Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design Tectonics: Volcanic Cloud Alchemy

On June 21 Solstice, 2011 and on June 22 after the Full Moon Eclipse there has been amazing cloud alchemy in the skies over Europe. Months before the May 2011 Grimsvötn eruption there was generally a growing lack of rainfall, and no thunderstorms, no lightning. Rainbows had almost become 'extinct' as the skies above showed less natural cloud cover.

Since the Grimsvötn eruption there have also been a number of spectacular ash cloud eruptions exploding from volcanoes around the world. The explosive eruption of Puyehue, Chile and the Nabro volcano, Eritrea with continued eruptions of volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

One of Russia’s largest and most active volcanoes erupted Friday sending ash more than 10,000 feet into the air. Officials said a much larger eruption is "likely".

Shiveluch has had over 60 large explosive eruptions during the past 10,000 years. Catastrophic eruptions took place in 1854 and 1956, when a large part of the lava dome collapsed and created a devastating debris avalanche. The last significant eruption ocured in late May 2011 resulting in ash being sent to a height of 7.5 kilometres above sea level. The ejection was accompanied by an earthquake at the volcano that lasted more than 10 minutes.

It is difficult to capture the endless exchange of cloud colours that are evolving as the ash particles and unseen elements interact in the Earth's atmosphere. As the Sun was setting on June 23, the clouds revealed their composite characters. There were colours up there I have never seen .. I wonder if volcanoes had a part to play in Turner's paintings...

High levels of ash in the atmosphere during 1816 the "Year Without a Summer", led to unusually spectacular sunsets during this period, and were an inspiration for some of Turner's work.

As the Sun was setting on June 22, the nature of the clouds were like lazy drifting volcanic dragons of the sky. The human eye is better suited to viewing living colour and light. Cameras just cannot capture those ephemeral colours.

In those drifting clouds were sulphur yellows, dark-orange and browns .. magenta-browns, burgundy reds with dark ash greys buried in the deepest part of the clouds. I have never seen such a range of colours expand and transform within the few minutes of one Sunset. This is not just 'colour' those clouds have life in them. Volcanoes are clearly the great Alchemists of the Earth.

Even more than that, theories that particles, gasses and ash emitted from volcanic eruptions only affect the upper atmosphere is ... idiotic, to say the least. Of course the particles known and unknown enter the lower atmosphere and the soil. Not only are we breathing in these particles, but they fall as rain.

At least eighty percent of the life giving alchemical forces emitted in volcanic explosive eruptions are unaccounted for in terms of current knowledge. Each volcano has its own variety of gasses, water, elements, particles, electrical charge, distribution of ions, micro-nutrients, metals, crystals, density of aerosols and things we just do not have any knowledge of (as yet).

Each volcano is a Master Alchemist and at times where different eruptions coincide all over the world, the alchemical forces collide and interact in the Earth's atmosphere, changing the chemistry, altering the alchemy of the skies. We breathe it in as the elements form moisture.

Solar Pulse
There is one other major force we have not yet discovered in volcanic ash, water and lava .. that is the influence of the Sun. Solar flares do not simply zap through the planet like a passing storm .. the magnetic oscillations charge up water and lava. Rivers, ground water, aquifiers, lakes, ice flows and lava are all charged by the particles of the Sun.

We drink the water .. plants animals and trees take in the water and we become part of the Sun's evolution. Probably evolution is the wrong word .. I mean transformation. The lava also transmutes the quantum molecular information from the Sun into frequencies that we can absorb, and sends this signal out into the atmosphere communicating through chemistry, alchemy, electrical charge, magnetic charge, particles and gasses.

We become magnetised by the Sun.

We are effected by this whole process in so many ways. Turner expressed this in the form of his magnificent paintings; but all of us are effected whether we know it or not. If you pay attention, you are going to know it, feel it and be able to express the "art" of the Sun in your own way.

In a way we are the Sun's work of Art .. well the whole planet is the Sun's painting .. "work of art" .. but who is the ARTIST? In a strange way we are the artist - but that is getting ahead of the discovery!

The ancients knew what they were talking about when they said: The Sun of the Creator... but we are not talking about 3D human form. Yes! The human beings on Earth are affected by this spiritual cosmic process; but we humans are not the source of that intelligence .. at our best we are the canvas on which the cosmic painting is completed.

If you want to really understand this process keep watching the skies and keep watching the clouds, the weather, the alchemy unfolding in front of your eyes and you will see your own transformation in those clouds up there .. because what is up there is in your lungs and in the cells of your body .. and what is your body? Your body is a mirror of the spirit.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Solon’s Solution: Freedom From Debt (Servitude)

Athens, unlike Sparta, was a money-mad commercial city. The constitution written by Solon mitigated the class struggle between rich and poor, and allowed for the growth of democratic institutions.
Solon "Lawmaker of Athens" 638 - 559 BC

Let's go back to Athens around 602 BC to: The Laws of Draco

I wont even begin to discuss the esoteric implications of "Draco" (reptilian) laws being written for the Athenians at that time, that were so severe all crimes were to be punished by death. I don't know if these humans were interacting with 'entities' .. but this had to be a specific power group who showed little regard for their fellow man.

Aristotle described the crisis prior to Solon`s economic reforms:
There was contention between the nobles and the mass of the people for a long time.. the poor were in servitude to the rich…now the whole country was in the hands of a few…the hardest and bitterest feature for the masses was their servitude…for in nothing, one might say, had they any share.

Solon’s Solution: Freedom from Debt
Solon’s first action was to proclaim the celebrated law known as the “shaking off of burdens”. He cancelled the debts of the poor. That’s right, he cancelled debt! And every citizen who had been sold abroad into slavery was brought back to Athens with public funds. “Shaking off of burdens” became the name of a festival of thanksgiving held every year in Solon’s honor, and the Athenians never tired of extolling Solon, whom they proudly called the “Father of Democracy”.

Solon also required every man to teach his son a trade, and forbade the export of selected raw materials to foreigners. That is, he mandated local production before “free trade”.
On The Verge of Civil War

Does all of this sound familiar? Do the struggles of ancient Greece sound sort of similar to the social and economic struggles of today? Well, it seems to be a human drama playing itself out in cycles .. perhaps because we do not learn; but simply repeat the patterns of the past.

Under Athenian law at that time, if a loan went into default, the creditor could seize the debtor and his family and sell them as slaves to get money to pay off the debt. The cruelty and arrogance of the rich caused the poor to form into gangs to save themselves and rescue those who had been made slaves through usury.
Solon by Plutarch

Well, in reality what are we talking about here? Surely about resource conflicts. This is the basis of current economics. Resources are wealth, land is wealth, populations are wealth. For example, when the Anglo Saxons invaded Celtic Britain they enslaved the local populations to their laws and designs. Colonizing Celtic Wales, Ireland and Scotland was not only about land ownership; but it was also about ownership of the local populations - who are considered a resource until today.

Let's go back to Athens and Greece, where banks and institutions consider land, resources and populations as 'wealth'. I am not talking about 559 BC .. I am talking about now .. as in today!

Sovereign Debt & Servitude
As the future unfolds surely everyone knows or is aware that Greece will never pay back its 'debts'. Athens will also not agree to a 'land grab' .. assets for debt. Go back and study the history of this region. To the people of Athens and to the people of Greece any attempt to exchange land and resources for 'debt' will be seen as an 'invasion'. I am assessing this purely from a historical perspective.

You can 'lend the Greeks money'; but they will never exchange their land resources for 'debt' .. nor do they make good slaves .. from a historical perspective that is just the way they are. They wont do it for God, they wont do it for banks and they wont do it for the EU...

You may as well call the debt institutions 'Draco', from a historical perspective!

Some wicked men are rich, some good men poor,
But I would rather trust in what's secure;
Our virtue sticks with us and makes us strong,
But money changes owners all day long.

- Solon of Athens

Sunday, June 19, 2011

There Is No Safe Level of Strontium 90

Scotland's Strontium 90 disaster: Cancer Time Bomb

Cold War Atomic Tests
HUNDREDS of thousands of Scots born in the mid-Sixties face a higher risk of developing cancer after being exposed to record levels of nuclear fallout from Cold War atomic tests.

Findings from a covert research project, obtained by Scotland on Sunday, reveal that contamination by the radioactive isotope Strontium 90 from nuclear tests peaked in babies born in 1964.

Exposure to Strontium 90, which is released in nuclear explosions and stored in the bones in the same way as calcium, can increase the risk of developing leukaemia and sarcoma.

Former pathologist Professor Gavin Arneil, who was involved in the study at Yorkhill, said: "All cow’s milk, and every tin of national dried milk contained Strontium 90. Every mother’s breast milk included Strontium 90.

"All vegetation and all animals were known to be contaminated."

He added: "Our aim was to measure the likely increase in Strontium 90 levels as hydrogen bombs continued to explode and levels approached concentrations at which real concern would be felt.

Fukushima June 16, 2011 - Strontium 90 Contamination Spreading In Japan: "Cesium-137 goes to soft tissue. Strontium-90 goes to the bones and teeth. Iodine-131 goes to the thyroid gland.” All have been released in large amounts in the Fukushima disaster since it began on March 11."

Strontium 90
Strontium-90 is a by-product of the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, and in nuclear weapons. Strontium-90 is found in waste from nuclear reactors. It can also contaminate reactor parts and fluids. The human body absorbs strontium as if it were calcium. The stable forms of strontium do not pose a significant health threat, but the radioactive strontium-90 can lead to various bone disorders and diseases, including bone cancer. See: Strontium (Sr)

Naturally occurring Strontium is non-radioactive and non-toxic. Called 'stable Strontium' this element - not to be confused with man-made radioactive Strontium - is considered to increase bone density and promote bone health. "The stable form slowly replaces the radioactive form in bone, and radioactive strontium is excreted in the urine." Natural Strontium

Perhaps the fact that natural or stable Strontium is present in human bones is a clue to the process of radioactive Strontium accumulation in the bone marrow as a result of environmental radioactive contamination.

Although (unfortunately) Japanese seaweed could potentially be contaminated with high levels of radioactive contamination researchers have suggested that, Sodium alginate extracted from the cell walls of brown algae - kombu, kelp, wakame, arame - reduces the amount of strontium-90 absorbed by bone tissue by 50 to 83 percent."

Perhaps people in Japan and Scotland can work together to find a 'solution' to these genocidal industries and therefore create something good out of ... the misfortune visited on ordinary people who are simply trying to live their lives on this planet.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Volcanoes Eruptions & The River Nile

With the situation worsening over many years, across the length of the River Nile and the Blue River Nile water shortages and the resulting water conflicts are increasing. The assessment for Egypt's Nile Delta for July and August, 2011 are of severe drought for the Delta villages and farmers in those regions.

I was sort of stretching my imagination a bit trying to understand the extended relationship between the River Nile and the East African chain of volcanoes situated close to the source of this great river.

I am aware that ongoing volcanic eruptions can also create dry and arid weather conditions. I am also aware that volcanoes send vital life giving minerals and elements into the Earth's atmosphere, which act on the Planet's biosphere over hundred's if not thousands of years.

Imagine you have a way to fertilize the soil in a way that would continue to spread and re-fertilize over hundreds of years. I came to that idea when I was thinking about Fukushima's spreading radioactive contamination of the ground water and soil. I thought there must be a natural element that can also spread and transmute the dangerous man-made radioactive substances to less dangerous forms.

I was thinking about the explosive eruption of Eritrea's prehistoric Nabro volcano and what it would mean if eruptions became common along the active splitting Nubian and Somalian African Plates. Following the 13km eruption of ash on June 12, Nabro erupted again on June 16, 2011 sending out a 15km plume.

Assuming that ash clouds from volcanic eruptions along the East Africa Rift Valley would drift North towards Egypt/Saudi Arabia .. how would this impact the climate, the weather, rainfall and the unseen relationship between the rivers and the atmosphere.

Historic Volcanic Eruption Shrunk the Mighty Nile River
Volcanic eruptions in high-latitudes can greatly alter climate and distant river flows, including the Nile, according to a recent study funded in part by NASA.

Researchers found that Iceland's Laki volcanic event, a series of about ten eruptions from June 1783 through February 1784, significantly changed atmospheric circulations across much of the Northern Hemisphere. This created unusual temperature and precipitation patterns that peaked in the summer of 1783, including far below normal rainfall over much of the Nile River watershed and record low river levels.

The Laki event had such a significant impact on the climate because it released large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. When combined with water vapor, the gas formed into tiny particles called aerosols that reduced incoming solar radiation, cooling the average temperature over Northern Hemisphere land masses by as much as 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer of 1783, as simulated with the computer model. Tree ring data also showed significantly reduced tree growth in the summer of 1783, indicative of the coolest summer of the last 400 years in northwestern Alaska, while tree growth in parts of Siberia was the least in 500-600 years. NASA Report

Only through observation will we understand the impact that changes in Eastern Africa will have on the Nile. A worsening of drought conditions would be a disaster for the region. However, we cannot exclude a potential long term shift towards water abundance bringing an end to the droughts.

Without careful and intelligent shared 'water management' (respecting nature), increasing water abundance could bring its own kind of disaster to the Nile regions. Water conflicts of the rich kind... Water rich areas allow for expansion and everyone would want to expand. Build dams (hold the water), spread the irrigation horizontally (another way of holding the water), with all the conflicts that would ensue.

Orgone Rich Regions
Beyond the initial changes I feel that over the next thousand years humans will discover how to create 'Orgone rich' atmospheric abundance = water rich zones. Some zones may be created on the oceans with floating oceanic research and living areas where the enclosed dome creates its own atmosphere and 'rain' from seawater distillation.

The key word is 'Orgone rich' .. Orgone being Wilhelm Reich's description of bright blue fields of energy that can alter atmospheric conditions without the use of 'technology'.

You wont find Orgone responding to low and high frequency pulse-beams and all that stuff. In that respect we humans are the 'technology'. Orgone responds to the mind and to the state of the human mind. Over the next thousand years the state of the planetary human mind will be the key to how mankind develops.

I think it will take a thousands years, because humans are going to have to observe nature and understand the process of how nature creates life with no external 'technology'. Understanding the basics - essentially the mind of nature - creates mutual respect between Earth humanity and 'the forces'. Then we can begin to co-create Orgone Rich Regions on land as well as within the oceans.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rifts & Volcanoes: The Afar Triangle Ethiopia

In geological terms the Afar or Danakil Depression, also known as the Afar Triple Junction, located in Ethiopia's Afar Region, is also part of the 'Great Rift Valley'. Situated above the Northern part of the Ethiopian Dome, where the Arabian and African Plate boundaries are pulling away from each other, the East Africa Rift Valley is showing signs of significant changes to come.

Red Sea Gulf of Aden Across both the Gulf of Aden mid-ocean ridge system and the southernmost part of the Red Sea the plates are moving not only apart but also sliding past each other with one side moving to the left with respect to the other.

Design Tectonics
This concept of 'design tectonics' came to me as I was considering how much change the world will face over the next one hundred to five hundred years .. maybe a thousand years of change - certainly a thousand years of change! Some of which will be similar to what we are seeing now in 2011 and some of the changes will be sudden and dramatic, like the changes happening in Japan.

On a world view this could be described as "Design Tectonics", where the planet periodically undergoes an impressive restructuring. One potential change running down this Eastern corner of Africa could be a deepening of the rift where water from the Gulf of Aden fills the basin and almost creates an Island.

It seems obvious as the East African Rift Valley and depression continues to spread and if there would be major slippage within the Gulf of Aden undersea transformation faults, then one could almost imagine an Island being formed out of Somalia. As the Nubian African Plate moves Northwest the Somalian African Plate is moving Southeast.

The crustal depression to the North, close to the Nabro eruption in Eritrea is geologically shaped like an estuary (where the crust is spreading and thinning) and this is what I mean by Design Tectonics. I don't know if that area could collapse over time, as I am not a Geologist.

Part of the tectonic remodelling of the East African Rift lies in the contrast of the massive height of Mount Kilimanjaro volcano to the South on the Tanzania/Kenya border and the Northernmost Danakil/Afar Depression where the low lying volcanic vents are below sea level. The Rift Valley Depression is the lowest point in Africa, with Lake Asal lying 155 meters below sea level.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eritrea's Nabro Caldera Plate Boundary Eruption

A cluster of Earthquakes hit Southern Eritrea followed by an explosive eruption of the dormant Nabro volcano, forming a large ash cloud with salt and lava flows. See the excellent Earthquake Report on the Nabro eruption.

The eruption took place at the northernmost point of the 'Ethiopian Dome' at the meeting of plate boundaries and developing plate boundaries. There are two extensive dome boundaries on this area of the Nubian Plate. The Ethiopian Dome bordering on the Gulf of Aden; South of which lies the Kenya Dome with a developing plate boundary.

At the Southernmost edge of the Kenya Dome on the Tanzanian border is the dormant Mount Kilimanjaro. The June 12, 2011 Nabro Caldera eruption on the Eritrea/Ethiopia border sent a thick cloud across Northern Ethiopia that is drifting towards Saudi Arabia and possibly Egypt. The cluster of quakes preceding the Nabro eruption were sudden and intense, with the volcano releasing a 13km high explosive cloud of ash with very little warning.

Further to the South on the lower part of the Kenya Dome lies Mount Kilimanjaro, a giant stratovolcano composed of three distinct volcanic cones. Apparently two of the cones are extinct while the highest volcano cone is considered to be dormant.

Over the last few years the ice cap on the peaks of Kilimanjaro have been slowly melting, the glacier has been crumbling and many of the rivers are drying up.

I am not an 'expert', all I have is observation and imagination. Could the melting snow on the summit of kilimanjaro and the drying rivers be partly due to the extinct/dormant volcano 'heating up'.

I don't think one can underestimate the gradual surface effects from deeper pressure of lava inside of volcanoes. The heat transfer would probably (at first) be subtle. It may happen over extended periods - bit by bit - hardly noticed by us surface dwellers. I am guessing that the glacier at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro established itself at a time when the volcano was much cooler and much more dormant.

Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the largest volcanoes in the world, is what I would call a longer cycle volcano - together with Mount Vesuvius and the volcanic caldera of Santorini. It is possible that such long cycle tectonic upheaval shook ancient Egypt apart, sending some of its cities and architecture crashing into the Nile Delta where they are being found today.

In 2003 scientists concluded that there is molten magma just 400 meters below the summit crater of Mount Kilimanjaro. There have recently been concerns that the summit may collapse, causing a major eruption similar to Mount St. Helens.

Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Sun Moon Sun Eclipse 'Cosmic Trine Pyramid'

On June 1, 2011 a partial Ecipse of the Sun will cross the land of the midnight Sun... As viewed in Norway, continuing Thursday, June 2, at dawn in northern China and Siberia, then moving across the Arctic, crossing the International Date Line and ending in the early evening of Wednesday, June 1, in northeastern Canada...

Strangely, the June 2011 Solar Eclipse begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday because of the International date line !! Then on July 1, 2011 begins the "Eclipse no one will see". Well! No one but the UFOs will see it .. and whether we see it or not the Eclipse will effect us and will effect the planet we live on.

Basically, the Earth in 2011 will experience two rare partial Solar Eclipses and one Full Lunar Eclipse in one month! The harmonic cycle begins with a rare 'Midnight Solar Eclipse' on June 1st and 2nd .. on June 15 a Full Lunar Eclipse will occur and on July 1st a partial Solar Eclipse will occur over the Antarctic.

Midnight Sun Eclipse
In many ways the 'Midnight Sun Eclipse' is both alluring and mysterious whether you see it or not. It is very strange up there in June and July when the Norther nights are light and the Sun never sets.

For those of us not used to this strange Sun-on-the-horizon, sleep is difficult and when you waken up you do not know whether is is night or day. Hanging on the horizon the Northern Summer Sun is ruler of all that is.

Total Lunar Eclipse: June 15 - 2011
The Moon Eclipse will rise in South America + Europe and is also visible in Africa and the Middle East, as well as Eastern Asia and Australia. We do not totally know what this means; but in some way the Sun/moon harmonic Eclipses are extraordinary in and of themselves. The Moon Is Eclipsed by The Earth

The Antarctic Solar Eclipse
It would be stupid to assume that just because humans do not see nor experience the Antarctic Solar Eclipse that is does not affect them .. as we are a part of all-that-is and even the Universe affects us (whether we are aware of it or not).

So, in essence, we have a 2011 Arctic Antarctic Eclipse reversal, where the first partial Solar Eclipse takes place in the Arctic Northern Hemisphere and where the July 1st, 2011 partial Solar Eclipse takes place in the Southern Hemisphere... hidden in the Antarctic!

Sun Moon Sun Eclipse Trinity
For the Celts, the Picts and the Gauls (as well as other ancient cultures) the three-fold spirit of nature [tri-angle] played an essential part in life and mythology where the three forces create harmony.

The center of the three phase Sun-Moon-Sun Eclipse is the Total Eclipse of the Moon on June 15, 2011. This will be the longest Lunar Eclipse in the last hundred years. The entire Eclipse will last five hours and thirty-six minutes creating a copper red shadow on the face of the Moon as seen from Earth.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ash From Puyehue Volcano Could Benefit Australia

Forming my own theories about life-giving-volcanoes and their function in altering the Earth's climate, it seems to me that the ash and particle generating Puyehue Volcano in Chile may be regenerating the climate in the same way as Iceland's Grimsvötn and Eyjafjallajökul have done.

From on-the-ground observations, the only thing I can say is that we have real clouds again, pleasant cooler temperatures and no longer the 30°C+ burning deadly Sun radiation and extended lack of rain since the May, 2011 Grimsvötn eruption in Iceland.

I can't explain it - but there is 'something' up there in the atmosphere making real dark grey fluffy clouds, increasing vital cloud cover and it looks alive up there .. the atmosphere has come to life .. there is moisture retention and a durable cloud presence.

I see from reports that the recent Puyehue volcanic eruption in Chile has not only affected Argentina; but significant ash has spread across the Pacific affecting Australia and New Zealand. I wonder if atmospheric enlivening ash, magnetic particles and unknown elements affect the cloud forming ions/chemistry while changing the long term drought that had been affecting Australia over the last ten years.

From my perspective, one-by-one volcanic eruptions around the world could be in a phase of re-seeding or re-activating the Earth's atmosphere and the Earth's climate in ways we do not yet understand. My theory is that each major eruption-location affects the climate, alters the atmospheric chemistry, adds as yet unknown living elements into the atmosphere and potentially creates/generates cloud and rain.

I see that one-by-one the volcanoes erupt in their own time, activating each quadrant of what could be called, an hexagonal Earth-grid. Each volcanic eruption has its own dynamics, particles, chemistry and density - but all eruptions over time will interact and nourish the atmosphere over hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

If I am correct the severe droughts spreading across North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and more recently across Russia and Europe could be the last edge of a long period of reduced volcanic activity. If the volcanoes breathe life into the atmosphere .. essential for long term cloud creation and rainfall .. then long periods of reduced volcanic activity worldwide would potentially leave the planet in a particle exhausted state.

Simply, pay attention and watch. Major eruptions in Indonesia .. with flooding in Pakistan that gave a rich grain harvest the following year [2011] .. eruptions in Iceland, Japan, Chile and now in Africa .. Yes! Volcanic eruptions in Africa! Why? Because the Earth's volcanoes are re-seeding the atmosphere with rich minerals, ions, bacteria, ash, magnetism and life giving elements.

Earthquake Report have an extensive article on the Nabra volcano eruption in Eritrea following the earthquake swarm on June 12, 2011. This is a stratovolcano located in the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea and is essentially 'dormant' - so to speak. I mean this is not a Mount Etna regularly spewing ash - the volcano is not a Grimsvötn.

If I am correct the eruption of this volcano could spell a seeding of cloud and rains across Africa. Could Africa become water rich over the next 1,000 years? It is certainly possible given essential changes in the atmospheric nutrients around the African continent.

All this could potentially change the European and North American predictions of extreme water shortages and continuing drought in Africa and the Middle East. Those predictions were made on the continuing worsening of atmospheric conditions based on projecting what we see happening to the climate over the last 50 years. Can volcanoes change that projection? I think so...

Nature's joker card - nature's winning hand - would be to play cards we humans don't even know exist. I think mother Earth is about to teach us all a thing or two about weather, climate, the atmosphere, volcanoes, relationship with the Sun and in general about the world we live in.

Observing these changes I think it is possible the Middle East and Africa could receive renewed (sustained) water-from-the-heavens over a long period - potentially replenishing the great rivers, the underground wells and filling up the water table, even returning rain to parched areas.

Putting the Mayan Calendar (which is not a 'Calendar') in perspective .. will this cycle of renewal return the waters-of-life to the old world? I think that is possible. What is more valuable than material wealth, oil, physical resources? Water! Surely! Water is health - water is wealth...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ancient Forces Protect Switzerland

One could say that Switzerland is similar to the 'pineal gland' of mainland Europe. Within those energetic seer mountains is an ancient force much older than mankind. They were here on the Earth since the beginning and they will be here long after the human race has gone.

Each race on Earth corresponds to local (tectonic) vibrational frequencies, to specific star systems and to inter-dimensional forces (portals) here on Earth. When not stuck to the 3D body the human spirit/soul make use of inter-dimensional transit frequencies and connection portals governed by awareness factors.

Levels of awareness are not related to control .. but are what they are. Lower your awareness and you alter internal frequencies - shift your awareness and you shift frequencies. Just as a certain kind of computer software can or cannot work with older or newer operating systems, so levels of awareness can or cannot work with various Earth and Cosmic frequencies.

The people at CERN may or may not already know this .. particles and organisms can pass to and fro between various levels of inter-dimensional space. Therefore, when the Sun sends out a Solar flare, within that energy are multi levels of particles interacting all at once - but they converge from and through different reality frequencies.

That brings us back the the ancient guardian race of Planet Earth.

There are areas on Earth that connect to Galactic locations, to other Sun systems, to Planetary systems and to things we do not yet understand. If you like, one could say that the human soul is a multi-dimensional quantum field where the spirit is the scout and the incarnation is the beacon. In some ways you are a 'light-house' to your soul [for your soul].

The soul fires you up, gives you energy and you (the light-house) send the beam back. If CERN was the soul then you would be the particle interacting across space-time (appearing and disappearing) in coherent fields where your psyche is the navigation system and your spirit is the navigator.

Just as many older races before us, we humans have been primed to reconstruct the soul wherever we go in space-time. Can it go wrong? Yes! Do we have a choice? No! It inside us in the same way a bird has to fly and a fish has to swim. It is part of what we are.

At key locations on Planet Earth are multi-layered inter-dimensional portals vibrating like seed-pods connecting physical and non-physical space. The ancient ones existed before the creation of this Galaxy .. they observed the creation of the Earth and they will still be there when the Earth is no more. The ancient ones are extraorinary. They precede time-space and when Galaxies die (or transmute) it is all one and the same to the ancient ones.

A Special Seed
Now, something unusual is happening on Planet Earth. A special seed is germinating. Before humans become semi-arrogant and think they are the special seed .. it includes all living things on Earth. Humans cannot change their vibration if the whole Earth does not change .. which includes the trees, plants, rivers, oceans, sea creatures, birds and animals. Either we all get an 'upgrade' or no one does.

All over the world sacred portals are opening...

The dense 3D world cannot overwhelm this 'change' .. the change has already taken place .. it has already happened. The energies in Switzerland - sought out by 'the rich' are merging and coordinating with extraordinary energies all over the Planet. Enriching everyone regardless of race or colour...

The human race are not 'an experiment'. To say that is to imagine that someone [the forces] do not know what they are doing! It makes humanity sound like ?? a universal clown .. and that is not what is going on down here on Planet Earth.

Ancient forces protect Switzerland and all Earth locations related to and connected with the "Galactic Federation". The Internet is an extension of the human psyche. The Internet is an extension of the Planet Earth. They did not 'worship' gods in ancient Egypt .. they were in contact with multi-dimensional realities. The true history of the Earth is about to be revealed...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One

Things are happening very fast now and so I am going to diverge a little from the way I usually approach the reality around us .. moving into the future.

If you (the reader) need a crash-course in spiritual coherence, then you will find all the clues in the title of this post: Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One .. you really do not need anything more than that. "Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One" says it all!

Maybe in Europe? There is going to be a massive volcanic eruption. I don't know when and I don't know where. All I know is that in the dream daylight was turned to darkness - so thick was the volcanic ash. I do not know how far the ash will spread. I only know it is coming!

Since I was a child I could see spirits .. mostly lost spirits that get stuck here, in the netherworlds or through a trauma where they are caught and cannot let go. Recently, there was one woman who got stuck because of what is called a 'cross-cause-death' .. that is a death that should not happen but a mistake unfolds and events cover up the event-mistake.

It can happen that a good human being who loves their family and friends has a 'trauma' and in such situations they are naturally guided to 'one-who-heals' .. and therefore I advise you to become one-who-heals. You just listen with the Third-Eye and your ancient spirit will know the rest.

In the case of the woman the intervention took less than a second and her bright light spirit diverged from the sorrow of the 3D astral form and she was gone - traversing space-time as the 3D astral energy sank back into the Earth.

If you get irritated by this information or you get upset then best is you do not read my posts. Best is you read something that does not irritate and upset you. But for those of you who 'understand' what I am saying .. we have to get proactive in our mindset. We have to align ourselves fully with the mind/body planet cohesion.

You can form meditation groups or you can work alone. It does not matter if you are in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Indonesia or Russian / Australia / New Zealand .. Your mind, your body and the Planet are one. You are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of you.

Well! Guess what? We are also part of the Sun .. and this is why no one needs to be afraid of the changes taking place in the Sun. If no changes were taking place we would be in serious trouble. Be happy changes are taking place.

I woke up one morning after the partial eclipse and I could see many cultures of the Sun. It is not true that cultures of the Sun and cultures of the Moon were separate. You cannot understand the Moon without understanding the Sun and you cannot understand the Sun without understanding the Moon.

They listened to the Sun ...

You can look into the mind of the Sun alone or you can look into the mind of the Sun as a group .. and that is all your ancestors did. They looked and they saw. They listened to nature, they listened to the Earth, they listened to the Planets, to the animals, fish, birds, animals.

In a strange way 'words' are a form of mental retardation.

In the original Sanskrit texts they said: In the beginning was SOUND .. not the word (which is the invention of measurement = linear thought) .. but sound.

So, test it out for yourselves. Find out the difference between tone and words. Birds (dolphins/whales) communicate using highly complex sounds, pitch and tone that go beyond the human hearing range. So, maybe we humans fell out of sound into the word and in that context we forgot who we are!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bacterial Mutation: Looking Through A Glass Darkly

Béchamp, Rife and Naessens Germ Theory
All microbes that permanently live in our organism go through the same stages of their development. According to Enderlein they are as follows: Colloid — microbe (primitive phrase), bacteria (middle phase), fungus (end phase).

Royal Rife could show that with increased toxicity the transformation goes into non-filterable forms, not visible with ordinary light microscopes (viruses). This also disproves Pasteur's infection theory as the "pathogenic bacteria" do not have to come from outside.

Those phases can be easily seen in living blood under the microscope, but only in "darkfield" as the small primitive forms are invisible in "brightfield."

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
Ultraviolet water disinfection systems: UV rays can penetrate the cell membrane of the microorganism and stop the reproduction capacity, leading to the destruction of the organism. UV radiation causes genetic damage to the genetic structure of bacteria. Therefore, Biogas from human waste uses Ultraviolet light in treatment and sterilisation.

Should E. coli bacteria mutate rather than being killed by UV treatment and antibiotic treatments then we humans are artificially altering these organisms. I imagine an advanced society would not 'kill' deadly bacteria; but they would cause them to transmute from their pathogenic forms into their benign forms. In other terms: reverse the mutations, transmute into balance. We are potentially creating dis-ease through disturbing the background ecology of the world we live in.

Royal R. Rife stated that there are only about ten different germs. All the various appearances that are classified in bacteriology are adaptations (pleomorphic changes) to the toxicity of the medium they live in. He describes the pleomorphic development of E. coli as follows:

E. coli
salmonella typhi
mycobacterium tuberculosum
yeast forms
BX (bacterium X)
BY (bacterium Y)
Rife could isolate BX from all cancerous tumors, the BY he found in sarcomas. The change from one form into another happens in about 36 hours. BX and BY pass readily through 000 ceramic filters and cannot be seen in an ordinary light microscope.

Antibiotics severely increase the toxicity of the host organism. The "disappearance" of a particular germ from the culture does not mean that the germ is dead; it only became invisible due to its transformation into an invisible form. That means that the host organism is now in a cancerous state.

The first and probably most disastrous error originates from Ferdinand Cohn, who in 1870 proclaimed that all microbes and bacteria have only one form (Monomorphism). This was also taught by Louis Pasteur. This teaching was opposed to the teaching of Antoine Béchamp who, roughly at the same time, could demonstrate that microbes can alter their form and appear as different germs (pleomorphism). Enderlein basically confirmed this and many other researchers after him.

Riddle of Pleomorphic Microorganisms by W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D.
Pleomorphism refers to the belief that microorganisms can adopt multiple forms during a single growth cycle. It was originally proposed by a French Scientist and contemporary of Louis Pasteur named Antoine Bechamp. He observed tiny particles, which he called microzymas (small fermenters), that seemingly subsequently transformed into living bacteria.

The discovery that bacteria morphs out of a single background source, almost like fungi emerging from mycelium, makes a lot more sense than the assumption that bacteria just float around as single organisms. Using bright light we cannot see their common ground, because light renders their source world invisible to the eye. Therefore, they can only be detected looking through a glass darkly.

Monday, June 06, 2011

E. coli Jack and The Bean Sprout

The story goes that Jack is sent by his mother to sell their only cow at the market, but along the way he is apparently swindled by a man who offers him 'magic beans' in exchange for the cow ...

However, in this adaptation we have gone through organic Spanish cucumbers .. lettuce and tomatoes, fresh products from the Netherlands and organic bean sprouts - before we get to the beef. The cow only appears at the end of the story. To keep the story clean no one uses the word sewage, human waste, severe drought or animal waste .. nor asks how could a 'contaminated' bean sprout combine an African anti-biotic resistant E. coli bacterium with a less virulent European variety?

The strain of enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) isolated from cases in the EHEC infection outbreak in Germany is said to be a rare strain, the UN claims! Also, rare is the high number of young women affected by this strain. The recombined pathogenic E. Coli 0401 also contains DNA sequences from the plague.

This Jack-in-the-bean-sprout strain is said to be a natural GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) similar to a bacterial strain located in the Central African Republic, called EAEC 55989, which is known to cause serious diarrhea. The aggressive antibiotic resistant E. coli strain affecting Europe (in its recombined state) is said to be 'super toxic'.

Hey! Let's not be hypocritical here! Africa have suffered from deadly strains of E. coli for many years .. it is a simple fact that Africa have silently suffered pathogenic E. coli outbreaks and have struggled to deal with antibiotic resistant strains of the E. coli bacterium. That does not mean this particular strain emerged out-of-Africa ...

Out of Germany, not Out of Africa — the beastly German germ is a GMO whose parents have been around Germany for 10 years. by David Tribe on 3 June 2011

The German beast has a main chromosome that is 99.69% identical to known Escherichia coli EAEC strain 55989 over 96.07% of the chromosome’s length. This strain comes from Africa. Another strain, a German strain 01-09591 originally isolated in 2001 is probably even more closely related to the current outbreak strain, but this strain’s genome has not yet been completely decoded. BGI could do it in about a day if given the DNA. Interestingly, Kat Holt an others now show the German outbreak strain has inherited a shigatoxin gene as part of an acquired virus cassette inserted its main chromosome. It is a clear-cut example of a natural GMO.

Enteroaggregative E. coli strain 55989 was originally isolated from the diarrheagenic stools of an HIV-positive adult suffering from persistent watery diarrhea in Central African Republic [86]. The enteroaggragative pathotype is recognized as an emerging cause of diarrhoea in children and adults worldwide...

There are similar patterns merging like a high-speed kalaidescope in this Jack-and-the-bean-sprout thriller .. such as the large number of young women across Africa, who for years have suffered immune system breakdown, HUS (haemolytic-uremic syndrome), infections with antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, shiga-toxin producing E. coli and AIDS.

German EHEC strain is a chimera created by horizontal gene transfer by David Tribe on 2 June 2011
Bacteria swap genes in everybody’s gut whether there is GM food there or not. The GM food issue is irrelevant to this rapid bacterial evolution.

Horizontal movement is what bacterial genes do naturally.
The mechanism by which the gene swapping occurred to generate the new German outbreak strain is almost obvious from current knowledge of the biology of gene movement in E. coli. A brief history of this science is explained below, and the role of plasmids (mini-chromosomes) and bacterial viruses mentioned below provide the evidence needed to understand this gene-swapping ability. The following history indicates how this explains the emergence of the German strain.

Climbing The Bean Sprout (Stalk)
Who would ever associate Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections with diarrhoeic HIV/AIDS?? The bottom line is water borne E. coli poses a high risk for immune deficiency AIDS patients in Africa. The key words are not antibiotic resistant but immune deficient.

Let's look at the recent European E. coli outbreak backwards. If the strain was so virulent surely it would have killed everyone infected or at least half of those infected? That is what I mean about looking at the problem backwards.

Looking forwards tells us that a bug (bacteria) from outside attacks us and we get sick. Looking backwards tells us that the inner conditions of the colon and immune system play their part. Including allergic reactions to antibiotics. Today, antibiotics are mainly produced (grown from) from bacteria fungi and mold(s), some being produced synthetically.

Going back to the colon .. each individual has their own unique colonies of good and bad bacteria (and parasites) living inside the gut and in the intestines. Imagine that you go in and aggressively kill all those gut bacteria with antibiotics. Well, some of the bacteria release highly toxic substances when they die!

In Europe, we do not like to think that apparently healthy people have immune deficiencies. Europeans are not challenged in the same way the African people are challenged by dirty water, contaminated water supplies, bacteria in the water, parasites in the water. In Europe the water supply is contaminated by a mixture of medications, drugs, contraceptives, pain killers and anti-depressants.

For the last hundred years human science has been on an overkill reaction to di-ease. Like that you take a twenty foot club to kill an ant. And very soon scientists will begin to figure out that this approach is not going to work for much longer. It is like carpet bombing a town to take out one building.

In an immune compromised individual the mass killing of all gut and colon bacteria, friendly flora and not so friendly bacteria creates an inner toxic acidic tsunami that then head for the kidneys and the bladder. This syndrome is well known in Candida research. Antibiotics can lead to overgrowth of Candida Albicans after the friendly probiotic bacteria have been wiped out by the antibiotic treatment.

Candida & The Antibiotic Syndrome

Sunday, June 05, 2011

E.coli Superbug Antibiotic Problem

Natural News - The mainstream media is predictably pretending it has no idea where this new strain came from. They're all scratching their heads and just focusing on the "killer cucumbers" which is of course a particularly lame bit of disinfo.

Want to know where this e.coli really came from? The abuse of antibiotics in factory animal farms.

Factory animal farm operations, you see, raise cattle, pigs and chickens in such atrociously bad and dirty conditions that they have to pump them full of antibiotics just to avoid the rapid spread of infection. This constant dosing with antibiotics creates the perfect breeding ground for superbugs in the guts of these animals.

Then, these animals defecate and drop billions of e.coli bacteria with their stools which are then collected and used as crop fertilizers. So the crops are actually grown in this stuff that's contaminated with animal fecal matter containing antibiotics-induced superbugs.

The veggies grown in the e.coli fertilizer then get shipped to supermarkets, where people buy the produce and fail to wash it properly. Once they consume it, the e.coli goes to work in their own guts which are largely devoid of friendly flora because many people are also on antibiotics which wipe out their own intestinal flora, creating a perfect environment for food borne infection.

That's when people start dying, you see. It's all basic cause and effect.

So, you see, antibiotics play a double role in this tragedy: They're widely abused throughout the animal ranching industry, and they're also widely abused by doctors treating human patients. And yet the media is just strangely reluctant to print this obvious fact. They almost outright refuse to tell readers the truth: E.coli superbugs are an antibiotics problem, not a vegetable problem!

How to protect yourself from E.coli

On the practical side, what can you do to protect yourself from e.coli contamination of vegetables? There are FOUR simple things you can do:

1) EAT LOCAL. Grow your own food and / or buy from local farmers' markets.

2) WASH YOUR VEGGIES. If you wash them well, even e.coli won't be a problem. The e.coli is only present in those veggies that aren't adequately washed.

3) TAKE PROBIOTICS. The more "friendly" bacteria you have in your gut, the less space there is for toxic e.coli to take hold. The secret truth about these infections -- that you're not being told -- is that virtually everyone infected with toxic e.coli is someone with compromised digestive flora. Taking probiotics gives you a buffer against invading nasties.

4) AVOID ANTIBIOTICS. Most antibiotics are prescribed to humans by clueless doctors who prescribe them for things like viral infections and asthma, none of which are treated in the least by antibiotics.

These four simple steps will protect nearly everyone from e.coli infections acquired through food. So why doesn't the mainstream media teach people these four simple steps? Because they're too busy blaming cucumbers, tomatoes and spinach, I guess. They're utterly ignorant of the simple dynamics of e.coli superbug mutation and propagation.

Natural Spices Antibacterial Activity On Escherichia coli

This study is the most up-to-date on drug resistant Escherichia coli, from Bangladesh, using lime and natural spices. The conclusion was that: "Natural spices might have anti-bacterial activity against enteric pathogens and could be used for prevention of diarrheal diseases."

"It is interesting to note that even crude extracts of these plants showed good activity against multidrug resistant strains where modern antibiotic therapy has limited effect."

Antibacterial activity of natural spices on multiple drug resistant Escherichia coli isolated from drinking water, Bangladesh
Shahedur Rahman, Anowar Khasru Parvez, Rezuanul Islam, and Mahboob Hossain Khan

Spices traditionally have been used as coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives, food additives and medicine in Bangladesh. The present work aimed to find out the antimicrobial activity of natural spices on multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli isolates.

Anti-bacterial potentials of six crude plant extracts (Allium sativum, Zingiber officinale, Allium cepa, Coriandrum sativum, Piper nigrum and Citrus aurantifolia) were tested against five Escherichia coli isolated from potable water sources at kushtia, Bangladesh.

All the bacterial isolates were susceptible to undiluted lime-juice. None of them were found to be susceptible against the aqueous extracts of garlic, onion, coriander, pepper and ginger alone. However, all the isolates were susceptible when subjected to 1:1:1 aqueous extract of lime, garlic and ginger. The highest inhibition zone was observed with lime (11 mm).

Natural spices might have anti-bacterial activity against enteric pathogens and could be used for prevention of diarrheal diseases. Further evaluation is necessary.

Copyright ©2011 Rahman et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Read Full Study

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Is 'Chimeric' E Coli 0104:H4 Recombining Inside The Intestine?

I saw this E. coli 0104 recombination report in Deutsche Welle: Scientists seek answers from origins of 'chimeric' E. coli .. and I thought to myself .. is there something about this shigella toxin producing strain that alters its behaviour inside the stomach or inside the human intestine?

If I was a good micro-biologist I would also want to be a "Remote Viewer" .. or at least have a team of Remote Viewers to consult with. I really don't know why this idea comes into my mind that the deadly combination of E. coli O104:H4 and EAEC 55989 are altering their behaviour inside the human intestine!

Deutsche Welle Report: As of Friday, while German scientists struggled to isolate the source of the E. coli outbreak, epidemiologists and microbiologists remain unsure as to how they can uncover the secrets of this new infectious strain - and ultimately, battle it.

Earlier in the week, a team of German and Chinese scientists said that they had sequenced the genome of the bacteria, finding that it contained elements from two other previously known strains, O104:H4 and EAEC 55989.

O104:H4, which is a rare, enterohemmorhagic - or bloody diarrhea-inducing - strain, has only been documented in scientific literature once before. In 2005, a 29-year-old woman was admitted to a Korean hospital and was treated for the infection and later recovered.

This E. coli represents a new serotype, or sub-species variant for this kind of bacteria. It also has a "shiga toxin," which targets kidney cells and has the ability to enter the blood stream.

The Beijing Genomics Institute team also said on Thursday that the new bacteria has "93 percent sequence similarity" with EAEC 55989, another type of E. coli that is known to have an advanced ability to "colonize" the human stomach - that is, to latch on and reproduce quickly.

I am semi-handicapped here, because I do not totally understand the scientific language; but what I found may hold a tiny clue to the behaviour of bacteria inside and outside the intestines of warm blooded animals and humans.

There is a report from 1961, that may or may not be relevant:
Experimental Genetic Recombination In Vivo Between Escerichia Coli And Salmonella Typhimurium H. Schneider, Samuel B. Formal, and L. S. Baron PDF

I do not know much about the microbiological scientific side; but I do know something about the strange workings of the stomach and large intestine and all its little issues with mold, fungus, yeast and Candida Albicans overgrowth.

I could be wrong .. but perhaps modern medical research spends too much time in mono-hypothisis [I just made that up] .. and this approach leads to a mis-understanding of how things really work in the body.

For example, a micro-biologist may look at cancer cells, fungus, mold, yeast, candida or pathogenic E. coli and bacteria .. but they may not look at how all these micro-organisms interact inside the intestinal environment.

Therefore, E. Coli is E. coli and Candida is Candida .. mold is mold and cancer is cancer. That is what I mean by mono-hypothesis. In the cited 1961 article it states: "In any case, it is felt that the experiments reported here add further to the theory that recombination between organisms plays a role in the natural evolution of the enteric group of microorganisms."

I imagine this is suggesting that enteric microorganisms affect each other and may 'recombine' within the biosphere of the colon (intestines) .. and that we are dealing with a SOUP of organisms who are interrelated and who affect the chemistry of the enteric environment.

For example, all microorganisms have, create and sustain their own chemical environment, in which the bodies immune system has to decide is this beneficial or non-beneficial to the life force of the human, goat, bird, lion and even tree!

The life threatening factor to warm blooded animals and humans could be when a particular microorganism such as E. coli 0104 chemically alters the complete enteric (intestinal) environment. Potentially, altering the acid/alkaline balance and creating multiple complications such as the rapid overgrowth of Candida Albicans (among other things).

Because the 'microbiological detective' is looking for only one cause, they overlook the multiple domino effect of follow on toxins due to a general shift in the intestinal balance. I am thinking that the real devastation may be that the E. coli 0104 pathogen is setting off a much wider chain reaction upsetting many of the intestinal microorganisms (one of which may be Candida Albicans) through chemical changes to the intestinal environment.

The other additional question is why do some people experience more severe symptoms and why do some people experience less severe symptoms? Is it possible that the E. coli strain is altering its behaviour [or severity] depending on the type of microorganisms inhabiting the intestines of the host.

In other words [and I am only guessing], is E. coli 0104 recombining with different strains of intestinal E. coli within the host and in some circumstances recombining with specific varieties of the host E. coli to become more virulent?

Oh! How stupid of me microbiologists already know this! But ... ??

Friday, June 03, 2011

Anti Adhesion Properties of Cranberry Juice on Escherichia Coli

Reduction of Escherichia coli adherence to uroepithelial bladder cells after consumption of cranberry juice: a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled cross-over trial.
World Journal of Urology. 2006 February;24(1):21-7
The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-adherence activity of urine from women after consumption of cranberry juice. This in vivo study involved 20 women who drank different quantities of cranberry juice, up to 750 ml daily. The first urine in the morning was collected and tested for anti-adherence activity of uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains. The consumption of cranberry juice had no influence on the pH of the urine (in the past it was often wrongly hypnotized that cranberry juice acted by lowering the pH of the urine). There was a dose dependant effect of cranberry juice consumption anti-adherence activity. The researchers concluded that cranberry juice consumption provides anti-adherence activity against the tested uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains.

Role of cranberry juice on molecular-scale surface characteristics and adhesion behavior of Escherichia coli.
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2006 February 5;93(2):297-305
Cranberry juice is traditionally used for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. Bacteria use fimbriae to adhere to other cells. Escherichia coli uses the fimbriae to adhere to the epithelium of the bladder. In order to investigate the mechanism by which cranberry phytochemicals act the researchers investigated the influence of cranberry on the adhesion to a silicon nitride surface and two Escherichia coli strains: one with fimbriae (P-fimbriated) and without. With an atomic force microscopy, the researchers were able to observe the bacterial surface polymer and adhesion behavior, after exposure to cranberry juice. The adhesion forces decreased and the structure of surface macromolecules were changed on Escherichia coli strain with fimbriae. The change in adhesion was also observed when the highly acidic cranberry juice was neutralized. The study concluded that to neutralized cranberry juice changed the surface of P-fimbriated Escherichia coli.

Anti-Adhesion Properties of Cranberry

Bacterial Adhesion: Cranberries & Urinary Tract Infection [PDF]

Thursday, June 02, 2011

E. Coli Adaptive Mutation Could Hide Contamination Source

Now! Don't get me wrong! I am science-biology illiterate and I am bio-genetic illiterate .. but I have been observing the 'new toxic strain' of E coli thinking that one has to 'think outside of the box' .. and also .. that a challenge (even when tragic) allows or enables the human species to expand, develop, learn something new and adapt.

If I was a micro-biologist (which I am not), I would be troubled by the fact that I could not find the source of the E coli contamination causing so much sorrow in the world of human beings. That would be my number one puzzle/consideration!

Then I would think: Is it possible that the identified strain of E coli, that is apparently causing extreme symptoms and rapid deaths, is mutating into another form inside the human intestine?

Being biotech illiterate I may be using the wrong terms, such as 'adaptive mutation'; but I am sure some of you know what I mean - even if the terms I use are scientifically incorrect in this context!

What I am trying to say is this: If I was a Molecular Geneticist, I would be concerned that the potential contamination source of the deadly E coli strain (raw vegetables) appears to be a different strain from the E. coli 0104 in the intestines of patients suffering associated health problems.

Although there are claims that this is a 'new strain' of E coli bacterium, a mutant blend of two different varieties never seen before, this proposition is so-so .. Because, of course, it is not 'new' .. it is simply a recombining of already existing strains. It is not NEW .. it is DIFFERENT!

The doctors are doing everything they can to deal with sick people showing symptoms related to the recombined E coli 0104 appearing to cause HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome), which attacks the kidneys and can and can cause seizures, strokes and comas. But what is the source?

It seemed to be that the source was raw food eaten by the people who rapidly showed symptoms of colon-collapse-disorder, collapse of the kidneys and associated complications. Therefore, German health officials warned of E coli contamination of raw cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.

Perhaps this is a whole new area of science? I also find it strange that the best experts in Germany (and around the world) cannot find the source of contamination! This is where I begin to wonder if the strain of E coli 0104 identified inside the compromised intestines mutated from the strain of contamination - thus hiding the source of contamination ... but I have a good imagination! Take it with a pinch of salt!

Those trying to identify the mutating recombined E coli strain do not so much have to understand its underlying signature; but have to understand it behaviour .. there is a subtle difference between the two.

Molecular genetics in China is providing answers in the frantic effort to solve the urgent food safety crisis in EU

Rapid work in China has applied third generation DNA decoding technologies to decode the German outbreak disease bacterium genome. It has revealed the germ to be a hybrid (which can be described alternatively as a chimera, a true natural GMO).

The novel germ has some virulence abilities of a class of pathogenic E. coli bacteria called entero-aggregative E. coli (#EAEC). It has similarities to a bacterial strain called EAEC 55989 , which was isolated in the Central African Republic and is known to cause serious diarrhea. EAEC typically carry extra mini-chromosomes called plasmids. The German outbreak strain has the typical
Read: Horizontal Gene Transfer

Escherichia coli, better known as E. coli, is a common inhabitant of the human gut. Most E. coli strains are harmless but a few can cause serious illness and even death. One such group, known as enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) or Shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STEC), cause bloody diarrhoea, and in some people, Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) which can lead to anaemia, kidney failure and death.

Adaptive mutation is common in E. coli, say IU researchers
The quickening of genetic mutation rates in bacteria may not only happen when the microorganisms find themselves in strange and stressful circumstances. A new report in Molecular Microbiology by Indiana University Bloomington researchers shows that at least one bacterium, Escherichia coli, ratchets up its "adaptive mutation" machinery when it simply runs out of food.

Escherichia coli - Educate yourselves: Wiki-E.coli
Resource: Bill Marler: About E coli -*- E coli 0104
E. coli Sources: Vehicles of Contamination
Green Onions and E Coli Risk