Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Ching: Catalonia Independence

15. Ch'ien - Six at the top means:
Modesty that comes to expression.
It is favorable to set armies marching To chastise
one’s own city and one's country.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
On September 27, 2014 the Catalonia President Artur Mas signed a decree for a vote on Catalan Independence vote to take place on November 9, 2014. Whether the vote goes ahead or not is irrelevant .. as Spain are seeking to block the vote from taking place.

Rather than move into the area of Catalan as a Federal State .. because the vote is currently being opposed by the central Spanish Government in power. This may change over time as the future transforms in many ways. I decided to stay with the energy of the now and find out what the I Ching can reveal about this process.

15. Ch'ien Modesty / Humbleness
When a man holds a high position and is nevertheless modest, he shines with the light of wisdom; if he is in a lowly position and is modest, he cannot be passed by. Thus the superior man can carry out his work to the end without boasting of what he has achieved.

The wealth of the earth in which a mountain is hidden is not visible to the eye, because the depths are offset by the height of the mountain. Thus high and low complement each other, and the result is the plain. Here an effect that it took a long time to achieve, but that in the end seems easy of accomplishment and self-evident, is used as the image of modesty.

The superior man does the same thing when he establishes order in the world; he equalizes the extremes that are the source of social discontent and thereby creates just and equable conditions.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
There is one moving line: Six at the top: "A person who is really sincere in his modesty must make it show in reality. He must proceed with great energy in this. When enmity arises nothing is easier than to lay the blame on another. A weak man takes offense perhaps, and draws back, feeling self-pity; he thinks that it is modesty that keeps him from defending himself. Genuine modesty sets one to creating order and inspires one to begin by disciplining one’s own ego and one’s immediate circle. Only through having the courage to marshal one’s armies against oneself, will something forceful really be achieved."

The following Hexagram is: 52. Ken Keeping Still / Mountain. Master Huang [The Complete I Ching] .. translates this energy as: Sequence of the Gua: Events cannot continue in motion without stopping; they must take a rest. Thus, after Taking Action, Keeping Still follows.

52. Gen Keeping Still
From the very beginning of Chinese culture, ancient sages emphasized keeping still. Keeping still is not keeping merely the body still but the mind and spirit as well, and is called "sitting in stillness" or "nourishing the spirit."

While sitting still in a lotus posture, one is shaped like a mountain. Sitting in stillness, or in meditation as Westerners call it, is a self-disciplinary training. While doing this, one is able to control the mind and the breath, to be introspective about one’s shortcomings and to cultivate inner strength and virtue. Mencius says, "I am skillful in nourishing my imperishable noble spirit." When one is in a state of stillness, one is oblivious to one's surroundings. This is the highest stage of non attachment. In such a state there is no fault in one's being.

It is believed that when Heaven is about to confer a great mission on a person, it first exercises his or her mind and spirit with discipline. Keeping still is meant to prepare one’s mind and spirit to progress when the time comes.

The Complete I Ching - Master Huang
Richard Wilhelm The I Ching or Book of Changes translates: 52. Gen Keeping Still / Mountain as: "The heart thinks constantly. This cannot be changed, but the movements of the heart—that is, a man’s thoughts—should restrict themselves to the immediate situation. All thinking that goes beyond this only makes the heart sore."

In general it would seem that the energy involved in the question of Catalan Independence is balanced with humility and one can say fairness. This is related in terms of the I Ching to co-operation and harmony. Master Huang interprets this energy as: "To respect people and treat them equally. Only in this way can true peace and harmony be established in a community."

Seeking Harmony Is The Key To A Great Harvest
Because the following Hexagram is 52. Ch'ien Keeping Still .. I would say that there is not so much "opposition" that would indicate direct confrontation .. but there is a more powerful solid base that will not go away. No matter what happens the "mountain" indicates this energy / intent is not going to disappear.

The I Ching gives no indication of time .. and so this process is timeless.

Obstruction and failure do not appear. What the I Ching shows is BALANCE. Humility and balance go hand in hand. The defining forces have to be balanced in order to create fairness. This is not a conflict situation. Catalan Independence is about fairness and respect.

52. Top Six. Humbleness alternates to Keeping Still
If a great country treats a smaller country with humility,
It will gain the obedience of the smaller country.
If a small country treats a great country with humility,
It will obtain the magnanimity of the great country.
Therefore one benefits by becoming humble;
The other benefits by being humble.

The Complete I Ching - Master Huang
It seems that the general continuity we regard as society is being stopped. Things cannot keep moving as they are now. This also indicates primordial forces that cannot be restrained. The mountain is timeless .. and also points towards stability. On closer observation separation is involved in 52. Ch'ein Keeping Still .. by this there are indications of divergent movements.

There is an indication of resistance .. but in terms of energy involved this does not change co-operation and respect of people involved in this process. In terms of the I Ching restriction is not necessarily a bad thing. It causes [within itself] an unusual kind of change that is hardly noticed by most people it is so subtle.

When you notice change it shocks you .. when change is silent there is nothing to fear. Because the image of the mountain is involved .. I would say that Catalan Independence is simply part of a much larger issue not isolated to Catalonia .. that will grow stronger in the months and years ahead.

The beauty of this is that it is PEACEFUL ...

Even if the opposition is aggressive .. threatening and fearful of change! The I Ching: 15. Ch'ien Modesty / Humbleness reading ignores the reaction / response of those who fear change. In many ways the reactionary response is irrelevant. The relevant energy is respect .. co-operation .. stability .. humility and inner vision. This is not a conflictual reading .. this is about balance.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence!

The Scots and Irish have a dry sense of humor!
One always has to have a sense of humor no matter what! Even in the most dangerous or unpleasant circumstances .. I always had a sense of humor. There was a time I had to sleep outside in the wilds without a tent .. under a bush .. in pouring rain. I found that funny!

When you sleep under a bush in pouring rain .. you get wet. The body brain hears every sound and wakes you up every 10-20 minutes. You hear and feel every drip of rain falling from the bush. Sleep is varied under such circumstances. At the same time all your perceptions change in many ways. It offers you a new perspective on the world and your own psyche / state of mind.

You can either get upset about the unpleasant circumstances .. or you can find the funny side and laugh! In this respect those who do not understand the Scottish and Irish sense of humor have to forgive me for this funny parody! No disrespect to anyone concerned!

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence
In 2014 "Brave Heart" with a pension votes "NO" to Scottish Independence!

William Wallace [Brave Heart] lived from around 1270 to August 23, 1305 .. when he was around 35 years old! This is what he achieved in 35 years of his life: William Wallace. It seems that the mutilation of his body and execution by the English was totally unnecessary. All they had to do was give him a pension!

Scotland aged over 55 vote "NO" for self-governance and Scottish independence.

William Wallace's death at around 35 years old puts him within the Scottish Independence YES Campaign parameters. Take this all with a sense of humor! The SNP Scottish Parliament pension age for Scottish women is 61 and for Scottish men is 65.

In the Scottish Independence campaign Alex Salmond attempted to do two things: To protect the more vulnerable pensioners and support the future of those under 45 years old. In terms of traditional Scottish Celtic culture [values] this is how society balances the relationship between the young and the old.

The young people show respect to their ancestors .. and older populations.

The aging population in Scotland are the voting "majority" .. and they voted "NO" to Independence! Rather than get upset .. and feeding energy into all those negative feelings that harm the brain and harm the psyche as well as harm the physical biological body. Rather than get upset .. one has to pay attention to the facts and have a sense of humor.

Brave Heart With A Pension Vote No!
"Well .. we don't like the English .. and we don't like the system .. and we rely on the Scottish SNP and the Scottish Parliament to protect us! BUT !! We don't want change! I mean .. we are Scottish after all! We don't feel we belong to England. We vote LABOUR in all British elections!"

Scotland has a large [pensioner] aging population who fear change .. but who are protected economically and socially by the Scottish National Party who dominated Scottish Parliament [2014]. Like William Wallace .. those who die to protect the vulnerable are directly in the political line of fire.

But! What happened to William Wallace? He was BETRAYED !!

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence
"Brave Heart" with a pension vote "NO" to Scottish Independence! Well done !! #_#

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Ching: A European Federation

The system is broken and fragmented
and cannot be fixed - it can only be replaced.

The I Ching never ceases to amaze me! When used correctly and with great patience the Book of Changes will ignore the individual [questioner] and will simply tell it as it is. The post has two parallel views: One is the current state of the EU and where it is currently going .. and the other view is the result of dreams from the future.

What do I mean by: Dreams from the future? In a sense we are the future! Not only because our actions create the world's path into the future .. but because we will live in the future we create now. Not only do we inherit the future across our individual life spans on this Planet .. but we reincarnate to live again in the world we formed when we were alive. Apart from all that the most important factor is the journey of our soul and the cultivation of primal chi = love = compassion. You don't take all your riches with you when you die .. but you do take the energy of what you cultivated = negative or positive emotions and states of mind.

The current image of the EU is:
46. Sheng Pushing Upward / Growing Upward

The pushing upward of the good elements encounters no obstruction and is therefore accompanied by great success. The pushing upward is made possible not by violence but by modesty and adaptability. Since the individual is borne along by the propitiousness of the time, he advances. He must go to see authoritative people. He need not be afraid to do this, because success is assured. But he must set to work, for activity (this is the meaning of “the south”) brings good fortune.

Six at the beginning means:
Pushing upward that meets with confidence
Brings great good fortune.

This is the situation at the beginning of ascent. Just as wood draws strength for its upward push from the root, which in itself is in the lowest place, so the power to rise comes from this low and obscure station. But there is a spiritual affinity with the rulers above, and this solidarity creates the confidence needed to accomplish something.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
But because of the moving line: Six in the first place. The related [following] Hexagram is 12. P'i Hinderence / Stagnation.
12. P'i Hindrance / Standstill Stagnation

Sequence of the Gua: Tai is advance without hindrance, but this condition does not remain forever. Thus, after Advance, Hindrance follows.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
Wilhelm's translation of 12. P'i is: STANDSTILL.
Evil people do not further The perseverance of the superior man. The great departs; the small approaches.
I would say here is a sign of a potentially good project going bad. Rather than moving ahead .. it stagnates!
The way of inferior people is in ascent; the way of superior people is on the decline. But the superior people do not allow themselves to be turned from their principles. If the possibility of exerting influence is closed to them, they nevertheless remain faithful to their principles and withdraw into seclusion.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
The meaning could not be clearer .. and this relates to everything we see happening in the World today. The inferior force is self-interest / greed / fear / misuse of power. It is sort of like when there are gamblers in the house who use everyone's resources to feed their addictions. There is going to come a point where the family realise that everything they worked for collectively is GONE.

Rather than have scenes of violent upheaval! I feel that there is still the potential to use intelligence of change rather than violent change. Because violent change solves nothing. That is what humans have been doing for thousands of years and has anything really changed? Do we have peace?

A European Federation
This reading is part of my inquiry into British Federation .. European Federation and in my next post: A Planetary Federation. I will relate this directly to the I Ching [Book of Changes]. I have an unusual mind .. and I do not use the I Ching to see future events and not physical events. It's all about energy / energy pathways and collective psychic energy.

So .. how does the future connect to your dreams and communicate with you? First of all there are different futures. The future is not a linear one path event! The future is full of holes. You could say dimensional holes of many probable futures all existing now .. but we usually cannot see other dimensions.

The next misconception is that we all share the same future. Not necessarily .. as people of like mind travel together through space and time creating and experiencing their paths together through many portals of existence. So .. the Dali Lama may incarnate into an alternative future timeline .. but he may not incarnate into this created future.

Why would the future then warn us to change direction? Compassion!

Our World is currently in a primary child state and we are not making the grade of self-responsible planetary communities who are balanced and capable enough to govern our own affairs in peace and with respect. Europe does not want to admit it! But they are fractured and divided in their direction and outlook. Major fault lines are appearing and no one seems to know how to deal with them.

In the age of technology and the internet .. countries and states are still using political and financial systems from the Middle Ages. Just think about that! Do you drive a car or a horse and cart? The political systems still drive a horse and cart! Politically and financially we are living in the past within a modern highly technological World!

How do horse and cart political system use the Internet?
Spying #_# Oh! Wow! That is really advanced !!

What is currently happening is that the so-called Independence Movements are slowly becoming a political force within Europe. Rather than fight to destroy the system .. they say: Okay! Let's create something new based on new principles. They are not going into direct conflict! They are saying: How can we move around the system to create Federal States.

The key problem we face today is that it is acceptable to create change through war protests and violence .. but it is not okay to create change through peaceful referendums. In this respect we have the last Hexagram 12. P'i Hindrance / Stagnation with all that is implied.

The communities calling for Independence are not trying to destroy .. they are trying to build. Here we are back to the horse and cart analogy. The horse and cart system does not want to be overtaken by a car! Even on the motorway we all have to drive behind the horse and cart.

We have this technological revolution together with the Internet .. but the human being is to live back in the Middle Ages psychologically and also physically in terms of poverty and social deprivation. This is what I mean about mankind living in a primary child state.

The communities calling for the creation of Independent Federal States are not destroying society. These people want to create modern systems that work. The key positive energy behind this process is that it is peaceful [therefore superior in its goals]. At the same time the sign of Stagnation relates to an attempt to keep things as they are = corruption.

I may be wrong? I think the I Ching is indicating that change will only come about through a shared response where the greater society understands what is at stake and there is a peaceful shared transition. As the current situation is that those who seek change are perceived as "a danger"
When, owing to the influence of inferior men, mutual mistrust prevails in public life, fruitful activity is rendered impossible, because the fundaments are wrong. Therefore the superior man knows what he must do under such circumstances; he does not allow himself to be tempted by dazzling offers to take part in public activities. This would only expose him to danger, since he cannot assent to the meanness of the others. He therefore hides his worth and withdraws into seclusion.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
The cracks and fragmentation with the EU are getting bigger [not smaller] and no one seems to want to even consider that this is because there is something inherently wrong with the model and operation. Related to this is a much more subtle factor that everyone underestimates.

The subtle factor is: Who changes the program!

It's kind of like the question: Do you overtake the horse and cart? Are you ALLOWED to overtake the horse and cart? If there are laws that state: Thou shalt not overtake any horse and cart under any circumstance... Then everyone has to drive behind the horse and cart system.

This analogy is related to the Internet and society at large as well as those currently running the political and financial systems. These are a generation who do not understand the Internet in any way shape or form. That is partly what I mean about the horse and cart.

The Internet is not about having a mobile phone! The Internet is an extension of the human mind .. where we humans are interacting with the internet and interacting with our own minds. You have many layers of the Internet all seamlessly interacting .. and it is ALL ONE INTERNET. Even the spying has to seamlessly interact with the whole Internet = we are all interconnected.

There is a standing generation who have no clue about the Internet .. why it exists .. what it is for and how it will develop in the future. So .. what are they doing? Because they do not understand it they are trying to restrict it. Again we are back to the horse and cart! Let's slow down the Internet!

Not only do they not understand the Internet .. but they really do not understand the changes it is bringing to the Planet. Trying to use the Internet as a medium of control is like trying to bang a nail into a piece of wood using your mobile phone.

The Internet can be used as a platform for peace. It is not really about social interactions. Social media is the sideline of the real force that is the Internet. Social media is part of the interactions that take place .. but it is not the core function. The Internet is like a brain .. like an external brain [mirror to ourselves] and everything that takes place in terms of interactions relies on that open interactive structure. Seamless operation of multilevel communications.

In a way the internet is already a Planetary Federation in cyber space!

Friday, September 19, 2014

I Ching: A British Federation

Leveraging the power of fear can work two ways:
It can work for you and it can also work against you.

Leverage means to influence [a bargaining chip] authority [trump hand].

Scotland voted no yesterday [September 18, 2014] to a chance to run their own affairs [55% voted no]. This is an event Sociological. Those voting no voiced their fear of change and those voting yes saw change as a positive thing. In general people fear change unless they feel that it would be to their advantage .. and Scotland is a micro-mirror to the rest of the world.

First I want to go into the I Ching reading. When you use the I Ching always have a calm mind. Do not consult the I Ching if you are upset or irritated as this energy will influence the reading. One always has to have inner discipline and postpone the inquiry until there is calm mind.

The no votes decided the path into the future and so I put my mind through the I Ching: The Book of Changes. 19. Lin Approaching [Approach Leadership Arriving] .. with two moving lines leading to the relating Hexagram 61. Zhong Fu Inner Truth [Innermost Sincerity]. In the I Ching when there are moving lines the primary and the related Hexagrams interact.

19. Lin moving lines: 9 in the fifth place / 9 in the sixth place [top].

Your own mind also has to go beyond the I Ching. Basically the reading helped me to understand many things and put them all together. In a way I Ching The Book of Changes is a time capsule that allows the mind to move beyond its spatial restrictions and bring deeper understanding [and compassion].

I am going to be brief .. as this is a lot of information!

19 Lin Approaching

Commentary on the Decision

Approaching, The firm is advancing and growing.
Joyous and obedient.
The firm is central and properly responded to.
Great success along with his correctness.
This is the Tao of Heaven.
At the end of the eighth month, There will be misfortune.
Recession is not too long in coming.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
The two moving lines: Good fortune sincerely approaching. The will is carrying on inwardly. Until the Spring of 2015 things seem to go well .. but in the eight month .. September 2015 there is misfortune. [The eight month in Chinese calendar is September - Watching].

This gua tells us that the time for establishing the Zhou dynasty was approaching. King Wen’s Decision says yuan, heng, li, zhen. It also mentions that King Wu became sick in the eighth month. The Duke of Zhou narrates that as King Wu responded to the approaching situation, the divination augured good fortune and nothing unfavorable. But after he took over the Shang dynasty, there was no peace. The omen changed from nothing being unfavorable to nothing being favorable.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
61. Zhong Fu Innermost Sincerity / Inner Truth relates to the advantage of a great undertaking - good fortune - favorable to cross great rivers. The image of crossing great rivers is related to perseverance in carrying out a great journey.
It is important to understand upon what the force of inner truth depends. This force is not identical with simple intimacy or a secret bond. Close ties may exist also among thieves; it is true that such a bond acts as a force but, since it is not invincible, it does not bring good fortune. All association on the basis of common interests holds only up to a certain point.

Where the community of interest ceases, the holding together ceases also, and the closest friendship often changes into hate. Only when the bond is based on what is right, on steadfastness, will it remain so firm that it triumphs over everything.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
I will try to be brief .. but my understanding it that nothing is solved. The reason I say this is... When any society is ruled by fear and insecurity [the majority vote] then that society is inherently unstable. This applies to Europe and the rest of the World. You paste over the cracks until the house falls down.

If I am not mistaken the current situation is a compromise at best! The potential instability is a future "crisis". This may or may not play out between Spring and September 2015. I don't know .. because the I Ching is not so much a book of physical changes .. but is a book of ENERGY! Energy and change .. energy and transformation .. adapting to new circumstances. It is about BALANCE.

In the I Ching 19. Lin / Approach the sage in the two moving lines could be interpreted as a wise leader .. but in general the I Ching is revealing the energy [deeper psyche] within and behind events. So .. the wisdom of the sage is more a state of mind than alluding to an individual. Almost like an Archetypal force rather than base physical structures.

My assessment? The problem has not been solved.
Historical Reference / Observations
The 55 percent who voted out of fear and anxiety of change are themselves the "fear factor" and everyone in Europe has to pay careful attention to this °_° .. because the fear factor can also turn against you at any point in space and time [future]. Many of you imagine that the Scottish Independence 45% are your problem. That is not the case. These are people who want to actively solve problems and create a better society = for everyone .. not just for themselves.

The I Ching reveals "future issues" leading to misfortune based on this current situation = the future is now! You are all going to come back to this issue time and time again. It is not going to go away. This cannot be swept under the carpet. In a financial crisis [that is coming] these same 55% fear voters will turn against YOU .. when you do not serve their self-interest. So .. you have to get your brains straight and understand that the people who want change are NOT your enemies. People have to work together. You can play the fear card now .. but in the future it is going to backfire!
The people unafraid of change want a balanced intelligent solution to a broken system. We all live in 2014 and we are using an outdated political system more suitable for the Middle Ages. The fear factor works both ways! The fear factor is not a SOLUTION. They are just papering over the cracks in the architecture until the house falls down. This is not a balanced solution!

The Damage Is Done
Now there is talk of a "Federal Britain" where English only Parliament vote on English only issues .. and there is an Irish only parliament .. a Welsh only parliament and a Scottish only parliament. Does that sound like a UNION? It sounds like a f#cking mess! I am sorry to laugh .. but it sounds like the whole family live in separate rooms and do not talk to each other... GREAT !!

So! Better together! Better apart!

What happened in Scotland? In the 1979 Scottish Parliament Referendum [devolution] there was a 60% voter turnout where 74% voted for devolution and 25% against. Essentially the higher voter turnout for Scottish Independence [85%] .. resulted in a 25% of voters not interested in a Scottish Parliament who turned out to block the Scots self-governing of Scotland economically and politically. The high turnout was not in favor of "Yes For Scotland" campaign!

Logically the 55% of Scots voting for the right not to determine their own future is a blatant political and social hypocrisy that should technically lead to the dissolving of the Scottish Parliament and any from of self-determination. If Scotland are afraid to make self-sustaining decisions for their future .. then how can they move towards Devo Max? How can you give more powers to a country that just rejected their own right to make decisions? I hope that makes sense #_#

In sociopolitical technical terms a 25% surge in voter participation resulting in a 55% rejection of parliamentary governance of any kind and would negate any form of self-governance in Scotland .. period! I mean this in terms of the psychology of social science. How can Scotland be incapable of self-governance and yet have a parliament? Logically it makes no sense.

This is why I say the system is broken = watch out!

The I Ching indicates more tribulations on the horizon and a turning of the worm [of fear] against the forces who used the energy of fear to create the outcome they wanted at that time. Leverage .. influence [a bargaining chip] authority [trump hand]. You spin the wheel and you gamble on the FUTURE.

The System Is Broken
Although the I Ching shows potential for solutions and great crossings [being advantageous] .. it does not mean that Europe or the World will currently make those moves towards co-operation and reconciliation. Currently we are fragmented! This is why I say Scotland is a micro-mirror of the entire Planet we live on today.

In the 2014 Year of The Chinese [Fire] Horse the countries in the World are all facing off on each other. In fact .. there is no way Scotland could gain self-governing Independence [peacefully] in a Fire Horse year. The horse also represents AUTHORITY and POWER = GOVERNANCE. This concept also relates to military as well as trade and transportation of oil and gas.

Across the Planet you see Russia facing off the EU and America .. you see China facing off in the South China Sea .. you see Japan facing off Russia and China in territorial disputes [this is all fire horse]. You see Scotland facing off against England and Catalonia facing off against Spain! Need I continue?

The point I am trying to make [revealed to me in the I Ching reading] is that the so-called Independence movements are not bad and they are not "the enemy" and they are not working for destabilisation. These people are genuinely looking for solutions .. and not only that! They are looking for solutions that work. Few understand that the REAL DANGER is the population FEAR FACTOR .. that has shown itself to be a 55% majority in the Scottish Referendum.

What is not currently recognised .. because future "misfortune" on economic and banking levels could potentially bring the fearful 55% to turn against the established order in a mass panic. You play with fire and you get burned with fire. Yin yang = cause and effect!

The general voter turnout for the Scottish Parliament elections is generally 50% .. that means 50% of voters have no interest in a Scottish Parliament! In the 2010 UK Parliament [Westminster] election the turnout in Scotland was 63.8% .. and there you have the basic social and political interest on a sociological level.

A desire to create a new Universal Social Order is not the ENEMY...
Fear lives in the past and hope lives in the future! I hope you understand!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Demolition Dust: Why Venta Air Wash!

I am still waiting for my Venta Air Wash (Air Purifier) .. because the seller cancelled my order due to being "out of stock". I have to admit that I knew not to go for the 90 euro offer but to go direct to Amazon's own 135 euro offer. I just knew it was not going to work .. but I went ahead and learned by my mistake!

Tomorrow with one day free delivery direct from Amazon I will receive my VENTA AIRWASHER and I will do unboxing video .. but this may take a few days because I want to film day-by-day dirty water effect [if any]. I do not know what to expect!

Let me explain the logic of my decision to order the German built Venta LW 15 Air Purifier. I could have ordered the Plasma Air Filter .. that I also want to test at some point. Here are the facts behind choosing the Venta Air Washer.

Venta Air Purifiers are also humidifiers!

I checked my apartment barometer and indoor air moisture ranges [in September] between 65-70% humidity at 25°C with clear skies. Why would I choose an air purifier that is also a humidifier when local indoor humidity is 65-70% = not really the ideal conditions for using a humidifier !!

Firstly .. I want to EXPERIMENT!

I do not have a conventional linear mind. I like to test things out for myself. I like to see things with my own eyes. I am not afraid to test things out. I am not afraid to challenge the illusions of conventional wisdom. The example is that I have 65-70% humidity and I am about to used Venta Air Washer to clean the air !! Very Scottish !!

Air Washer [Purifier] Logic
My pre-test logic is this: I have no idea if this is going to work. I have to test it all out. My logic tells me that I already have 65-70% air humidity with dirt and pollution and irritating micro-dust and unknown carcinogentic particles. My mind tells me = forget the 65-70% humidity .. you have to find the most efficient way to remove all that dirt from indoor air.

The next stage of my logic [that I have yet to test and prove] is that water potentially removes micro-fine particles and dust from indoor air better than any other "filter" system. I do not know if this is true! I just have this instinct that maybe this is true.

From my own perspective [and this is typical Scottish logic] .. if I can successfully remove all the dirty air particles and carcinogenic dust pollution from my indoor environment do I really care what the apartment air humidity is? Currently I live with 65-70% indoor air humidity that includes dust .. pollen .. micro-dust and air pollution .. from cars and demolition site.

I am going to test a number of factors.
I want to observe if indoor air humidity changes? Increases? Decreases?

DO I get rid of the dust? How do I feel / breathe? Is indoor air quality better? Can the Venta overcome the irritating DEMOLITION DUST? To be honest .. if the Venta overcomes this Demolition Dust Devil .. I personally do not care about indoor air humidity. At the same time I will pay attention to my barometer readings as I test the Venta Air Purifier.

The biggest issue for me is: Can I leave my window open?

I have noticed at night and in the early hours of the morning when I think I can open the window because there is no demolition activity .. the air quality I breathe gets worse. That I am in more danger at night than during the day from demolition fine particle pollution. I share with you my theories about this. Be aware that these are my own theories through personal observation.

Everyone assumes that Sun active air currents move dust and micro-particles up and into the surrounding air = air currents and wind currents and wind directions. But have any of you been aware that WIND SUCKS ??

When I say that wind sucks .. I do not mean mega gigantic atmospheric conditions [that do exist] .. I mean micro-sucking magnetic actions that we humans barely pay attention to .. but are potentially most dangerous of all... I am talking about fungi micro-spore levels that are so subtle it is currently beyond the levels of human scientific awareness.

Just for fun imagine that fungi level spores levitate and spread and expand using unseen magnetic frequencies [plus levels of moisture only observed at night]. In my own experience pollen .. fungi spores and mold .. plus micro-dust particles activate and levitate at night due to Earth's magnetic principle. It is essentially a magnetic phenomenon we do not currently understand.

Because demolition micro dust is constantly in the air 24/24 .. no matter what .. day and night. I can do whatever I want to cleanse internal body pollution / effects! The fact is I have to somehow stop breathing micro dust in my apartment = I have to neutralise it = dust particles.

Basically .. until I can test and show the evidence .. all I have are my experiences and my theories. Having shared with you all aspects of the logic I apply to this problem .. I hope in the next few days to share the results of my experiments.

At the same time this is an unusual and strange experiment on many levels .. as I do not adhere to the common values shared by people of linear thought.

Basically .. I do not care about humidity levels [that contain dirty contaminated polluted air]. I want to find out if filtering polluted air through water changes my indoor environment and protects my health!

I still have to edit my Demolition Dust video !!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Demolition Dust: Detox Soup!

I have upgraded my clear broth vegetable detox soup
The secret key ingredient is fresh lemon juice!

This post is an update of my vegetable detox soup and if or how it works.

I am still editing my dust video .. because filming the demolition that was directly across the road from my apartment was initially [for me] a work of art video. I had no idea at the time that this would turn into a "health crisis". Maybe health crisis is too dramatic! The video "Art Project" turned into a "Health Project" .. and also I was testing my Panasonic HC-V550 with 90x intelligent zoom!

Fortunately I was doing all the filming from the third floor and not out on the street .. because I don't want all that fine dust messing up my camcorders !! I also tested my Panasonic HC-W858 with 50x intelligent zoom! Maybe I need to buy a protective cover for windswept sand or dust.

Updated Detox Soup Recipe
The first thing is I thought I could get away with two or three days of Cayenne Onion Syrup and Ginger & Garlic Vegetable soup. I was wrong about that .. because the detox cleansing effect only kicked in after three days. I just got lucky! I guess! Because I decided to make a stronger soup and squeeze half a lemon into the soup bowl = do not cook the lemon juice.

1 whole celery plant
1 whole leak
2 (or more) large cloves of crushed garlic
1 fresh lemon
A suitable amount of crushed fresh ginger
Fresh green herbs in season are optional
Chili peppers or cayenne pepper is optional
[Salt soy sauce olive oil bouillon palm sugar curry powder are optional]
Most important is to have the green watery vegetables and a slightly bitter taste with a fiery cleansing effect on the lungs / bronchial tubes and digestive gut. I cook the soup lightly and after the first 10 minutes I begin spooning out the broth into a bowl. I keep adding water as the soup cooks.

I keep adding water until I have exhausted the soups potential.

I sometimes add raw grated garlic to the bowl of soup with the juice of half a lemon. On the fourth day of my detox that combination with the lemon juice sent me into a coughing fit. The soup tasted fantastic with that rich lemony flavor. The effect on my lungs was even more fantastic.

The hot soup finally drew out all the trapped mucus lying deeper in my bronchial tubes. I was not wheezing and I had no difficulty breathing and I did not know it was there! I thought I was fine. Somehow I knew I was not fine... some kind of instinct!

Why does the body create all this thick mucus in the bronchial tubes?

The body wants to isolate the micro-dust and irritants as well as form a protective barrier for the lung tissue. Then the body wants to find a way to throw out these irritants .. and that means thick bronchial mucus. All I can say is I coughed up a lot of thick mucus after that bowl of soup. I do not have lung problems! I do not have asthma nor bronchitis .. and not allergies either.

Soup should play a bigger part of our overall diet .. partly because the organs and the colon have to detox anything that comes from the lungs. Only soup provides that nutritional watery detoxifying base. I know fresh juices play a part .. and I did drink a green juice today after the soup experience. Because the soup is hot [fire] it draws out the toxins faster [in my experience].

I am not giving any advice .. I am simply sharing my experiences.

I do crazy things like colon cleanse and parasite cleanse .. glandular detox. I have this theory that our ancestors maybe did not eat as much as we eat today and they were healthier! What did our ancestors do differently? In my own experience I found that I eat less and digest more when I detox my colon and take probiotics. I rarely feel hungry. I don't have food cravings. I have more energy.

You clean your house? Don't you?
I don't clean my house .. I clean my colon #_#

My experience so far is that two or three days is not enough to remove toxins [demolition dust] from the lungs. I sometimes make the soup and put the broth in a flask .. especially if I am travelling in the car .. but this trick will not work at airports!

I am looking forward now to receiving the Venta Air Purifier! Testing that out...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Demolition Dust: Three Easy Solutions

1. Biochemical Eye Drops
2. Cayenne Onion Syrup
3. Homemade Soup Broth
..Pray for rain

It was raining the whole day today! I guess that was a nice co-incidence!

I am still waiting for my Venta Air Purifier so that I can do my test. The test will take a few days as I want to film the clean water and then each day film how dirty the water gets as the Air Purifier works. I am going to do a closed window test first to get all this dirt out of my apartment .. and maybe I also do an open window test later.

While I wait for the Venta Air Purifier I tried a few things of my own to stop the itchy eyes and bubbly mucus around the upper bronchial tubes and throat. Stopping the itchy eyes was easy because I know of very good biochemical therapy (homeopathic) eye drops. I think they are only in German: ISO Augentropfen C based on Dr. Schüssler mineral salts.

Did you know that tears have antimicrobial, nourishing, mechanical, and optical properties? That they contain components such as growth factors and vitamins to support the functions of the eyes? The eye drops worked straight away and the itchy eyes irritation has gone.

If you have micro fibers from demolition dust irritating the eyes .. there is no way to tell is this fiberglass or asbestos? If you rub itchy eyes all you are going to do is rub the micro fivers into the eye tissue. I tried everything I could before the eye drops and nothing worked. Washing the eyes out with water did not help and soap did not help either.

The other less known issue with demolition dust and bad air in general is: Bacteria and fungi or mold [especially black mold]. There are a lot of organic life forms living inside and outside a building. Especially in an old building some kind of mold or fungi would be present. Spreading all that out into the air with the micro dust would also cause dry irritated eyes.

To protect the lungs and bronchial tubes I decided to try out my Cayenne Pepper Onion Syrup. That also worked within two hours of taking teaspoons of the onion syrup. All I did was finely chop an onion and add crushed garlic [optional]. To that mix I add cayenne pepper and I cover the whole mix with maple syrup. Within 4-6 hours a watery syrup is made by the onion juice. This recipe irritates the throat and bronchial tubes to throw out mucus and detox.

I have used this recipe for colds and bronchitis [that I rarely get] .. so I took the opportunity to test this out on fine dust lung irritation. The reason why is this: The live enzymes in the raw onions [and garlic] are key to the healing process. Onions are a great detox vegetable and blood purifier. This is a nice overview of the purifying benefits of onions and garlic: Miracle of Onions & Garlic

Because the onion is raw I never store the syrup in the fridge! I make a small amount and I use it straight away = one teaspoon every hour. If you want to know measurements? I just add the cayenne pepper to my own taste. If you do not like hot spicy food then add a little and after 2 hours you can taste the syrup and add more cayenne if you want. In the past I have also used only onions and garlic without the spicy cayenne pepper powder.

The homemade syrup put an end to the throat dust irritation!

Homemade soup! When I want to detox fast I do not eat any solid food over a number of days. I simply drink soup broth. When the body has to digest solid food [even if only vegetables] more energy is used to digest than to detoxify. I like to give the digestive organs [liver kidneys] a rest and have only fluid soup broth removing toxins from the body.

Some people might want to add chicken or fish? I only use watery vegetables and fresh spices / herbs. I do not add rice or potatoes to the soup because the rice only soaks up all the water and potatoes are starchy. After a few days I add small amount of rice or fresh tofu to steam on top of the soup and I eat the cooked rice with the soup broth.

I like to add celery and leaks with onions and crushed garlic .. crushed ginger and fresh lemongrass. I flavour lightly with soy sauce and curry powder .. sometimes chilli peppers .. parsley .. coriander. I make a slightly bitter tasting soup with whatever fresh watery vegetables and herbs I can find that are in season! Sometimes I add no seasoning nor salt and drink only the cooked vegetable water.

The reason for the soup is to internally support organ and colon detox .. because the glandular system as well as the glands and organs [mainly the colon] all have to detox whatever pollutants enter the skin .. eyes or through the gut.

What are the dangers of demolition dust? Pulverised concrete dust .. crystalline silica .. activities that involve crushing - cutting - breaking and grinding walls or masonry .. concrete and bricks can produce fine silica dust! There is also the unknown question of fiberglass or asbestos in the walls or roof of old buildings.

This demolition dust disaster made me more aware of something we all take for granted when we have it and that is fresh air! We don't have smog here .. fog is also uncommon in recent years [so far so good]. I think people do not have to accept that there is nothing they can do to combat badly polluted air.

I also discovered a different type of Air Purifier without filters. I just don't want to change filters .. I find them too impractical. I see that I can also get a UV Plasma Ionisator Air Cleaner with a six stage cleaning process. It says: Easily clean without buying new filters! That sounds good... This one does not humidify the air! I love technology! I would love to test this one too #_#

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Demolition Dust! I Will Test Venta Airwash LW15

I ordered the Venta Airwash LW15 from Amazon [@ 90 Euro]

The story background is: I always wanted to buy and test a Venta Airwash Humidifier for many years. Being Scottish #_# .. I thought to myself that the air cannot be so bad [where I live] to justify buying an Airwash Humidifier! If I lived in a place where I had to deal with smog and extremely fine particle polluted air .. then I would buy an air cleaner .. but we don't have smog issues where I live.

Basically the Venta Airwash is made in Germany and is based on "cold evaporation technology" with a 1.3 gallon water reservoir .. a two speed push button [on the LW15 model] and no filters. Dust .. fine particles .. pollen .. smoke and mites are filtered out of the air using water.

Maybe I should have ordered Venta LW25 .. but as this is a TEST and I seriously do want to find out if it works .. I decided to try out the smaller one first! The Venta Air System is a humidifier and purifier in one. Video: How It Works [English]

Why am I doing this?

Days ago an old three story brick and concrete building [across the road] began to be demolished. At first I did not notice anything .. as they began to first demolish the back part of the building. I imagine the front blocked the fine dust particles from drifting in my direction and in through my open window.

I always keep a window open 24/24 Summer and Winter. It does not matter how cold it gets .. I keep one window tipped open [but now my window is closed]. It took three days of gradual demolition of the front part of the building for me to start feeling the effects in my eyes .. nose and bronchial tubes.

At first I did not pay attention to my itchy eyes syndrome and dry nose .. but then began the dry irritation of the bronchial tubes [due to the very fine demolition dust]. Later I will post a really great video! I thought it was fun to test out my new Panasonic HC V-550 90x intelligent zoom.

I began to test the V-550 video camera filming the roadside demolition from my apartment .. and because I am height level with the opposite three story building I got amazing artistic footage filmed in a way people do not usually film the demolition of a building.

The eye of an artists is all about colour .. depth and field. It is about unusual angles and looking at life in unusual ways .. like close up and raw video. An artist does not always need nice wide angle perspective and sharp HD focus. Art is about atmosphere and depth!

ART can also be linked to danger .. trials and tribulations and also discovering solutions. Art is never static and is not only related to drawings .. ink .. sketches and paintings. The artists can also inspire people to seek understand and self-created solutions = inner depth of field!

Sorry! I got carried away #_*

I am not a promotionalist for Venta Air Purifier. I don't yet know if this is going to work .. because it has not arrived. I am going to test it out in what I would imagine is one of the worst fine dust environments I have ever experienced. The demolition people still have one-third of the building to go and then all that cleaning up of the debris!

Demolition Dust!
I am going to do a series of videos [maybe one big video] of the problem and the solutions I personally test on myself to deal with this fine particle demolition disaster. My principle is this: When misfortune occurs you find a solution and share it with the greater society. This is a Celtic principle that is still alive today despite all attempts to destroy it over the last few hundred years!

I am going to test the Venta Airwash in what I consider to be one of the worst environments [where I am forced to keep my windows closed]. Even the coldest extreme winters do not force me to close my windows at night .. nor during the day! How will I know if it works? I will know!

This post is "Part One": Demolition Dust .. with all the associated symptoms and casual evidence. For example .. I just went down to my car that I always keep clean and washed and I filmed what accounts to 3-4 days demolition dust on the car parked downwind from the demolition site. The car was stationary over 3-4 days with no rain and my first warning signal was when I noticed a thick layer of dirt all over the car.

This is my [sort of] evidence. I know that this does not happen to parked cars in this area = heavy thick and yet very fine varieties of grey and red-orange dust layering the cars. The grey dust is probably concrete and the red dust probably comes from the bricks. What extreme fine particles floated into my apartment that I do not see and cannot see?

I think to myself .. okay .. people around the world often do not have good air. Many people experience affects of micro fine particle pollution that can cause asthma attacks .. that can cause allergy reactions. These micro fine particles can affect the glands [as well as the glandular system] .. and they obviously affect the lungs and heart.

So .. why do I not just accept this?

Because that is the true Celtic spirit not to accept .. but to find a solution and share it. The Celts do not file a PATENT and sell it to the community! The Celts search for solutions and share openly without seeking personal gain. Because .. the health of the greater community is directly linked to one's own well-being. When the community around you is sick .. then by default you are "sick".

Sorry! I got carried away again #_*

To make all of this clear... Here are the physical symptoms that alerted me to an invisible unseen micro dust danger that I was breathing in. I could not see the micro particles with my eyes .. but I could observe and feel them through the physical reactions of my body. I will try to go into this in more detail in later posts to educate people.

Late At Night
One would think that late at night when everything is still and quite that there is no need to close the window and there is no danger from demolition micro dust of the unknown kind! W R O N G !! I thought the same and I slept with the window open feeling "safe". Then my body began to rebel and warn me.
To make things clear! I do not have allergies. I do not suffer from asthma. I do not suffer from bronchitis or any kind of breathing difficulties. I do not have dry-eye. I do not suffer eye irritations. I am not allergic to dust and I am not allergic to dust mites.
Late into the night I woke up with dry cough irritation. I had ignored three days of strange itchy eyes .. but there was no red eye tissue irritation / inflammation. All I knew was that around the eyelashes [fine dust] there was this constant itchy irritation that spread to the skin on my face #_#

The moment I decided to buy the Venta Airwash was when I woke up [twelve hours ago] and bubbly mucus was coming out around my throat and upper bronchial tubes in the early hours of the morning. I never experienced anything like this in my entire life! What is this bubbly mucus? It is an attempt by my body to block and [at the same time] throw out micro irritants. I will go into this in more detail in other posts and videos.

You see! I love my body and I respect my body .. I trust my body.

I am not sick .. I am not ill .. I am not suffering from allergies! I simply know a challenge when I see it. Within 12 hours I found effective solutions to the micro fine dust in the eyes and in the lungs [upper bronchial region] and in the nose .. because I breath through my nose and not through my mouth.

The solutions I found block and detox aggressive micro dust pollution!

I also instinctively know I have to find a way to clean the indoor air [the indoor micro dust] .. because it is now in my apartment no matter what I do = floating around or has landed on my duvet cover similar to the car .. but totally invisible / unseen.

You may ask! How will you know if the Venta Airwash Test works? I will know!

I will do this test over many weeks / months .. because I know that dangerous micro particles do not just disappear. They hang around! Don't ask me why .. I just know this! Once they are in an enclosed space like an apartment .. they circulate and circulate. I will go into this in more detail in later posts.

All I say for now is this: If the inner environment you breathe is mostly the air inside a building? You need to keep that inner building air clean .. because that is what you are breathing every day! I always see a challenge as a way to help my fellow humans. Life is much bigger than us. So .. here we go !!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top of The Mountain Alone

I was most fortunate in my life...
To feel strong alone and not be afraid of myself!

What do I mean about feeling strong alone? We are all born with a deep sense of aloneness. It does not matter if we are rich or poor .. born into conflict or surrounded by friends and family who love us. There is nothing in life that can interact with this natural aloneness!

Like an animal in the wild or like a bird flying .. I was okay with that inner sense of being alone. Most people run away from it .. and perhaps this is the source of conflict? Some people like to be alone with beauty of Nature. Some people like to be alone with meditation. We all return to the World after our short break!

Some people hate to be alone and fill their days with family life and distractions .. escapes and entertainment. Have you all noticed that it does not matter what you do to escape? That feeling returns to haunt you in the most unexpected moments. Like waking up in the middle of the night?

What can we do not to be afraid of this feeling of being alone?

I don't know what anyone can do? But I can share with you what took place with me [in my life] since I was a child. Because .. this is about natural relationship with oneself and not fearing oneself. There is no compromise .. there is no distraction and right at the center of it all is LOVE!

The problem with aloneness is that it is totally and utterly uncompromising .. and this is why most people inwardly [psychologically] run away and seek distraction from themselves. People look outside for so many things .. trying to avoid looking inside.

Being Alone Is The Inner Mirror
When I say BEING ALONE .. do not get me wrong about this as I do not mean physically alone .. on your own .. away from people .. out in the middle of nowhere. One can feel being alone in a crowd of people. One can suddenly feel alone when with family and friends. One can feel alone in the middle of happy festivities .. watching fireworks when all the crowds are peaceful and sharing the same experience.

What I am trying to say is that essentially we are always alone with ourselves. That is what makes us strong even when we may feel fear and want to run away. I have experienced unpleasant situations in life where my life was in danger. Having to get down mountains and stay calm .. where you see your life flash in front of you and you do not know if you will make it down!

When you are high up on the side of a dangerous mountain and you know you have to get back down but you do not know if you are going to make it back down .. that is when you really know and feel you are alone. Strangely .. it is this deep inner mirror that leads you back down the mountain to safety.

The problem is we run away from ourselves and do not face what is inside.

As a child I could always be alone. It was so natural to me .. like being a fish in the Ocean! I do not mean physically alone... I mean being inwardly alone with no sense of fear. The problem is that one has to face many unpleasant things inside oneself. Similar to the dangers of getting back down that mountain. I have to admit that I enjoyed the danger and was not afraid.

In a way meditation is like training in Martial Arts to be strong or training strength to climb mountains. Meditation is not awareness of the actual challenge [Initiation] when it hits you. For example, it took me years to learn and apply understanding the laws of Nature with regard to walking safely in the mountains. When the challenge hits you there is no training that can help you .. you are on your own.

By this I mean that when a life threatening situation / event occurs .. there is not training that applies to this unusual event! All you have is your awareness and instincts. Some situations in life are PATHLESS. You just have to go to a higher level beyond anything you know.

This is what I am trying to say about aloneness... Not only is it beyond anything you know [your experiences] .. but it challenges you at your deepest level. That feeling knows you better than you know yourself and this is a big reason why we often feel uncomfortable when we suddenly feel alone. We are then face to face with ourselves.

True strength comes from inner ability to face oneself.

The self-image / identity / ego is not too happy to have to face itself. As this energy of awareness is the end of the self-image and thought is most afraid of the ending of its whole collection of images and identity = psychological control. Thought is designed to help non-aware beings to function on a day to day basis and survive. Thought is the lowest common denominator in the World.

The next point is it is not thought that gets you back down the mountain to safety!

Top of The Mountain Alone
I once traveled to the top of one of the highest mountains in Europe using one of those mountain cable cars. It was pretty scary .. but pretty amazing. I got to the top and there were all these TOURISTS running around everywhere on the concrete platform. I discovered that I was totally alone.

I was up on top of this mountain surrounded by hundreds of people [all moving too fast] .. and I was absolutely and totally alone .. surrounded only by the mountain. I saw so many things .. I saw myself. I saw the people .. the mountain and I saw myself. It was one of the loneliest moments of my life.

What struck me most was that people go up there and it changes their lives .. in ways that are difficult to comprehend. People were going up and down like ants and I could see beyond the superficial flow of tourists to something sacred and alone. It is something like an energy mirror that sees exactly who and what each one of us is and why we are who we are.

That kind of freaked me out!

The danger is not going to the top a a mountain .. but the danger is the mountain. The danger is facing ourselves [or not facing ourselves]. This is not a rational logical decision. Seeing is like flying. Awareness navigates the currents beyond thought using an inner compass. The actual flight is an inner flight of awareness.

One gets to the top of the mountain alone.

Even though I have the ability to lead other people [who are in a state of fear] back down the dangerous path of the steep mountainside to safety .. I am alone .. even though I am with a group of people. This is the most difficult thing to explain. We look too much outside ourselves to escape inner turmoil.

The people who live at the top of the mountain [inwardly] become an attraction for all the other people who are running away from themselves .. but who are attracted to those who have that energy. Attracted outwardly to the same force they cannot balance inside themselves.

Being alone and facing oneself is not such a problem.

One reason humans do not want to be face to face with aloneness is the utter feeling of powerlessness. It is not a pleasant feeling and the crushing force can feel physically unpleasant [especially at night or in the early hours of the morning]. When fishermen kill a fish that moment is the ultimate point of aloneness for that fish!

We humans have to learn compassion!

Most of all we have to learn compassion for ourselves .. to face ourselves! Not to run away... Not to look for escapes and distractions. Not to be afraid of being alone .. of feeling alone. Most of the problems people face are related to this inner poverty. No one outside is going to solve this for us. If I am off balance .. no one can create balance for me! Only I can create inner balance.

We live in this chaos that is ourselves!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Scotland YES? Just Rebuild Hadrian's Wall !!

Those who know me also know I apply psychic and mental Qi balance free of personal opinions [and emotions] that I keep to myself. I was taught this [very intensely] and it was not an easy thing to learn. My approach to life was taught to me as an internal balanced discipline. I was taught: When you have real power you do not use it = you show respect to sovereign entities [beings].

For example .. if someone is an idiot and self-destructive you do not use your power to "make them intelligent" .. because their karma and incarnation direction is their own choice. People have to learn who they are on their own terms for themselves and people have to either go down the wrong road or change direction. This yin yang balance discipline is the most difficult of all to learn and apply.

Go ahead .. build your walls !! The law of walls is to limit yourself +_#

Basically .. you never fight your enemy. You simply understand their weaknesses .. and retain a sense of humour #_* I was taught to be aware of what is .. to be aware of THE FACTS = human behaviour and human attitudes. Simply to observe and see "what is" without any opinion. To look beyond the personal image and see the energy behind events on all levels and remain neutral [balanced].

I was researching: Scotland YES for Independence .. and this began to teach me a few things that are relevant to our day to day existence. For example .. if we do not change now we won't change the future. Progression is related to the energy of the NOW. Also .. that change is Nature = is natural and is not such a big problem .. except for those stuck in the past!

Scottish Independence without WARS?? Without violence?? Wow! How advanced ...

Scotland YES? Just Rebuild Hadrian's Wall !!
There is a recurring aggressive / regressive obsession regarding the September 18, 2014 [Year of the Horse] vote for an Independent Scotland .. including threats and [political] bullying and general arrogance towards the [Celtic Gaelic] Scots.

Why is Year of the Horse so relevant? Scottish National animal is a UNICORN !!

The political and financial bullying from the NO side create new THREATS of a border and passports "wall" to be set up if Scotland vote YES for INDEPENDENCE... Just rebuild Hadrian's wall and add a second wall. You can add as many walls as you wish #_+ ... Go ahead and build them!

I am not talking about political issues in this post .. but simply observing human behaviour! Why not wish the Scots well no matter what? Be friendly .. be compasionate ?? Is the so-called UNION based on violence .. bullying and petty threats ?? If the Scots vote NO they are safe and if the Scots vote YES the UNION will work to destroy them ... Go ahead! Destroy them #_#

Video: Cymru'n Cefnogi Annibyniaeth | Wales Supporting Independence

The theoretical model of election of PUBLIC SERVANTS is that those elected are there to SERVE all of society. Some say public servants are elected to serve THE PEOPLE .. but that is in itself too narrow. In reality they are theoretically elected to serve society as a whole. This means to serve everyone and not only one political faction that elected them into so-called power.

What is the problem with cohesive cultural sovereignty and World co-operation?

Why is Scotland being threatened with all kinds of negative: You will fail [garbage] .. just because they decide for themselves to choose potential Independence? What is this alien culture of threats and threats and more threats ?? Is that a UNION ?? WITHOUT ME YOU WILL FAIL !!

Usually .. in economic and financial terms .. one party desperately holds onto another out of dependence. Personal relationships are a reflection of interrelated social relationships where the dependent and benefiting party threatens the structure they are feeding off. Without me you are toast!

This is a very dysfunctional relationship [union] .. !!

I hope I make sense and I hope this is clear? If Scotland is a HOPELESS CASE with INDEPENDENCE .. this means Scotland is already a hopeless case NOW. It means that Scotland is a complete social case totally dependent on London now and in the future .. DUH !! Do they mean England are paying for Scotland to EXIST? Is this some kind of reverse [wealth] ECONOMICS?

I don't think so !!

I will not go into details .. and this may sound a bit strange ?? The fact is I was born with full awareness of Celtic cultural heritage going back many thousands of years to the Picts. ALBA [Scotland] was a Pictish settlement before the arrival of the Celts. Genetically the Celts interbred with the Picts as they inherited the Northern Highlands .. and so they are ONE.

The problem we have on Earth is that some genetics do not CONVERGE = they are not compatible! This is not a RACIAL issue .. but is a deep genetic issue we do not currently understand. If we understood this event then possibly all wars on Earth would END !!

What is this violence and threats and aggression over a simple internal cultural [decision] for Scottish Independence? Why not wish the people of Scotland a spirit of well being? Why not wish the people of Scotland FREEDOM? Where is the SPIRIT of DEMOCRACY? Why not wish them love?


I see so many NEGATIVE THREATS sent out to the people of Scotland .. you have no power .. you are weak .. you are dependent .. we will build walls against you .. you depend on us .. you need us!

Be happy that you free yourselves from such a pathetic weak CULTURE !! Be happy you can go forward politically and socially without this weak economic Scottish drag on your RESOURCES. The problem is .. why threaten and bully and deny Scottish Independence if the Scots are are a DISADVANTAGE?

The "problem" is karmic incarnations or re-incarnation!

I know what I am talking about .. but I am not going to explain it! The Incarnation factor or the re-incarnation factor is not totally understood in current philosophy! Truth is a pathless land! Many wars on Earth are related to incarnations and SOUL ISSUES. This is another unresolved issue within current Earth environments .. but it is relevant! I hope you understand the complex collective Earth environment issues involved!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Climate Is All About Water

Water is Moon [Feminine] .. Fire is Sun [Masculine]
Water and Fire are ONE ...

What I want to share with you is kind of complex .. but I will try to make it as simple as possible. Water is CLIMATE .. and climate is all about water !! That is as simple as it gets .. but people on this Earth today do not understand it. I will simplify it even more #_*

The physical human body is mostly water!

The fire element [heart and blood / chi] is also mostly water and depends on water to pass the fire element [life] throughout the physical body structures. So .. your body and the fire element depends on water for life. Surprise! Surprise!

Your body has heat .. and water cools .. regulates and manages the heat. Fire element is life .. but without water [cooling element] life cannot exist in its current physical form on Planet Earth. Simply apply the same principles to climate.

Volcanoes .. magma .. fire and heat exist on Earth contained by WATER. DUH ??

Water is ice .. and ice contains glacial volcanoes affecting their behaviour. In fact .. fire and water act together in harmony to keep balance of life on Earth. As in your body so it is on Earth. Human physical body does the same! The Earth maintains heat vapor balance in the same way your body does. But the Earth came first and your physical body is based on [and depends on] those same principles.

Climate Is All About Water
Ongoing volcanic cycles are related to regulation of the Earth's climate. Volcanoes act in a similar way to the physical human body. Cooling cycles to maintain a balanced temperature .. sweat .. maintaining inner tissue moisture and balancing heat / cool [fire water].

Bone structures are both fire and water. It is the secret of the Universe.

One example of the Planet regulating and balancing climate can be seen over hundreds of years observing inter glacial volcanoes [fire and ice] working together [yin / yang] to create balance. Eruptions [fire] combines with ice [water] to send moisture into the atmosphere. This is a slow process!

The fire and ice explosions alter the water [moisture] in the atmosphere in relation to the water on Earth [oceans mainly]. This is all about water balance. Climate is all about water balance. Water is related to oxygen .. but that is another story.

Contained within the water [volcanic moisture vapor] is fire! You have the fire in the water vapor. In terms of yin and yang you always balance fire in water [moisture] and the water in fire [heat]. Everything on Earth is related to heat / cooling balance.

The point I am trying to make is: Earth knows what she is doing!

Just as your physical body is designed to regulate temperature and cooling .. so too is the Earth designed to regulate temperature and cooling. The aspects to study in the future are water and the relationship of water and fire. It is a balance .. even though water is the more powerful force in this Universe.

Stop and think about this .. water is the dominant most powerful force and yet it is in balance with fire. If you meditate then this is really a truly powerful force. To create balance requires true power even when you are more powerful than your opponent.

Going back to Iceland's Bárðarbunga [recent eruption] .. intelligent fire and water [ice] work together to regulate eruptions or fissures and all of this is related to climate. It is the same intelligent process going on in your body. Only .. the Earth lives longer than incarnate humans!

True power creates balance.

The feminine does not fight to crush but absorb. That can take thousands of years. The more powerful force will never overcome the lesser force. The more powerful force will always create balance. The weaker force seeks to fight because it has no real power. The weaker force destroys [exhausts] itself.

So .. you have an eruption [fire] that is contained by cooling element [water].

We all live in a water environment. We are all contained by a water environment. The upper and lower atmosphere of Earth is water. Air is water. Breathing is water. You don't have air without water. You don't have fire without water. The human brain is 75 percent water !!

The real key to climate is water ...

Here it gets kind of complex because the water in the oceans and lakes and river and deep underground sources and the water in the atmosphere are all one. It is all one body of water .. just like the Universe. Water is one entire communications network without borders.