Monday, March 02, 2015

Extraterrestrial Genetic Seeds

They claim: Human apes fell out of the trees...
Truth is: Earth humans fell from the Tree of Life [genetic trees]

I was going to continue exploration of the Venus ET connection .. but I have to first address the Third Phase of The Moon video I embedded about a probable UFO crash recovery on a frozen lake in Manitoba Canada. To do this I am going to make a few things clear as to why I am who I am and how I got there [here].

As a kid I spent a lot of time reading advanced books from an early age. I read Richard Wilhelm translation: The I Ching or Book of Changes [over and over again] before I read any books on extraterrestrials and UFOs. By the time I was 15/16 I read John Keel: Operation Trojan Horse. Before Collage I read every classical Ufology book that had been printed.

Ufology books were food to me and I DIGESTED them. What do I mean by DIGEST? When you digest food you make the elements your own. You digest the food and you throw out the toxins and waste that cannot be used.

I read a lot of stuff but I did not BELIEVE it.
Most UFO information is DIS-INFORMATION.

I had one experience where a UFO researcher came into the bookshop I was working in .. for some strange reason invited me to help with reports of a well known UFO Research Organisation. I was 17/18 years old at the time and I did go to a few sighting interviews involving people who had reported UFOs or had reported Contact experiences.

When I went to the locations I could feel what I call: The Presence and when I saw the Contactees I could see The Presence. Because I was one of them >_< .. sort of.

Researchers documenting [paranormal] UFO sighting / experiences could not feel or see what I call: The Presence. I decided that this kind of study and analysis of witnesses lives was not for me. The Contactees would look at me and I would look at them .. this contact was another world the RESEARCHER(s) could not see.

Leaving one UFO sighting area after interviewing the family [who had reported the paranormal UFO sighting] .. I saw a silver disk shaped UFO hovering in the low lying clouds. The disk was a classic metallic silver-grey UFO silently hovering above as we [researchers] were leaving the house.

I did not say anything! I observe everything! I waited to see if the UFO researcher would see the silver metallic disk hovering partly in the clouds above. He did not see it .. he did not see anything as he was in a world of his own talking and talking = not paying attention!

I was observing myself .. I was watching the research guy and I was observing the clouds with the metallic UFO all one in the same moment. This is the true nature of the paranormal. Let me I share with you a key Martial Arts Discipline. When you see something strange everyone thinks you shout out: LOOK! LOOK!! IN THE SKY!!!

Well .. No! Over the last 2-3 years I have seen strange objects in the sky during the day and sometimes at night over populated areas and no one sees them or stops to look up. Only I appear to see them .. even though they are pretty obvious and they are pretty STRANGE !!!

I stop and look .. I observe myself .. the objects and I observe the people around me. I say nothing. I simply observe. This is a key inner Martial Arts Principle. If people do not want to see something leave them alone. Do not try to waken people out of their sleep-walking existence. If people wake up for themselves ?? That is something else.

The reason I write this is because your reality is your reality. You cannot force this onto someone else. Whenever I have shown these experiences to people it was a disaster. People are generally afraid of the unknown. I was never afraid. Because life is a mirror and we fear ourselves most of all.

We cannot judge other people and their fears or reactions. This is why I say apply the Martial Arts Principles. This brings me to a basic down to earth observation of the 2015 Manitoba Incident... Everything we experience on Earth is a shared social human experience. Even when the experienced is polarised and fragmented it is still a shared social experience that affects everyone.

The experience is similar to how we view the weather. Some people like to experience stormy weather and others do not like the experience. The weather is the weather no matter how we react to it. Sometimes people are faced with the paranormal [something unknown] and how we react to it is the social aspect of the interaction.

Ongoing UFO Incidents
As far as Earth's human history is concerned there has always been a strange mix of actual extraterrestrial craft and Earth based craft. The technology influence followed step-by-step the resources and abilities of the societies of the interaction periods. For example .. strange flying balloon craft were observed in the skies that were not balloon shaped UFOs but appeared to be human operated flying balloons way ahead of their time.

A very small number of humans were being shown or taught how to create flying machines from the resources and technologies they had available to them at the time. At the same time real [paranormal] cigar and disk shaped UFOs were observed and documented by every culture around the entire world.

The same is happening today only we are using metal based technology .. electrical-fields and nano-electronic circuits. The social relationship exists although the phenomenon seems to be largely paranormal in nature. What do I mean by paranormal?

You cannot get into an anti-gravity craft and just fly around as though it is normal. The electro bio-fields of these craft interfere with the functions of the human brain .. the human mind and the human energy meridians. Flying around in anti-gravity craft would be similar to a trip with Amanita Muscaria [on the human nervous system].

When Earth humans face-to-face encounter and interact with this phenomenon NOTHING MAKES SENSE. No matter how advanced or friendly the encounters are the experience can be highly unpleasant in terms of the human internal energy system. I assume that an unrecognised effect of mixing Martian genetics and Venusian genetics with a smaller percentage of Earth hominid genetics was a loss of key spatial cognitive abilities relating to the paranormal and other dimensions.

Essentially we became trapped on this Planet in more ways that we can imagine!

Earth humans came from the skies and trapped down here on Earth are continually fighting over the resources of this Planet .. because resources are POWER. Control resources and you control the Planet. Everyone is going totally nuts. Because .. we are a mixed race with deep currents of emotions relating to our genetic origins.

The Venus aspects would like to peacefully find a solution [similar to the Vulcans and Mr. Spock] and a Martian / Earth hominid mix is just for all out war. This also means war on the Venus aspect within mankind. You have highly exotic human hybrids who think they fell out of the trees digging up roads and building .. and re-building .. but they are deeply frustrated.

You can observe an intellect that is neither primal hominid nor it is primal extra-terrestrial not feeling at home on Planet Earth. The hominid aspect has issues with destroying the natural environment and the extra-terrestrial aspect has issues feeling trapped down here. All this inner conflict operating below the levels of the conscious mind.

My question is: Can hominid genetics leave the Planet and can Mars genetics accept to be trapped on this Planet? In ancient Greek times this post would be called: An Allegory. Allegories are used as literary or rhetorical devices that convey hidden meanings through symbolic figures, actions, imagery or events, which together create moral, spiritual, or political meanings the author wishes to convey.

Allegory is an option for those who do not like extra-terrestrial origins.

I am neither a researcher nor a witness to the UFO paranormal phenomenon. Writing this over the last four days made me understand that I am something else. I am the third element. Our society is based on opposing forces called: Duality. We have science and religion representing research and witnessing. Later I want to explore the older Celtic Trinity and the square or pyramid of Asia.

We are very simplistic in our view of the world:
Two opposing poles [polarities] = duality.