Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One

Things are happening very fast now and so I am going to diverge a little from the way I usually approach the reality around us .. moving into the future.

If you (the reader) need a crash-course in spiritual coherence, then you will find all the clues in the title of this post: Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One .. you really do not need anything more than that. "Your Mind Your Body And The Planet Are One" says it all!

Maybe in Europe? There is going to be a massive volcanic eruption. I don't know when and I don't know where. All I know is that in the dream daylight was turned to darkness - so thick was the volcanic ash. I do not know how far the ash will spread. I only know it is coming!

Since I was a child I could see spirits .. mostly lost spirits that get stuck here, in the netherworlds or through a trauma where they are caught and cannot let go. Recently, there was one woman who got stuck because of what is called a 'cross-cause-death' .. that is a death that should not happen but a mistake unfolds and events cover up the event-mistake.

It can happen that a good human being who loves their family and friends has a 'trauma' and in such situations they are naturally guided to 'one-who-heals' .. and therefore I advise you to become one-who-heals. You just listen with the Third-Eye and your ancient spirit will know the rest.

In the case of the woman the intervention took less than a second and her bright light spirit diverged from the sorrow of the 3D astral form and she was gone - traversing space-time as the 3D astral energy sank back into the Earth.

If you get irritated by this information or you get upset then best is you do not read my posts. Best is you read something that does not irritate and upset you. But for those of you who 'understand' what I am saying .. we have to get proactive in our mindset. We have to align ourselves fully with the mind/body planet cohesion.

You can form meditation groups or you can work alone. It does not matter if you are in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Indonesia or Russian / Australia / New Zealand .. Your mind, your body and the Planet are one. You are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of you.

Well! Guess what? We are also part of the Sun .. and this is why no one needs to be afraid of the changes taking place in the Sun. If no changes were taking place we would be in serious trouble. Be happy changes are taking place.

I woke up one morning after the partial eclipse and I could see many cultures of the Sun. It is not true that cultures of the Sun and cultures of the Moon were separate. You cannot understand the Moon without understanding the Sun and you cannot understand the Sun without understanding the Moon.

They listened to the Sun ...

You can look into the mind of the Sun alone or you can look into the mind of the Sun as a group .. and that is all your ancestors did. They looked and they saw. They listened to nature, they listened to the Earth, they listened to the Planets, to the animals, fish, birds, animals.

In a strange way 'words' are a form of mental retardation.

In the original Sanskrit texts they said: In the beginning was SOUND .. not the word (which is the invention of measurement = linear thought) .. but sound.

So, test it out for yourselves. Find out the difference between tone and words. Birds (dolphins/whales) communicate using highly complex sounds, pitch and tone that go beyond the human hearing range. So, maybe we humans fell out of sound into the word and in that context we forgot who we are!