Friday, March 27, 2009

Composite 27 - The Spirit Particle

One aspect I will reveal in my new book: EarthBrother - is the composite character of our current existence. Humans on earth today are not singular, they are composite beings.

Inside the energy shell of the human are colourful butterfly spirits. The spirit aspects have gathered power from other lives, and throughout each incarnation all inner aspects have the ability to work together in the immediate life to complete a process of becoming one. That is how it has been for thousands of years.

Cooperation enlightens. Division and inner conflict destroy.

One inner aspect stands at the center of the eternal fire (life) that is you, and they have to be able to bring the other aspects to merge and work together, until no one stands at the center of the eternal fire.

The fire aspect works with all other inner aspects who have various creative abilities, traumas and fears. You are PART of an inner TEAM - working together across the bridge of time. The designer of your own existence.

It can be that one DOMINANT aspect takes over and controls the others. On earth today this is usually what happens. When this happens the human being lives out their life in inner conflict, divided, uncertain and moving without cohesion. We see this inner division reflected in all aspects of life on earth today.

Dominant aspects do not gather energy to them, they destroy cohesion. Dominant aspects are not creative, they destroy creativity. For a sensitive, this is not a good place to invest your life savings (Chi life force), because the nature of fear is to dissipate and weaken. Astral frequencies are full of parasitic fragments released during the process of physical death. These are ego fragments, the ghosts of our failure to integrate the essence of our existence.

From 2009 until 2021 those of you still on earth over the next 22 years will see the effect on the human psyche from a deeper cleansing of the astral layer just outside physical human consciousness. A sensitive capable of creating inner harmonic convergence within the energy egg, will begin to understand the true nature of their journey throughout cosmos.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Knowing Oneself: 2014 - 2033

Thought is caught in the pattern triggered by repeating old behaviour (memory/knowledge). The mind only sees clearly when you step back and pay attention and create space to see yourself as you are. If you observe carefully - the relationship is always with .. yourself.

Ones relationship is not really with the tree or with the other person. For some reason that is the way it has been set up in this universe. When individuals discover another world-frequency where relationship is with the universe - it blows their mind and they say: "My heart was opened."

This state of 'universal love' is so different from what we experience on Earth that people call the other state a profound or religious experience. It is neither profound nor religious... It is simply another state, one not common to our levels of understanding, as Spock would say! [Star Trek]

Thought makes our relationship with ourselves into something else, moving the relationship outside and taking us away from the fact. To understand the process of thought there has to be silent awareness. Not all the noise and activity of the fragmented brain/mind.

Thought is moving the mind away from relationship with oneself. This is why we do not know who we are. Energy is required and thought - with its divided personality - drains that energy. Thought is hooked into the Taoist sexual life force. Similar to the way a parasite hooks into the host body or a worm infects a computer. Then, in the background all the problems begin as the 'Trojan' interferes with and rewrites the system files of the operating system = your brain.

What does thought do? Your thoughts keep you from seeing yourself. You do not pay attention to the inner, you look outside. When you are with the trees you imagine you are having a relationship with the beauty around you. When you are with people you imagine you are having a relationship with that outside of you. Thought keeps you focused on the outer event and you feel and act like a beggar. You need people who interact with your patterns, to stimulate the hidden Trojan or to activate the worm. This program is what people call: The Matrix.

Knowing Oneself: 2014 - 2033
All this activity of the fragmented mind is soon about to end. Human beings will not end it, because they do not have the energy to end it. Mankind has become a slave to the Trojan, the ghost-within-the-machine. The universal backup system cycle will switch on and do an internal sweep. This cleansing program will run from 2010 to 2013. By the March Equinox 2014 a new operating system will be rebooted on planet Earth.

Human beings are spirit walking through mass. Over tens of thousands of years the mass (operating system) has recorded all the files and all the blue screens - adding a few glitches and too much saved memory. The hard drive is full. Thought is lost in its own maze. The intelligence within the machine (spirit-biotech) the heart, has been disconnected by thought. The trojan-ego fought to bypass heart intelligence allowing the Hal 9000 Computer to take over all life-processes.

From the Spring Equinox 2014 to the Spring Equinox 2033, the human mind will reconnect with the intelligent heart and mankind will complete a system-rerun. A radical system cleanse out of which all parasitic worms and Trojans will be removed from the system - placed in the virus vault and deleted from the operating system. Leaving mankind with a clear view ahead.

The Lion Whisperer

Animal Behaviourist, Kevin Richardson from South Africa, can freely interact and communicate with lions. "If they did kill me ... if I had the opportunity to come back after dying, I would do it all the same," he said.

National Geographic Lion Whisperer Video

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Return of The Celtic Equinox: 2014

For thousands of years we have served man, and lovingly served the masculine force. Who are we? I write these words for my silent brothers and sisters of the earth: the plant world, the trees, the rivers and the fish. We are the elven beings, spirit energies, divas and faeries. We are the feminine force on this planet, balanced in harmony with the male.

If the male is happy alone and isolated in his world, and if everything works without us (feminine force) this is a good thing. However, if isolation in the male force destroys our creativity, perhaps it is not a good thing.

Respect the feminine. Everything you use in the background is my world. The invisible forces, the birds, mountains and valleys, deserts and oceans is our whole world IN THE BACKGROUND.

Maybe I (we) cannot just be in the background anymore. Maybe there is a process in my world that has nothing to do with the male ego. A process that means we are no longer in the background serving without recognition. Everything we did was BACKGROUND work and they want us to stay back there. Because if we show our own unique contribution, the power and the beauty will be the new and lasting power on earth.

Part of the struggle on earth now is to keep us in the background. To hide our contribution - representing the feminine, representing the Female Force. The return of the Celtic Equinox is about the return of my people. We honour and respect woman, the earth, all creatures, plants and trees. We honour the rivers, oceans and lakes. We honour the feminine in ourselves, and that is why we are balanced.

We are the background people, the Vedic spirits, leprechauns, quarks and muons. We are the visible and invisible particles making up the greater mass of your experience on the earth. We are volatile and stable, we are predictable and unpredictable, destruction and transformation -- and we are part of you.

The coming 2012 transition is about change in the structure of atoms and particles. Shiva is dancing, because the man/woman is returning to his/her balance. The balance with all mystery, cosmos, little people, the earth's creatures - with the love particle and the feminine particle. Inner balance of heart and mind.

I do not emerge from THE BACKGROUND on my OWN. I am part of a lost family of beings, energies, geometry, mysteries, creatures, civilisations, dimensions and much much more. Why do you struggle to create Free Energy? Your whole planet was once covered in such wonders of technology. You struggle because you have isolated yourself from THE BACKGROUND. The ego, enshrouded in superior robes of its male archetype, walks in isolation. Both man and woman wear this mask on earth today.

To maintain its separation the male (ego) has to be aggressive, cruel, self-serving, manipulative, cunning, deceptive. It has to pretend that the background source is the lesser force and the (ego)archetype is the prime creation.

I am free at last. Free from your laws and regulations. Free from your theories and restrictions. Free from your desires and expectations. I am the ancient force you always sought but could not see. I am yourself - in it's original form.

Emerging Landmass: Atlantis Returns 2012 - 2111

From early childhood I was aware of and could see the Celtic Ancestors. A race of light beings who cultivate genetics, more specifically light field genetics. This ancient race of beings are gardeners of species on earth (and on other planets). They design, create and test plants, flowers, insects, grass and trees, animals, reptiles, aquatic life forms and humans.

In the Highlands of Scotland generations of SEERS were born, whose presence transmitted the flame of invisible worlds into the physical and psychic landscape. These seers were part of an ancient inheritance from before Atlantis. They carry the flame, they carry the light. Almost like a lantern.

There is a saying among Highland people about the sorrow of the seer. This sorrow is seeing something that is true, warning others, they speak out of love for people - to try and warn them. The tragedy is that the warning is real and people rarely listen.

We live in a flux. Similar to a magnetic flux. A very small part of us is physical mass. Perhaps 90 percent of us is non-physical, it is greater than mass. Because mass is heavy and we feel it, people imagine physical mass is the greater component, when it is the weakest and the most vulnerable aspect.

The lineage of seers have tried to bring the emerging landmass closer to the isolated mind of man, so that it's appearance does not come as a shock to the mind and to the brain. We can see it. This is not going to be a shock to us. A seer looks back from the future, using the eyes of tomorrow. We connect this extraordinary seeing into this currently isolated reality.

Atlantis Returns 2012 to 2111 essentially means no more SEERS. The emergence of the lost continent means the ending of human isolation, and the emerging ability for all aspects of the human mind to SEE. When the ancient teachers wrote that a great continent was destroyed, they mean part of the mind. The return of Atlantis is return of an older part of the psyche, the soul of man. What you see outside, the source is inside. What happens inside manifests as spirit journey through mass (physical existence).

In the spirit worlds seeing is different. There is no separation between seeing what is outside and seeing what is inside. The emerging landmass of Atlantis is partly Spirit World Seeing returning to the physical mind of man. What was lost is found, the inner continent is about to be rediscovered.

EarthBrother - Crystal-Tor

My third book Crystal-Tor, by Zen Su, will be an introduction into the mysterious world of Time Travel. That is my work, that is why I came to this Earth. This is what I love to do when I have time to do my own work.

For the first 50 years of my life, as a woman, I nourished the outer world of my family and my friends. Devoting my time and energies to their welfare, empowering them with my creativity, trust and support.

The 2009 March Equinox has signalled a change. Not only for myself, but for the whole Earth.

I (myself) and the invisible and mysterious forces who have worked with and supported our Earth journey will no longer stay in the background. The feminine, the sea creatures in the oceans, the native peoples, animals, trees, mountains, rivers and birds will retain their manifestation as an essential background force. But no longer stay in the background.

Everything you see around you: our societies, architecture, economy, transport, energy, food production and cultural developments are exclusively the out-of-balance MALE. These are all singular masculine forces at work in shaping our collective Earth experience. These masculine forces are now extremely out of balance.

It is time for the collective human being to get back into balance. Therefore, the Feminine is re-emerging out of the background chaos, coming into the foreground to co-operate with her EarthBrother.

Orgone Dream Codex and Time Travel Cohesion are more an introduction to understanding and using the force. Out of one's own unique understanding of the mystery you can paint, draw pictures, design, create, write, create videos, enjoy life, discover solutions and live one's life. The third book, Crystal Tor, is an attempt to show (in story form) the reality of independent time travel. Essentially, the origins of ourselves across the ages.

The secular male will build and use time travel technology that will reshape our world and the way humans view reality; but this is not what Crystal Tor is about.

There is a more advanced cultural interaction taking place with ourselves across the bridge of space-time. Humanity is now entering a period where they begin to learn and understand that they ARE the technology, the navigator is the human mind.

In the future we do design and use technology to bridge time and space. To interact with our past and with our future. More important than that humans develop time travel technology as an extension of their minds. Our advanced technologies (in the future) are not separate from the shift in consciousness that redesigns the mind of man. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said: "The future is now."

Crystal Tor - Zen Su - - - NewMindTech Videos

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013

There is a blind tendency to write that we are going through a powerful planetary transition, and that things are elevating in new ways .. that mankind is entering a new age, as though this process - similar to growing a rose garden in a desert - is natural. For those with the eyes of Spirit, for those able to see the invisible realms and understand what they are seeing, who we are, how we live .. the wave process passing through the Earth is both physical and spirit energy.

The March 2009 Equinox sent signs of two worlds. The two worlds I saw never meet. They have nothing in common. One world is THE EQUINOX, mysterious, powerful, alluring and enigmatic. The other world is the service-to-self 3D world of man. At odds with the real world, in conflict with reality and afraid of the unknown.

I cannot prove that what I see and write is real. Only when people live through this cycle and look back do they say: Now I understand. This is what is about to happen. People will get caught up in the tsunami, they will experience it, they will be affected by it and then they will understand the other world is real. The other world affects 3D reality.

Humans have created and worked with technology, and now computers, without realising that the phenomenon is alive. As primitive as it is [on Earth today] technology is alive, and is connected to the paranormal field of the earth in simplistic and primitive ways. This is why paranormal forces can affect our energy generated technology, and why these paranormal (energy)forces can be picked up electronically.

Electricity and electronic equipment are level one intrusions into the paranormal background force that interact with life on this planet. The mystery and synergy of a growing rose, of trees, ocean currents and climate patterns are living biotech forms, springing to life from a subtle but powerful living holographic energy field. Man's technology is based on this principle, as primitive as it now is.

Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013
The process sweeping through the Earth is no different than cherry blossoms on every branch of the tree of life, or is no different than the powerful ocean current cycles. This process will happen whether humans like it or not. Human presence is irrelevant to the sweeping changes.

These natural spirit world equinox cycles are relevant to humans, and will affect human behaviour, in the same way electricity effects a light bulb .. in the same way life force effects growth of a seed, a plant or a tree.

In March 2009 we are on the outer edge of a spirit world tsunami. We can see and feel the swell. By March 2010 the first invisible wave will have crashed onto the shores of our world. The mysterious process of the energy tsunami will increase and recede until March 2013.

The March 2009 Equinox is the first swell of this Earth changing process. The March 2010 Equinox is the first devastating wave of the tsunami hitting the physical shore on which mankind has build his existence. The spirit world tsunami will first hit the spirit world, the invisible world, the psychic world, the emotional and then physical world.

This is a very powerful wave...

The passage of the wave will push and create turbulence in the electronic and electro-magnetic fields of the Earth. The disruption will be seen and felt across the whole spectrum of our existence. Change will not come from the force. Change will come from how mankind responds to the force.

Islands of light are not physical zones, they are the resource we carry inside us: The Psychic. What is psychic? It is pure, uncorrupted sexual life force. This is why the Taoist Masters taught their students to understand the force within.

Between March 2011 to March 2012 the unseen inner changes will already have germinated inside the inner psychic soil of man. Small little seeds, just under the surface soil and litter of leaves on the forest floor. The fallen leaves represent thousands of years nourishing the the soul directly from the tree of life. Those little seeds germinating under the deep carpet of leaves are .. ourselves.

The 2013 March Equinox is the last moment of the receding wave, where humanity will look around and realise they have been moved from the shore on which they had built their previous existence.

What the Ancients call: A New Beginning.

These are the facts, no matter what we think or imagine. As a SEER, I write what I am shown. That is my work: to convey another reality into this reality ahead of the coming convergence.

Pets Transmit Dangerous Parasites

February 5, 2009, Chula Vista, CA – A study by the Stanley Medical Research Institute and Johns Hopkins University Medical Center links Toxoplasma, a cat-borne parasite, to neurotic behavior in infected men and women. Between 25 and 50 percent of the world’s human population – and 30% of the U.S. population – may be infected.

Toxoplasma eggs are shed in an infected cat's feces and then passed to humans when changing cat litter, gardening and petting. In 2000, studies revealed Toxoplasma takes over the brain’s main fear center in infected rats, making them fearless of their predators.

There are over 100 types of parasites. In addition to cats, sources include insects, blood transfusions, and contaminated foods, including undercooked meats, and fruits and vegetables improperly washed.

Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases of the National Institute of Health, warns, “In terms of numbers there are more parasitic infections acquired in this country than in Africa.” Why? Zoltan P. Rona, MD, author of numerous health books, says, “because of increased international travel, contamination of the water supply and the overuse of chemicals, mercury and prescription antibiotics”.

Parasites range in size from microscopic to several feet long, but regardless of size, parasites can cause illness and death. To stay healthy and avoid infection cook food well, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, and wash your hands frequently.

Dr. Clark Store provides a hand sanitizer spray that helps eliminate bacteria from hands and under fingernails. Hand sanitation is essential after changing a diaper, working in the garden, after bathroom use, and before meals. The spray can also be used to sterilize kitchen countertops, an iodine solution that when mixed with water creates a Food Sanitation Solution; it can also be used as a food supplement. Dr. Clark Articles

Monday, March 09, 2009

Krishnamurti - The Myth

I remember an interview once with Krishnaji, when I told him I wanted to discuss my problem. The problem was that I wanted to give up smoking.

He said to me, "Miss Pratt, you' ve been talking to me about your problem, but really there are four things: there's one, the fact is that you smoke. Then there comes the myth that you smoke and like it. The second is the myth that you wish you didn't smoke, and then comes the ideal, you wish you could be the ideal, somebody who had never smoked; and fourthly there is the inner emptiness that makes one either smoke, or go in for sex or anything else. So that you had a struggle between the fact, and the emptiness and in the middle was the myth", and then he said, "By Jove, I had a myth once."

"I had the myth that I was to be the world teacher when I really was an ordinary young man. At that time -and I wanted to do everything that a young wants to do: fall in love, get on a motorbike, race around- I was just a young man. I had a struggle between the myth and the fact."

From an Interview with Doris Pratt - "Krishnamurti, 100 Years"

Krishnamurti: Healing The Mind

What Is A Miracle?

Question: You told a story in which Krishnamurti recounted what was called a miracle. Would you tell us about that?

G.Narayanan: Years ago I was walking with Krishnaji on the beach of Madras. This was around 1959. As we walked alone, I asked him about miracles and and what he thought of it. He said, "I will tell you an anecdote."

He said a husband had come and wanted Krishnaji to help his wife. Her leg was in serious condition after a fracture and there was some kind of flesh growing between two joints and it couldn't be operated on and there was a need for amputation of the leg at the knee.

So Krishnaji said, "What can I do? If you want you can bring your wife."

So next day the wife was brought in the office room and she was carried on a stretcher and as she was coming along, Krishnaji came out of his room and the lady saw Krishnaji and their eyes met and she got up and walked away. This is the anecdote.

Krishnaji turned around to me and said, "Old boy, I thought they were pulling my leg." So I kept quite. I thought probably it was a joke.

Then he said, after a pause, "Next day, in the morning, the daughter came along with a garland and said, "Do you know what you have done to my mother? It's a miracle."

There was a great sense of humour in this. So I asked Krishnaji, "Is it because the woman had faith in you?"

He said, "No, this was not the reason."

"Then, how did it happen?" I asked.

He said, "Somewhere, something clicks."

So I asked him again, "What is it that clicks?"

He said, "Energy — energy passes." So that was the end of conversation.

Krishnaji was very modest about us talking about his healing powers. But he made a very interesting comment.

He said, "Healing the body is a simple matter. A good doctor can do it. But healing the mind is far more profound and greater. To heal the mind of sorrow and fear and loneliness, requires great attention and depth."

So, Krishnaji didn't want his friends to talk about his healing powers because that was not his function. His main mission, if it could be called a mission, was to heal the mind. And this comes out very clearly because the main purpose of his teachings is "to set man unconditionally free."