Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Sun Moon Sun Eclipse 'Cosmic Trine Pyramid'

On June 1, 2011 a partial Ecipse of the Sun will cross the land of the midnight Sun... As viewed in Norway, continuing Thursday, June 2, at dawn in northern China and Siberia, then moving across the Arctic, crossing the International Date Line and ending in the early evening of Wednesday, June 1, in northeastern Canada...

Strangely, the June 2011 Solar Eclipse begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday because of the International date line !! Then on July 1, 2011 begins the "Eclipse no one will see". Well! No one but the UFOs will see it .. and whether we see it or not the Eclipse will effect us and will effect the planet we live on.

Basically, the Earth in 2011 will experience two rare partial Solar Eclipses and one Full Lunar Eclipse in one month! The harmonic cycle begins with a rare 'Midnight Solar Eclipse' on June 1st and 2nd .. on June 15 a Full Lunar Eclipse will occur and on July 1st a partial Solar Eclipse will occur over the Antarctic.

Midnight Sun Eclipse
In many ways the 'Midnight Sun Eclipse' is both alluring and mysterious whether you see it or not. It is very strange up there in June and July when the Norther nights are light and the Sun never sets.

For those of us not used to this strange Sun-on-the-horizon, sleep is difficult and when you waken up you do not know whether is is night or day. Hanging on the horizon the Northern Summer Sun is ruler of all that is.

Total Lunar Eclipse: June 15 - 2011
The Moon Eclipse will rise in South America + Europe and is also visible in Africa and the Middle East, as well as Eastern Asia and Australia. We do not totally know what this means; but in some way the Sun/moon harmonic Eclipses are extraordinary in and of themselves. The Moon Is Eclipsed by The Earth

The Antarctic Solar Eclipse
It would be stupid to assume that just because humans do not see nor experience the Antarctic Solar Eclipse that is does not affect them .. as we are a part of all-that-is and even the Universe affects us (whether we are aware of it or not).

So, in essence, we have a 2011 Arctic Antarctic Eclipse reversal, where the first partial Solar Eclipse takes place in the Arctic Northern Hemisphere and where the July 1st, 2011 partial Solar Eclipse takes place in the Southern Hemisphere... hidden in the Antarctic!

Sun Moon Sun Eclipse Trinity
For the Celts, the Picts and the Gauls (as well as other ancient cultures) the three-fold spirit of nature [tri-angle] played an essential part in life and mythology where the three forces create harmony.

The center of the three phase Sun-Moon-Sun Eclipse is the Total Eclipse of the Moon on June 15, 2011. This will be the longest Lunar Eclipse in the last hundred years. The entire Eclipse will last five hours and thirty-six minutes creating a copper red shadow on the face of the Moon as seen from Earth.