Saturday, September 27, 2014

I Ching: Catalonia Independence

15. Ch'ien - Six at the top means:
Modesty that comes to expression.
It is favorable to set armies marching To chastise
one’s own city and one's country.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
On September 27, 2014 the Catalonia President Artur Mas signed a decree for a vote on Catalan Independence vote to take place on November 9, 2014. Whether the vote goes ahead or not is irrelevant .. as Spain are seeking to block the vote from taking place.

Rather than move into the area of Catalan as a Federal State .. because the vote is currently being opposed by the central Spanish Government in power. This may change over time as the future transforms in many ways. I decided to stay with the energy of the now and find out what the I Ching can reveal about this process.

15. Ch'ien Modesty / Humbleness
When a man holds a high position and is nevertheless modest, he shines with the light of wisdom; if he is in a lowly position and is modest, he cannot be passed by. Thus the superior man can carry out his work to the end without boasting of what he has achieved.

The wealth of the earth in which a mountain is hidden is not visible to the eye, because the depths are offset by the height of the mountain. Thus high and low complement each other, and the result is the plain. Here an effect that it took a long time to achieve, but that in the end seems easy of accomplishment and self-evident, is used as the image of modesty.

The superior man does the same thing when he establishes order in the world; he equalizes the extremes that are the source of social discontent and thereby creates just and equable conditions.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
There is one moving line: Six at the top: "A person who is really sincere in his modesty must make it show in reality. He must proceed with great energy in this. When enmity arises nothing is easier than to lay the blame on another. A weak man takes offense perhaps, and draws back, feeling self-pity; he thinks that it is modesty that keeps him from defending himself. Genuine modesty sets one to creating order and inspires one to begin by disciplining one’s own ego and one’s immediate circle. Only through having the courage to marshal one’s armies against oneself, will something forceful really be achieved."

The following Hexagram is: 52. Ken Keeping Still / Mountain. Master Huang [The Complete I Ching] .. translates this energy as: Sequence of the Gua: Events cannot continue in motion without stopping; they must take a rest. Thus, after Taking Action, Keeping Still follows.

52. Gen Keeping Still
From the very beginning of Chinese culture, ancient sages emphasized keeping still. Keeping still is not keeping merely the body still but the mind and spirit as well, and is called "sitting in stillness" or "nourishing the spirit."

While sitting still in a lotus posture, one is shaped like a mountain. Sitting in stillness, or in meditation as Westerners call it, is a self-disciplinary training. While doing this, one is able to control the mind and the breath, to be introspective about one’s shortcomings and to cultivate inner strength and virtue. Mencius says, "I am skillful in nourishing my imperishable noble spirit." When one is in a state of stillness, one is oblivious to one's surroundings. This is the highest stage of non attachment. In such a state there is no fault in one's being.

It is believed that when Heaven is about to confer a great mission on a person, it first exercises his or her mind and spirit with discipline. Keeping still is meant to prepare one’s mind and spirit to progress when the time comes.

The Complete I Ching - Master Huang
Richard Wilhelm The I Ching or Book of Changes translates: 52. Gen Keeping Still / Mountain as: "The heart thinks constantly. This cannot be changed, but the movements of the heart—that is, a man’s thoughts—should restrict themselves to the immediate situation. All thinking that goes beyond this only makes the heart sore."

In general it would seem that the energy involved in the question of Catalan Independence is balanced with humility and one can say fairness. This is related in terms of the I Ching to co-operation and harmony. Master Huang interprets this energy as: "To respect people and treat them equally. Only in this way can true peace and harmony be established in a community."

Seeking Harmony Is The Key To A Great Harvest
Because the following Hexagram is 52. Ch'ien Keeping Still .. I would say that there is not so much "opposition" that would indicate direct confrontation .. but there is a more powerful solid base that will not go away. No matter what happens the "mountain" indicates this energy / intent is not going to disappear.

The I Ching gives no indication of time .. and so this process is timeless.

Obstruction and failure do not appear. What the I Ching shows is BALANCE. Humility and balance go hand in hand. The defining forces have to be balanced in order to create fairness. This is not a conflict situation. Catalan Independence is about fairness and respect.

52. Top Six. Humbleness alternates to Keeping Still
If a great country treats a smaller country with humility,
It will gain the obedience of the smaller country.
If a small country treats a great country with humility,
It will obtain the magnanimity of the great country.
Therefore one benefits by becoming humble;
The other benefits by being humble.

The Complete I Ching - Master Huang
It seems that the general continuity we regard as society is being stopped. Things cannot keep moving as they are now. This also indicates primordial forces that cannot be restrained. The mountain is timeless .. and also points towards stability. On closer observation separation is involved in 52. Ch'ein Keeping Still .. by this there are indications of divergent movements.

There is an indication of resistance .. but in terms of energy involved this does not change co-operation and respect of people involved in this process. In terms of the I Ching restriction is not necessarily a bad thing. It causes [within itself] an unusual kind of change that is hardly noticed by most people it is so subtle.

When you notice change it shocks you .. when change is silent there is nothing to fear. Because the image of the mountain is involved .. I would say that Catalan Independence is simply part of a much larger issue not isolated to Catalonia .. that will grow stronger in the months and years ahead.

The beauty of this is that it is PEACEFUL ...

Even if the opposition is aggressive .. threatening and fearful of change! The I Ching: 15. Ch'ien Modesty / Humbleness reading ignores the reaction / response of those who fear change. In many ways the reactionary response is irrelevant. The relevant energy is respect .. co-operation .. stability .. humility and inner vision. This is not a conflictual reading .. this is about balance.