Friday, July 08, 2011

Design Tectonics: Extraordinary Beauty of Colour

The past few days have been extraordinary day in terms of brilliant colour and depth of light...

I am watching the almost magical volcanic rejuvenation of fluffy clouds in the skies above. Clouds that are once more vibrant and alive - whose colours range from white to dark grey - with shades of burgundy red, yellow ochre, orange and various shades of brown. Over the last five years cloud cover (when it happened) was mainly of a pathetic flat, dense, gas like chemtrail variety. More like particle layers of aerosol than of dynamic living natural clouds.

In the 60s and early 70s the skies were filled with bright dynamic colour, fluffy clouds, high levels of rainfall (in Europe) and cooler temperatures in Spring and in Summer. Because I am a cloud watcher I always paid attention to the varieties of cloud cover and their affects on climate and on the weather.

Mainly in the 90's blue skies began to look a dull pale lifeless blue-grey as the beautiful dense clouds (and the valuable rain) dwindled almost to 'extinction'. The skies were not as blue as they had been and the clouds were scattered - or absent .. to be replaced with days of long white chemtrails and seemingly endless battles between man and nature. Ozone levels rose and Northern Europe began to see Summer temperatures more common to Southern Greece.

As I watch the skies change - since the increase in volcanic activity around the world and the increase in the duration of eruptions - I see an 'Alchemy of The Skies' taking form above us. Nature is the artist and the heavens are the living canvas upon which Nature paints its magical living work of art.

Today, the skies were filled with giant fluffy white and grey cumulus clouds of every shape and size .. bright with light and alive with colour, the natural clouds had returned. However, even more spectacular is the brilliant colour of the sky behind the giant floating clouds. It was not just the colour 'blue' - but the atmosphere was alive and filled (overflowing) with an intense light.

By mid-afternoon the sky was alive with so many densities of blue, indigo, light-blue, purple-blue, violet, ultramarine, ocean-blue .. it was truly amazing. This was not only the colour of the sky .. there was a depth of light shining through and out of these colours. This 'artists' depth of light returned after the recent series of volcanic eruptions since Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull in March, 2010...

Since the re-awakening of Eyjafjallajokull I have observed stunning climate and weather changes as the various living alchemy of the volcanoes slowly spread and mix across all layers of our atmosphere. From the upper to the lower atmosphere, volcanic emissions seen and unseen affect our world. I think current human knowledge is aware of (can measure) ten percent of the true volcanic emissions from eruptions.

The steam, dense and fine water vapour, gasses, aerosols and ash particles visible to man - billowing out of volcanic eruptions - are simply the shadow we see being forced out of the vents by a more powerful invisible force. A more powerful, life enriching force, issues forth during volcanic eruptions. Wilhelm Reich called the rich blue life giving force 'Orgone Radiance'. I think that life forces we do not know exist pour out from volcanoes during an eruption that feed and nourish the Earth in complex ways.

Even more mysterious volcanic forces bolster the Earth's atmosphere. We may not be aware of it, nor notice the difference, because the process is slow and involves the work of many chemically different volcanoes over many years - and then it takes a long long time for those alchemical forces to significantly alter the Earth's atmosphere. Planet Earth re-forms life giving matter over hundreds of years.

If you look up now you will see the changes taking place above you.
Changes that will effect future generations for a long time ahead...