Saturday, January 22, 2005

End Of Times?

"Everyone is criticizing and belittling the times. Yet I think that our times, like all times, are very good times, if only we know what to do with them."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many recent signs and portents on the positive side. On August 20, 1994, a white buffalo was born on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, fulfilling ancient predictions of many Native Americans tribes that peace will come to men of all colors when the white buffalo returns. As a white buffalo matures, it's hair changes colors, becoming yellow, brown and black - the colors of all human races - before becoming white again.
After Native Americans started showing up on his farm to see the little buffalo, the astonished farmer named her "Miracle". Miracle has now gone through all of her color changes and is white again, fulfilling the prophecy. The birth of a white tiger in Thailand in 1994 fulfilled an oriental prophecy of world peace - and the tiny tiger was named Peace. A white whale was sighted off the coast of Australia, fulfilling an Aboriginal prophecy of peace.
Interestingly, all of these animals appeared in the same year, 1994, which may have been the real year 2000 of the Christian era.
Silent Navigators
We have been warning people of Earth Changes for many years -- NOT because the future is "set in stone", but because much of what is to come can be avoided.
Obviously if human societies worldwide continue to destroy the earth environment, then we will reap the consequences of our own behaviour. And yet, for every human being who turns to listen to nature, the trees and their Ancestors there is a new wave created that is not embedded in negativity, critisizing and self dis-empowerment. The programming in the negative is heavy, and yet all we need do is IGNORE IT and do our own thing.
How can any group rejoice at destruction? What kind of human being can be self-righteous about mass deaths and suffering? I - personally - have had enough of this mass negativity sweeping the web. I now tell people not to send me negative emails announcing or justifying "the violent destruction and end of the world". Strangely these people are like parasites -- as they then reply: "Oh! I don't want to take you off my list."
Why do they not want to take me off their programming lists? Because they are bombarding our minds with their twisted reality! So, I just "click & delete".
The Invisible world warned me over many months of the coming: "Big one!" But the Guides have a strange way of teaching. First they showed me that their warnings are accurate, and now they are showing me a way to act with my mind, with my heart and with my Spirit -- To Heal.
I have seen their warnings form into this 3D world, and I know that their Guidance of Spirit will be just as accurate. They are saying: We can -- with our Minds -- change this reality.
What that means is that our heartfelt interaction with nature, the mountains and the trees, will counteract a potentially DESTRUCTIVE series of events.
What the Guides mean is that nations may go to war, but they will not succeed if the mind of man refuses all wars. By succeed, I mean creating a lasting Tyrrany -- Tyr "The God of War". They may go to war, but they will be impotent in their future goals and much later others will work to heal the fractures.
So, lets be positive, enduring in our intent and focus. Let us be Silent Navigators of Peace. Let us be an expression of Joy on this world. Let us be the Sky Dolphins walking among man, teaching Guardianship, Love and Enduring Peace.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Global Events

James Questions & Answers

Question 10 -- Do global events, such as warfare, famine, environmental issues etc play any part in mankind's discovery of the Grand Portal, or its move from the third to the fourth dimension?

Answer 10 -- It's important to understand that humanity is achieving this discovery as a natural extension of its evolutionary course. Along this pathway are strewn the follies of an immature race, and these follies can prevent or restrain safe passage to the Grand Portal. But fortunately, evolution is not a single track of physical or mental capabilities arranged in an ever-increasing structure of competence and adaptive skills. Evolution is operating on thousands of micropaths, and many of the most profound are invisible to the human senses.

The orientation that humanity is emerging from the relative darkness of the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension is a misconception of the modern-day New Age movement. Humanity evolves to embrace the multiverse, and as it evolves it discovers that its superuniverse is accessible to the human mind in ways that defy logic. This is the stage upon which humanity is entering, and it is not to ascend in a vibratory epiphany to a higher dimension, but rather it is to interact with a broader multiverse of intelligence that heretofore has only been imagined by a handful of humanity's finest representatives. Humanity will remain in the 3rd dimension, but will increasingly become aware of the higher dimensions while living in the 3rd dimension, even as First Source, its creator, does.

First Source lives in the 3rd dimension, but is simultaneously aware of itself throughout the spectrum of the multiverse, and through Source Intelligence, is aware of all life forms in all dimensions. Humanity will ultimately access this same perspective by applying the Grand Portal as a "lens" through which it can gain admission to First Source consciousness. First Source -- in this specific example -- is less God than the archetype of the Wholeness Navigator. - Wingmakers

The Golden Day

The Mother - Pondicherry India: 31 December 1954.
I am going to read the prayer to you in French—it is a message not a prayer—in French and in English.... This message was written because it is foreseen that next year will be a difficult year and there will be many inner struggles and even outer ones perhaps. So I tell all of you what attitude you should take in these circumstances. These difficulties may perhaps last not only twelve months, that is, one full year, but perhaps fourteen months; and during these fourteen months you must make an effort never to lose the attitude about which I am going to speak to you just now.

In fact, I insist that the more difficult things are, the more you must remain quiet, and the more should you have an unshakable faith. Of all things this is the most important.

Usually, as soon as things become difficult, human beings get agitated, become irritated, get terribly excited and they make the difficulties ten times more difficult. So I am warning you right away that this in not to be done, that you must do the opposite; and what I am going to read to you is precisely what you must repeat to yourself as soon as you feel some anxiety or disquietude within you; you must remember what I am telling you today and remember it throughout the year. You can repeat it morning and evening profitably. Here, then...

"No human will can finally prevail against the Divine's Will. Let us put ourselves deliberately and exclusively on the side of the Divine, and the Victory is ultimately certain."

....… it is the last hope of the adverse forces to triumph against the present Realization. If one holds on fast during these months, after that they will not be able to do anything very much, it will be a crumbling resistance. That's it: it is essentially the conflict of the adverse forces, the anti-divine forces which are trying to push back the divine Realization as much as they can… they hope, for thousands of years, you see. And it is this conflict which has come to its crisis. It is their last chance; and as those who are behind their external action are altogether conscious beings, they know very well that it is their last chance, and they will put all they can into it, and what they can is much. These are not ordinary little human consciousness. They are not human consciousness at all. They are consciousness which, compared with human possibilities, seem to be divine in their power, their strength, even their knowledge. Therefore it's a terrific conflict and one wholly concentrated on the earth, because they know that it is upon earth that the first victory has to be won—the decisive victory, a victory which will determine the earth's future.