Friday, September 19, 2014

I Ching: A British Federation

Leveraging the power of fear can work two ways:
It can work for you and it can also work against you.

Leverage means to influence [a bargaining chip] authority [trump hand].

Scotland voted no yesterday [September 18, 2014] to a chance to run their own affairs [55% voted no]. This is an event Sociological. Those voting no voiced their fear of change and those voting yes saw change as a positive thing. In general people fear change unless they feel that it would be to their advantage .. and Scotland is a micro-mirror to the rest of the world.

First I want to go into the I Ching reading. When you use the I Ching always have a calm mind. Do not consult the I Ching if you are upset or irritated as this energy will influence the reading. One always has to have inner discipline and postpone the inquiry until there is calm mind.

The no votes decided the path into the future and so I put my mind through the I Ching: The Book of Changes. 19. Lin Approaching [Approach Leadership Arriving] .. with two moving lines leading to the relating Hexagram 61. Zhong Fu Inner Truth [Innermost Sincerity]. In the I Ching when there are moving lines the primary and the related Hexagrams interact.

19. Lin moving lines: 9 in the fifth place / 9 in the sixth place [top].

Your own mind also has to go beyond the I Ching. Basically the reading helped me to understand many things and put them all together. In a way I Ching The Book of Changes is a time capsule that allows the mind to move beyond its spatial restrictions and bring deeper understanding [and compassion].

I am going to be brief .. as this is a lot of information!

19 Lin Approaching

Commentary on the Decision

Approaching, The firm is advancing and growing.
Joyous and obedient.
The firm is central and properly responded to.
Great success along with his correctness.
This is the Tao of Heaven.
At the end of the eighth month, There will be misfortune.
Recession is not too long in coming.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
The two moving lines: Good fortune sincerely approaching. The will is carrying on inwardly. Until the Spring of 2015 things seem to go well .. but in the eight month .. September 2015 there is misfortune. [The eight month in Chinese calendar is September - Watching].

This gua tells us that the time for establishing the Zhou dynasty was approaching. King Wen’s Decision says yuan, heng, li, zhen. It also mentions that King Wu became sick in the eighth month. The Duke of Zhou narrates that as King Wu responded to the approaching situation, the divination augured good fortune and nothing unfavorable. But after he took over the Shang dynasty, there was no peace. The omen changed from nothing being unfavorable to nothing being favorable.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
61. Zhong Fu Innermost Sincerity / Inner Truth relates to the advantage of a great undertaking - good fortune - favorable to cross great rivers. The image of crossing great rivers is related to perseverance in carrying out a great journey.
It is important to understand upon what the force of inner truth depends. This force is not identical with simple intimacy or a secret bond. Close ties may exist also among thieves; it is true that such a bond acts as a force but, since it is not invincible, it does not bring good fortune. All association on the basis of common interests holds only up to a certain point.

Where the community of interest ceases, the holding together ceases also, and the closest friendship often changes into hate. Only when the bond is based on what is right, on steadfastness, will it remain so firm that it triumphs over everything.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
I will try to be brief .. but my understanding it that nothing is solved. The reason I say this is... When any society is ruled by fear and insecurity [the majority vote] then that society is inherently unstable. This applies to Europe and the rest of the World. You paste over the cracks until the house falls down.

If I am not mistaken the current situation is a compromise at best! The potential instability is a future "crisis". This may or may not play out between Spring and September 2015. I don't know .. because the I Ching is not so much a book of physical changes .. but is a book of ENERGY! Energy and change .. energy and transformation .. adapting to new circumstances. It is about BALANCE.

In the I Ching 19. Lin / Approach the sage in the two moving lines could be interpreted as a wise leader .. but in general the I Ching is revealing the energy [deeper psyche] within and behind events. So .. the wisdom of the sage is more a state of mind than alluding to an individual. Almost like an Archetypal force rather than base physical structures.

My assessment? The problem has not been solved.
Historical Reference / Observations
The 55 percent who voted out of fear and anxiety of change are themselves the "fear factor" and everyone in Europe has to pay careful attention to this °_° .. because the fear factor can also turn against you at any point in space and time [future]. Many of you imagine that the Scottish Independence 45% are your problem. That is not the case. These are people who want to actively solve problems and create a better society = for everyone .. not just for themselves.

The I Ching reveals "future issues" leading to misfortune based on this current situation = the future is now! You are all going to come back to this issue time and time again. It is not going to go away. This cannot be swept under the carpet. In a financial crisis [that is coming] these same 55% fear voters will turn against YOU .. when you do not serve their self-interest. So .. you have to get your brains straight and understand that the people who want change are NOT your enemies. People have to work together. You can play the fear card now .. but in the future it is going to backfire!
The people unafraid of change want a balanced intelligent solution to a broken system. We all live in 2014 and we are using an outdated political system more suitable for the Middle Ages. The fear factor works both ways! The fear factor is not a SOLUTION. They are just papering over the cracks in the architecture until the house falls down. This is not a balanced solution!

The Damage Is Done
Now there is talk of a "Federal Britain" where English only Parliament vote on English only issues .. and there is an Irish only parliament .. a Welsh only parliament and a Scottish only parliament. Does that sound like a UNION? It sounds like a f#cking mess! I am sorry to laugh .. but it sounds like the whole family live in separate rooms and do not talk to each other... GREAT !!

So! Better together! Better apart!

What happened in Scotland? In the 1979 Scottish Parliament Referendum [devolution] there was a 60% voter turnout where 74% voted for devolution and 25% against. Essentially the higher voter turnout for Scottish Independence [85%] .. resulted in a 25% of voters not interested in a Scottish Parliament who turned out to block the Scots self-governing of Scotland economically and politically. The high turnout was not in favor of "Yes For Scotland" campaign!

Logically the 55% of Scots voting for the right not to determine their own future is a blatant political and social hypocrisy that should technically lead to the dissolving of the Scottish Parliament and any from of self-determination. If Scotland are afraid to make self-sustaining decisions for their future .. then how can they move towards Devo Max? How can you give more powers to a country that just rejected their own right to make decisions? I hope that makes sense #_#

In sociopolitical technical terms a 25% surge in voter participation resulting in a 55% rejection of parliamentary governance of any kind and would negate any form of self-governance in Scotland .. period! I mean this in terms of the psychology of social science. How can Scotland be incapable of self-governance and yet have a parliament? Logically it makes no sense.

This is why I say the system is broken = watch out!

The I Ching indicates more tribulations on the horizon and a turning of the worm [of fear] against the forces who used the energy of fear to create the outcome they wanted at that time. Leverage .. influence [a bargaining chip] authority [trump hand]. You spin the wheel and you gamble on the FUTURE.

The System Is Broken
Although the I Ching shows potential for solutions and great crossings [being advantageous] .. it does not mean that Europe or the World will currently make those moves towards co-operation and reconciliation. Currently we are fragmented! This is why I say Scotland is a micro-mirror of the entire Planet we live on today.

In the 2014 Year of The Chinese [Fire] Horse the countries in the World are all facing off on each other. In fact .. there is no way Scotland could gain self-governing Independence [peacefully] in a Fire Horse year. The horse also represents AUTHORITY and POWER = GOVERNANCE. This concept also relates to military as well as trade and transportation of oil and gas.

Across the Planet you see Russia facing off the EU and America .. you see China facing off in the South China Sea .. you see Japan facing off Russia and China in territorial disputes [this is all fire horse]. You see Scotland facing off against England and Catalonia facing off against Spain! Need I continue?

The point I am trying to make [revealed to me in the I Ching reading] is that the so-called Independence movements are not bad and they are not "the enemy" and they are not working for destabilisation. These people are genuinely looking for solutions .. and not only that! They are looking for solutions that work. Few understand that the REAL DANGER is the population FEAR FACTOR .. that has shown itself to be a 55% majority in the Scottish Referendum.

What is not currently recognised .. because future "misfortune" on economic and banking levels could potentially bring the fearful 55% to turn against the established order in a mass panic. You play with fire and you get burned with fire. Yin yang = cause and effect!

The general voter turnout for the Scottish Parliament elections is generally 50% .. that means 50% of voters have no interest in a Scottish Parliament! In the 2010 UK Parliament [Westminster] election the turnout in Scotland was 63.8% .. and there you have the basic social and political interest on a sociological level.

A desire to create a new Universal Social Order is not the ENEMY...
Fear lives in the past and hope lives in the future! I hope you understand!