Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Female Genes from Venus...

Are female DNA [genetics] from Venus?

I am now going to say something controversial .. or more accurate I am going to explore a long standing area of controversy that has many levels to it. This was introduced to me many years ago but I did not understand or I could not conceive why male genetics could originate from Mars and female genetics could originate from Venus.

The key issues involved are a general lack of understanding between men and women. If you accept this lack of understanding as 'natural' then I think that you should do a bit of soul searching. There is a deep underlying conflict on this Planet between the male psyche and the female psyche.

The conflict / struggle is not just down to physiological differences between male and female. For the extreme yang male the conflict is POWER = it is a power struggle pure and simple. Essentially the female psyche is not allowed to 'influence' world events. The war-like out of balance extreme male yang force does not want any change in Earth human inner-resonance.

I think this is why Martial Arts were created .. as the yin influence issue extends to males who do not embody the Mars Warrior psyche [mind set] and aggressive projection of that power. Perhaps for this reason there have been many attempts to destroy the Martial Arts over the Centuries.

Although I am saying that the key female genetic mix most probably originated from Venus [the Planet of love] .. this does not mean that men do not also have those genes. This is where I have to go into the realms of Doris Lessing's concept [In her Shikasta series] of the disruptive influence of: Shammat.

Venus: Female Genetic Origins
Let us start by saying that I have a very good imagination... Because I am from Venus >_< .. only kidding !! Even when you have imagination you always have to have a sense of humor. Why would Martian humanoids have to mix the genetics with Venus to create humans capable of living on the Earth's surface?

The only answer I get is there were more men and less women.

Gender imbalance was probably a contributing factor .. but I think that it took female genetics [DNA] from Venus to allow the migrations from Mars to Colony Earth. Most probably colonies from Venus were already down here working with the Planet. What I mean is that the Venus Colonies were balanced = male and female. Mars expansions were mostly male.

Probable genetic problems occurred due to the Mars wars.

Surface Earth humans may have two genetic sources: Venus and Mars. Much later this new combined genetic base was manipulated to include other extra-terrestrial races. This mix has to be for a reason. Earth humans would potentially make great ambassadors and peace makers out there in the Galaxy / Universe. Once we find peace within ourselves.

Earth humans may have two distinct 'genetic' psyches within them. I avoided the word incompatible [psyches] because that is not the case. Mars and Venus are compatible when in harmony. The strange complexity to this is that two totally different civilizations would attempt this experiment on Earth.

In terms of Lessing's Shammat the implication was that someone wants to destroy this harmonic experiment. Over the last 2,000 years we are seeing an ongoing attempt to destroy the Venus Effect [or influence] in Earth men and women. To have only the destructive mars effect that already destroyed their whole Planet.

Someone does not want this peaceful Mars / Venus harmonic transformation to take place. I do not think Earth humans are totally at fault .. because we did not create the worst possible future. There is a deep compatibility between the Mars energies and the Venus energies on Earth.

On a planetary level we have to address this issue in a more open way = a new paradigm. Up until now science and religion are used to control humans on Earth. Humans are to serve science and science is not to serve humans. Humans are to serve Religion and Religion is not to serve humans.

Actually .. it is the other way round: Science and Religion serve humanity!

For the Mars Venus mix to work there has to be Initiation = compatibility. The Earth human would have to harmonize internally and so harmonize with the Universe. These teachings exist in every culture on the Planet. Bonds between men and between societies also have Venusian principles [genetics] embedded within them.

The genes and DNA are plastic... The genetic structures change and adapt to many converging influences. The most important influence is our internal incarnating spirit force. My genetic structure gave me many pathways [directions] and I made the decisions.

I was able to make informed balanced decisions because I could see the worst possible outcomes. Although the Venus genes were mainly female in origin they contain both male and female codes. The Venus genetics allow clear pathways within the psyche. Venus is 'I see' and Mars is ' I do' [yin and yang].

All original Earth cultures attempted to balance the masculine and the feminine within man woman and society. This is also called the balance of yin and yang. It is important to understand that yin and yang are not two EXTREMES. Yin and yang are merging polarities of one complete whole.

Everything in Nature has polarity and this polarity allows the manifestation of duality = physical matter. All polarities within electrical fields are the same force. The strange way polarity works is the manifestation of duality and form. The whole divides itself to create matter.

I am sharing information without the skeleton behind all these new dreams. I never write something unless I have explored it and most important understood it for myself. Our world [the way it is set up] is a world of EXPERTS and a controlled social dialogue within a framework of sanitized knowledge.

I have never taken any form of mind altering substances and from childhood I could not take any form of medication. Pharma-medications always made me feel sick. My experience was that a simple pain-killer for headache altered the functioning of the brain. I was a young child when I refuse to take child-dose painkillers for a headache. What did I do? I faced the pain directing my consciousness and moved with it like entering energy-fields.

We are star children seeking our way HOME .. which is inner-balance. When you discover yourself all kinds of strange things start to happen. This is why no one needs to take any kind of drug or substance. All the so-called drug is doing is to stimulate dormant psycho-receptors inside the body / brain / nervous system.

This leads me to another kind of INFLUENCE .. and that is experience of the paranormal / supernatural world = something the linear rational brain cannot understand or rationalize. You may see extraordinary lights in the night sky and you feel strange. This feeling stimulates the nervous system triggering dormant psycho-receptors in the brain.

This experience is sort of like when you have someone who is sleepwalking. They always say: Do not try to waken the sleepwalker when they are walking around in that state because of the shock it would have on them. It is the same for humans on Earth. 1. We are seeing / experiencing what is called the UFO phenomenon in our sleepwalking state. 2. We can awaken ourselves.

This all applies to the Mars / Venus question .. because the Venus aspect is related to higher psyche [dreaming] .. psychic awareness .. beauty .. harmony and high culture. The Mars aspect is about hands on physically creating that reality. As I said earlier: There is a REASON for existence of Earth Humans.

Why does seeing real genuine UFOs [they are not objects] .. why does seeing and experiencing this phenomenon have such a deep effect on the people involved? Because it is in our genes and in our DNA. Those [dormant] psych-receptors are inside us and they switch on or activate during those paranormal experiences.

Earth humans are asleep to their true origins .. and so we are seeing and experiencing this phenomenon in our sleep-state. We have not yet woken up! When someone wakens themselves up and can SEE .. everyone else on the Planet thinks that person is crazy and totally out-there.

A funny thought just entered my mind >_< ... we are coming into the traditional era Chinese New Year: 2015 Year of the Goat / Sheep. I think we are going to see a change from DISCLOSURE to SELF-DISCLOSURE. You cannot put the cart before the horse. When people waken up for themselves the cart will follow !!

I see in 2015 an unexpected transformation in human behaviour to push and not give way. You can expect the other ram to push back and not give way. What I am saying is that the key energy of the goats or rams horns is not Disclosure .. but is the energy of Self-Disclosure. If one person wakens up everyone else can remain asleep .. but when lots of people waken up everyone cannot remain asleep.