Saturday, February 21, 2015

UFO Crash Indian Reservation Canada

A crash retrieval in Manitoba Canada... See: Third Phase of The Moon

On Chinese New Year [19 February 2015] Third Phase of The Moon published their first video about a UFO crash on an Indian Reservation in Manitoba Canada Breaking News! Flying Disc [CRASH] Into Frozen Lake? Canada Military [UFO-Recovery] 2/19/2015 and later they posted the 2nd part of the breaking news on this crashed UFO on the Jackhead First Nation Indian Reservation in Manitoba Canada: UFO Sightings Flying Saucer CRASH Jackhead Military Base! New Update 2/19/2015

The worst part of this report has nothing to do with UFOs...

The worst part is the way the Native people are being treated in this area by the Canadian Military .. and the ongoing elimination of human rights .. freedom of movement and the fact that the area is now under a lock-down of all telecommunications. I tried to say many times that the so-called UFO phenomenon is not about Unidentified Flying Objects but is more powerfully related to our human life / existence on Earth and our own extra-terrestrial ORIGINS.

In the past I traveled across America from New York to Los Angeles .. partly driving Route 66 .. and all along the way I camped out in a tent mostly diverting to Native American Reservations. I talked to some of the people on one Reservation about UFOs when they learned that I was interested in this field of study.

A Native American woman I met in the middle of nowhere in a total desert told me giant disks would often hover over her grandmother's house somewhere way out in the desert. Her grandmother told her the silent giant disks had always hovered over her house and everyone sees them. This woman said a lot less to me than she knows .. partly because I was a 'stranger'.

No one knows who to trust anymore...

As I said before DISCLOSURE has nothing to do with lights in the sky and who has what technologies... Disclosure is more closely related to our origins and our future = where are we going as Earth humans! The issue is not 'out there' .. high in the sky above us! The issue is deep inside us. As above .. so below!