Friday, July 29, 2011

Seismic Swarms Under South Canary Island Volcano

In the last week 720 earthquakes have been registered on the South Canary Island volcano known as El Hierro. Irish Weather have a very good update on these seismic swarms and the history of this small volcanic Island.

The Southernmost Island in the Canary Islands chain formed from a series of eruptions .. and in terms of the Earth's geological history is still actively forming. It has been 200 years since the last eruption on El Hierro, which is covered in hundreds of volcanoes. The Canary Islands formed from the summits of an undersea volcanic mountain range that is still active today.

In 2009 researchers explored the underwater Casablanca Seamount, lying at the eastern edge of a long chain of undersea volcanoes that formed the Canary Islands and thought to be extinct. The scientists found evidence of fresh lava flow, the area was teeming with life. Although these areas have experienced a quiet period in tectonic activity - the problem with volcanoes is that they have a much longer activity time scale.

Volcanoes have activity cycles that span hundreds of years and some volcanoes have activity cycles that span thousands of years. In my opinion, the Earth itself has its own volcanic activity cycle that can trigger many eruptions worldwide within a key period of activity .. I think we are experiencing this greater cycle now. The movement of the plates may unfold as a hundred years of tectonic change - which is nothing in terms of the Earth's time cycle.

The other part of this is something neither science nor religion address. Religion states that: God created the Earth (past tense) .. and science ignore the other state entirely. The other state is that the Earth is in a permanent state of transformation (creation) .. not in the distant past .. but it is endlessly so. The beauty of this is not that life WAS created; but that life is endlessly BEING created. It doesn't stop. It is an ongoing process.

Islands of Fire
Not all volcanoes form where tectonic plates meet.

Don Anderson, "Volcanic Bombs"... Over the past decade, his work at the California Institute of Technology has made him famous for his belief that mantle plumes simply don't exist. Forget fountains from the centre of the Earth, he says: volcano chains are due to cracks or rents in tectonic plates. After all, plates stretching 10,000 kilometres are unlikely to remain perfectly unbroken. Break the skin and it seems reasonable that molten rock would flood up to fill the gap. Bingo, you've got a volcano - without a mantle plume.

Life Is Not An Accident
The Sun, the Earth [the entire Galaxy] together maintain the conditions for life here on this Planet. Humans live on the Earth, orbiting the Sun - which orbits the Galactic Center. The Earth maintains temperature, oxygen levels, moisture levels, precipitation etc. In my view, a big part of the Earth's life supporting climate system relies on volcanoes. Modern science have totally underestimated the regeneration effects of volcanic ash, gasses, water vapor and unseen elements in maintaining life on Earth.

We are currently seeing a gradual increase in volcanic activity around the globe. I don't think current volcanic science can account for that nor even take it into consideration. Science has become monocular, rather than observing the larger picture behind the small event. The changes that devastated the ancient world were not isolated incidents. There were earthquakes, tsunamis and catastrophic eruptions that affected every civilisation at that time.

It is not only the Earth. We can look out and see shared signs of change in the Sun, in Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The effects sweep through the whole Solar System, as though we are one organism - as though we are all part of one body.

I imagine that this effects the whole Galaxy. The Native Peoples called it a "purification". I see it as a living intelligent 'operating system', from which humans based their science of computers. I don't think we are coming up with anything new. We are copying nature .. which means someone knows about the background force.

Our ancestors based their sciences on this force. One can see evidence of this in the alignments of megalithic structures, in pyramids, in ancient temples above and below ground and in the design of ancient cities .. most of which now lie hidden under the sea. They were not worshiping 'gods', they used ART as a science. Look around you - at nature - it is what the Earth does .. which is to use Art as a science.