Saturday, January 31, 2015

Push And Shove ...

Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.

- Lao-Tzu

From the smallest interaction of people in all areas of society to the [apparently] biggest and most powerful institutions: All is the action of human nature. All human actions .. those that appear small and those that appear big .. are the actions of [small] human nature.

One example is bullying [pushing others around] to get a reaction. Individuals .. Institutions and Governments all use this tactic to achieve their aims. I will now share with you the subtle difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Cunning intellect [intelligence] can be used by individuals / Institutions to bully = put pressure on others to get their own way. Wisdom is how you observe and understand this collective behaviour. You can stand and look at the train head on .. or you can calmly step off the track and observe the train rushing past you at high-speed.

What is the difference between intelligence and wisdom?
The difference is timing.

Many years ago I was semi-trapped in a situation where all combined forces were attempting to convince my inner state of mind that I was standing on the track and they were going to hit me. I discovered that how you look at [observe] the situation changes the energy and the outcome.

This may sound simple .. but is difficult to apply in real world face-to-face ongoing situations. The reason silent observing over longer periods changes the energy and effortlessly alters physical events is to do with the true nature of energy.

Not only are we living within body sized electrical fields .. but we are connected to ever larger electrical fields including mind / psyche [shared psyche]. When everyone around us is applying and using short push-and-shove energy .. we automatically react [short term] and we push against that incoming force.

When I was learning to deal with these kinds of push and shove fields .. I first had to learn about myself. That was VERY HARD to do in the middle of daily reactions. Usually we go somewhere quiet and peaceful to learn about ourselves and we react like everyone else in the noise of every day human activity.

One reason every human behaves the same is because it is really hard work to learn [teach yourself] not to react and to apply a totally different kind of energy. Not the short term energy response .. but to apply the long term energy response.

It is not easy to suspend judgement and gain inner wisdom over longer periods when we have to 'suffer' push and shove .. push and shove .. and in that environment all we have is what is inside us. This is not an easy discovery to make. To apply: The Art of Inner [Energy] Deflection.

If someone pushes you .. even if you do not push back .. you still react inwardly.

There is one thing people do not pay attention to that is the most important thing. This behaviour of push and shove [by its own nature] is and always will be SHORT TERM. If you use that push energy you have to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Its nature holds to [rotates within] a very short loop.

Over time .. everyone gets exhausted...

Because everyone gets exhausted .. this is why you see periods of 'peace' .. until the pushing and shoving begins again. Either in the office .. or internationally. Also because this is an excessive [yang] solar male activity that currently rules our world and rules our everyday behaviour.

I have Invisible Guides who taught me what I have just shared with you .. but they said to me: You have to teach yourself. Only you can do the work to discover this new energy that no one on this Planet understands except for a very small number of quiet people who apply this energy and say nothing.

That is its true nature: You apply it and say nothing!

But! Where do you apply it? This is the difficult part for us humans... You apply it to yourself and your own behaviour. We are currently programmed to focus on and respond to the EXTERNAL world. In that world you push and you shove and that world pushes and shoves you. It is so tiring because it is non-stop short attention span. An endless series of chess moves and then you start a new game.

All behaviour in the world is the collective result of the nature of humans.

The next problem for the short attention span reaction is that the slower [deeper] energy can take years before you understand and manifest your dreams. Sometimes understanding can take weeks .. sometimes take months and eventually years. The problem is that most modern humans see life as a one-arm-bandit = three lemons or three oranges.

You pull the arm .. you want the result! You pull the arm .. you want the result!

Push and shove! Shove and push! Are both the same energy. You get pushed .. you push back. You push back .. you get pushed. It is the same energy. It is the same experience. This short term behaviour is almost like a drug. It wears you out but you cannot stop yourself. There are consequences .. but no one cares.

What are the alternatives?

Energy fields that move over larger areas [more slowly] and are of longer term. These energies are not alternatives to short term push and shove. The only way I can explain this is that Planet Earth exists within a giant Universe and is not crushed by that vast power .. but is nourished by it.

If someone always tries to kick your feet away to make you fall over and you teach yourself long term Inner Balance skills. How long can they keep trying to kick your feet away as you avoid them and in this way you grow stronger? Maybe they want you to kick back .. but you do not kick back. You use your energy to maintain balance and not to fight.

There are long term energy rules to the world we live in...