Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Human Hybrid Environment

THEORY of Earth Human Hybrids and Human Hybrid Environments.

Hybrid Human Environment
In this drawing you can see my basic theory of: The Earth Human Hybrid Environment. The reason I call this the Insecure Hybrid Human is due to our hybrid vulnerability.

Humans require some form of hybrid environment to survive.

Continuing from my last post: The Earth Human Hybrid Phenomenon. This Hybrid Field Theory is based on real world observation and experience and what I call the Third Principle In Man.

The ancient physics of: Tri / Three / Triangle. The three sided pyramid is based on the triangle and the four sided pyramid [based on the square] .. is where four triangles create the square base of the four sided pyramid.

A key understanding of Earth Human Hybrid vulnerability is how Human Hybrid Environment sensitivity created insecure aggressive fearful inhabitants of Earth.

Hybrid humans behave as though they have to SURVIVE in hostile conditions. After thousands of years living on this Planet humans still act INSECURE and UNCERTAIN about our SURVIVAL. The main reason for this is human beings are not designed to live in natural environments. Humans require some kind of physical shelter. That shelter is designed as our own hybrid environment.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
My pictograph drawing is really simple. Our human social environment is based on this pictograph. Imagine you have no home .. tent .. covering .. no physical protection .. like the birds animals trees and plants on this Planet. But .. you have food and water! You can eat food and you can drink water. How do you feel? I know how it feels .. because I have experienced similar situations.

You need to eat food to survive and you also need water to drink. Let us say you are living out in the fields but you have food and water. FANTASTIC! Are you feeling okay? Not exactly! I do not recommend you go out into the fields to experience how it is to have no cover .. shelter .. basic protection or physical security. Simply help and support communities [in the future] who experience disasters and help these vulnerable people to somehow survive!

The pictograph drawing communicates a basic principle of: Earth Human Hybrid Environment [vulnerability]. I think this is a key indicator humans did not originate on Earth and that humans originated in a hybrid environment that may or may not have been another Planet. It may have been a space orbit system or within a satellite like the Moon.

If Earth human body was covered with fine hair [like an otter] allowing us to be comfortable in the changing and varied climate on the surface of Earth? Then I would assume that humans had a natural place on this Planet like all the other animals and creatures who live here.

The physical home we inhabit is a hybrid environment. A car is a hybrid environment. Planes and trains are hybrid environments. Shopping centers are hybrid environments. Tents are hybrid environments.

I experienced sleeping in the wilds with no shelter other than bushes and trees. I would not recommend it! I slept outside in a natural safe beautiful warm Summer Mediterranean climate [with no tent] and it was not a pleasant experience .. even though I am a person with practical basic survival skills.

We structure our entire life experience around the hybrid environment = HOME.

We can love the Earth and we can appreciate the Earth. Such a BEAUTIFUL Planet... But we hybrid Humans are not suitable to inhabit the surface of the Earth. This hybrid insecurity has led to many of the problems we create as we structure our world for our collective survival. There lies our vulnerability and insecurity as well as our strength.

Hybrid Earth Humans are VULNERABLE and SENSITIVE, Hybrid humans need to create Hybrid Environments. Humans also have the intellectual ability and skills to design and build these hybrid environments. This ability is designed into us.

To understand society and how society works we have to understand ourselves. The human is one part of the UFO phenomenon. When we see things and when we experience things we are also part of that encounter / interaction. A relationship or encounter does not take place outside .. it takes place inside.

In a strange way we are always interacting with ourselves...