Friday, June 01, 2007

This Virus Has One Weakness

In the world of dreams all things are possible. Colours can have sound and sounds can have colour. Dreamers see the world around us differently. Now and then, in the dream world, we can seem to interact with other worlds and with higher life forms. We can even interact with our ancestors or with higher levels of our own mind (its the same thing).

Dreams can teach us things, or they can give us clues.

Dreams cannot do the work for us, but they can urge us to do the work for ourselves, and they can urge us to succeed. Dreams can also show us what we cannot see with our physical worldly eyes. Diversity is the key to the dreamers success.

This virus has one weakness

This dream was a very short dream in the sense of what I saw visually. It was what I call a microcosmic dream. Everything in the dream was contained in one compact little package. I rarely dream like this, and so it could be that these dreams belong to a certain frequency or a higher world. The dreams waste no energy. They show what they show and they say what they say with absolute efficiency, and do so at the level and in the language the dreamer can best understand.

I awoke, this morning, out of this particularly intense dream hearing the words: "This virus has one weakness."

In the dream I was shown a very clean environment and there was a magnified close up of a petrie dish sitting on a table lit up from within with a very pure soft light. In the dish was a long magnified, almost spiral type, string of darkish dense material. No matter how bright the radiant background light was, the dense material of what looked like a highly magnified virus remained dark. The dense part was a dull dark greyish type material.

The people in the dream did not look at micro organisms through microscopes, they look at the microscopic world with (or through) light. I don't know how they do that, but a certain use of light magnifies the properties of the micro and sub-atomic world for them. This was what I saw in the dream. Almost like a holographic close up of a virus, which could be rotated and viewed from any angle.

I am not a microbiologist, I am a dreamer. The difficulty is, how does the higher world communicate in ways I will understand? They communicated using colour and this is what I saw in the dream as the words above were spoken.

The material of the virus was very dense, but blue areas were visible between some of the segments. I am not sure if those blue areas were dissolving the virus... That is possible. It may be that some ultraviolet light or a blue frequency was used to dissolve the virus, as colours also have their own frequency.

The blue light was a very clean, light, indigo-blue with a presence of turquiose. The colour had a radiance to it. In the dream world this can mean many things, because dreams are related to consciousness. Blue is related to oxygen. It could relate to a higher level frequency. A shift from the heavy, dark grey dense material to the higher blue light tone. It could also relate to earth frequencies that are in our reach on a practical day to day basis. Light as a frequency, pulse, tone. Colour as a frequency, pulse, tone. As colours also emit tones (sound).

I have a very good imagination. As scientists today map the human genome (the gnome), it occured to me that if they can trace human DNA back to its origins, maybe viruses also share a common origin. That origin may be a sequenced light frquency code, or an original DNA code out of which all other viruses emerged. A sort of Adam of viruses who fathered todays generations of viruses. Maybe they all have common origins.

Why would higher beings want to help us? After all, mankind is not the responsible steward of the planet he could be. I sense that a possible future is the development of the virus gets so out of hand, in this dense, angry, low resonance world, that it gets the upper hand. It could potentially, devastate the whole planet. Much more than anyone desires. There could be a Trojan Horse type segment embedded in the markup that no human scientist sees or understands. The indigo-blue frequency on a physical material level is the answer to that Trojan.

The problem at this point in history is that humans think they know, but they don't know. Because they think they know what they are doing, they are wide open to stupidity. I always felt that bringing a giant wooden horse (built by the enemy) into the fortified city of Troy was a really stupid thing to do. With respect to this factor, I sense that destroying diveristy is not such a good idea as it might initially seem to be.

Zen-Su would say: What is the point of being strong if there is no compassion? And what is the point of compassion if you are not strong?

There are a lot of things we humans do not see and understand. In which case it is better to leave them alone until we do understand. What does it take to know when you are seeing partially? It takes intelligence. It also requires self-evaluation and self-restraint.