Saturday, February 21, 2015

UFO Crash Indian Reservation Canada

A crash retrieval in Manitoba Canada... See: Third Phase of The Moon

On Chinese New Year [19 February 2015] Third Phase of The Moon published their first video about a UFO crash on an Indian Reservation in Manitoba Canada Breaking News! Flying Disc [CRASH] Into Frozen Lake? Canada Military [UFO-Recovery] 2/19/2015 and later they posted the 2nd part of the breaking news on this crashed UFO on the Jackhead First Nation Indian Reservation in Manitoba Canada: UFO Sightings Flying Saucer CRASH Jackhead Military Base! New Update 2/19/2015

The worst part of this report has nothing to do with UFOs...

The worst part is the way the Native people are being treated in this area by the Canadian Military .. and the ongoing elimination of human rights .. freedom of movement and the fact that the area is now under a lock-down of all telecommunications. I tried to say many times that the so-called UFO phenomenon is not about Unidentified Flying Objects but is more powerfully related to our human life / existence on Earth and our own extra-terrestrial ORIGINS.

In the past I traveled across America from New York to Los Angeles .. partly driving Route 66 .. and all along the way I camped out in a tent mostly diverting to Native American Reservations. I talked to some of the people on one Reservation about UFOs when they learned that I was interested in this field of study.

A Native American woman I met in the middle of nowhere in a total desert told me giant disks would often hover over her grandmother's house somewhere way out in the desert. Her grandmother told her the silent giant disks had always hovered over her house and everyone sees them. This woman said a lot less to me than she knows .. partly because I was a 'stranger'.

No one knows who to trust anymore...

As I said before DISCLOSURE has nothing to do with lights in the sky and who has what technologies... Disclosure is more closely related to our origins and our future = where are we going as Earth humans! The issue is not 'out there' .. high in the sky above us! The issue is deep inside us. As above .. so below!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Female Genes from Venus...

Are female DNA [genetics] from Venus?

I am now going to say something controversial .. or more accurate I am going to explore a long standing area of controversy that has many levels to it. This was introduced to me many years ago but I did not understand or I could not conceive why male genetics could originate from Mars and female genetics could originate from Venus.

The key issues involved are a general lack of understanding between men and women. If you accept this lack of understanding as 'natural' then I think that you should do a bit of soul searching. There is a deep underlying conflict on this Planet between the male psyche and the female psyche.

The conflict / struggle is not just down to physiological differences between male and female. For the extreme yang male the conflict is POWER = it is a power struggle pure and simple. Essentially the female psyche is not allowed to 'influence' world events. The war-like out of balance extreme male yang force does not want any change in Earth human inner-resonance.

I think this is why Martial Arts were created .. as the yin influence issue extends to males who do not embody the Mars Warrior psyche [mind set] and aggressive projection of that power. Perhaps for this reason there have been many attempts to destroy the Martial Arts over the Centuries.

Although I am saying that the key female genetic mix most probably originated from Venus [the Planet of love] .. this does not mean that men do not also have those genes. This is where I have to go into the realms of Doris Lessing's concept [In her Shikasta series] of the disruptive influence of: Shammat.

Venus: Female Genetic Origins
Let us start by saying that I have a very good imagination... Because I am from Venus >_< .. only kidding !! Even when you have imagination you always have to have a sense of humor. Why would Martian humanoids have to mix the genetics with Venus to create humans capable of living on the Earth's surface?

The only answer I get is there were more men and less women.

Gender imbalance was probably a contributing factor .. but I think that it took female genetics [DNA] from Venus to allow the migrations from Mars to Colony Earth. Most probably colonies from Venus were already down here working with the Planet. What I mean is that the Venus Colonies were balanced = male and female. Mars expansions were mostly male.

Probable genetic problems occurred due to the Mars wars.

Surface Earth humans may have two genetic sources: Venus and Mars. Much later this new combined genetic base was manipulated to include other extra-terrestrial races. This mix has to be for a reason. Earth humans would potentially make great ambassadors and peace makers out there in the Galaxy / Universe. Once we find peace within ourselves.

Earth humans may have two distinct 'genetic' psyches within them. I avoided the word incompatible [psyches] because that is not the case. Mars and Venus are compatible when in harmony. The strange complexity to this is that two totally different civilizations would attempt this experiment on Earth.

In terms of Lessing's Shammat the implication was that someone wants to destroy this harmonic experiment. Over the last 2,000 years we are seeing an ongoing attempt to destroy the Venus Effect [or influence] in Earth men and women. To have only the destructive mars effect that already destroyed their whole Planet.

Someone does not want this peaceful Mars / Venus harmonic transformation to take place. I do not think Earth humans are totally at fault .. because we did not create the worst possible future. There is a deep compatibility between the Mars energies and the Venus energies on Earth.

On a planetary level we have to address this issue in a more open way = a new paradigm. Up until now science and religion are used to control humans on Earth. Humans are to serve science and science is not to serve humans. Humans are to serve Religion and Religion is not to serve humans.

Actually .. it is the other way round: Science and Religion serve humanity!

For the Mars Venus mix to work there has to be Initiation = compatibility. The Earth human would have to harmonize internally and so harmonize with the Universe. These teachings exist in every culture on the Planet. Bonds between men and between societies also have Venusian principles [genetics] embedded within them.

The genes and DNA are plastic... The genetic structures change and adapt to many converging influences. The most important influence is our internal incarnating spirit force. My genetic structure gave me many pathways [directions] and I made the decisions.

I was able to make informed balanced decisions because I could see the worst possible outcomes. Although the Venus genes were mainly female in origin they contain both male and female codes. The Venus genetics allow clear pathways within the psyche. Venus is 'I see' and Mars is ' I do' [yin and yang].

All original Earth cultures attempted to balance the masculine and the feminine within man woman and society. This is also called the balance of yin and yang. It is important to understand that yin and yang are not two EXTREMES. Yin and yang are merging polarities of one complete whole.

Everything in Nature has polarity and this polarity allows the manifestation of duality = physical matter. All polarities within electrical fields are the same force. The strange way polarity works is the manifestation of duality and form. The whole divides itself to create matter.

I am sharing information without the skeleton behind all these new dreams. I never write something unless I have explored it and most important understood it for myself. Our world [the way it is set up] is a world of EXPERTS and a controlled social dialogue within a framework of sanitized knowledge.

I have never taken any form of mind altering substances and from childhood I could not take any form of medication. Pharma-medications always made me feel sick. My experience was that a simple pain-killer for headache altered the functioning of the brain. I was a young child when I refuse to take child-dose painkillers for a headache. What did I do? I faced the pain directing my consciousness and moved with it like entering energy-fields.

We are star children seeking our way HOME .. which is inner-balance. When you discover yourself all kinds of strange things start to happen. This is why no one needs to take any kind of drug or substance. All the so-called drug is doing is to stimulate dormant psycho-receptors inside the body / brain / nervous system.

This leads me to another kind of INFLUENCE .. and that is experience of the paranormal / supernatural world = something the linear rational brain cannot understand or rationalize. You may see extraordinary lights in the night sky and you feel strange. This feeling stimulates the nervous system triggering dormant psycho-receptors in the brain.

This experience is sort of like when you have someone who is sleepwalking. They always say: Do not try to waken the sleepwalker when they are walking around in that state because of the shock it would have on them. It is the same for humans on Earth. 1. We are seeing / experiencing what is called the UFO phenomenon in our sleepwalking state. 2. We can awaken ourselves.

This all applies to the Mars / Venus question .. because the Venus aspect is related to higher psyche [dreaming] .. psychic awareness .. beauty .. harmony and high culture. The Mars aspect is about hands on physically creating that reality. As I said earlier: There is a REASON for existence of Earth Humans.

Why does seeing real genuine UFOs [they are not objects] .. why does seeing and experiencing this phenomenon have such a deep effect on the people involved? Because it is in our genes and in our DNA. Those [dormant] psych-receptors are inside us and they switch on or activate during those paranormal experiences.

Earth humans are asleep to their true origins .. and so we are seeing and experiencing this phenomenon in our sleep-state. We have not yet woken up! When someone wakens themselves up and can SEE .. everyone else on the Planet thinks that person is crazy and totally out-there.

A funny thought just entered my mind >_< ... we are coming into the traditional era Chinese New Year: 2015 Year of the Goat / Sheep. I think we are going to see a change from DISCLOSURE to SELF-DISCLOSURE. You cannot put the cart before the horse. When people waken up for themselves the cart will follow !!

I see in 2015 an unexpected transformation in human behaviour to push and not give way. You can expect the other ram to push back and not give way. What I am saying is that the key energy of the goats or rams horns is not Disclosure .. but is the energy of Self-Disclosure. If one person wakens up everyone else can remain asleep .. but when lots of people waken up everyone cannot remain asleep.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dark Zen: Martian Genetic Origins

They don't drink tea on Mars... Do they?

I have been working on this post my entire life. Who am I [who are we]? Where do I come from [where do we come from]? Where is home? Why are we here on Earth? Lots of questions and not many answers. The generally accepted answers never really answered the questions.

Last night [early hours of the morning] I woke up out of a really cool dream. I was trading with the Martians. We were trading between special kind of tea cakes I had .. and I am not sure what they were giving me in return... In the dream they were real trades and they were from Mars.

Martian Origins
The greatest challenge of this Century will be technology advancing and all the challenges this will bring to the World Table .. the International Table. In the future they do not say International. They say Planetary. In the future we are no longer National but we are Planetary.

The majority of our genetic material did not originate on Planet Earth. Our human genes and DNA developed somewhere else. The small mix of Earth genetics was necessary to allow the Martian Migration. You cannot go with an Earth genetic body and live on another Planet. Every Planet has its own unique bio-resonance.

It is possible to live inside a Planet creating your own hybrid environment .. but that is another story! In general it is not possible to simply land on another Planet and live there on the surface. You may then ask: How can Martians trade with us? The traders in the dream were humans [living on Mars in a hybrid environment].

There was some kind of long term disaster on Mars that gave people enough time to migrate to Earth. Atlantis is one part of that story. Egypt was a Martian Colony. All pyramids connect Earth with other Planets and other civilizations. All pyramids are active today [across time].

The big disasters facing Earth humans are largely self-created: Wars .. conflicts .. lack of humanity .. self-interest .. greed [which is related to fear]. These unresolved issues are sucking away our collective potential to deal with other disasters such as Solar Flares and/or Asteroids.

The rapid advanced technological world we are building is both a blessing and a curse. One example is: Different groups who have always fought each other are now fighting each other in more advanced ways. There is a natural limit to how much more advanced fighting each other can become.

The REAL so-called DISCLOSURE has nothing to do with Unidentified Flying Objects and extra-terrestrial contacts. The real disclosure that no one wants to make is about OUR ORIGINS. I will say one part of this complex story of where Earth Hybrid Humans came from.

Just as we have highly skilled people in different fields on Earth... In the distant past there were extra-terrestrial races who specialized in genetics. One part of this complex ORIGINS story is that this race helped the Martians mix their genes with Earth based genetics to allow these humans to live on the surface of the Earth.

Scientists are discovering some of those genetic signatures and manipulation.

Maybe similar to Tolkien's Lord of The Rings and various levels of betrayal >_< .. this control oriented race did their own secret thing [in the genetic mix] that has pretty much created the whole mess we have today. That fact does not let us off the hook in terms of incarnation spirit beings and what we do when we receive a material physical body.

When the media tell you: The Matrix is all around you... This is not true! The so-called Matrix was created inside the human beings on Earth. The incarnating spirit does have the potential to alter the DNA field of the body reconnecting to the Universal Psyche [balance].

Yes! I am saying Earth Humans originally came from Mars.

Much more important than the rapidly advancing technology that is going at its own pace no matter what happens. More important is discovering our true origins. The Martians were highly advanced aggressive warriors .. and look where it got them. It is beyond time to realize the advanced "Peaceful Warrior" within us.

As things stand right now the pace of development across the entire world is creating a new crisis = RESOURCES. We all need and rely on the same resources and all of it at an expanding rate. The common resolution for this type of Planetary crisis is conflict [war]. The war potential is such that we will probably need a new Planet !!

The necessary "Disclosure" is that Earth humans are a hybrid race that did not originate on this Planet .. but the hybrid race came from somewhere else and colonized the surface of the Earth. If we could recall what happened in the past to force this interplanetary migration then that is the first step to ending all wars.

A BIG part of the problem is that deep inside each one of us there is a feeling of BEING TRAPPED. We Earth humans are frustrated. We are acting like too many animals in a small space together. It is not the physical space open to us .. but it is something else. It is something inside us.

We originally came here together as brothers and now we are broken apart.

The whole fake science of EVOLUTION does not help in any way. It is time to go beyond science and advance to higher levels. Religion and science both come from the same root. The two disciplines no longer serve us .. but we serve them. Our intelligence has become the servants of religion and science. Because we have forgotten our ORIGINS.

I would say that because humans are a vulnerable hybrid race that makes us nervous. We hybrid humans do not adapt too well to hostile environments. The only reason we got this far is because of our technical ingenuity and sophisticated intelligence [our ability to build and use tools].

When humans realize this it is going to change how we solve problems.

There is some kind of deep sorrow hidden within the human being. A lot of our behaviour and insecurity comes out of that deeper hidden layer. All the mystery that surrounds us is simply a way to get us to waken up. It is not the light you see in the sky that is important .. it is the light within that is most important of all. The mystery is a mirror in which we see ourselves more clearly.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dark Zen: Not From Earth

As a child I would talk to Stars inhabiting dark skies.

I wanted to call this post: Hybrid Earth Humans...

I never write anything until I observe deeper into the totality of what I am seeing [understanding]. In this respect I am drawing on experiences from childhood mixed with deeper understanding from life experiences. Then add to this past and future life experience.

As a child when either climbing onto the roof of the house or camping in the mountains I was blessed with the freedom to be able to watch the night skies and observe [for hours] what goes on above Earth during the dark night. On nights that were cloudy I was undeterred in my observations. Sometimes cloudy nights were the best of all. Ultimately the observe is the mind and not only the eyes.

As a kid I had no radio .. no TV and no telescope. There were no Tablets or Mobile Phones. There was no Internet = human built Internet. We did not even have a phone. In a way I was born into what modern society would call "poverty". As the rest of Britain expanded into the modern world after the 2nd World War .. Scotland remained for a long time in the backward impoverished boon-dogs.

My Great Grandmother was a travelling Gypsy [yes .. with a horse and cart] and my Grandmother was the last house in her small town to have gas light and no electricity. My family were still in the generation of knowing stories of the past and telling tales of their origins. I tell you this to make it clear that my behaviour of going out at night to look for lights travelling in the skies did not come from any other source than from myself and my own mind.

I always found it strange that human beings destroyed the Earth = the Planet they live on.

As a child I experienced strange Initiations more suitable for an adult than for a small child. Even more strange is that I passed these dark night Initiations without all the problems other children had. What do I mean by other children? There were lots of children going through the same Initiations. We could call this: The Dark World... Simply because no one knows that it exists!

I share with with you to create a realistic picture behind my own Timeline Observations

Our shared journey is like water. We are flowing and travelling through 'time' in many ways. One way is you take one step after the next step. Another way is that you fall asleep and wake up. Another step is that you fall asleep [die] in one life and you wake up in another life... The experience is relative to yourself.

Hybrid Earth Humans
I am going to say this straight out: We humans are not from Earth! Not only do we not originate from Earth .. but we seriously do not fit into the life dynamics of this Planet. I am not going to cut corners [because I love this Planet] .. we are Earth Aliens. We currently live here but we do not belong here.

I can give you a long list of WHY we humans do not originate / belong on Planet Earth .. but I am not allowed to do so. All I can say to you is PAY ATTENTION !! Look around you... Observe NATURE. Look around at your NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Pay attention to the birds and the animals .. observe and watch them.

Animals support us .. but we humans do not belong on Earth !!

Let me explain Human Hybrids... Observe your own life! You need ENERGY to power your world. You do not have your own skin. You naturally interact with and understand electrical fields. You need fire for heat. What animal on this Earth needs fire for heat?

You cook your food !! DUH ??

Humans did not originate on Planet Earth! We are not only fighting each other [for thousands of years] but we are destroying the environment and killing birds .. animals and sea creatures as if there is no tomorrow. Why would Earth Humanoids totally and completely destroy their living environment? It makes no sense.

You destroy your living environment and you destroy yourself...

On one level Earth Humans have brilliant minds and have brilliant technological capacities. At the same time why do we not have living-empathy and a balanced sense of compassion to the environment we live in? Are Earth-bound humans [in some way] strangers living in a strange land?

What would happen if Earth humans became aware they do not originate on Earth?

Recently I walked around and observed the surrounding human world as if I am an extra-terrestrial. I looked at our world with new eyes. The eyes of an inter-dimensional visitor to the world that we live in. Not only is this fun .. but it can open our eyes to who we really are. This was a short introduction...

Monday, February 02, 2015

You Are Fighting Yourself

I wanted to write about hybrid Earth humans that is the REAL issue of so-called 'Disclosure'. Instead I find myself walking in a forest of Martial Arts and all of it is related. I tell you this to show you that we cannot take a straight path .. but that we have to move in fluid motion. This also includes the movement of the psyche.

I have no idea how I came to this video: Kung Fu Quest - Praying Mantis. It just happened... The video appeared out of street food search but in relation to something I was learning [that is kind of strange].

I have the ability to interact with Masters Across Time. They know what I can do and what I cannot do. For example .. I am a small woman and I do not want to hurt anyone [even if they attack me]. When in danger a force surrounds me that is very dangerous. Even if people attack me psychologically .. I still do not want to harm them directly.

Everyone thinks that POWER is the ability to directly harm someone. This is not true power. People .. friends .. family .. politicians .. institutions .. nations when they are hurt hit back at each other from the small to the large. This behaviour .. this action is not POWER. Human beings are very petty. We hurt ourselves most of all.

Even if someone attacks me I do not want to hurt them because I hurt myself.

All the people hurting each other hurt themselves. All the politicians hurting others hurt themselves. All the institutions hurting others hurt themselves. All the countries hurting each other hurt themselves. Around and around it goes from the smallest levels to the largest levels .. but both small and large are one and the same.

The Buddhists call this karma: What you send out comes back. Each one of us is directly responsible for who we are .. for what we send out and for what comes back to us. We are fighting ourselves. This is the key to all Martial Arts. Some people may think Karate Do is violent .. but it is not violent. Karate is not intended for violence.

If someone attacks you and you fight back then you can also break their nose or do some kind of serious harm to them if you are not trained in a Martial Arts Discipline. When you know how to defeat an attacker without using violence then you can reduce the harm you do to your opponent.

Most people go for the face when attacked [males] .. but the Masters said to me as I was teaching myself: The inner thighs .. the outer thighs are more sensitive. The knees are more vulnerable. The lower legs [ankles] are vulnerable in terms of balance. The same laws apply psychologically and on other levels.

You do not have to totally destroy an opponent in order to establish non-violent balance.

In the Praying Mantis video @ 44:04 he says: In the process you are wrestling with yourself. I realised that all Martial Arts is fighting with ourselves. This is a very powerful form of self-realisation. The Master does not want to use external power .. but to use internal power. Because external power can do a lot of harm to your opponent .. but internal power can stop the attack without doing terrible harm.

Learning to use the vital points in the Martial Arts is not brutal or ruthless because it can end a confrontation using the least amount of force. The reason our societies do not learn or apply these rules are because of the laws of application. There has to be respect. There has to be honour. Brutality has no place. You cannot just behave any way you want. You cannot just crush your opponent.

This basic Martial Arts principle is so subtle that very few people today understand this. Those of you who practice the Martial Arts will know exactly what I am saying here. Even when you practice alone [most especially] you are fighting yourself. Maybe less obvious is when you fight with someone. It is the same: You fight yourself.

This rule or basic law applies to everything we do in life. It applies to politics .. governments .. institutions and world powers. We collectively become the energy we put [send] out. So how does one defend oneself against these kinds of self-destructive energies?

Well .. stay true to the higher laws!

Not only stay true to the higher laws .. but apply them directly. The Martial Arts came through very brutal times. Hitting the vital points was not brutal or ruthless. What do you want to do? Break someones nose? Break someones back? Kill them? Ultimately the Martial Arts were not about killing someone.

The Martial Arts are not about defeating someone. Destroying your opponent. Breaking the back of a Nation. Crushing those people who do not agree with your principles. Using force in these ways is not destroying the other but is self-destructive. I will inherit what I do to others. It all comes back full circle in one way or another.

True martial Arts is a form of Compassion.

What is internal power? When you think you only hit an outside force .. this is actually an illusion. The Masters taught me both psychologically and physically that all actions have internal [not external] influence. THAT is true karma. People may think karma is something they have to face in the NEXT life .. but in reality karma is inside us now.

According To Our Nature
I learn first that the strength and flexibility of the hips or flexibility and strength of the diaphragm is essential to Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Then I later understand that this applies to all forms of Martial Arts practice. For a long long time the Masters have been trying to teach me that ACCORDING TO MY NATURE what is close to my body is strong.

In ancient past lives we had to fight very close to our bodies and not in any way similar to this world today. Everything was immediate and very close. There were no big long movements. The energy .. the art of war was very close. The same psychic principle applies today.

Physical reality today is based on hitting hard at a distance... Psychic reality is always very close to the body [to the mind]. According to our nature has nothing to do with being male or female. Even if I am male energy movement close to my body is a strength for me. Long movements are not strong.

When we learn we have to learn about ourselves...
To be true to our own nature!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Skeletal Structure of Time

Time has structure
- Zen Su

I could have called this title: The Skeletal Nature of Time. Although this is true .. in terms of inter-dimensional travel TIME is a structure .. TIME HAS STRUCTURE. Why should this matter to you? Why should this matter to any of us? We live inside that structure and it might be a good idea to learn how to navigate!

Each incarnation is born into body and mind set on auto-pilot. You do not have to know how to navigate the structure of time. We are born pre-set to automatically live inside the network of each structure of time. If you are born on another Planet at any level of animal to humanoid .. the structure is also inside you.

The structure of time is inside you and is outside you.

But! Life does not exist on other Planets! Recently I had an experience in a dream where I was drawn onto a completely different outer dimension where I met tall advanced humans whose electric field presence could crush us Earth humans to our knees. They do not want to crush us and that is why contact is difficult .. but these other world humans just have very powerful energy fields [psyche].

Why wasn't I crushed when I met them? I was kind of nervous .. but we Earth humans do have the capacity inside us when we work on ourselves. The capacity is ENERGY [energy = consciousness]. When we waste our energy on the world casino .. we do not have the inner core of energy needed to perceive other dimensions.

During the 2nd World War different groups tried using drugs to interact with other dimensional fields. This is not a good idea because... 1. People did not have the energy required 2. Drugs destroy the physical structure of the brain. When we destroy the brain the structure of our timeline takes on texture design of old cobwebs.

Lifetime after lifetime we also inherit the effects we have on the structure of time. Some dimensions have insanely acted in ways that destroyed the skeletal structure of their web of life [their timeline]. It is possible that many of us are refugees from those disasters .. because the spirit [soul] can and does navigate across the dimensions.

Part of this spiritual inter-dimensional navigation is according to our natures .. and part of this navigation can be work related to help others find their higher self or to help worlds who may be on the paths to destroying themselves. Having destroyed their previous worlds some timeline refugees are stuck in the pattern and they begin to repeat that behaviour.

In the meeting with the higher energy other world humans I was told telepathically who we are and why we are here. Don't ask me what that was because I have forgotten it all. Their telepathy is not in any way like me sitting here typing words into a computer. They convey whole entire [extremely complex] concepts in less than a nano-second.

Skeletal Structure of Time
During my interactions I was shown worlds you would not believe exist. Like that NASA tell us Earth humans that there are all those Planets and Suns out in deep space whose environments are so hostile that life cannot exist inside those extreme hot or cold systems.

Environments we consider hostile are exactly the environments these advanced beings create their societies. They put themselves into what we would consider to be impossible environments because it keeps them out of harm and protects them from more primitive aggressive life forms out there in the Universe.

They do not have to defend themselves... They do not have to fight... Just exist! In harmony with themselves .. true to their own nature. That is really advanced way of living in a potentially hostile Universe. Shangri La is most probably another environment on another Planet.

They can create complete almost Planet like environments bigger than Earth inside of other even more gigantic Planets that from the outside would seem to be totally uninhabited and totally uninhabitable. They have total control over their environment. Not all this dark grey sky and freezing cold we experience on Earth.

I was shown the skeletal structure of time.

You could say that the ligaments connecting and holding together the skeletal structure of time are electrical fields. The structure of time requires electrical fields to maintain the design [pattern]. This is why we can sometimes pick up or become aware of other dimensions. It is the electrical fields.

Around your body is an electrical field. Each organ in your body has its own electrical field. The function of the brain and nervous system depends on electrical fields. The blood cells and the lymph operate as electrical fields. The passage of time is totally dependent on electrical fields. It is all related.

The surface of Planet Earth is not a suitable environment for humans. We are not like the other creatures on this Planet. Every other creature has its own skin: The scarab beetle .. the honey bee .. birds [feathers] .. animals [fur] .. fish [scales] .. seals [blubber] .. trees [bark] .. wheat / rice and the Earth's plants. Every creature has its own skin except us.

We humans need fire [energy] to keep warm .. or to cool down in extreme heat. We need the skin of our plant and animal brothers and sisters to clothe ourselves. We have to wear shoes on our feet to get around. We need the bones of the Planet to build shelters: Wood and stone.

Birds build nests for their young and then everyone leaves the nest to live outside on the Planet. Not only do we humans build shelters to survive the outer planetary environment .. we need various forms of energy to inhabit those shelters. When we take off our clothes we need large duvets or cotton covers to stay warm and sleep peacefully!

The birds and animals outside the walls of you home live "out there" every day of the year no matter what the weather is like. During times in my life where I had to sleep outside with no shelter other than trees and bushes .. I needed clothes to protect me .. and a jacket .. and still I was uncomfortable and cold [and wet].

We leave our homes and walk down asphalt streets [we need concrete to walk on] and we pass birds hopping or flying around as they search for food. But we humans are superior to those animals! Right? I don't think so... What is armageddon to modern humans? The loss of electrical power.

It is clear we humans are some kind of hybrid and we are not native to the Planet. We are comfortable living in hybrid environments similar to what I described earlier. Highly advanced worlds that we create ourselves and that are internally self-sustaining. On a biological level we probably originated inside one of those advanced hybrid environments.

The one thing we have is the capacity of a mind capable of creating self-sustaining hybrid environments. Because we have not created this for ourselves we are totally destroying this Planet. We are making Planet Earth uninhabitable for all the animals birds and creatures native to this world. We are destroying THEIR environment.

Imagine that someone comes into your home and destroys everything you rely on. Your fridge does not work. Your computer does not work. Your heater does not work. Your air conditioning does not work. The electrical system does not work. There is no water. Your home ceases to function. That is exactly what we humans are doing to the animals environment. We are destroying THEIR HOME.

I used to be a complete naturist .. loving camping out in the wilds. I recently had a powerful experience where I really SAW what we are doing to this Planet we currently live on. The human body is not designed to live on the surface of Planets. We humans are strangers on Earth. So .. we have no choice but to re-design our way of living as a first step in returning home.

If we do not work together to re-design our planetary way of life ..
we will totally destroy this Planet!
This is what I was shown...