Sunday, February 01, 2015

Skeletal Structure of Time

Time has structure
- Zen Su

I could have called this title: The Skeletal Nature of Time. Although this is true .. in terms of inter-dimensional travel TIME is a structure .. TIME HAS STRUCTURE. Why should this matter to you? Why should this matter to any of us? We live inside that structure and it might be a good idea to learn how to navigate!

Each incarnation is born into body and mind set on auto-pilot. You do not have to know how to navigate the structure of time. We are born pre-set to automatically live inside the network of each structure of time. If you are born on another Planet at any level of animal to humanoid .. the structure is also inside you.

The structure of time is inside you and is outside you.

But! Life does not exist on other Planets! Recently I had an experience in a dream where I was drawn onto a completely different outer dimension where I met tall advanced humans whose electric field presence could crush us Earth humans to our knees. They do not want to crush us and that is why contact is difficult .. but these other world humans just have very powerful energy fields [psyche].

Why wasn't I crushed when I met them? I was kind of nervous .. but we Earth humans do have the capacity inside us when we work on ourselves. The capacity is ENERGY [energy = consciousness]. When we waste our energy on the world casino .. we do not have the inner core of energy needed to perceive other dimensions.

During the 2nd World War different groups tried using drugs to interact with other dimensional fields. This is not a good idea because... 1. People did not have the energy required 2. Drugs destroy the physical structure of the brain. When we destroy the brain the structure of our timeline takes on texture design of old cobwebs.

Lifetime after lifetime we also inherit the effects we have on the structure of time. Some dimensions have insanely acted in ways that destroyed the skeletal structure of their web of life [their timeline]. It is possible that many of us are refugees from those disasters .. because the spirit [soul] can and does navigate across the dimensions.

Part of this spiritual inter-dimensional navigation is according to our natures .. and part of this navigation can be work related to help others find their higher self or to help worlds who may be on the paths to destroying themselves. Having destroyed their previous worlds some timeline refugees are stuck in the pattern and they begin to repeat that behaviour.

In the meeting with the higher energy other world humans I was told telepathically who we are and why we are here. Don't ask me what that was because I have forgotten it all. Their telepathy is not in any way like me sitting here typing words into a computer. They convey whole entire [extremely complex] concepts in less than a nano-second.

Skeletal Structure of Time
During my interactions I was shown worlds you would not believe exist. Like that NASA tell us Earth humans that there are all those Planets and Suns out in deep space whose environments are so hostile that life cannot exist inside those extreme hot or cold systems.

Environments we consider hostile are exactly the environments these advanced beings create their societies. They put themselves into what we would consider to be impossible environments because it keeps them out of harm and protects them from more primitive aggressive life forms out there in the Universe.

They do not have to defend themselves... They do not have to fight... Just exist! In harmony with themselves .. true to their own nature. That is really advanced way of living in a potentially hostile Universe. Shangri La is most probably another environment on another Planet.

They can create complete almost Planet like environments bigger than Earth inside of other even more gigantic Planets that from the outside would seem to be totally uninhabited and totally uninhabitable. They have total control over their environment. Not all this dark grey sky and freezing cold we experience on Earth.

I was shown the skeletal structure of time.

You could say that the ligaments connecting and holding together the skeletal structure of time are electrical fields. The structure of time requires electrical fields to maintain the design [pattern]. This is why we can sometimes pick up or become aware of other dimensions. It is the electrical fields.

Around your body is an electrical field. Each organ in your body has its own electrical field. The function of the brain and nervous system depends on electrical fields. The blood cells and the lymph operate as electrical fields. The passage of time is totally dependent on electrical fields. It is all related.

The surface of Planet Earth is not a suitable environment for humans. We are not like the other creatures on this Planet. Every other creature has its own skin: The scarab beetle .. the honey bee .. birds [feathers] .. animals [fur] .. fish [scales] .. seals [blubber] .. trees [bark] .. wheat / rice and the Earth's plants. Every creature has its own skin except us.

We humans need fire [energy] to keep warm .. or to cool down in extreme heat. We need the skin of our plant and animal brothers and sisters to clothe ourselves. We have to wear shoes on our feet to get around. We need the bones of the Planet to build shelters: Wood and stone.

Birds build nests for their young and then everyone leaves the nest to live outside on the Planet. Not only do we humans build shelters to survive the outer planetary environment .. we need various forms of energy to inhabit those shelters. When we take off our clothes we need large duvets or cotton covers to stay warm and sleep peacefully!

The birds and animals outside the walls of you home live "out there" every day of the year no matter what the weather is like. During times in my life where I had to sleep outside with no shelter other than trees and bushes .. I needed clothes to protect me .. and a jacket .. and still I was uncomfortable and cold [and wet].

We leave our homes and walk down asphalt streets [we need concrete to walk on] and we pass birds hopping or flying around as they search for food. But we humans are superior to those animals! Right? I don't think so... What is armageddon to modern humans? The loss of electrical power.

It is clear we humans are some kind of hybrid and we are not native to the Planet. We are comfortable living in hybrid environments similar to what I described earlier. Highly advanced worlds that we create ourselves and that are internally self-sustaining. On a biological level we probably originated inside one of those advanced hybrid environments.

The one thing we have is the capacity of a mind capable of creating self-sustaining hybrid environments. Because we have not created this for ourselves we are totally destroying this Planet. We are making Planet Earth uninhabitable for all the animals birds and creatures native to this world. We are destroying THEIR environment.

Imagine that someone comes into your home and destroys everything you rely on. Your fridge does not work. Your computer does not work. Your heater does not work. Your air conditioning does not work. The electrical system does not work. There is no water. Your home ceases to function. That is exactly what we humans are doing to the animals environment. We are destroying THEIR HOME.

I used to be a complete naturist .. loving camping out in the wilds. I recently had a powerful experience where I really SAW what we are doing to this Planet we currently live on. The human body is not designed to live on the surface of Planets. We humans are strangers on Earth. So .. we have no choice but to re-design our way of living as a first step in returning home.

If we do not work together to re-design our planetary way of life ..
we will totally destroy this Planet!
This is what I was shown...