Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Earth Human Hybrid Phenomenon

Linear duality is dealt to humanity as slight of hand [slight of mind]. The same cards are dealt again and again from the bottom of the deck. The same answers are pre-encoded into the card game you call 'reality'. The magicians stick with its two polar sides: Right-side and Left-side [opposing each other].

The stick is the illusion hidden in plain sight: The third principle in man. You do not have a right side and a left side without the stick itself. Laws governing life on Earth are triangular. Reality is not based on two opposites [polar duality]. Reality is based on Tri = Three. A four sided pyramid [the square] is made of four triangles #_#

I want to continue to explore the possibility that Earth humans are insecure hybrids unsuited to the environment on the surface of a Planet and as a result destroys the natural environment in order to survive. Don't give me this: Natural Man argument .. because the physical evidence exists to show that throughout history human occupation of Earth has resulted in destruction of the natural environment.

I am just going to cut the crap and suggest all of you walk around and open your eyes and SEE how much of our lives are dedicated to destroying the natural environment on the surface of this Planet. Rather than feel anger and condemn mankind .. I want to find the ANSWER. Jiddu Krishnamurti always said: The solution [answer] is in the problem.

Finding the solution requires insight into the problem.

This is like a navigational compass. You navigate the problem. You begin to understand the problem. In understanding the root of the problem you find the solution [OBVIOUSLY]. Essentially the problem is a guide to finding the solution or to finding the answer and resolving the problem / crisis.

Depopulation theory is not going to solve the destruction of the natural world by man. Human depopulation has taken place many times over the last few thousand years and it solved NOTHING. One example .. the mysterious end of the Mayan civilization! This is not the only highly populated civilization to have been destroyed on a massive scale. We are still here destroying the environment faster than ever.
Archeologists have discovered that an ancient Egyptian cemetery contains 1 million bodies. According to the team of archeologists who discovered the burial ground: The ancient burial site represents a mystery. The scientists are puzzled about where such large numbers of people came from. Another mystery of the mummy burials was the large number of blonde and red-headed mummies buried in clusters. Perhaps we have family areas or genetic groups [in certain areas], but we're still trying to explore that. >_<
Earth human populations are periodically devastated through natural disasters or war and none of this has solved the ongoing problem of the increasing destruction of the natural environment on the surface of this Planet. Maybe it is time to go much deeper into the problem .. understand who we are .. where we came from and find the solution.

I am going to start by pointing out how vulnerable and insecure we humans are. By that I mean first physically insecure and from that physical insecurity arises a psychic or psychological vulnerability [fear]. This is my own special area of study. I understand things like this without having been 'taught' to understand.

The first thing you do is OBSERVE while reserving judgement. We are not here to judge ourselves .. but we are here to find solutions and to correct the loss of intelligent navigation. When you put a vulnerable hybrid onto the surface of a Planet and that hybrid loses all advanced means of living and survival you potentially create an environmental monster.

If the advanced hybrids came from Mars [more technologically developed than Earth] and later they lost everything they relied on .. meaning they have to learn to survive living in a more primitive environment? Then you would probably end up with the destructive survival struggle we experience on Earth today.

I know some of you might think: DESTRUCTIVE SURVIVAL STRUGGLE ??? DUH !!!

I guess maybe you never experienced losing everything you have in an earthquake or tsunami? Don't worry! We don't have to go that far to understand and have the experience [evidence] of mankind's ongoing: Destructive Survival Struggle. Just pay attention when you take out your trash. Then look at the trash of everyone else when you throw yours out. No other creature on this Planet does stuff like this.

Why not take a family trip to your local trash collection depot and ask them to show you what happens to all that neighbourhood trash? But .. you do not even have to go THAT FAR #_# .. you can just look around at how we live. Look at all those private little hybrid living areas we build and call home. Humans cannot live on the surface of Earth without the protection of some kind of hybrid shelter. No matter how primitive that shelter may be.

One part of the environmental destruction problem is our hybrid human needs for survival because we are not suited to living on the surface of this Planet. Humans live on Earth as though the Planet we inhabit is an alien hostile environment. As soon as we humans expand our hybrid communities into natural habitat we destroy every natural think including TREES.

The next thing we do is we completely sanitize the natural environment of any THREAT. We kill all the wolves and bears. I am saying that all creatures on the surface of Earth co-exist in some kind of balanced form other than us humans. Hybrid humans cannot protect themselves: They need weapons.

It seems humans are some kind of sensitive hybrid who were bred for hybrid environments where they probably do less harm than we do now on the surface of the Earth. I do not see that we humans are so great at survival as we think we are. We depend on a whole lot of resources that are necessary for our day to day existence. Our DEPENDENCE is greater than our STRENGTH. The strength of the natural world is greater!

Probably all struggle within society on all levels comes directly from Hybrid One = the need for a hybrid living area [home]. Try living out in the woods and doing everything you do each day like go work in a bank. First we need a hybrid living area of some kind into which we bring food and water. Next the hybrid living area has to be heated and our food has to be cooked >_<

Various levels of destructive-survival-struggles orbit the need to live in a fixed hybrid environment. Getting the physical resources to build [including financial] .. ownership .. debt .. maintaining ownership .. natural disasters .. political [territory] .. health .. safety. If you stop to look at the key principle of your life needs then it is having a shelter. We also build Tourist Shelters all over the Planet.

The environmental question is directly related to the social question. Hybrid humans need to live in hybrid environments no matter how basic. Hybrid humans also require external energy sources for warmth and cooking even if it is only a wood fire. It is possible to collectively reduce environmental destruction when we focus on creating the hybrid environments that make us secure and we allow the natural world space to revitalize itself.

To make those steps humans would have to stop pretending that they are Earth humanoid animals natural to this Planet and originating from this Planet. Do not take my word for it! Just observe yourself and your needs. Pay attention to how we live on this Earth. Look around at the variety of little hybrid home units we cannot live without. Observe how much space is left around us for NATURE. There is very little space left for Nature.

The worst part of all is when humans start fighting each other for control of physical resources. There you see our collective Achilles heel. If you just step back and suspend judgement .. and just observe the actual root of this problem! It all comes down to the need for a hybrid shelter of some kind and the energy to heat that shelter. That is what we are all fighting over. The problem is very simple and yet very complex.