Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teachings of The Mask

We are living in exceptional times...

The Jade Mask
The last days of December I had a dream about a Jade mask. I forgot the dream .. as it made no sense to me. I only remembered the dream again because in the early hours of this morning I had another dream about a mask. Only .. in this dream I saw someone wearing a mask.

The implications apply to all of us! Apply to who we are and to the changing dynamics of who are at any point in space-time.

This image is closest to the jade mask I saw in the first dream. I have a very practical reason for sharing this with you. We are dreamers. We may live within and inhabit physical 3D existence .. but whether we are here or somewhere else we dream and dreaming is our power.

Most often when we have bad dreams [nightmares] that can be angry or violent .. we often wake up feeling tired and worn out. Bad dreams can leave us feeling drained and exhausted. Good dreams can often seem to empower us and have an energizing effect.

In a way it is the same energy applied to how we live our lives. Aggressive people may appear to have more power .. but when you really stop to pay attention the empty drum makes the loudest noise.

When you see the Masters deflecting direct force .. the Masters are not using or applying force to deflect the incoming energy. It is the same in Nature where a loud noise is absorbed by silent surrounding space. To understand this principle you have to be your own Master!

In the first dream a woman appeared and gave me an ancient antique jade mask. The image above is 80 percent accurate except that the mask did not appear to have a flat head and the size of the mask was the size of a human head. In the dream I took the mask and I studied it in detail. White lines ran through the mask. The eyes and mouth were solid with no holes carved through the stone.

We all wear masks!

The first thing society programs into the mind is: Do not wear a mask. You have to be up front and honest. Masks are a form of deception. Only bad people wear masks. The truth is we all wear masks. It is a part of life. Masks are also related to internal power.

In the next dream I seemed to suddenly appear in a small community at a sandy shore with straw roof bamboo houses. I immediately saw a man wearing a mask. I thought to myself: Why is he wearing a mask. At the same time I pretended not to notice and I turned my attention to the surrounding sea.

In the dream the mask was a living part of the man's face and persona.

Most of us wear masks that are different to our inner personality. This is because we are slightly out of synch with the depth of our own persona. With most of us the masks and the persona do not match.

It was explained to me that the man's mask and his face matched because of his inner power and hidden integrity. We all think today that deception has to be hidden and integrity has to be out in the open. In reality it is the other way round.

Later I did not see the mask .. but the hidden power of the mask was there inside the man. I could not understand why no one else saw this. All the people in the dream could not perceive anything that I was seeing. I knew this because I could see different levels of energy inside people and around people. The energy affected the state of people's psyche.

When you live in this world and think you are not to wear a mask .. maybe you will never truly understand your own power? We generally associate masks with deception .. and this is not necessarily the case.

I am going to share one aspect of what I was taught and maybe this will make sense to you. Practicing the Martial Arts we are taught high kicks to the chest or head. The high kicks are good for stretching and exercising leg muscles and tendons .. but maybe not so good in terms of real practical defense.

One real world aspect of the mask as it was taught to me was: Do not kick high in real life situations. There are many practical reasons for that. If you do not have the strength and the speed [balance] kicking high can leave you vulnerable and put you in danger.

I was shown .. in real life [especially as a woman] you train to take out the more vulnerable hips groin knees or ankles. You have to understand the same masks apply to any aspect of life. If you kick the inner knee out or the outer knee in then that is a lot more effective than a solid kick to the chest!

When you kick the back knee joint forward and push the upper body back the attacker completely loses balance. If you kick to the upper body and you are not strong enough then the attacker can catch your leg and send you flying...

In this respect the mask is to know how to deal with unpleasant situations.

The mask teaches me not only to mask my own defense .. but how to mask my strength. The hips groin knees lower legs and ankles are the most vulnerable parts of the human body outside of the vital points of the body.

Everyone believes that the early Martial Arts Masters were jumping around like super human athletes defeating their enemies. This really does not make any sense. Here again we have the teachings of the mask.

The truth is the Masters knew and utilised the weak points of the opponents body not to have to expend excessive energy in long and tiring fights. Even those who defend themselves have to be fast. If you have to defend yourself for twenty minutes or half an hour then you are going to get tired after some time.

The mask can also be a form of compassion.

A kick to the head can break someone's neck. A blow to the solar plexus can kill someone. A knee to the spine can break someone's back. The use of direct force can completely destroy an attacker.

For this reason the Masters developed the mask to its fullest art form.