Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Energy Healing & Magnetic Frequency

Other than using herbs and supplements to regain an intestinal flora balance. I also noticed energy changes taking place that are easily detected by a Prana Healer. As soon as the yeast/mold/fungus sensitivity (toxic reaction) starts to get the upper hand, the magnetic resonance of the body is already depleted. There are a number of things one can do to correct this.

Plants, food and herbs are, in themselves, resonant fields and when one finds the right herbs then the bodies magnetic resonance is put back into balance by the plants. This can include removing toxins and parasites, or cleaning up the resonance of the colon through introducing friendly intestinal flora.

The mind plays an essential role in the return of healthy magnetic resonance. This can include healthy visualisation or mental comands, but mostly that there is a neutral and balanced state of mind, observing and taking action.

Sick energy can be magnetised out of the liver or out of the colon, kidneys or the cells of the body through searching for a meditation where a guidance is received how to remove the thick dark, or sometimes yellow sick energy. I create the visualisations as I need them. People would be surprised at the effectiveness of various mental commands to remove toxins from the body.

Giving someone a command is not as effective as the person figuring out for themselves what they want to do and how they want to do it. Everyone's brain works differently, and people have their own unique way of understanding an illness and of visualising a solution.

The simplest approach for people who want to learn about energy healing is: Quantum Touch. Either you dissolve the block with pure energy or you can remove the sick energy and dissolve it in salt water or cold running water. The power of the mind is greatly underestimated and largely misunderstood by today's society.

Energy work is part of a general detox of the whole physical system, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and colon. The problem that occurs when the body is blocked from carrying out its natural cleansing cycle is that the tissues become clogged with toxins. Those toxins are best removed with a good detox programme as well as reintroducing the beneficial bacteria back into the gut.

The Magnetic Crystal Ball
I always look for simple ways to increase magnetic resonance. Normally, if you hold both hands parallel to each other you can feel a magnetic field bouncing backwards and forwards. If you hold your hands parallel for long enough the magnetic field intensifies.

The first thing I noticed with my yeast/fungi allergy was that the magnetic field effect was flat. Sort of like a battery without power. There was just no resonance. How could there be resonance with a jellyfish substance growing between the tissues? The jello effect was cutting the flow of the electro magnetic field, and therefore whatever it was could grow and grow, because there was no resistance and the immune system could not ship it away. The current was not there. However, the strange intercellular substance would transmit thunderstorm electric current (and goodness knows what else). This is why I feel that is it a primoridal element, because that is what the primoridal elements did millions of years ago - they transmitted electric storm current, connecting magnetic resonance with physical matter.

I knew I had to get that electro magnetic current moving again, and so I created a crystal ball field. To do that you hold your hands parallel as though you are holding an invisible crystal ball, and you spin the magnetic current clockwise. Once you get it moving it moves on its own. When you have the magnetic pulse hitting off both hands in a clockwise motion then the whole body does the same. It is my homeopathic spin.

You can actually do this anywhere and no one is going to know what you are doing, other than that they may pick up the signal and the change in atmosphere. Once I got the magnetic current moving all the little excess symptoms not immediately cleared up by my Kefir drink fell away due to re-establising the resonant magnetic current. I have now made myself a jar of Swedish Bitters [Schwedenbitter] and that has now returned the tissue in my hands to normal. As far as my body is concerned the intercellular jellyfish effect cannot survive the Swedish Bitters.