Monday, June 25, 2007

Tolkien Fiction or Reality?

© Janet Ossebaard, January 2005
In a recent copy of Frontier Magazine, an article was published by fellow researcher Bert Janssen about a most remarkable close-encounter on Silbury Hill (Wiltshire, UK). The couple he had interviewed and filmed seemed totally trustworthy. Their body language (clearly visible on the video footage) fully confirmed their story, which - I'm sure - raised many questions in quite a few readers. A continuation...

As a crop circle researcher, I am confronted quite often with bizarre stories. The close-encounter on Silbury Hill was such a story indeed. At first, many readers might think it was just a concoction or maybe a chimera. Or perhaps that couple simply wanted to get some attention... Yet I think there's far more going on. On Bert Janssen's footage one can watch the couple for a few hours. The interview took place in their garden, in a relaxed setting, surrounded by their young children who play and run around, at times distracting their parents from their bizarre story. The entire interaction of this family, their facial expressions and gestures, the occasional silences and the way they spontaneously complement or correct each other from time to time, shows us that this close-encounter was not a fantasy. These people speak frankly and in all honesty about what has occurred to them. They tell the truth in full detail.

After having watched the footage, my first reaction was: "What on earth am I supposed to do with this?" Light beings inside balls of light inside tetrahedrons, beings just like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, running up Silbury Hill… What has become of the world?! As I rewound the footage and watched everything once more, memories started coming back to me. Memories of things I once experienced myself.

In the course of time, I witnessed several balls of light in and near crop circles. I saw UFOs. Unfortunately I never saw light beings, nor Gollum-like creatures. As I'm thinking of Gollum, I suddenly remember another one of Tolkien's creations: the Nazgul, those creepy invisible creatures in black capes flying around on enormous birds of prey, spies of Evil. And I remember my own encounter when I was about five years old. The wingspread of the enormous bird of prey that flew through my village must have been something like 15 meters. It was flown by a small, dwarf-like creature, fully clothed and 'ready for battle'. There was destruction and evil in his eyes. I was the only one who saw them, my sister who was standing beside me didn't see a thing and thought I was playing a fantasy game. But I was terrified and decided to remember every single detail forever, knowing that one day it would turn out to be important...

My encounter was preceded by a sound that swelled as the giant bird approached. It sounded like a heavy drum, like the ones in those old movies with rowing slaves on ancient ships. There was about one full second in-between the beats of the drum in my encounter. After a while, the monstrous bird appeared in my field of vision and I froze with fear.

Tolkien had almost literally included my encounter in his masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings. Both the bird of prey and the entity that flew it, and even the swelling sound: in the caves of Middle Earth through which Tolkien's heroes had to go in order to continue their adventureous journey, and where they lost their companion Gandalf the Grey in the battle against Evil. Suddenly and for the first time I wondered if Tolkien had only just put a fantasy on paper or whether maybe he knew more. Had he had his own encounters? Read the full article at: