Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark Zen: Inner Pathway

The Inner Art of Success...
I sketched this free-hand on photo paper back in 2013 from BLEACH Volume 6. which in other Manga translations reads: In other words, the destruction of the world.

When you go back in time the word structure has developed from many origins. Structure originally meant more than 'to build'. In Old Irish and Old Welsh the word meant a wide river valley or plain. The later use of the word structure - to organize and produce results - comes from the 1950's.

Destroy simply means to take apart that which was built.

Old Irish and Old Welsh were closer to the nature of structure in terms of Physics and Quantum Physics today. Structure is what we have under our feet. It is the binding together of physical matter in all its forms.

If you build a house from wood you have to destruct the tree to construct the house. To build a foundation for a house you have to destruct the local environments of soil and plants to construct the foundation for the area you are going to live in.

To construct a meal you have to destruct [take apart] all the ingredients that you put into the meal that you create. Vegetables have to come out of the ground and be broken down. Fish have to come out of the ocean and be broken down [altered from their original structure].

Life is always yin and yang TOGETHER.

In this reality that we inhabit together there is always an element of destruction within success. I build my home out of everything I destroyed to construct my world successfully. The same rules must apply to the Inner Art of Success.

Success does not really exist as a fixed set paradigm .. success does not exist in 3D physical space. You build your house .. you have to maintain it. You cook your food .. you have to cook the next meal. We are living in a never ending process of creation / destruction.

Creation destruction on the cellular level .. on the physical level and when that process [cycle] ends it is the point we cease to exist. In 3D physical reality deconstructing matter is probably THE MOST essential element of our lives.

As human beings [psychologically] our minds do not want to follow these rules or apply these rules. The ego-self wants to create a fixed pattern within the natural order of chaos. This is what I call this series: Dark Zen.

Dark Intelligence is hidden. Dark Intelligence is a secret. The Secret Art = to secrete. The word secrete means both to hide and to release. The glands secrete [release] fluids into the body that one could describe as powerful elixirs.

I will tell you a secret! The skeletal structure .. the bones also secrete essential compounds into the body. A lot of what goes on inside our bodies is hidden .. unseen .. undetected and therefore is a secret process.

Our current scientific understanding of the body is extremely superficial and sticks and stones science. We do not have even a basic understanding about the functions of the human body. The same applies to the human mind.

How much attention do you pay to the functions of the mind? We don't pay attention. From birth to death the mind functions on its own and we barely explore its depths lifetime after lifetime. Success is what we build in the outer world and is very rarely related to the inner world.

I am going to share with you a secret that effects every gland in your body: Success! One word can affect the entire energy field .. and it is not outside of you .. it is inside. Success lies inside of you .. not outside of you.

You are living [incarnate] inside your body. How much of a relationship do you have to your body? How long have you been living inside your body? Have you ever at any point in time tried to have a relationship with the body you inherited?

You have relationships with your friends and family! You have a relationship with your home or apartment. You have a relationship with the food you eat. You have a relationship with your cat or your dog. Inside you is a bigger secret of a much bigger relationship.

The relationship to beat all other relationships is relationship with yourself.

This is the Art of Success. It begins inside you and through the same process of creation destruction the relationship is ongoing .. it never ends. The body eventually wears out. The relationship continues. That is the one secret pathway to yourself!

Everything is transient: The money .. the house .. the organisation [of life] .. the food .. the structures we build. It is all moving and changing .. changing and moving. Build up .. break apart .. break apart .. build up.

Success only truly exists inside of you. One could say that you are the success. This is very important to understand because it is on the same pathway as secretions .. secret .. to secrete. Only .. the glands this time are energy pathways as well as key transformers /transformation.

This is where you begin... With that one word: Success.

Every day you just never give up to find out and cultivate this inside of you. The outer success are like the leaves on trees. It is the Inner Art that you are having a relationship with. This effects the world around you without any effort to do so.

When you have a relationship with yourself you have a relationship with the world. One could also say: The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you have with the world. You can transform the auto-pilot effect where life throws you around by having a relationship with yourself.

To have a relationship with yourself you have to go beyond the superficial and find a path to the secretions [secrets]. That which is hidden. Only when you journey on that inner path does the body respond to you [and change].

This is essentially a one word dialogue: Success. Transform.

That was always the secret of what some call 'magic'. The power of words. The effects that words have. The connection between words and physical matter. The connection between words [mind] and the body. They originally used one word. Later this Inner Art became a whole watered down external dialogue.

The original Masters never attempted to alter or influence external reality. The original Masters took the Inner Pathways to Self. You do not have to have a big dialogue with yourself! Insight and understanding are a secret hidden part of you that cannot directly manifest in the external 3D world.

One example is what takes place within the human body when glands release secretions. The secretion before it is released is totally different to the anatomical weight of the secretion after it is released. The moment secretions enter the pathways of the physical body they change their structure. We are full circle back to structure! I think I will end there...