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The Truth About Toxic Mold

I am really into Allergies, right now. By the time I am finished I will have created the Unified (Fungus) Field Theory of Allergies and compromised immune response to everyday organisms. Already I am forming this theory in my mind that there is a lot more to illness than we commonly assume or believe. The approach modern science takes is not the Alchemical approach.

The Alchemical approach is that organisms inhabit us or create chaos with our inner system when there are key imbalances. So, my Unified (Fungus) Field Theory is that the imbalance is caused by mold, mycotoxins, fungi and yeast overgrowth thus creating a perfectly ploughed field for bacteria.

Of course, I have nothing to back up my theory other than careful observation and step by step elimination of standard assumptions. I partly eliminate the assumptions because the 'cures' do not work. In theory, if I can find a way to target and eliminate the mold/yeast/fungus and it works for me, then I know I am on the right track.

For example, the infrared heat does eliminate toxins and bacteria from the joints in the body. This means that if my body reacts to a change in weather on a moist or heavy thunderstorm day, I can clear up that reaction using mild infrared heat, and for me it works. Since I began this experiment there has not been one situation that the infrared heat did not clear up (almost immediately).

The next experiment is observing how to understand the symptoms and reactions, search for a solution, test out the solution and find out if my theories are all wrong or if they are right.

It came to my mind that it is highly probable that a number of factors lead to a virus or bacteria gaining a successful foothold in the body, and in my opinion one factor is fungus and mold (mycotoxins). Then add to that alterations in body electricity (nerves, blood and cells), changes in polarity (organs and tissues) and the possability that the fungus and mold gets into the bone marrow and compromises the creation of healthy blood cells. Just stop to consider that at birth bone marrow is red and yellows with age. Therefore, can certain forms of yeast and fungus compromise the health of bone marrow? It is an interesting question.

The kefir (sauerkraut) diet has cleared up 70 to 80 percent of my previous symptoms. I tried out the candida SPIT test again and the results (for me) have been dramatic. The only way I can describe it is that the yeast seems to be drying up and dying, it no longer has this solid jellyfied mucous strength it had previously. Now it is grainy, sandy and dissolves completely in filtered water. As a result the electro-sensitivity during thunderstorms has now completely disappeared.

My next test will be the vegan probotics. I was also thinking of trying out magnets. I will do what Hulda Clark suggests and I will North pole magnetise all my drinking water. I have a few other ideas, but that means sticking magnets to things in certain designs to see if I can create a running field. I have to try it out first before I can comment.

I am testing a new magnetic field effect where you hold your hands in a prayer like shape without the hands touching and then you run a clockwise energy around the open space between the hands. My other theory is that religion is/was a science, and what people are worshipping today in the form of words is in reality a highly complex practical (when applied) sacred science. Only, the complete manuscripts got torn up and rearranged in fragmented chunks like reading Einstein back and forwards without knowing e=mC2. Is the original prayer a unified field? Was the original practice of religion an applied sacred science? Did the healers know how to effect polarity in ways that instantly negated the frequencies of fungus/mold?

About Toxic Mold
Learn the truth about toxic mold, symptoms of toxic mold syndrome, how to protect your home and family, and how to test for mycotoxin.

Mold is a microscopic organism or fungi that grows in damp environments. There are about 200,000 harmless types of mold; they pose no threat to our health. It’s a good thing most mold is harmless because it is quite omnipresent. It can be found in soil, in the air, and wherever there is moisture, oxygen, and some organic matter. You'll find mold in gardens, on some grasses and weeds, on grains like corn and wheat; It especially likes moist, shady areas. Mold can also be found indoors, in your home or work place.

There are four environmental factors that must exist in order for mold to thrive. If you remove any of these items, mold would not be able to survive. Those four factors are:

• Mold Spores that are circulating in the environment - This is not a problem, since mold spores are literally everywhere they would be impossible to eliminate

• Food - mold is not finicky! Virtually any substance that is a carbon based organic material will provide sustenance for mold

• Temperature - mold likes to live in the same temperatures that people like, so our homes will usually provide a very cozy place for mold to “start a family!”

• Moisture - mold likes it wet. A humidity level of about 70% is required for most molds to grow. Since people usually live in environments that have less humidity, moisture is the one factor (out of the four) that is the easiest to control

Toxic Mold in the News
So why is mold in the news with stories of exhorbitant litigation, serious respiratory illness, asthma, cancer, and the contamination of buildings so damaged they required extensive mold remediation or demolition?

A handful of mold types are dangerous and they present a serious health threat if they take hold and multiply in your home. This type of mold is referred to as toxic mold or toxic black mold, and when it multiplies, it sends dangerous spores called mycotoxins into your living environment. These mycotoxins interfere with cell and DNA function, resulting in serious health problems. Official names of these mycotoxins include: trichothecenes, beta glucans, nitric oxides, and aflatoxins.

A few of the most dangerous molds are named: stachybotrys mold or black mold, penicillium, and aspergillus; and they have been associated with respiratory illness, skin rashes, memory problems, and brain damage. Diseases are also associated with toxic mold exposure: kidney cancer, esophagus cancer, leukemia, and liver cancer.

Physicians are experiencing an increase in patients with toxic mold symptoms. No wonder, it is estimated that mold affects about 25% of the homes in the U.S. Why is the incidence of mold on the rise? We are not entirely certain. However, when you combine building materials like sheetrock with moisture from a plumbing leaks, you have a fertile breeding ground for mold. Even without household leaks, contemporary building practices that utilize air-tight construction and energy conservation techniques create a more fertile ground for mold to multiply, since houses such as this do not allow air to readily flow in and out. To make matters worse, modern central heating and air conditioning systems circulate mold spores very efficiently, greatly facilitating their ability to reproduce. Are we creating efficient-modern, toxic buildings?

Mold - its hiding places... Read more at:

All About Black Mold - The Black Mold Lawyer
Different species of fungi have probably been present in human suffering since the dawn of time. In fact, the adverse health effects of fungal exposure are mentioned in the Book Of Leviticus. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that the scientific community has identified mold and other fungi as a possible cause of human’s adverse health effects. Today, certain fungi and mold are known to the scientific and medical world to be responsible for allergies, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, humidifier fever, infections, mushroom poisoning, mycotoxicoses, mucous membrane irritation, and many other ailments. A few examples of fungi/mold species that can be hazardous to the health of humans include:
• Penicillium
• Aspergillus
• Stachybotrys
• Paecilomyces
• Fusarium
• Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are poisonous substances that are produced by fungi. They are one reason for the adverse health effects that molds have on humans. They occur when humans inhale or ingest fungal spores. Mycotoxins tend to concentrate in fungal spores, and thus present a potential hazard to those who inhale these airborne spores. Toxigenic spores can have a significant affect on the function of the alveolar macrophage and be a health hazard to those exposed. Dangerous mold species include Stachybotrys atra, Aspergillus versicolor, and several toxigenic species of Penicillium.

Health Effects of Toxic Molds
Although mold affects individuals differently and to different degrees, the following are some of the most common adverse health effects:

• Respiratory problems---wheezing, difficulty in breathing
• Nasal and sinus congestion
• Eyes-burning, watery, reddened, blurry vision, light sensitivity
• Dry, hacking cough
• Sore throat
• Nose and throat irritation
• Shortness of breath and lung disease
• Chronic fatigue
• Skin irritation
• Central nervous system problems
(constant headaches, loss of memory, and mood changes)
• Aches and pains
• Fever
• Headaches
• Diarrhea
• Immune suppression

Read more at:

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tolkien Fiction or Reality?

© Janet Ossebaard, January 2005
In a recent copy of Frontier Magazine, an article was published by fellow researcher Bert Janssen about a most remarkable close-encounter on Silbury Hill (Wiltshire, UK). The couple he had interviewed and filmed seemed totally trustworthy. Their body language (clearly visible on the video footage) fully confirmed their story, which - I'm sure - raised many questions in quite a few readers. A continuation...

As a crop circle researcher, I am confronted quite often with bizarre stories. The close-encounter on Silbury Hill was such a story indeed. At first, many readers might think it was just a concoction or maybe a chimera. Or perhaps that couple simply wanted to get some attention... Yet I think there's far more going on. On Bert Janssen's footage one can watch the couple for a few hours. The interview took place in their garden, in a relaxed setting, surrounded by their young children who play and run around, at times distracting their parents from their bizarre story. The entire interaction of this family, their facial expressions and gestures, the occasional silences and the way they spontaneously complement or correct each other from time to time, shows us that this close-encounter was not a fantasy. These people speak frankly and in all honesty about what has occurred to them. They tell the truth in full detail.

After having watched the footage, my first reaction was: "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?" Light beings inside balls of light inside tetrahedrons, beings just like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, running up Silbury Hill… What has become of the world?! As I rewound the footage and watched everything once more, memories started coming back to me. Memories of things I once experienced myself.

In the course of time, I witnessed several balls of light in and near crop circles. I saw UFOs. Unfortunately I never saw light beings, nor Gollum-like creatures. As I'm thinking of Gollum, I suddenly remember another one of Tolkien's creations: the Nazgul, those creepy invisible creatures in black capes flying around on enormous birds of prey, spies of Evil. And I remember my own encounter when I was about five years old. The wingspread of the enormous bird of prey that flew through my village must have been something like 15 meters. It was flown by a small, dwarf-like creature, fully clothed and 'ready for battle'. There was destruction and evil in his eyes. I was the only one who saw them, my sister who was standing beside me didn't see a thing and thought I was playing a fantasy game. But I was terrified and decided to remember every single detail forever, knowing that one day it would turn out to be important...

My encounter was preceded by a sound that swelled as the giant bird approached. It sounded like a heavy drum, like the ones in those old movies with rowing slaves on ancient ships. There was about one full second in-between the beats of the drum in my encounter. After a while, the monstrous bird appeared in my field of vision and I froze with fear.

Tolkien had almost literally included my encounter in his masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings. Both the bird of prey and the entity that flew it, and even the swelling sound: in the caves of Middle Earth through which Tolkien's heroes had to go in order to continue their adventureous journey, and where they lost their companion Gandalf the Grey in the battle against Evil. Suddenly and for the first time I wondered if Tolkien had only just put a fantasy on paper or whether maybe he knew more. Had he had his own encounters? Read the full article at:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Solstice 3117: The Calendar Begins

Carn Brae in Cornwall, England measures the Summer Solstice 3117 BC at Hydra.

Geographic locations of megaliths were intentionally oriented to the stars and to objects of the heavens in a given era. For Neolithic sites, the cardinal date seems to be December 25, 3117 BC (-3116 by astronomy) when eclipses involving the conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter occurred at the tip of the "boat" of Capricorn (as calculated by Starry Night Pro, ISBN 1-894395-01-8), with Mars and Saturn at Spica in Virgo, and the rest of the visible planets at the Winter Solstice point. This unique phenomenon was well suited to start the first long-term human calendar - retained in e.g. Hindu and Maya calendration.

Some complex stones show a singular style, perhaps from one artist, who we call Merlin for lack of a better name, presumably residing at Kents Cavern (which has a room showing Siamese twins), and who we equate with the legendary physician Aesculapius of the fabled Argo of Jason. The Argonauts (argos = earth), as we shall show, were the first men to conduct a wide-reaching geodetic survey of Earth. "Merlin" as a name probably goes back to the root MER- meaning "measure, survey" in ancient Indo-European, e.g. Latvian. We will allege that Merlin was buried at Paviland as the first modern scientist ("sorcerer" or "shaman") and that his exploits are also recorded in Pharaonic Egypt as NAR-MER (measurer of earth and heaven - NAHR) and that his contemporary follower King Orry, who is buried on the Isle of Man, is probably the fabled King Arthur of legend, known in our analysis as Hor-Aha in Pharaonic Egypt, whose Twelve Knights of the "Round Table" were the Argonauts of old, and whose Round Table was the Zodiac of Stars.

As shown below, the NAMES of the Lunar Mansions tell us EXACTLY when this system came to be, and that is in 3117 BC. The starting point is actually at the star beta-Hydra, following xi-Hydra, the 28th and last lunar mansion - which marked the Summer Solstice in 3117 BC.

The markings on the Stonehenge Megaliths date the largest stone circles of Stonehenge to 1749 BC, resolving the issue of the dating of the megaliths of Stonehenge. The date 1749 BC is two periods of 684 years after 3117 BC, which as I have long claimed, was the start of the "modern civilized calendar".

The sky disk of Nebra PDF

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Energy Healing & Magnetic Frequency

Other than using herbs and supplements to regain an intestinal flora balance. I also noticed energy changes taking place that are easily detected by a Prana Healer. As soon as the yeast/mold/fungus sensitivity (toxic reaction) starts to get the upper hand, the magnetic resonance of the body is already depleted. There are a number of things one can do to correct this.

Plants, food and herbs are, in themselves, resonant fields and when one finds the right herbs then the bodies magnetic resonance is put back into balance by the plants. This can include removing toxins and parasites, or cleaning up the resonance of the colon through introducing friendly intestinal flora.

The mind plays an essential role in the return of healthy magnetic resonance. This can include healthy visualisation or mental comands, but mostly that there is a neutral and balanced state of mind, observing and taking action.

Sick energy can be magnetised out of the liver or out of the colon, kidneys or the cells of the body through searching for a meditation where a guidance is received how to remove the thick dark, or sometimes yellow sick energy. I create the visualisations as I need them. People would be surprised at the effectiveness of various mental commands to remove toxins from the body.

Giving someone a command is not as effective as the person figuring out for themselves what they want to do and how they want to do it. Everyone's brain works differently, and people have their own unique way of understanding an illness and of visualising a solution.

The simplest approach for people who want to learn about energy healing is: Quantum Touch. Either you dissolve the block with pure energy or you can remove the sick energy and dissolve it in salt water or cold running water. The power of the mind is greatly underestimated and largely misunderstood by today's society.

Energy work is part of a general detox of the whole physical system, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and colon. The problem that occurs when the body is blocked from carrying out its natural cleansing cycle is that the tissues become clogged with toxins. Those toxins are best removed with a good detox programme as well as reintroducing the beneficial bacteria back into the gut.

The Magnetic Crystal Ball
I always look for simple ways to increase magnetic resonance. Normally, if you hold both hands parallel to each other you can feel a magnetic field bouncing backwards and forwards. If you hold your hands parallel for long enough the magnetic field intensifies.

The first thing I noticed with my yeast/fungi allergy was that the magnetic field effect was flat. Sort of like a battery without power. There was just no resonance. How could there be resonance with a jellyfish substance growing between the tissues? The jello effect was cutting the flow of the electro magnetic field, and therefore whatever it was could grow and grow, because there was no resistance and the immune system could not ship it away. The current was not there. However, the strange intercellular substance would transmit thunderstorm electric current (and goodness knows what else). This is why I feel that is it a primoridal element, because that is what the primoridal elements did millions of years ago - they transmitted electric storm current, connecting magnetic resonance with physical matter.

I knew I had to get that electro magnetic current moving again, and so I created a crystal ball field. To do that you hold your hands parallel as though you are holding an invisible crystal ball, and you spin the magnetic current clockwise. Once you get it moving it moves on its own. When you have the magnetic pulse hitting off both hands in a clockwise motion then the whole body does the same. It is my homeopathic spin.

You can actually do this anywhere and no one is going to know what you are doing, other than that they may pick up the signal and the change in atmosphere. Once I got the magnetic current moving all the little excess symptoms not immediately cleared up by my Kefir drink fell away due to re-establising the resonant magnetic current. I have now made myself a jar of Swedish Bitters [Schwedenbitter] and that has now returned the tissue in my hands to normal. As far as my body is concerned the intercellular jellyfish effect cannot survive the Swedish Bitters.

Monday, June 18, 2007

4th Dimensional Wormhole

Electrification of The Blood

The secrets of electricity Big Pharma don't want you to know. In 1990 a new paradigm of medicine, which emerged at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at New York city. All disease causing bacteria, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites and viruses can be controlled by the electrification of the blood. A very small current passed through the blood alters the outer protien layer of any parasites, any germs, any bacteria can no longer attach to human cells, nor can they repoduce themselves, and as they die the body removes them through the kidneys.

March 20 1991, Science News announced that Dr. Stephen Kaaly had RE-discovered that if they put a couple of wires in a pitrie dish containing a high concentration of human blood and HIV, that the HIV could no longer attach to those cells. Therefore discovering a universal cure for Aids. Suppressed Medical Discovery

Dr Beck Zapper

MM Wave Influence On Yeast Like Fungus

Abstract from the review of T.B.Rebrova “Influence of electromagnetic Radiation of MM wave band on vital functions of microorganisms”.

Materials and methods.
The following microorganisms were taken as objects of study:

Mycelial fungus: Aspergillus orizae, Aspergillus awamory;
Yeast-like fungus: Endomyces fibuliger;
Yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisaie, Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.
A wide spectrum of characteristics for each organism was studied, but special emphasis was put on properties typical for each organism.

Biological methods of MM wave influence on microorganisms were under investigation at special biology institutions (biophysical faculty of Moscow State University, Scientific and Production Association of beer and soft-drinks, Russian Scientific Research Institute of fermentative products, Russian Scientific Research Institute of antibiotics and ferments for medical purposes).

Study of MM wave influence on Yeast-like fungus.
Two types of yeast-like fungus were taken into consideration; Aspergillus orizae (culture MSU) – amylolytic and proteolytic ferment producer, used for saccharification preparation, especially at incomplete starch saccharification. Proteolytic ferments of the fungus posses fibrinolytic properties, and thrombus dissolution is an important property of the fungus.

MM wave exposure stimulates biomass increase for Aspergillus orizae. Maximal biomass increase at exposure on fixed wavelength amounts to 22%; it is possible to decrease biomass output by 11% providing exposure at another wavelength.

Optimal operating mode for mm wave exposure stumulates fermentative activity for fungus , and stimulating effect is more evident for weaker initial material (no matter by natural or artificial factors it was caused – storage, temperature conditions, etc.).

It is possible to direct fermentation processes for Aspergillus orizae by MM wave exposure: to increase one process with simultaneous decreasing of some other process. So, increasing fibrinolytic activity by 80-90%, MM wave exposure could at the same time decrease caseinolytic activity up to the certain value. It should be marked that in contrast to bacteria, only multiple exposures by MM wave could influence on mycelial fungus spores. Repetition factor is 10 times. Changes acquired in the result of multiple exposures by MM waves are inherited by the next generations.

Electrical Fields, Infections & Superbugs

Although I am not able to study on a biological level the insights I am having, it is totally wrong for the health care and medical establishments around the world to ignore electrical fields and electrical pulse fields in relation to increasing hospital 'superbugs'. Sure, anti-biotics play a large role in this. To what extent are the electrical fields and pulse wave transmissions also contributing to the infection problems?

Hospitals and clinics today are generally small spaces crammed full of electrical equiptment. Next to no one is studying the effects of these arrays of electric, microwave fields on basic organsims such as bacteria, fungi, candida and viruses.

My own theory is that the electrical and/or microwave pulse fields do effect microorgansisms in various ways that may, in turn, effect humans. It could even be that the growth cycles are effected - and this means the yeast growth cycles are also effected inside the human cells.

It is possible that the electrical fields, passing and criss-crossing through the cells are effecting how the cells function. Even more serious are possibly altering the behaviour of fungi, mold and yeast cells or their growth cycles. It may even be that some pulse waves kill the yeast cells... but then the person in whom there is a mass yeast die off is going to have a healing crisis due to a mass die off of yeast cells.

As hospitals and clinics become more and more 'technical', the superbugs are growing and apparently mutating. I wonder is anyone studying the effects of various electric fields on germs, bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast? There is an even more complex issue here, and that is the cross waves of signals in an extremely confined space. It may not be enough to understand the behaviour of one electrical field on basic life forms, because these places are a living network of crossing signals and pulses, electrical and microwave, stationary and pulsed frequencies. This also has to be taken into consideration.

What I am seeing is difficult to describe, and so I have to explain it backwards. Science and modern health care see microbes as enemies, sort of like that they are out to get us. We have to be protected from microbes and bacteria. The fact is that the microbes, yeast, bacteria, molds and microorganisms are a part of us - they are everywhere.

When we change the outer microbiological environment, even slightly, that change is going to effect us. What we do to the fungi and yeast cells we do to ourselves. If the MM pulse frequencies together with increasing electrical fields are effecting microscopic elements, yeast cells, fungi and candida (in whatever way), this alteration will effect us. We cannot escape from that relationship, it is part of life.

You cannot take a mono-scope, focus it on one part of the whole situation, study it and try to assess what is causing the imbalance, because the larger situation is effecting the smaller mono-micro-situation. For example, our cells communicate electrically, they use certain frequencies of sound to communicate and carry out essential tasks. Just as the military ocean radars effect the cetaceans swimming in the sea, it is possible that the pulsed waves effect our cellular communications and functions.

The sciences are fragemented and divided. Someone who understands electricity, Herz waves and transmission levels would have to understand how magnetic waves effect or alter matter on a cellular level. Are pulse wave electrical fields and microwave pulse frequencies drowning out the song of the body matrix at a cellular and biological level?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Celtic Infrared Therapy

No one is going to believe this... This is the wierdest thing I have ever seen. Maybe I have to turn my IKEA wardrobe into an Infrared Cabin? Only kidding... maybe!

I was reading about the Infrared technology and I suddenly realised that I have a small Infrared heater. I bought the heater at the end of 2005, because I did not use the underfloor heating and I did not like the in-built heater. I found a new type of ceramic element heater with two bars that heated using Infrared.

In the winter the heater heats the room like no other form of electric heater. It is highly efficient and it does not heat the air in the way other electric heaters do. I read the information about the new Infrared technology and I just pulled my heater out of the hall cupboard, and I began to wonder if it might help with the fungus mold allergy and the swelling caused by my body cleaning out.

The Kefir recipe I created seems to be working. I eat one third of a jar three times a day and together with the colon cleanse it does seem to be healing my intestines and also cleaning up the toxic effect of the yeast, bacteria, mycotoxins and the mold allergy.

The strange thing is that early in April 2007, I had a funny reaction to the ceramic heater that really puzzled me at the time. We had a very warm spring where I did not need to use the heater, but in April the temperature suddenly dropped for seven or eight days where I had to bring the heater out again to use in the evening.

The strange thing is that I could not tolerate to have it on. I had never reacted like that before. I always have the heater far away from me, on the other side of the room. Even there it was irritating me to have it on longer than ten minutes. I would start to sweat profusely and feel dizzy and uncomfortable. I would really heat up from inside like a sauna effect.

This was the time when I was beginning to have severe allergy reactions to food, which I later figured out was actually to the mold and fungus in the food. That was the candida reaction. I could not tolerate the Infrared heater to be switched on, no matter how far away it was.

I just got out the heater (middle of summer) and I tested out my theory that it might also help with the candida fungus overgrowth, while drinking lots of water to make sure I dont have a kill off reaction. This is the part no one will believe.

At no point was I too close to the heater that I would begin to heat up. I used it a bit like a sunlamp (although I have never actually used a sun lamp). Before I tested the Infrared heater, I was having a cleaning out reaction to the Kefir. All the tendons connecting the hips to the sacrum were inflamed. I could not go onto the mini trampoline to run and exercise. It was painful to sit in front of the heater.

As I clean out the funny reactions move around the body, and the only alternative is to wait until it has gone. After fifteen minutes in front of the ceramic Infrared heater the pain was completely gone. To find out if this was for real I ran on the mini trampoline for ten minutes to see if the pain would come back. It did not come back and I was able to run on that trampoline as normal.

That was not the only reaction. A spotty red rash appeared on both my forearms, just from warming the rest of my body. I have never had a funny rash like that one. Then the skin on the knuckles of both hands turned bright red and began to itch. I never had that happen before either. They still look like they have a little bit of acid in the skin. If I have a skin allergy reaction in the future I may try the Infrared to see if it helps. Did the yeast react to (is destroyed by) the Infrared heat?

Then a reaction spot I have on my wrists turned into soft blisters, went bright red and are now slowly fading without itching and without any irritation. The pressure that sometimes comes into the eyes depending on what the fungus is doing has receded completely. However, I am being cautious, and I am going to test this out a little bit at a time. I can now read, without my pinhole glasses: "Good morning! We don't want any adventures here, thank you!"

Electrical Resonance & Biological Processes

In the future a resonant field operator will understand the physical and biological processes far better than any doctor or physician today.

Everything I do and everything I am are the actions of a resonant field altering the processes of matter. In other words, the mind (the electrical current transfer) effects the cells (a combination of matter and magnetism), moving the cells within fields of energy (magnetism) and creating what we know as physical movement.

Some time in the future a healer will be a person who has to understand magnetism, electrical current, the physics of polarity and resonant fields. If you have a person today, sitting at the center of a hub responsible for the maintenance of a large telecommunications operation, and that individual is ignorant of the basic laws of electrical transmission and electrical current, loads, transfers, routing, burn-out, magnetic fields etc. You can basically forget your whole operation - it wont be maintained.

The study of disease, parasites, molds, toxins, fungi and yeast has to include the understanding of the electrical frequencies, and the electrical fields of these life forms. The really damaging overgrowths are TOGETHER creating a totally different resonant field inside and around the human body than is normal for a healthy individual. It is the change in the electromagnetic polarity field that disrupt the functioning of the cells, causing a loss of function in extreme cases. An individual who has overgrowths of yeast, mold, fungi and mycotoxins will exibit a totally different renonant field than an individual who is healthy. This is because the fungi (or yeast) together form a single polarity field, transmitting electrical signals in a way that is unfavorable to human health and biological integrity. These fungi are not hanging out in one location (ie a joint or a finger), the toxins and the spores are everywhere. If they invade an organ such as the liver, to such an extent that they alter the electrical frequency of the liver, then the organ cannot function. The apparently biological chemical imbalance caused by toxic mold, parasites, yeast overgrowth and fungi are electrical resonance imbalances which in turn lead to the breakdown of the physical material functions within the host organism.

Transcending Global Economy by Protecting the Land, Air and Sea
Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

“If there is magic in this planet, it is water,” wrote Loren Eisely. Covering 70% of the earth’s surface and making up two-thirds or more of the weight of living organisms, water is indispensable to life. Not only does it affect humans, animals, and plants, but also the earth’s life force.

Throughout history, the quality of drinking water has been a major factor in determining human welfare.7 Pollutants can range from toxic chemicals, bacteria, mold, virus, parasites, mineral fibers, radon, metals, and even the new nanotechnology products (biological pesticides and viral protein envelope technology).8, 9 The association of cause and effect for lead is attributed to Hippocrates about 400 B.C. Georgius Agricola in the sixteenth century knew enough about the occupational and environmental occurrences of certain diseases and substances encountered to write books on occupational diseases. Ever since, the list of toxicants has grown longer.10 And it will be the synthesizing minded environmental professional who will have to address diseases like Morgellons and other unique diseases that went environmentally wrong in the reality of the world nanotechnology. It’s not a quick fix. Many of the collective engineering, scientific, industrial hygiene, and occupational physicians have had to take care of the mycotoxins and biofilms created from simple mold infestation in the workplace and in the home. The city of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina is just one mold spore time bomb, causing its residents arthritis, Crohns disease, diabetes, and other diseases, to name just a few.

Water pollution is any physical or chemical change in water that may adversely offset organisms. It is global in scope, but the types of pollution vary according to a country’s level of development and economic stature. In the poorer nations, water pollution is predominantly caused by human and animal wastes, pathogens (bacteria, fungi, and virus), parasites from their waste, and sediment from unsound farming and timbering practices. The rich nations also suffer from these problems, but with their more extravagant lifestyles and widespread industry, they create an additional assortment of potentially hazardous pollutants: heat, toxic metals, acids, pesticides, endocrine disruptors in waste water from medications/chemo, and new nano biological sensors for illegal drug monitoring and biological pesticides.

The use of the biological pesticide Bacillus Thuringiensis for mosquito control alone in Santa Monica, California left a tale of illogic. If you use a biological agent that is now called a biological pesticide that is made up of the DNA of a Bacillus bacteria from soil and the other half from the DNA of syphilis then it is only logical that 6 months after spraying you would get an outbreak of syphilis in individuals who had some blood generational relative in the past and have an epidemic of this disease. It is simple homeopathic logic to the synthesizing minded environmentalist.

Our EPA air permits only regulate 6 pollutants, with the watchful eye on others on the horizon. None address the use of electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry; high altitude ultra low frequency weapons; plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons, laser weapons, strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons, chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons. Chemtrails will be part of the environmental professionals’ monitoring programs of the near future to prove it was not industries’ pollution nor a work- place exposure that cause the new diseases of nano and beyond technology. The way to protect the environment from these new environmental factors is only by maintaining one’s own health, environment and food sources to be as sound as the cry of a newborn baby through the universe.

Mold and Other Unique Diseases
Mycotoxin is a highly toxic principle produced by molds or fungi. One type, the aflatoxins, is a member of tricothecene group produced by the fusarium fungus. This has been identified in samples of the so called “yellow rain” in Southeast Asia, where it is said to have been the cause of many deaths among war refugees. Its presence there is subject to some conjecture, since the Fusarium fungus cannot germinate in the humid environment of that area unless it is altered through genetic manipulations by man. There is substantial evidence (blood tests, autopsies and contaminated gas masks) that the former U.S.S.R. has used such lethal agents in Afghanistan, just as many other countries have used these lethal agents since the dawn of history. The human body, once exposed to a mycotoxin, runs a triple risk to its toxic effects. The triple risk factors are direct toxic effects of the myctoxins, acquisition of mutated RNAi from the myctoxin’s parent fungus and creation of an internal biofilm, which will harbor a toxic soup of disease.

Fungi grow all over this planet. They are found in the soil, on trees and in water. Their spores travel throughout the lands by the winds from the four corners of our world. Biosensor testing conducted by the U.S. military has resulted in an increased population of Aspergillus niger on homes, trees and other materials in various areas of the United States of America.

Over the last decade, starting in the 1990’s, research has implicated many toxin-producing fungi, such as Stachybotrys, Penicillim, Aspergillus, and Fusarium species, to indoor air quality problems and building-related illnesses. Inhalation of mycotoxins, producing fungi in contaminated buildings, is the most significant exposure, however, dermal contact from handling contaminated materials and the chance of ingesting toxin-containing spores through eating, drinking and smoking is likely to increase exposure in a contaminated environment. Recent advances in technology have given laboratories the ability to test for specific mycotoxins without employing cost-prohibitive gas chromatography or high performance liquid chromatography techniques. Currently, surface, bulk food and feeds, and air samples can be analyzed relatively inexpensively for mycotoxins.

During exponential growth, many fungi release low molecular weight, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as products of secondary metabolism with a melting point of 81 degrees C or less. These compounds comprise a great diversity of chemical structure, including ketones, aldehydes, and alcohols, as well as moderately to highly modified aromatics and aliphatics. Cultural studies of some common household molds suggest that the composition of VOCs remains quantitatively stable over a range of growth media and conditions. Furthermore, the presence of certain marker compounds common to multiple species, such as 3-melthylfuran, may be monitored as a proxy for the presence of a fungal amplifier. This method has been suggested as a means of monitoring fungal contamination in grain storage facilities. Limited evidence suggests that exposure to low concentrations of VOCs may induce respiratory irritation independent of exposure to allergenic particulate. Volatile organic compounds may also arise through indirect metabolic effects. A well-known example of this is the fungal degradation of urea formaldehyde foam insulation. Fungal colonization of this material results in the cleavage of urea from the polymer, presumably to serve as a carbon or nitrogen source of primary metabolism. During this process formaldehyde is evolved as a derivative, contributing to a decline in indoor quality.

Many fungi, mycotoxins, and their VOC’s are at a level of detection within the human body that is very hard to determine at relatively low costs. Tissue samples of blood, urine and even direct organ/tissue biopsy will determine the presence of a fungi, mycotoxin and/or their VOC’s To kill fungi and remove other substances, it is necessary to look at a variety of treatment modalities. Current anti-fungal formulations have been developed to address specific fungal infections. In many cases, it is very hard for the healthcare provider and physician to determine what species of fungi was present that created which specific mycotoxin, which is a billion dollar revenue to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fungal infections in AIDS patients have been observed in tissue biopsy reports to be growing within the tissue, and this causes great health risks to the patient and the environmental engineers who have to monitor HVAC systems within a hospital or hospice setting. The use of far-infrared as a treating modality can address the electromagnetic spectrum in micron and micrometers (nano level), which would be an ideal choice in treating fungal infected and other unique, diseased patients, HVAC surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors) and water. The far-infrared segment of the electromagnetic spectrum occurs just below, or “infra” to, red light as the next lowest energy band, as previously discussed.

Our tissues normally produce infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair. Tissue production of infrared energy is associated with a variety of healing responses. The Far-infrared travels the path of fresh water between the cells thus correcting the water molecules bond angle to a perfect hexagonal shape that then collects a total of 6 water molecules to form a collective microtubule of water. The microtubule then creates a fiber optic response that aligns all the molecules to respond to the correct mechanisms of the blueprint of the DNA. Once far-infrared is within the body at its total capacity, it is repealed. This occurs in all living forms of life and in any material that has moisture or a water molecule within its pores, such as cement which becomes 4-5 times stronger.

Body tissues that need an infrared boost selectively absorb infrared rays after boosting a tissue’s infrared energy: The remaining rays pass onward harmlessly. This phenomenon is called “resonant absorption.” Our bodies radiate infrared energy from 8 to 14 microns. Palm healing, an ancient tradition in China, has used the healing properties of infrared rays for 3,000 years. Yogis in India also employ palm healing and recommended it especially for relieving eye strain.

The use of high performance carbon fiber that is made from the filaments of man- made diamonds (zirconium), which is crystalline in structure, has been developed by MPS Global, Inc. in panels for FIR Therapy Rooms, and individual use Capsule DIMA. All panels create a steady stream of pure far-infrared radiant heat that is from 4 to 16 microns. There are no photons and 1/2 electron spin, which is the basic definition of FIR in any CRC Press Handbook of Physics text. The use of these panels will create a temperature of 16521 degrees C, which does not cause any burning of the skin or ill effects upon its surfaces. They are the environmental answer to new nanotechnology-created diseases the next generation of environmentalists will have to correct. The melting point of many mycotoxin VOC’s is 81 degrees C and when using FIR radiant heat at 165 degrees C the compounds are evaporated off, or out of the body or surface area, for environmental remedial activity.

FIR: Infrarotkabinen (Infrarot Wärmekabinen)

A mycotoxin is a highly toxic principle produced by molds or fungi. One type, the aflatoxins, is a member of the tricothecene group produced by the fusarium fungus. This has been identified in samples of the so-called "yellow rain" in Southeast Asia, where it is said to have been the cause of many deaths among war refugees. Its presence there is subject to some conjecture, since the Fusarium fungus cannot germinate in the humid environment of that area. There is substantial evidence (blood tests, autopsies, and contaminated gas masks) that the former U.S.S.R. have used such lethal agents in Afghanistan, just as many other countries have used these lethal agents throughout the dawn of history. The human body once exposed to a mycotoxin runs a triple risk to its toxic effects. The triple risk factors are direct toxic effect of the mycotoxin, acquisition of mutated RNAi from the mycotoxin's parent fungus and creation of an internal biofilm, which will harbor a toxic soup of disease.

One could test the validity of how poisonous mycotoxins are by eating a handful of poison mushrooms, a species of fungus. However, it would be less fatal to realize that many forms of fungus produce mycotoxins, which are chemical substances that are toxic to man and other life forms. In addition, fungi produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may bind to fat within in your body and cause internal re-exposure to the toxic effects of these compounds. Current, integrative technologies in the health care area have produced far infrared MPS Capsules and Kuh Sung YLS-95 (Trade Mark Bio-Oaky & Oaky Smoky) that will kill fungus and neutralize VOC's in other tissue organs within the human body respectfully. These technologies may be the answer to current biological weapons of mass destruction and the risk of exposure to biological pesticides by killing these microorganisms at micron (0.000,001) and nano (0.000,000,001) levels within our human body. Cellular detoxification and its remediation are on the break of a new horizon through terahertz, far infrared and subnano technologies. Mold Across America: Mycotoxins

How Ethylene Gas Affects Produce

Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients - October 2005

Following harvest, apple produce commences to release ripening-hormone ethylene gas. Over-ripening reduces the shelf life of apples, and so the reduction of ethylene is necessary. Ethylene gas removers include potassium permanganate (KMnO4), zeolite, clay, bentolite, alumino-silicate and active carbon. Other sources of ethylene include ripening fruit, rotting vegetation, exhaust from internal combustion engines/heaters, smoke (including cigarettes), welding, and natural gas leaks (Han JH, 2003).

As fruit ripens, the fluid-juice within the fruit body supports aerobic bacteria and yeast/mold proliferation. Food-borne illnesses may occur due to incidental consumption of commercial, nonpasteurized ("fresh" or "unpasteurized") fruit juices (Matthys AW). Nonpasteurized fruit juice has been associated with numerous food-borne illness outbreaks since the 1920s. Disease syndromes have included salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cryptosporidiosis, Escherichia coli-related diarrhea, and hemolytic uremia (Parish 1997).

Spoilage from Aerobic Bacterial Growth in Refrigerated Apples
Whole fruit or fruit juice may be the source of food-borne illnesses due to pre-harvest contamination or consumer-neglect from too long storage. Fresh apples and unpasteurized apple juice receive little to no antimicrobial treatment and, despite their health-promoting image, may transmit or harbor dangerous contaminants. Acid fruit juices below pH 4.6 were once deemed a minor health threat due to their high acidity. Furthermore, refrigeration temperatures (below 5ºC) were thought to resist pathogen growth, until the discovery that Listeria monocytogenes can grow in temperatures as low as 2ºC. Juice spoilage typically occurs as a reflection of the indigenous microflora, yeast, mold and/or lactic acid bacteria growth. Nonetheless, the emergence of hitherto unsuspected food pathogens with acid resistance combined with an increase in susceptible individuals, immunocompromised, chronically ill, the very young and very elderly, has dramatically changed this picture. Safety must always take precedent with strict limits on production, harvest, transportation, storage, manufacture, processing, labeling and distribution. These are incorporated into Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures being applied throughout the food chain. These will be emphasized as appropriate.

The National Food Processors Association (NFPA) has considered several options including current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. One of NFPA's officers wrote, "The only means of assuring that juice did not contain potentially pathogenic microorganisms was to include a microbial control step that has been scientifically proven to be effective in providing a level of protection equivalent to pasteurization in the process. Two percent of all juice products are not pasteurized or otherwise treated. Illness attributable to raw juice or juice includes imported frozen raw (unpasteurized) Mamey puree (13 cases, typhoid fever—Salmonella), raw apple juice in Canada (E. coli 0157:H7), raw orange juice in Australia (435 cases—Salmonella), raw orange juice from Arizona (300 cases—Salmonella muenchen in 20 states) and raw apple juice in Tulsa, Oklahoma (9 cases—E. coli 0157:H7). Only a microbial kill step applied to harvested raw fruit and/or juice itself can ensure that potentially pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated. Sorting and washing of fruit should be standard practice in all Good Manufacturing Practice operations for juice production but cannot be relied upon to ensure the complete removal of pathogenic microorganisms.

While theoretically possible, achieving an appropriate level of protection from pathogenic microorganisms without applying some inactivating treatment to the juice seems technologically infeasible at this time. Processing methods that may provide an equivalent kill step include batch and continuous high-pressure processing systems, pulsed electric fields, ultraviolet light, electron beam treatment, irradiation, ultra filtration, or use of one or more of the preceding treatments in combination with an anti-microbial compound" (Matthys AW).

Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is a potent antimicrobial compound, which acts as an oxidizing agent directly reducing the contaminated environment of indigenous toxic substances and/or aerobic bacteria. KMnO4 is so potent that it should not come in direct contact with humans or food nutrients.

Pulsed Ultra Violet-Light Decontamination of Small Fruits
Each year the United States looses over one billion dollars due to foodborne illnesses. It is estimated that there are 76 million illnesses each year with fresh produce being the second most common cause. Between 1990 and 2003 there were 23,857 cases of foodborne illness traced back to fresh produce. Small fruits, such as raspberries and strawberries, have been implicated in numerous cases of foodborne illness. At least five outbreaks of Cyclospora cayetanensis were traced to raspberries and strawberries have been implicated in three outbreaks of Hepatitis A. While there have been no recorded bacterial outbreaks associated with small fruits, the possibility exists, since the contamination routes responsible for previous outbreaks are the same for bacterial pathogens. A United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) survey found that 1 out of 143 imported strawberry samples tested positive for Salmonella. Also, research has shown that both Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 are capable of surviving on fresh strawberries for over 7 days. Currently raspberries and other small fruits are not washed prior to market and research has shown that washing with water or other common sanitizers is not enough to combat this potential contamination problems. Pulsed UV-light is one technology. In this study pulsed UV-light was applied to strawberries and raspberries at varying distances and times. Maximum reductions of 99.99% and 99.98% of E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella were obtained on raspberries and 99.29% and 99.49% on strawberries. This research indicates that treatment with pulsed UV-light shows promise for the decontamination of small fruits.

In relation to contamination of soft fruit, it used to be that fruit pickers urinated into the baskets of fruit to increase the weight (with regard to payment for their work), and that some fruit pickers would urinate into the fruit as a way of hitting back at their employers etc. However, the same difficulties apply to any area of agricultural food production where basic levels of hygene canot be guaranteed.

Fruit Hygene PDF

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kefir Silica Experiment

I have begun to use the Kieselerde, the silica powder, and it seems to work well in reducing the candida and mold allergy reactions. However, with silica it is not a good idea to overdo it. If you take too large amounts of sililca it can lead to the building of kidney stones, especially if less water is drunk throughout the day. A person cannot take silica and then consume dehydration substances such as coffee, alcohol, sweets and cigarettes. With silica I keep drinking lots of water thoughout the day, plus I have never been a coffee drinker etc.

I think I used too much silica on the first day, because I just threw it into a glass of water and drank the whole glass in one. I am not doing that anymore. I have created my own little recipe test to see how it effects me. I have not ordered the Threelac, because I need to find out what substances I react to and what substances clear up my allergy symptoms.

The Kefir Silica Experiment
One quarter (or one third) 250g glass of Organic (Bio) Kefir
two drops of colloidial silver
one drop grapefruit seed extract
edge of a spoon silica powder

optional: one cap of Aloa Vera juice.

I used half a glass of Kefir twice a day, but I am changing this to one quarter glass three times a day. This way I eat small amounts of the recipe and clear the candida problem up one step at a time rather than hit my body with a kefir silica bomb as I did yesterday.

After I have eaten the quarter glass I put what is left onto my face and onto my skin. For example, if I have an allergy reaction my arms turn red. I put the kefir silica mixture onto my forearms, and within two days the silica cleared up the redness and irritation.

You have to remember to wash the residue off your face if you have to run out to the store or rush to out work. Because the silica powder makes the skin look chalky pale and people may think you are ill. I already got funny looks in the local store when I went to buy more glasses of Kefir. I am trying not to buy too much so they don't put the price up, but how can you hide buying six glasses at a time without going to different stores for each glass?

I was bitten by a moskito, I tried everything to get rid of the swelling and nothing worked. I tried grapefruit seed extract, tee tree oil, Arnika calendula cream, colloidial silver... Overnight the redness was gone due to the kefir silica mix I put directly onto the skin.

Silica Barleygrass Powder Wash
1 quarter cup Barleygrass powder
1 quarter cup Basis powder (optional)
A few tablespoons silica powder (Kieselerde)
Leave the mixture dry in the glass jar

I do not really use specific amounts, I just add the different powders and see how it looks. Each powder has a different effect, and a different texture - if I want a skin scrub I use more Basis powder. Really, all the skin wash ingredients are optional in various combinations. I don't use soap because it does not agree with my skin. For the first time in weeks my skin tissues are now free of the jellyfish effect. I just have to remember not to run out the door with a white silica face.

DC Magnetic Field

Environmental Concerns -

These should not be confused with AC magnetic fields or with high frequency fields. This kind of field is produced by the earth and by man-made permanent magnets.

Our bodies developed biologically in the uniform DC magnetic field of the Earth. Deviations in the earth's natural magnetic field either in strength or direction are cause for concern and prudent avoidance.

More than 60% of all inner spring mattresses and box springs tested show non-uniform magnetic hot spots along, the length of the bed. These hot spots cause a shift in the location of true north so far as the body is concerned, but only for the parts of the body lying on the hot spots. (See also the High Frequency EMF section for comments on other effects from bed springs.) Other objects around the bed may be non-uniformly and strongly magnetized. For example: the bed frame, steel furnishings, steel objects stored under or around the bed.

Health Effects: Studies in Europe indicate disturbed DC magnetic fields in the sleeping place confuses the body and can cause insomnia, chronic fatigue, and other sleep related problems. DC fields have been shown to influence enzyme activity, oxygen usage, and the growth rate of cancer cells. Some people wearing glasses with a magnetized frames have been reported to have strong headaches. Some types of stereo headphones use magnets for the speaker and also have caused headaches. Studies show sleeping with your head to the north optimizes red blood cell production and yields optimal deepness of sleep.

It is best to sleep with no steel in or around the bed. This can be accomplished using a futon or a natural latex rubber mattress. A waterbed could be satisfactory, but the water heater subjects the body to high EMF. Insulating blankets are available that makes heater use unnecessary. The vinyl container for the water gives off plasticizer fumes that will add more unwanted stress to the sleeping place.

Use a bed frame made of wood.

Orient your bed so your head points north.

Check new mattresses before purchase for magnetic variation using a liquid filled compass. The needle deviation should be no more than 2 degrees to be ideal no more than 10 to be weak.

Use magnetic health products cautiously.

INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is now our nation's number one environmental health concern. - Environmental Protection Agency - 1995, statement to the U.S. Senate.

FUNGI: Fungi belongs to the kingdom of heterotrophic single-celled, multinucleated, or multicellular organisms, including yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. Previously classified in the plant kingdom, fungi are nonmotile, like plants, but lack the vascular tissues that form the true roots, stems, and leaves of plants. Unlike algae or plants, fungi lack the chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis and must therefore live as parasites or saprobes. Typically they release digestive enzymes onto a food source, partially dissolving it to make the necessary organic or inorganic nutrients available. Some fungi are pathogenic to humans and other animals. Some molds, in particular, release toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that can result in poisoning or death.

MOLD: A common term for microscopic forms of fungi; a growth of fungi forming a furry patch, as on stale bread or cheese. See also spore. Mold and fungi are organisms with rigid cell walls but no chlorophyll. The most common indoor molds are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Alternaria. All molds may cause allergic reactions in humans sensitive to mold. Molds will grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture and a food source. Many building materials provide this needed food source - many consist of cellulose materials that are particularly suitable for mold growth when they are wet. Examples include paper and paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, and wood products. See also: Stachybotrys chartarum.

MYCOTOXIN: Certain molds (such as Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Chaetomium and Stachybotrys) release chemicals during their metabolic cycle called mycotoxins, which can be toxic to humans and animals. These chemicals can be found in the mold spores, within the mold itself, and in the materials that the mold is growing. Inhalation of mold spores or dust containing mycotoxins can result in human exposure with potentially severe heath effects. Home Safety

Friday, June 15, 2007

Quarz Crystals & The Tesla Plate

Of all the things I looked at, this is the most amazing and the most surprising results. I know this on an energetic level, but to see a physical alteration was a real surprise. Although, I am not sure about the Tesla plate with Candida, as the electrical effect at first seems to solidify the yeast into thick strings. Without an electrical zapper pulse I am not sure the yeast dissolves? The effect in the glass is totally different than all the other tests.

I tested the water with my paeolithic stone age tools and I forgot about the Tesla plate and the quarz crystal glasses. Those two glasses were also part of the elecrical resonance test. However, the water was not totally clear. A few hours later in both cases the water had cleared. That was a surprise.

Clear vinegar is the worst of all the tests. Vinegar is worse than raw brown sugar. Even Sauerkraut is not a problem, but vinegar alters the PH throughout the body in such a way, it is almost like a poison. Vinegar will kill bacteria, so I may use it to clean the toilet and the fridge? However, vinegar or apple cider vinegar acidifies the blood and tissues which promotes the production of bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold. Foods To Avoid

Of all the tests I have done so far the clear organic vinegar in water test is the ugliest of all. It does not look good for my own private consideration as a 'food'. Even the raw sugar does not look that ugly.

Quarz Crystal - Silica Tetrahedra
Together, oxygen and silicon account for 80 percent of the atoms in the earth's crust. This means that crustal minerals are mainly combinations of these two elements. The Silica Tedrahedron

Okay, so I have to build myself a living silica tedrahedron room.

Silicates as a natural resource
Though we generally think of coal or oil when discussing natural resources, silicate minerals are a natural resource we can’t live without on our planet, and not just because of our increasing reliance on computers. Without quartz, there would be no glass. Without the clay minerals, we would have no ceramics or pottery. We use silicate minerals in the manufacture of many building materials, including bricks and concrete. The weathering of silicate minerals on the surface of the earth produces the soils in which we grow our foods and the sand on our beaches. The properties of the minerals that are important to us are based on the versatility of the silicate anion in combination with other elements. The Silicates

Silicates: Silicon atoms are found at the centres of tetrahedrons with oxygen atoms at the corners. Man was created from clay. Clay minerals or have I come full circle back to the tetrahedra?

Silica - The Vital Mineral

Silica is the second most abundant element on earth. It is an essential element of living matter and humans have a critical need for this element. Silica is a vital mineral that is almost completely overlooked by mainstream nutritionists.

We are born with an abundance of silica and relatively low amounts of calcium. Then with every advancement in chronological age, the amount of calcium increases and the amount of silica decreases within the body. Silica enhances the function of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron, and is essential for bone development and growth. Bones need silica to re-calcify and to strengthen bone tissue. A silica deficiency in tissue causes a calcium deficiency which, in turn, results in a loss of tissue elasticity.

Silica is also one of the most important constituents of the body’s connective tissue, including cartilage, vascular lining, tendons, and ligaments. It is found in the thymus gland, the adrenal glands, the liver, the spleen, the pancreas and in considerable quantity in hair. It functions as a cross-linking agent, providing strength, flexibility, and resilience to collagen and elastin connective tissues. It is known to play a part in the integrity of the bones, arterial walls skin, teeth, gums, hair and nails, and has been used to alleviate eczema and psoriasis. Recently, modern research has focused on determining the role of silica in rheumatic disorders and arterial disease.

We know that when a cell function is disturbed, its polarities move slightly, so much of the disturbance in the organism is linked to this electrical maladjustment in the cells.

Studies with the scanning electron microscope prove that molecules of organic silica such as Organic Silicon are very unstable, especially when mixed with water. They are always changing shape, revolving continuously a hundred times a second. Under the SEM the molecule looks like a fern leaf, the prominent parts being the positive poles and the hollows the negative ones.

Thus it is probable that Organic Silicon acts in the organism to restore the polarity of the disturbed cells, supplying positive or negative charges as required so that the cells have the power they need to resist invasion or repair damage. Organic Silicon

Silizium spielt eine wichtige Rolle...

* im Stoffwechsel (als Aktivator)
* bei der Zellerneuerung (zur Verjüngung)
* beim Zellaufbau (als Stabilisator der Zellwände)
* in allen Organen (Funktionen)
* im Bindegewebe (Festigkeit)
* in den Gefäßen (Festigkeit und Elastizität)
* in den Knochen (Festigkeit) Osteoporose, Arthrose
* in der Haut (Polsterung, Faltenfreiheit)
* für Haare und Nägel (gesundes Wachstum)
* im Immunsystem (als Aktivator)
* Pilzerkrankungen (innerlich: Mundpilz, Rachenpilz, Scheidepilz, Darm,
Magen, Verdauungstrakt, Arthrose etc.)
(äußerlich: Hautpilz, Scheidepilz, Arthrose)
* Entzündungen
* Magen Darmerkrankungen (Morbus-Crohn)
* Verdauung (Blähungen, Verstopfung)
* Hämorrhoiden
* Tumorerkrankungen (Chemotherapie bei Brustkrebs, Lungenkrebs etc.)

Saturday 16 June 2007
Once again I forgot to remove the silica water test and in the morning the water was brown. I have to do another Silica (Kieselerde) water test to see if the Kieselerde turns brown on its own after 24 hours, or if this was a reaction - result of - killing the candida yeast cells.

Back To The Basics

I think I am beginning to understand the mistakes we are making in not understanding the neture of what is happening to our own bodies. Substances that are good for killing yeast cells also cause the candida to form clumps, solidify or apparently thicken. This is basic chemistry, but it is so basic no one seems to be studying it.

I don't know? I wonder if we have become so specialised that understanding the basic (and very simple) nature of matter is 'boring'. I mean! Who wants to sit and study the effect certain substances have on yeast and mold cells? It would be like going back to 1 + 1 = 2, when you have already received the Nobel Prize for cosmic science. On a day to day level, if we don't understand the little basics then life gets very difficult when little mistakes are made.

Personally, I am happy to understand the A, B, C's. Maybe understand how certain combinations of elements cause yeast to go stringy and form clumps when they are killed (for example). How other elements or frequencies can alter that effect. Because if the body was supposed to form jello-cells then I think we would all be jelly fishes and not humans.

In todays world very simple things no longer matter. I sense that back to the basics is esential for a healthy community life. (to be continued...)

Seeing Is Believing

You would have to see this for yourselves to believe it. I have three test glasses. Two glasses are jasmine green tea drop test, both have raw brown sugar added and one has a few drops of colloidial silver. The third glass is day two of the Tesal plate test. After some time the Tesla plate water totally dissolves the test even without the Zapper frequency.

I don't know what is happening there with the Tesla plate. It is actually bubbling, or oxidising. That could be due to the elecro-frequency. Yeast and mold behave differently across the spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies. The Tesla plate test without an electrical Zapper pulse creates a thick jelly.

The jasmine green tea with raw cane sugar appears to dissolve the strings (to the visible eye) and the jasmine green tea with colloidial silver added also dissolves the test, but is slightly different.

All the websites warn people to avoid sugar. I understand why. People are addicted to refined sugar, but I am not addicted. I don't really use sugar and not honey either (although I often use honey in situations where I stop eating and begin herb tea fasts). I want to test the sugar, because I do not think we really totally understand what is taking place.

It is all very well to say that Candida likes sugar and forget that healthy Candida plays a role in the living cycle of the human body. By accident I became aware of an intersting reaction.

The electrical charge in the atmosphere increased early this morning due to thunder storm. I had done nothing different than the days before and so I knew the 'allergy reaction' I had was due to the storm. This is not only an increase in moisture, but is also a change in the electrical charge in the atmosphere.

I woke up with the same allergy reaction I had during the last thunder storm. All the tissues were swollen like jelly or like seaweed. It is almost like seaweed. This lasted for hours. The thunder storm is still circling and building. It is quite amazing. I can feel the electricity running through my nerves and tendons. I am absolutley convinced that the overgrowth of yeast, mold and fungi are lowering the bodies resistance to the electric current. In other words the molds are reacting to the increase in the electric frequency and it is undermining how the cells of my body conduct electricity, or respond to electrical currents.

I tried everything that has worked well for the past few days and the seaweed effect got worse. Nothing worked to counteract the effect on the tissues due to the increase in the static electric field of the thunder storm. Even the tee tree oil had no effect. I then tried a Yakult yoghurt drink that I had in the fridge, because the Kefir always seems to work. However, the Yakult is sweet - I tried it anyway. Within a few minutes all the swelling had gone. That surprised me.

The jasmine green tea with raw brown sugar and the glass with the silver added both dissolve the test. This is why I say we do not really understand the relationship sugar compounds have in the chemistry of overgrowths. Orgainc raw sugars dissolve the jellyfish/seaweed effect.

I tried Silica powder, and that is pretty impressive. I added a very small amount to the water (as it appears cloudy). The Germans use Silica powder to treat fungal infections, stomach problems, colon problems, arthritis and tumors. Silica powder is 94 percent silica crystals. Apparently a small amount of silica powder can be mixed with Kefir rather than being mixed into water.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Candida Particle SPIT Technology

In researching and seeking to improve the methods one can use to test for potential Candida Albicans overgrowth, I have refined the SPIT Technology (Bio-Tech). SPIT is the latest and more refined, Saliva Paeolithic Impact Test. [Paeolithic, the earlier Stone Age, marked by the use of primitive stone impliments; from the Gr. palaios, old, lithos, stone]. Because SPIT researchers do not have the more advanced modern tools common to the elite sciences one has to be innovative with the flintstone technology.

Two glasses of water can be used as comparison tests. On the first day the SPIT alchemist observes the saliva effect in their study of the elusive candida particle. This test is not exactly Particle Accelerator technology, but when all you have are stone tools it is best not to complain. I wonder if the candida particle is the 'aether' of modern science? The scientists don't see it and therefore it does not exist.

Candida particle researchers must first observe a positive candida particle saliva test before going on to try the more refined 'colloidial silver' test. With the colloidial silver test the researcher uses a control glass of filtered water and a second glass of water with a small amount of colloidial slver added. Then it gets interesting.

With a positive SPIT result in the first control glass, the researcher then observes what happens to the saliva in the colloidial silver glass. It is totally different. I don't know how to describe it? There are no strings in the colloidial test and the saliva turns sort of brown. It is the same drinking water containing a few drops of colloidial silver. The silver water changes something. When using the silver one has to also drink only pure water to wash out the dead yeast cells.

I will begin the Threelac test later. First I want to understand the dynamics of what is happening and what changes the colloidial water brings. Today is only the first day of introducing the silver as a test. I wonder what would happen if I added a small amount of apple juice to the water and then tried the candida particle test? This part interests me.

For example, I crushed a clove of garlic and added it to a glass of water, and stirred it up a bit. I then carried out the Saliva Paeolithic Impact Test - it is absolutely amazing. Sure, the different reactions could be due to the 'oils'; but nevertheless they are all different. Only when I study onion water, sugar water, honey water, aloha vera water etc, will I know how to understand the varying results. But this is fun! Water is my microscope!

Unlike the colloidial silver, the garlic water forms thick strings. Although, it is different. I would have to see grapefruit seed water and tee tree oil water to understand what is happening here. In the garlic water the strings seem to begin to dissolve after a few minutes, which does not take place in the control water test.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Flinstone Particle Technology Update

I have tested all kinds of different water, silver, tee tree oil, sugar water effects and there is a marked difference in the chemical behaviour when viewed using the paeolithic technolgy.

I tested filtered water (not distilled), then to some jars I added seperately colloidial silver, tee tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, yoghurt, raw brown sugar, a tesla plate and a giant quarz crystal. Each had their own distinct effect. The silver and the grapefruit seed seemed to discolour the test material, while the tee tree oil seemed to dillute or dissolve the material. However, the joghurt added to filtered water was the most interesting of all. The joghurt was different. It created fine particles of sand. The joghurt seemed to be the most effective at altering the chemistry of the test and breaking it down into tiny fragments.

The tesla plate effect was totally different than the quarz crystal test. I then tried zapping both test by sending the zapper current into the water through my finger. The zapper electrical current test completely dissolved the test. I then tried to dissolve the raw suger water test with a zapper electrical current, and it also dissolved the test. The most efficient of all in terms of leaving no 'residue' was the giant quarz crystal test.

I would say that we are dealing with a resonance issue and that electrical resonance is the best way to correct the imbalance. However, healthy intestinal flora is also a healthy resonant frequency. That is why it works.

From what I have seen in relation to my own observations, the yeast cells are morphing inside the body. I am not sure this is something one can 'kill', in the sense that as long as the disruption frequency is sending out a signal (changing the polarity of the body) the candida yeast cells will keep appearing.

What does this mean for the quarz crystal test?

The body probably loses its capacity to dilute the mucous/fungi/mold imbalance, and this is because human cells requires a crystal resonant nourishment. This is probably why the colloidial silver works so well. The most effective of all the tests seemed to be the quarz crystal. When I added a small electrical current the test dissolved even faster. I still would have to try magnets.

It may be that our polarity is reversing or is weakened due to the electrical frequencies surrounding us on a daily basis. In all my observations the electrical frequency of the atmosphere (the weather) has the most powerful effects. Add to the list the nerve toxins that get created in our bodies when mold and yeast are effected by the electrical weather.

For example, imagine you had one small room in the house, similar to a sauna, but it is a resonance field generator. One sits or lies in the room and the resonant field harmonises the friendly cellular bacteria. I don't yet know how to build one!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finding The Elusive Candida Particle

Reading the Food Allergy section of this Blog, you may be left with the impression that Earth Changes has succumbed to a Candida Albicans overgrowth! This is my radio shack Hydron Particle Collidor alternative to finding the elusive Candida Particle. Although some people may accuse me of being despotic with regard to my relentless pursuit of this subject, in reality I am disbiotic.

Dysbiosis is a state of imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora. The healthy human intestine has some 3-400 specie of bacteria. These are mostly beneficial in a healthy person and essential for a range of activities. The intestines are also home to a small number of harmful bacteria, usually kept in check by an abundance of the beneficial bacteria. The balance is the important element. While the friendly ones predominate all is well and healthy, but imbalance allows the pathogenic (harmful) organisms to grow out of control. This crowds out the beneficial organisms.

Candida - An Overview
Candida is a scourge for many people. Until very recently there has been little recognition of Candida and even less offered by way of useful and permanent help to fight what, for many people is a condition which does quite literally ruin lives.

In simple terms , Candida in a healthy person is quite normal. When a person becomes Dysbiotic, (see Dysbiosis) Candida can morph to become a pathogenic (injurious) invasive fungus. This can come about as a result of overuse of antibiotics or steroids or in cases of severe stress on the body's defences.

Candida first grows in the gut, as a fungus, creating an environment which allows it to thrive at the expense of a number of important dietary functions. The synthesis and absorption of vitamins and minerals are prevented, the acidity of the intestine is increased and digestive enzyme production impaired. All these features allow Candida to establish itself in the intestines, while beginning to weaken the host due to the malabsorption of minerals and vitamins essential for a huge number of chemical processes in a healthy body. Have a look here to see if any of these relate to your own experiences. This would be an indication that your have damaged bacterial flora in your intestines.

Either there is mass incompetance within the health profession, or being disbiotic is so hard to detect that the medical sciences are blind to its existence. I mean, no one will deal with this. Or, if they HAVE to deal with it then the microscopes and tests are reluctantly trained on a PART of the human anatomy (a finger or a toe), which may or may not detect the elusive candida particle. It would appear that the candida particle is as elusive as the, what are CERN looking for again? The Higgs Particle! Well, the Large Hadron Collider will probably find the Higgs Particle faster than the medics will find the candida particle. When they do find the candida particle, the medics will say: "We think it is largely irrelevant in terms of medical science."

As a result, the most advanced and efficient way for me to detect the elusive candida particle is to spit saliva into a glass of water. "If you have a problem, you will see strings (like legs) traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or "cloudy" saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water."

Hey! That's fine! My Scottish ancestors would be proud of me saving the global government a lot of money. The medical insurance companies could go bankrupt doing candida tests for the 80 to 90 percent of the population who like to hang out with the candida particle. A few hundred years after colonisation and the "civilisation" of the barbarian Celts, so what that we have come no further than spitting into a glass of water to get the answers we need! I wonder if there is a simpler Scottish Test for the Higgs particle? Maybe every doctors surgery should have a simple glass of water sitting on the desk?

At the same time we have to be sympathetic to those who have studied all their lives to realise their dreams and ambitions. Who wants to devote so much work and dedication to a career in Fungus where they sit all day and diagnose: Fungus, yeast, candida, mold, aflatoxin, yeast, candida, fungus, mycotoxin, mold... It is far more interesting to endlessly search for the elusive particle and never find it. That way you do your work and never get bored. Who wants to spend a lifetime healing people by treating fungus, mold and yeast overgrowth?

Effectively diagnosing and treating Candida Many physicians feel that yeast overgrowth causes a generalized suppression of the immune system. In other words, once the yeast gets the upper hand, it sets up a cycle that further suppresses the body's defenses. Interestingly, a recent Mayo Clinic study showed that most cases of chronic sinusitis seem to be associated with a reaction to yeast in the sinuses--something that holistic physicians have proposed for many years.

Sinusitis or Fungisitis?

Fungus May Be Causing Your Sinus Infections

About 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis, an inflammation of the nasal sinuses commonly known as a sinus infection, each year and for many this is a chronic problem that can seriously affect the quality of your life. Most cases of sinusitis are treated with antibiotics, which may help to cover up symptoms in the short-term but are a disaster when used in the long-term.

And despite constant treatment with antibiotics, many people's sinusitis continues to return. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, not only is sinusitis one of the most expensive disorders in the United States, but also its prevalence is on the rise, indicating that the common treatment methods are not getting to the root of the problem.

So what is the root of the problem? Researchers have found that most cases of chronic sinusitis are not caused by infection but are actually an immune disorder caused by fungus. In a 1999 study, the researchers discovered that fungal organisms were present in the mucus of 96 percent of patients who had surgery for chronic sinusitis, and inflammatory cells were clumped around the fungi, which meant the condition was an immune disorder caused by fungus.

Fungus and mold spores are in the air all the time and are commonly inhaled so most people have fungi lodged in the mucus lining of the sinuses. However, only people who are prone to chronic sinusitis will experience an immune response to the fungi that results in the symptoms of sinusitis.

They took the research a bit further and in the next study found that a fungicide was effective in decreasing inflammation and nasal swelling among participants suffering from chronic sinusitis. The researchers are hoping the study will lead to the development of new antifungal medications to treat the condition.

Although antifungals may be more effective than antibiotics--antibiotics make fungal infections worse--there are other steps you can take to lessen your risk of sinus infections by getting at the underlying cause.

Make Your Body Less Hospitable to Fungus

CERN Delay Testing Particle Accelerator

CERN scientists confirm delay in testing new particle accelerator

Scientists seeking to uncover the secrets of the universe will have to wait a little longer after the CERN laboratory in Switzerland on Monday confirmed a delay in tests of a massive new particle accelerator.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 27-kilometre (16.8 mile) circular tunnel 100 metres (330 feet) below the French-Swiss border where subatomic particles will collide at close to the speed of light, will now start operations next spring, and not in November as originally planned, CERN said.

"The start-up at full level was always scheduled for spring 2008, but we had planned to test the machine for two weeks before Christmas, which will not now take place," spokesman James Gillies told AFP, confirming a report in the French newspaper Le Monde. The delay is due to an accumulation of little setbacks, Gillies said.

The LHC, assembled over 15 years and involving more than 10,000 physicists and 500 research bodies and firms around the world, may help unlock the final secrets on sub-atomic particles. The LHC, assembled over 15 years and involving more than 10,000 physicists and 500 research bodies and firms around the world, may help unlock the final secrets on sub-atomic particles.

The project "could be the most ambitious scientific undertaking ever," and its results "will probably change our fundamental knowledge of the universe," its organisers say.

Scientists plan to smash together high-energy protons in two counter-rotating beams in the tunnel, just outside Geneva, to look for signatures of supersymmetry, dark matter and the origins of mass.

The beams are made up of bunches containing billions of protons which will be injected, accelerated, and kept circulating for hours, guided by thousands of powerful superconducting magnets. Each proton goes around the 27 kilometre ring over 11,000 times a second. Cosmos

Monday, June 11, 2007

Allergies Or Candida?

I have read so much material on allergies, cancer, aids, environmental illness and candida that I need to take a brain detox. The overall picture I get is that there is an undefined and little understood relationship with: Yeast, bacteria, molds, fungi, candida, microbes, aflatoxin and human disease. Just to give a superficial rundown candida can cause life threatening infections in hospitals, relating to treatement and surgery. Key words: candida infections in surgery; candida hospital infections; candida hospitals; candida superbug.

The next thing I discovered during my research is the symbiotic relationship Candida Albicans seems to have with cancer and HIV Aids, apart from its relationship to allergies, environmental illness, bowl problems and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name but a few. This is because of the nature of yeast cells, the nature of fungus and mold; not as a 'superbug', not to be demonised as a 'deadly disease' or a 'monster illness' (although it is a little monster). The issue with candida is that its growth is related to recycling waste, and is related to the transformation of matter on a cellular level. In my opinion returning matter to its quantum particle state. The problem for humans is that candida is not supposed to become active and break us down while we are 'alive'.

The way I see it, is that the end times disassembling of the cells is activated inside a living organism in the form of a candida uprising. The body is signalling that the electromagnetic field is to be maintained (as we are still alive), but candida is becoming active in its role of digesting matter. To go right to the heart of what that could be, I am of the opinion that electromagnetic frequencies signal the activation of the dissolution of the cells. That can also be due to high doses of antibiotics, as antibiotics are also a resonant frequency sending out an electric signal. Candida and mold can also be activated by electrical fields, electrical frequencies, microwave frequencies - probably in combination with other factors.

It may not be candida alone that makes the imbalance so dangerous. Other molds, yeast and fungus are probably also involved. Depending on the toxic combinations of the molds and fungi the chemistry released can be life threatening or can be a severe warning that something is wrong. I say this because, once molds and fungi start to grow and digest matter they create circumstances where layers of yeast activity form, and the depleted environment becomes supportive of the growth of life threatening bacterias and mold. They are not attacking us, this is a natural process that takes place when the conditions feeding disease are greater than the conditions feeding vitality and health.

With my simplistic Celtic way of looking at the inner and outer world, I wonder if there is a code behind all illness? A basic code, which nature follows to the letter. Inside this code is a key. A key to health or a key to the ending of life. The key could be Candida Albicans. Many people get upset at the draining circumstances of the battle to overcome this little monster. I take the view that in the darkest corner shines the brightest light. One can find a real gift of a diamond hidden in the darkest lump of clay, and this little ray of light with the biggest answer is Candida.

Such a little thing has such a devastating effect. How devastating? Does candida lead to serious diseases like cancer and HIV? To a collapse of organ functions and the collapse of the immune system? It seems to be one of those essential little elements you cannot eliminate. Chemotherapy has no effect on candida. In fact, the more one tries to get rid of it the more it returns with a vengence. However, candida behaves itself in the right environment.

But is candida the problem? Or is candida active when a vital living background resonant frequency begins to break down? The job of candida is to clean up when certain conditions prevail. What if bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold expand in the range of certain electrical frequencies? In this way you have a biological effect corresponding to the frequency and strength of electrical pulse fields. Some magnetic resonant fields would be beneficial to human well being, vitality and health, while other pulse frequencies may benefit mold and fungi, depressing the most important human immune system.

Not only the immune system is effected by Candida Albicans, the cellular nutritional balance is also drastically effected and that is why people get so sick. There comes a point where the cells are dehydrated and starving. I feel this is because the yeast, fungus, mold and bacteria are unlocking the cells. If you stop to think about it, this is what fungi, bacteria and mold are programmed to do. When they grow it is because their growth is part of the breaking down (digesting) of matter. If I have candida, yeast, mold and fungi growing and spreading throughout my body, what does that mean? I am taking that as an example.

Paid to keep silent
If I can figure this out without any funding, how come a trillions of dollar global medical system, with the most highly educated and intelligent people on planet earth (at this time), cannot uncover these basic and fundamental truths? Lets go back to the A-B-C basics of molecular science and molecular biology. When fungus has an environment to grow and spread, what does that mean? When mold does not have an environment to grow and spread would illness occur? Is there a background electromagnetic frequency that allows fungus to grow and another background electromagnetic frequency that inhibits mold and fungal growth? Oh! Sorry that is another branch of the great Hypocratic tree!