinese chopper. The knife has to be thin to better control splitting the bamboo. I split vertical strips from the two half pieces. I carved and sanded the pieces until I had the tools I wanted.

Once I carved the tea knife from the bamboo and held it in my hands I knew this is the tool I want. This feels right .. this is exactly the right experience.

Next I had to test the bamboo 'innovation' on tightly pressed ripe Pu'Erh: 2012 Yunnan ChiTse Beeng Cha from Kunming QingMei Tea Company of pretty decent quality. It has a slightly mild pleasant fermented sweet-sour flavor.

The best part is still to come!

Experiences are not only related to actual events in 3D physical reality. Experiences are related the psyche .. who we are .. our journey through life with internal connections: Past present future.

In the Chinese Shang and Zhou Dynasties 1066 BC 221 BC the Pu people in Yunnan served their tea as tribute to the Emperors. The local people drank the raw green tea and the dark fermented ripe Pu'Erh tea cakes are apparently a more recent innovation. Raw pu-erh was introduced during the Ming dynasty 800 years ago.

I use my own hand made bamboo tea knives because I prefer them to metal. If people hundreds of years ago were making and using similar bamboo only tea knives .. the bamboo would have rotted and so there is no evidence of its widespread use.

Originally pressing the Pu'Erh tea made trading transportation across the Tea Horse Road easier. The tea cakes were solid .. easier to pack and the quality of the tea was preserved. Just think that a trading trip from Yunnan to Lhasa took one year. Pu'Erh was traditonally pressed into brick like shapes or mushrooms.

I disagree that Pu'Erh tea fermentation preservation and storage was an accident. In fact .. I am sure the process is much older than we currently accept and that the process was probably a family [clan] secret not shared with 'outsiders'. In this respect I am saying as an experiencer that INNOVATION is WEALTH.

Innovation: Valuable Resource
In ancient times innovation was a primary RESOURCE for families communities and clans. Local clans were not going to share their valuable innovation secrets with outside parties. When you survive on trade and others who compete with you later use your processing and preserving secrets .. they can use your innovations to trade against you.

Ethnic clans will have kept their innovations and techniques within their ethnic region. Their inherited innovations and processing techniques were one of the most valuable [cultural] assets. Having this knowledge they could continue to innovate and adapt to changing climates and needs.

Once an 'outsider' discovers an ethnic clan innovation secret .. they are going to write: I discovered this fermentation and preserving process while transporting my tea to trade on the Tea Horse Road. Imagine you marry the daughter of an ethnic family and she shows you the ancient tea fermenting process... >_<

Everything I have written came from re-making a past life bamboo Pu'Erh tea knife. Bamboo is superior to metal in opening the tea cakes without leverage and without breaking the leaves. Why are we so obsessed about metal?

Metal equals material wealth [value] and prestige. Today we primarily use metal as a sign of wealth and position in society. Metal is an intrinsic form of cultural advancement to show we are not poor and we are not rural peasants. Bamboo is a poor peoples resource and metal is a sign of wealthy urban sophistication.

Past & Future UFO Connection
I am using the modern UFO Connection signature but culturally across the ages the relationship connection is something else more dynamic. We use the term UFO today because our collective minds have become more metallic .. more analytical .. we pretend that subjective experience has to be eliminated .. we are less creative and more restrictive in terms of innovation and imagination.

My experience is awareness of past physical incarnations experiencing UFO contact [connections]. My experience is awareness of future physical incarnations experiencing UFO contact. In past incarnations I would often see lights or object hovering in the sky during the day or at night. Not SEE but EXPERIENCE this real and mysterious phenomenon.

How do I know this?

When I see mysterious lights and objects in the sky in THIS life .. I also experience the whole inner connection across time and space = dynamic interspatial phenomenon. In the past .. present and n the future I 'recognise' them and I recognise myself. The observation of the phenomenon and myself is the same across the time-space portal.

In the same way I can carve bamboo tools in past incarnations and I can carve bamboo tools in this incarnation. The coolest part is yet to come... In future high-technology incarnations I carve my own bamboo 'art tools' .. just like I am doing now! What connects the past present and future? I do .. who I am .. what I know .. what I have learned .. how I grow. I am the past present future.

I hope that makes sense! If it does not totally make sense .. I suggest you make something with your hands or innovate something .. or design something .. or draw something .. or discover Martial Arts movements .. or do something relevant to your own inner connection with the past / present / future.