Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Make Ozonated Water [O3]

I am such a Tech Geek .. I do not reallise people may not know the technical side of some of my posts! In the last post I wrote about using Ozonated water for growing mold free wheatgrass indoors without soil. I am convinced that clean water is the key!

The cleanest water I have found to work is in the video above .. where I use an Ozone Generator to make ozonated water O3 .. giving oxygen to the roots of the wheatgrass. In my view this is the best mold free method I have used to grow wheatgrass.

Tap water cannot be used with ozonator as it is too contaminated.
I have found I get the cleanest roots growing wheatgrass
when using fresh ozone water.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Growing Wheatgrass On A Plate

Indoor wheatgrass grown using freshly ozonated water
Over the past few weeks I have been researching [applying] how to easily grow fresh wheatgrass indoors in easily manageable amounts. I have experience growing my own wheatgrass since ?? the 90's .. and I must admit large trays can get to be a problem and will get out of control.

The problem with making and drinking fresh wheatgrass that is 7-10 days old .. is that it is so intense it can make you feel "sick". Not sick in the usual way! Fresh wheatgrass is a living food packed with nutrition that also kills parasites and cleanse the blood. When you drink it - even in small amounts - it activates the whole digestive system and colon.

I wanted to create an easy method to grow manageable amounts of fresh wheatgrass indoors or on the balcony that anyone can do. Often the problem is people grow large trays and cannot drink the whole amount in one day. I don't see the point of storing it in the fridge in plastic bags. Decay at all levels increases invisible microscopic mold = that is Natural !!

I don't know! I have a very innovative mind and I carefully observe nature. The fact is that Nature is very simple very clear process at all levels. I mean .. we humans have to follow those laws of Nature in everything we do. I am going to do a new post about this .. but first show this simple method for indoor wheatgrass!

Soak organic wheat overnight and rinse with clean water. Rinse the soaked wheat 2 times a day for 2-3 days until small white roots form. Then I developed a new small indoor garden method that works better than any other methods I have used. In this earlier post I showed the simple tray method of growing wheatgrass: How I Grow Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass On A Plate
The new method I created and tested is [for me] the best of all methods for growing small amounts of fresh wheatgrass indoors or out on a balcony. I never use tap water! I use fresh ozonated water or a low PPM mineral water sprinkled lightly 1-2 times a day for moisture.

Plate Method
Spread a dense layer of sprouted organic wheat berries into a medium size plastic bag that it on top of a plate. The base of the growing mat of wheatgrass will be as large as the plate used. The plate helps give form and support to the growing mass of roots.

Growing On A Plate
Lightly close the top of the plastic bag to retain humidity and moisture.

If you use a good clean source of water mold will not grow at the roots level. Old wheat contaminated with mold may not do so well.

We should not be eating contaminated or old dry wheat [ground into flour]. If mold grows at root level do not use this method.

Seven Day Old Wheatgrass
This wheatgrass has by far the best most intense growth!

If you live in warmer climate the roots are going to dry out faster. In Nature plants retain moisture through protecting their roots in the soil. Using potted compost can be expensive and wasteful.
I simply blend the fresh wheatgrass cut from the roots using a good blender and a good source of water. The mineral water I use has a PPM reading of between 24 and 30 parts per million. I also use ozonated water! You can use high quality filtered water or distilled water.

Blending wheatgrass with water is less intense than juicing it. I drink the fresh wheatgrass once a week. I drank some yesterday .. and today I can still feel the aroma or flavor of the green juice throughout my entire gut. Similar to the effects of eating raw garlic: The aroma of raw garlic covers the entire body all the way to the outer layers of skin.

Alternatively one can wash the body with wheatgrass water [maybe in the shower] and wash it off without using soap. Yes! You may end up smelling like freshly cut grass ?? so .. wash it off with soap if you don't like to smell like a field of grass #_#

Saturday, April 16, 2016

One Thread Connects All: Mars Close To The Heart

Planets inhabit a net [web] environment = space is not empty !!
Within that environment the small can affect the large.
That which seems distant is near.

In earlier incarnations we learned that everything is created from one thread.
That one thread is part of everything created .. including you!
In this World today everyone is taught: One created the Universe. In reality the universe was created from one [source]. The entire Universe was created from one thread that weaves all physical matter into existence. Just as a seed grows from the soil [earth] .. physical matter grows from the thread that was woven = electrical fields.

It's an electrical thread that wove the Universe into existence.

Electrical FIELDS are invisible fields out of which physical matter grows [is formed]. Guess what? The soil where food grows in FIELDS is electrically charged! You buy food grown from an electrically charged field. That electrically charged food feeds your body electrical charge = life energy.

Mars Close To The Heart
In Chinese Five Elements Astrology [that is more complex than western astrology] .. there is a celestial phenomenon called: Mars Close To The Heart. I am trying to show how near and far are connected and influence each other. Whoever designed the Chinese Five Elements System KNEW all this.
I do not speak or read Chinese .. but when I was a child my family told me I speak Chinese ?? When I was sleeping I would talk in my sleep .. not in English but in a Chinese language. They asked me: Are you speaking Chinese? I said yes! They asked me if I could answer them in Chinese and asked questions.

I answered them in "Chinese" without waking up.

You have to be aware this was a time nothing on the primitive media covered anything Russian or Chinese. Also .. we kids did not sit in front of a television. We played outside as many hours as we could push without being called home. My family did not have a television until much later. There was no external / outer influence to my behaviour.
Chinese Five Elements Astrology has a term: Mars staying at the heart. This celestial phenomenon is Mars standing still [retrograde] let's just say .. at the heart of the Heavenly Dragon Ruler: Antares [Anti-Aries].
The Dragon's heart was the fire star Huo .. the western Antares
Check out Ian Ridpath: Charting The Chinese Sky
In Chinese Five Element Astrology Mars staying at the heart close to Antares in FIRE MONKEY year is a bad omen. In western astrology terms we are talking Mars in Scorpio. I would add that Planet Mars is now approaching its closest point to Earth during retrograde.

Mars will be retrograde from April 18 to June 29 starting from 8° Sagittarius and moving back to 23° Scorpio [the House it rules]. Fixed Star Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. Antares [ancient Greek] means "equal to ares" / equal to Mars. Antares is not a Planet .. but is a super giant Star.

In Chinese Fire Monkey Year 2016 Mars will be retrograde [close to the heart of the dragon] from April 18 to June 29 with Mars / Earth opposition May 22 2016 and with Mars at its closest approach to Earth on May 30 2016.

I am trying to show that what is far is very near .. and to explain this I am using a very ancient knowing of the ONE THREAD. I am saying ONE THREAD is woven to create an entire FIELD. That one thread is electrical [energy field]. I am trying to show the reality that the ancients knew. Why Mars and Antares [and the Sun] have alternating variations in direct relationship to each other.

Tsunami Japan June 1896
On June 15 1896 [Year of The Fire Monkey] an estimated 8.5 magnitude earthquake hit Meiji-Sanriku Japan. The Meiji-Sanriku earthquake generated an 80 foot tsunami. The tsunami struck a Shinto festival on a beach at Sanriku. Over 27,000 people were killed in the 1896 Meiji-Sanriku earthquake.

Fast forward to Fire Monkey April 2016...

We have not yet reached Mars retrograde / Earth-Mars opposition and Mars closest point to Earth at the heart of the Scorpion [Mars Close to The Heart / Antares].

On April 14 2016 a magnitude 6.5 earthquake devastated the city of Kumamato Kyushu Japan. Some 24 hours later an even more devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the same area [Kumamoto prefecture] causing massive landslides and extensive damage.

To understand how devastating these earthquakes have been: Japan is the leading country in building earthquake resistant buildings .. but these two earthquakes have hit the infrastructure badly. The 1,700 year old Aso Shinto Shrine - one of the oldest Shrines in Japan - has been severely damaged. Some of the Shrine roofs have collapsed to the ground. The towering gate, known as the Cherry Blossom Gate collapsed and is in ruins. The haiden or worshiping hall was also destroyed.

This is the time of the Cherry Blossoms: Saikura.

The April 16 7.3 magnitude Kyushu earthquake was so strong it badly damaged the massive stone walls of the 400 year old Kumamoto castle. Higashi-Juachiken-Yagura and Kita-Juhachiken-Yagura turrets collapsed crushing other buildings and stone walls in the ancient compound. One can clearly see the massive well placed stones were shaken apart even though they did not collapse.

More complex western astrology take into account the influence of: Fixed Stars!

Fixed Star Spica in the constellation of Virgo influences Earth in relation to the Sun and the other Planets. In Chinese astrology Spica [Horn or Spike] was the special star of Spring the constellation of the Azure Dragon of the East. Spica is a binary Star and is the brightest Star in the constellation Virgo.

Fixed Star Antares is at the heart of Scorpius [Scorpio]. Antares is a red super giant and is the brightest Star in Scorpio. In Chinese astrology Antares was the heart of the Azure Dragon [Dragon of the East]. Antares was equal to Mars in Chinese astrology balancing principles of government to the other Stars. Antares is a red binary star: Antares A and orbiting Antares is a smaller blue companion.

What I am trying to say is both simple and complex. Certain fixed Stars are actively connected to the Sun through the invisible fabric / electrical field threads that hold the Universe together. The Universe is not going to hold together and organise itself in expanding relationship if made of "empty space". The Chinese knew this !!

The Metal Fire Monkey is not a "monkey" as such .. but these are special codes [avatars] to identify NATURE of things. To also identify and convey the nature of relationship and effects between the nature of things. The reason I say ancient Chinese Five Elements Astrology is more complex than western astrology is because they had a system that translated influences onto 3D Earth [reality] experience.

I will continue this discourse in other posts .. because this is a lot to handle! It is like interfacing between the past and the future in the present [now]. I think if people could understand these principles then they would not have to suffer so badly inwardly and within their psyche .. but could create new relationship with the nature of things.

Mars at the heart [retrograde] in the ruling Dragon house is not as simple as being a bad omen for Emperors and aggressive dying Empires. Historically in 1796 - Year of the Fire Monkey - the Turks [Ottoman Empire] invaded Habsburg territory [Austro-Turkish War of 1716-1718]. From the 150,000 strong invading Ottoman army barely 50,000 returned after their defeat.

In 1956 [Fire Monkey Year] the failing British Empire together with the French and Israelis planned and executed the disastrous invasion of Egypt in an attempt to take control of the Suez Canal. Economic pressure from Eisenhower caused them to withdraw.

The ruling principle is about much more than individuals seeking power or individuals losing power. The principle governs the physical and psychological nature of mankind. You notice these large earthquakes are directly hitting large population areas. Cities are a ruling principle of human life. Ancient shrines are a ruling principle of human life. It is not about being governed .. but is also about how we govern ourselves [that is being challenged].

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

New Dimension: Ascending Descending Single Gland [Theory]

Earth has associated dimensions that interact and communicate.
Imagine you can interact with other dimensions related to Earth and communicate with them. Alternatively those associated dimensions can communicate with you! Continuing with Glands Organs and Bio Electric Current .. my Single Organs Theory is not taken from ancient medical traditions [but it is related].

Tradition is like a path .. and sometimes you have to wander off the path to see things in a new way. For me .. wandering off the path can be visiting other dimensions or seeing other dimensions interact in our current time-space.

I don't get theories from thought or from my mind. I get theories from observing Nature. Observing Nature can also be awareness of other dimensions and their interactions with Earth. Theories are like painting a picture of what you see.

I am aware of elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine .. acupuncture channels .. the Five Elements and Daoist Healing. In past lives I have been masters in these disciplines. In this life I do not recall the details .. because everything is new.

On the other slightly higher dimension they said they do not fragment the organs of the body into single unique organs with their single purpose functions. Although my theory is similar to the Five Elements Traditions it is also different. There is ONE principle that we all understand in our own ways.

Eastern and Western medicine are looking at the same phenomenon .. forming their own theories about WHAT they are seeing. Western medicine is based on chemistry and eastern medicine is based on alchemy. The principles are not WHAT we see but HOW we see [it].

Ascending Descending Single Gland [Theory]
From the tip of the tongue to the anus is one single organ. From the sexual organs to the pineal gland in the brain is one single organ. These are electrical current systems. The ascending channel moves through the spine from the sacrum to front of the skull. The descending channel runs down the front of the body.

The break with tradition is that I don't know what I am talking about [no training / knowledge] .. but I am simply explaining what I SEE. It is exactly like painting or drawing a picture. In THIS dimension I do not have knowledge about these unified systems.

The ascending electrical energy current system is one single organ [gland]: Sexual gland .. kidney/adrenal gland .. heart .. thalamus .. thyroid .. hypothalamus .. pituitary .. pineal gland. The descending electrical current system is one single organ [gland]: Tongue .. stomach .. liver / gall bladder .. pancreas / spleen .. small / large intestines.

... I know !! Where are the lungs ??

In my theory the ascending and descending single organ [glands] are a dual system: Duality .. yin / yang .. positive / negative .. male / female .. North / South .. polarity. I was going to say that I tend to throw away the word organ [division .. organs / glands]. The fact is I have already thrown away the "organ" division .. and stay with unified gland only theory.

In this dimension I have to kind of use the word "organ" .. because .. how do I communicate without confusing people? I cannot write in ET / Martian! No one would understand #_+ Dividing organs / glands is totally wrong thinking.

Jiddu Krishnamurti pointed out: How the WORD conditions the brain. This is why I have already thrown away the word division "organ". How many names are you going to give each layer of an onion ?? as you peel the complete onion into little bits !!

For YEARS .. I tried to listen to the heart: You can hear the grasshopper sing .. but can you hear the beating of the heart? I now feel like a complete idiot +_+ .. it is not a heart beat .. the heart is an oscillating pulse. More specifically the heart rhythm is an electrical pulse [electrical current].

This is the same for every gland in the body.

The only problem is they are not "glands" but a unified singular connected system. Then I had to figure out the lungs; An electrically [bipolar] connecting current that actively connects front and back channel electrical polarity.

I could be wrong .. but the way I see it is: The lungs are the only "organ" actively connected [directly] to both ascending and descending electrical channels. This realisation was like a light going on in my head !! Western science comment about the bad design of the lungs [breathing air] connecting to the same system used by the gut: Breathing or swallowing!

My theory of single gland energy current transmission [electrical body] can explain why lungs and gut are connected = onto the same electrical energy circuit. An electrician will have more understanding of what I am saying than doctors.

You have the Larynx [windpipe] breathing air to the lungs and you have the Esophagus [swallowing] gut taking food to the stomach. Then you have the channel connecting circuit: The Pharynx .. a chamber shared by both the digestive and respiratory systems. The lungs are the Third Principle [triangle] connecting positive / negative [yin / yang].

I am saying: Dual currents have to be connected.

Duality is the connected flow of current between the two as ONE. That is the Third Principle [triangle] mostly unseen and undetected. The higher force connecting the two lower forces = the principle of the third dimension. The lungs connect ascending and descending channels.

As an energetic electrical principle the lungs are connected to the gut channel and the heart channel. I mean directly physically connected to ascending and descending electrical circuit. This is not really a "microcosmic orbit". Both ascending / descending channels are simultaneously oscillating in polar directions on the same frequency.

The heart is the middle point between the sexual organs and the pineal gland .. and it is one complete system or gland. When you experience total body reaction you realise there is no TIME involved. The internal function is faster than the speed of light. From the sacrum to the front of the skull there is no time involved because it is one system.

Connect ascending and descending channels and you have one complete system.

The principle of this is electrical field oscillating current [energy]. We think electrical current moves in straight lines. It is not true. There is a North South / positive negative polarity .. but the whole system is electrical field oscillation. This brings in the more complex principles of North South East West.

The polar field is North South East West circulating currents.

Third Principle field theory is the triangle.

Duality connects through two sides of the triangle. Duality is connected [triangle within a circle] at any of the three points. You have three dualities: 1-2 / 1-2 / 1-2 .. then imagine this as a circular rotating field. Ascending and descending [+/- electrical] channels are the same principle as positive negative / yin yang = one complete oscillation.

I am describing a new mental paradigm .. because you cannot see this through fragmented mind. You have to stop seeing the organs as separate systems with their own isolated little functions. In terms of excessive yang male [out of balance] consciousness .. there would have to be complete awareness from prostate to the pineal gland.

The prostate gland is as powerful as the pineal gland. Oh! Sorry! The lower prostate gland is close to the dirty anus and the higher superior pineal gland is close to the clean brain #_#
Male [yang] superior .. female [yin] inferior! Right ??

As in any electrical energy system when the entire system loses polar [magnetic] balance then the system collapses. It's an identical system .. but I cannot explain it !! To think BIG brain [powerful] little gland [secondary] is to lose contact with oneself.