Saturday, June 09, 2007

Human Mold & Fungi Plantation

I am discovering a living walking bio-hazzard of toxic waste: Me - That is what I am carrying around in my colon. It is disgusting what I am carrying around inside my intestines. I look clean from outside and I am apparently from a highly intelligent race of humans. The reality is I am merely a cargo vessel for slime and toxins. I transport molds, fungi, yeast and parasites in the same way a cargo ship transports food around the world.

I am not surprised that my liver is 'severely disabled', although you would not know it from looking at me (I am healthier than most). How can my liver - my purification and detox filter - function properly when the colon is a mass colony plantation of growing black fungus and mycotoxins? I am NOT exaggerating, I am understating the real condition my colon cargo transport vessel is in. Outside, the fungi transport vessel looks strong, like platinum, and inside the reality of the vessel is a rust bucket of waste. My body sent up the SOS flags in the form of "environmental illness", in the form of "Allergies" or "Candida", fungi intolerance... you name it.

Joint pains would suddenly appear and just as suddenly disappear. Sensitivity to heat would appear and on other days disappear. One day I could tolerate moldy foods (grains), and on other days I could not tolerate the molds contaminating the foods I ate. One day bananas were okay, on other days not okay. Watching all this I realised that I have had mini versions of these "symptoms" all my life. Little signs that would appear and just as suddenly disappear once in a blue moon.

The colon and parasite cleanse are now penetrating the deeper impacted rust inside the cargo hold of the transport vessel. That is what I am! I am a living walking cargo hold for a variety of parasites and species of fungi who like to travel around. I have probably been growing colonies of these molds and fungi since my childhood. I am a historical plantation owner.

Some of the cargo I am carrying probably have genome stickers from Scotland, Finland, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden and Greece. Then add to that the global genome stickers I transport from countries I have never visited. If I was like the Iceman Oetzi, future scientists would probably be puzzled at the multi-global microbes and fungi spores inside my 10,000 year old stomach and intestines.

I wont go into too much detail, but as I continue with my colon cleanse I am discovering that I am a highly successful mold and fungi plantation owner. I am so successful that mold and fungi come from all over the world to grow in my colon plantation. I have now decided to get out of the black fungus plantation and cargo transportation business... and I thought I was intelligent!

I know these basic life forms are a totally natural phenomenon, but not while growing in my colon. When these natural life forms migrate to my colon and successfully grow and spread, I stop growing and I get sick. I can bring all my symptoms back to the health or state of my intestines. As I clean up my inner environment the surface symptoms are in decline. The next test will be the Colloidial (Ionic) Silver. I left that to last, because I already know how effective the Silver is in cleansing the body.