Monday, June 11, 2007

The Current of Injury

The Fungal Nature of Cancer
Oncologists advise: “At the first sign of abnormal bleeding, call your doctor.” The terms “benign growth, cyst, polyp and pre-cancerous lesion” describe a mass of abnormal and infected cells closely related to cancer when something triggers rapid growth. Physical injuries that do not heal, due to infection, also lead to cancer.

Healing of a cut finger, or lack of healing if the cut becomes infected, demonstrates the all-natural cause of cancer. Rapid doubling of cells to repair injuries is due to an increased energy field called the current-of-injury. The autonomic current-of-injury stays on until the injury is healed. If the injury is infected healing does not take place but cells continue to divide and multiply endlessly. These mutated cells are rejected like a skin graft that does not take and collect mainly in our storage vessels.

The current of injury that causes human cells to double rapidly also causes the pathogens inside the cells to double rapidly. Fungi and other infectious microbes have genes to produce growth factors for membrane cells, just as mushrooms, a fungi, produce the skin of a mushroom. Human and parasitic life-form cells simultaneously produce growth factors for membrane cells to repair the membrane. The resulting daughter cells end up with mutations in the cell wall. The new cells do not knit with original cells and fail to heal. The current-of-injury stays on. Infected cells and pathogens continue to divide, mutate, and multiply. Lack of knitting results in metastasis. That’s cancer explained with all-natural causes and existing data.

The reason why only membrane cells multiply is that pathogens have growth factors for membrane walls but none to differentiate cells into bones, muscle, fat or other body organs. Cancer does not occur often in muscle or fat tissue because there are very few membrane cells in muscle and fat tissue. We do not have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins because the oxygen level is too high for cancer cells. Cancer occurs in liquid storage vessels because the oxygen level is suitable for cancer cells and relatively thick membranes form the container walls. The frequency of our major cancers—lung, colon, breast, bladder, prostate, etc. — are directly proportional to the size of the vessel and the frequency of infection. Virus do not cause cancer directly. Virus cause growths, such as warts. Injuries trigger rapid growth.

Leukemia is a fungal infection of white blood cells, called leukocytes. Leukemia does not form tumors because leukocytes do not form membranes. Brain tumors initiate in membrane walls within the skull. Cancer consumes only those cells that require growth factors parasites don’t have.

The trigger that causes a pre-cancerous lesion to become malignant cancer growth is a break in the membrane wall. That’s why up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane cell traits. That’s why investigative surgery of a benign growth often triggers cancer. Ronald Gdanski

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