Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dark Zen: Plant Human Intelligence

1+1 = 11
1+1+01+2+0+1+5 = 11
Today two strange events happened simultaneously... I had ginger roots growing in a large Chinese bowl that I had planted beginning 2014. Recently with the cold weather the green stalks had dried. I cut the stalks and I turned the ginger roots out to see what state they were in.

Around the same time I was doing research and I discovered Tibetan Acupuncture Thangkas that were totally new to me and I ordered one from Nepal... The two events: The ginger roots and the Tibetan Skeletal Thangkas go together.

The question I have is: Do we make sense of our world or does our world make sense of us? Let me take the ginger root experience as the first experience. Early in 2014 I sprouted and planted the same type of ginger root inside a large container and what was left I planted inside a semi-large Chinese bowl from the local Asian store.

Ginger growing in the pot with more space has grown large ginger corms from the mother root that I planted indoors inside a large pot of soil. The ginger roots planted in the smaller Chinese bowl developed smaller strong compact balls.

What I want to say is this...

Ginger growing in the Chinese bowl knew [were aware] of the restricted growing space. You may think the growing ginger corms physically pushed against the ceramic restricting their growing space. No! This is not what they did!

The ginger root [corms] growing in the Chinese bowl were nowhere near the edge of the bowl they were growing in. The roots formed ball like corms close to the mother root packed inside the soil and did not expand out to the sides of the ceramic bowl.

In comparison the ginger growing in larger pots with more space expanded exponentially [in growth] with new shoots expanding out from the mother corm of the ginger roots. The world around us is always teaching and communicating with us .. and this is where the question arises: Do we make sense of our world or does our world make sense of us?

Ginger does not know about plastic pots or ceramic Chinese bowls. Ginger apparently does not know growing indoors [inside a house]. How can ginger root assess growing restrictions or surrounding growing environments like plastic pots and ceramic bowls?

In three to four years growing ginger roots indoors in various containers I have become aware [the plants are teaching me] that they know their environment without even coming close to touching the edges of the plastic pots or ceramic bowls. The ginger roots growing in the ceramic Chinese bowl were perfectly aware of their growing environment and the amount of soil they had to grow in.

The last sentence is key: The amount of soil they had to grow in!

Soil communicates with plants and plants communicate with soil. It is my THEORY that it is the soil [primarily] that tells the plants of growing restrictions. If you are still with me? THIS depth of communication implies that all forms of matter KNOW each other.

You have to test this out for yourself...

I put seaweed in my mouth and it melts. This implies multiple levels of material communication between my body .. water .. physical life forms and each physical form knowing the rules of existence on levels we humans can barely understand [intellectually].

To eat seaweed or swallow water there have to be physical fundamental rules of exchange and knowing between the seaweed / water and the physical body. Then even more complicated is that the body can digest [understand] these forms of matter and pass out the waste.

What I have just written in its simplest form is the same knowing contained within ginger root existing inside our own bodies. We live in a world that is constantly [silently] communicating with itself. I guess SILENCE is the biggest part of this ongoing communication.

I will photograph the restricted 2014 ginger and then I will replant the same roots into a large container for 2015 [as there are new sprouts forming on the one year old ball shaped corms]. Then I will observe what the ginger roots do next as they grow and become aware of a larger more spacious growing environment.

At the same time my discovery has incredible implications for agriculture and plant cultivation. What I am discovering is that plants know of and adapt to their local environment with highest levels of success. It also implies that plants know of and adapt to chemicals and other related organic fields.

In other words plants are designed to know .. understand and adapt to different environments such as rich soil .. clay .. rocks soil .. sandy soil .. dehydrated soil .. water rich soils .. and so on! The most important of all is that plants UNDERSTAND these different and varying environments [including atmospheric moisture and local temperatures].

I go into this later when I have the photographs...

Unexpectedly discovering the Tibetan Medicinal Thangka Art is related to the experience of the ginger root [intelligence]. Skeletal bones are the roots of the human form. Do not be afraid of the skeletal structure!

The human face relies on the skull.
Humans do not have a brain unless they have a skull!

The brain sits inside the skull. Humans do not have a body without the connected bones. The bones have to match for you to have a body. Usually human skeletons are associated with death. But .. your body cannot exist without the bones [skeletal structure]. The skeleton is LIFE...

Like ginger the inner skeleton understands and adjusts to outer environments.

Human skeletal structure understands and adjusts to heat .. cold .. harsh environments .. gentle environment .. damp /wet .. hot / dry environments. The bones are affected by food .. water .. chemistry .. temperature and how easy or hard our lives are.

Also .. the dark meridians runs through the bones!