Sunday, September 14, 2014

Demolition Dust: Detox Soup!

I have upgraded my clear broth vegetable detox soup
The secret key ingredient is fresh lemon juice!

This post is an update of my vegetable detox soup and if or how it works.

I am still editing my dust video .. because filming the demolition that was directly across the road from my apartment was initially [for me] a work of art video. I had no idea at the time that this would turn into a "health crisis". Maybe health crisis is too dramatic! The video "Art Project" turned into a "Health Project" .. and also I was testing my Panasonic HC-V550 with 90x intelligent zoom!

Fortunately I was doing all the filming from the third floor and not out on the street .. because I don't want all that fine dust messing up my camcorders !! I also tested my Panasonic HC-W858 with 50x intelligent zoom! Maybe I need to buy a protective cover for windswept sand or dust.

Updated Detox Soup Recipe
The first thing is I thought I could get away with two or three days of Cayenne Onion Syrup and Ginger & Garlic Vegetable soup. I was wrong about that .. because the detox cleansing effect only kicked in after three days. I just got lucky! I guess! Because I decided to make a stronger soup and squeeze half a lemon into the soup bowl = do not cook the lemon juice.

1 whole celery plant
1 whole leak
2 (or more) large cloves of crushed garlic
1 fresh lemon
A suitable amount of crushed fresh ginger
Fresh green herbs in season are optional
Chili peppers or cayenne pepper is optional
[Salt soy sauce olive oil bouillon palm sugar curry powder are optional]
Most important is to have the green watery vegetables and a slightly bitter taste with a fiery cleansing effect on the lungs / bronchial tubes and digestive gut. I cook the soup lightly and after the first 10 minutes I begin spooning out the broth into a bowl. I keep adding water as the soup cooks.

I keep adding water until I have exhausted the soups potential.

I sometimes add raw grated garlic to the bowl of soup with the juice of half a lemon. On the fourth day of my detox that combination with the lemon juice sent me into a coughing fit. The soup tasted fantastic with that rich lemony flavor. The effect on my lungs was even more fantastic.

The hot soup finally drew out all the trapped mucus lying deeper in my bronchial tubes. I was not wheezing and I had no difficulty breathing and I did not know it was there! I thought I was fine. Somehow I knew I was not fine... some kind of instinct!

Why does the body create all this thick mucus in the bronchial tubes?

The body wants to isolate the micro-dust and irritants as well as form a protective barrier for the lung tissue. Then the body wants to find a way to throw out these irritants .. and that means thick bronchial mucus. All I can say is I coughed up a lot of thick mucus after that bowl of soup. I do not have lung problems! I do not have asthma nor bronchitis .. and not allergies either.

Soup should play a bigger part of our overall diet .. partly because the organs and the colon have to detox anything that comes from the lungs. Only soup provides that nutritional watery detoxifying base. I know fresh juices play a part .. and I did drink a green juice today after the soup experience. Because the soup is hot [fire] it draws out the toxins faster [in my experience].

I am not giving any advice .. I am simply sharing my experiences.

I do crazy things like colon cleanse and parasite cleanse .. glandular detox. I have this theory that our ancestors maybe did not eat as much as we eat today and they were healthier! What did our ancestors do differently? In my own experience I found that I eat less and digest more when I detox my colon and take probiotics. I rarely feel hungry. I don't have food cravings. I have more energy.

You clean your house? Don't you?
I don't clean my house .. I clean my colon #_#

My experience so far is that two or three days is not enough to remove toxins [demolition dust] from the lungs. I sometimes make the soup and put the broth in a flask .. especially if I am travelling in the car .. but this trick will not work at airports!

I am looking forward now to receiving the Venta Air Purifier! Testing that out...