Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Energy Conflicts Crossing Multiple Timelines

We inhabit multiple timelines ...
... Across multiple dimensions
I was writing about success in Dark Zen: Inner Pathway. For each one of us success can mean many things and all at once.

No matter how wealthy we may be in life eating a small meal is a form of success. Drinking a small glass of water is a form of success. When we really feel this in our hearts it changes us.

To keep the dynamics of timeline interactions simple [because this is not the timeline but about us] .. imagine there are parallel timelines related to each other and they periodically cross like DNA. Each strand is unique to itself .. but are all part of an inter-dimensional web.

Imagine in your dreams you can experience existing on other timelines. Patrick McGoohan created 'The Prisoner' television series in 1967-68 .. where he is the actor playing 'The Prisoner'. Imagine that on another timeline he is not an actor .. he is this character in real life challenging the limitations of that world.

Following this guideline probability example... Why would this matter to us? Partly because [like a spiders web] timelines are loosely connected in inter-dimensional space and something about us is part of that living web.

The spider web in the sunlight was sent to me by a friend from a sunny location. The last three months here has not experienced this beautiful sunlight reality. Even on this Planet [without crossing timelines] we all experience different realities at different times.

Where I live we have experienced three months fog and dark grey skies endlessly. It sort of looks and feels similar to my other lower dimension dream experiences. The reason I write this is because I want to share how we can balance these energies inside ourselves .. and make a difference.

Energy Conflicts Crossing Multiple Timelines
From dreams I have experienced my entire life [my childhood dreams were not child like] .. I would say that we are different but similar across different timeline experiences. On the spider web photograph you can see the old decaying threads at the bottom of the tree and how different they look to the perfect web above.

Just as in Nature connected timeline threads [webs] can fall apart and decay .. return to nothing. I could be wrong .. but I think life is the key to this and that we are also the key to whether threads break or maintain their structure.

Our world certainly feels vibrations from other associated timelines. Other timelines feels vibrations from our current world. When the vibration is uplifting we all experience this in different ways. Higher surges of energy can increase delusion as well as compassion.

The point of this being: When you work on yourself it does make a difference to the world you live in. What few people are aware of is that the work you do affects all your experiences across space and time.

In a strange way paintings of the Buddha could be understood to represent multidimensional integrity at the highest level. The Masters would be spiritual beings who can incarnate into any timeline and be 'enlightened' advanced beings teaching compassion and awareness.

There are two types of weather: Physical planetary weather systems and inter-dimensional weather systems. I would say that the two mysteriously effect each other because all life is based on electrical fields and these have no boundaries.

The other point is incarnate spirits have electrical field connections to the psyche and to the physical body. I always wondered what keeps me inside the body? What force holds me to the body? It is obviously woven electromagnetic fields.

When we become aware of larger energy-field conflicts crossing the strands of the web then we have to have something inside us that can deal with that and not collapse into a heap of pain and self-pity.

My success does not lie in billions of people reading these posts... Success lies in a small number of people understanding this and applying it. I was once shown as a child a vision of Earth as seen from space. Looking down from space there were points of light all over the Earth. Not electric town and city lights but light coming from spirits down on the Planet.

I was told: All those lights make a difference!

You see in the spider web photo that the spider is a dot of light at the center of the web. That is kind of interesting. There is probably a central inter-dimensional Sun at the heart of living timeline webs. That would be kind of amazing if we could travel not through space as we know it .. but we could travel through dimensions created by that central Sun.

I think our spirits travel through that web.

Some areas on our Planet are connected to turmoil areas. We humans are electrical fields and imagine you live in a hot spot electrical field. I could be wrong! I think in the future humans may be able to detect those turbulent areas and not live inside the hot spots.

In some key areas of the Planet inter-dimensional fields cross. In the ancient past those areas were designated as travel zones or contact zones .. but people did not live inside those energetically volatile areas.

There are areas around the world where sacred temples were built and humans were not to go into certain areas that were called sacred. I think that was also for our own protection. I sense those volatile areas and I will not go near them.

Sometimes these areas can bleed out and spread. It is during those times that we collectively go through bad experiences. The fact is that these bad experiences are bad for EVERYONE. They are even bad for the groups who think they can get an advantage out of the bleed. Get some instinct people and realise that it can also destroy you.

A lot of the time people do not waken up until the very last moment.

There is another factor related to volatile areas or conflict zones. Due to the volatile electrical fields these areas attract destruction through weather anomalies and storms or even space debris in some circumstances. In turbulent times the destruction in those areas will affect mild zones. It is something we should collectively think about in the future.