Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design Tectonics: Volcanic Cloud Alchemy

On June 21 Solstice, 2011 and on June 22 after the Full Moon Eclipse there has been amazing cloud alchemy in the skies over Europe. Months before the May 2011 Grimsvötn eruption there was generally a growing lack of rainfall, and no thunderstorms, no lightning. Rainbows had almost become 'extinct' as the skies above showed less natural cloud cover.

Since the Grimsvötn eruption there have also been a number of spectacular ash cloud eruptions exploding from volcanoes around the world. The explosive eruption of Puyehue, Chile and the Nabro volcano, Eritrea with continued eruptions of volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

One of Russia’s largest and most active volcanoes erupted Friday sending ash more than 10,000 feet into the air. Officials said a much larger eruption is "likely".

Shiveluch has had over 60 large explosive eruptions during the past 10,000 years. Catastrophic eruptions took place in 1854 and 1956, when a large part of the lava dome collapsed and created a devastating debris avalanche. The last significant eruption ocured in late May 2011 resulting in ash being sent to a height of 7.5 kilometres above sea level. The ejection was accompanied by an earthquake at the volcano that lasted more than 10 minutes.

It is difficult to capture the endless exchange of cloud colours that are evolving as the ash particles and unseen elements interact in the Earth's atmosphere. As the Sun was setting on June 23, the clouds revealed their composite characters. There were colours up there I have never seen .. I wonder if volcanoes had a part to play in Turner's paintings...

High levels of ash in the atmosphere during 1816 the "Year Without a Summer", led to unusually spectacular sunsets during this period, and were an inspiration for some of Turner's work.

As the Sun was setting on June 22, the nature of the clouds were like lazy drifting volcanic dragons of the sky. The human eye is better suited to viewing living colour and light. Cameras just cannot capture those ephemeral colours.

In those drifting clouds were sulphur yellows, dark-orange and browns .. magenta-browns, burgundy reds with dark ash greys buried in the deepest part of the clouds. I have never seen such a range of colours expand and transform within the few minutes of one Sunset. This is not just 'colour' those clouds have life in them. Volcanoes are clearly the great Alchemists of the Earth.

Even more than that, theories that particles, gasses and ash emitted from volcanic eruptions only affect the upper atmosphere is ... idiotic, to say the least. Of course the particles known and unknown enter the lower atmosphere and the soil. Not only are we breathing in these particles, but they fall as rain.

At least eighty percent of the life giving alchemical forces emitted in volcanic explosive eruptions are unaccounted for in terms of current knowledge. Each volcano has its own variety of gasses, water, elements, particles, electrical charge, distribution of ions, micro-nutrients, metals, crystals, density of aerosols and things we just do not have any knowledge of (as yet).

Each volcano is a Master Alchemist and at times where different eruptions coincide all over the world, the alchemical forces collide and interact in the Earth's atmosphere, changing the chemistry, altering the alchemy of the skies. We breathe it in as the elements form moisture.

Solar Pulse
There is one other major force we have not yet discovered in volcanic ash, water and lava .. that is the influence of the Sun. Solar flares do not simply zap through the planet like a passing storm .. the magnetic oscillations charge up water and lava. Rivers, ground water, aquifiers, lakes, ice flows and lava are all charged by the particles of the Sun.

We drink the water .. plants animals and trees take in the water and we become part of the Sun's evolution. Probably evolution is the wrong word .. I mean transformation. The lava also transmutes the quantum molecular information from the Sun into frequencies that we can absorb, and sends this signal out into the atmosphere communicating through chemistry, alchemy, electrical charge, magnetic charge, particles and gasses.

We become magnetised by the Sun.

We are effected by this whole process in so many ways. Turner expressed this in the form of his magnificent paintings; but all of us are effected whether we know it or not. If you pay attention, you are going to know it, feel it and be able to express the "art" of the Sun in your own way.

In a way we are the Sun's work of Art .. well the whole planet is the Sun's painting .. "work of art" .. but who is the ARTIST? In a strange way we are the artist - but that is getting ahead of the discovery!

The ancients knew what they were talking about when they said: The Sun of the Creator... but we are not talking about 3D human form. Yes! The human beings on Earth are affected by this spiritual cosmic process; but we humans are not the source of that intelligence .. at our best we are the canvas on which the cosmic painting is completed.

If you want to really understand this process keep watching the skies and keep watching the clouds, the weather, the alchemy unfolding in front of your eyes and you will see your own transformation in those clouds up there .. because what is up there is in your lungs and in the cells of your body .. and what is your body? Your body is a mirror of the spirit.