Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hemp! Mercedes of Southern Europe!

I don't pretend I can see the future ...
Is Hemp the Mercedes of Southern Europe?

Let's start with Spain and Greece... You see EUROPE is not created out of banks, central banks, governments and Chinese imports! Europe is the on-the-ground co-operation between people living in Europe. It does not matter if they speak French, Spanish, German, English, Italian or Greek. It also does not matter what currency they use, because the ultimate currency is "trade" .. which means exchange.

1. Any resource (not banks) is an "economy"
2. Bankers deal in other peoples money (resources)
3. Humans trade resources
E=HR² (Economy equals Human Resources squared)

Printing debt is not going to bring Southern Europe out of a recession.

HEMP is the Mercedes of plants. You take Industrial hemp and you grow it all around Southern Europe. Local producers turn the hemp fibers into many different resources used by humans. You can make fabric for clothing, bedding, insulation materials. You can make paper using hemp fibers. You can make computer covers and electronic main boards out of hemp (that do not heat up when used).

Hemp materials can be used in car production. Hemp fibers can be used to make structured flooring materials. The fibers are an alternative for wood. Compressed hemp can be used to make tables and chairs. Hemp can also be used in all areas of house construction. It can be used as a filter material. The list is endless...

Every country in Europe would benefit from the production of hemp fibers and materials. Europe would be less dependent on imports from China and from the rest of the world. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (even France) could become exporters of hemp materials and of hemp products.

Once you've got that going the Europeans could start planting natural mixed forest trees. Not planting them in straight lines; but planting them like a natural forest. In fifty years all of Europe could receive benefits from those trees, as well as altering the climate to the benefit of all.

Climate Change? C0² ???

Climate change began (in modern times) with the Romans cutting down the great forest that covered most of Northern and Southern Europe. All we have done in the last two hundred years is to accelerate the destruction of the forests all over the entire world.

Therefore, a carbon tax is not going to benefit the climate - planting trees will!

It is really very simple .. you have hemp growing everywhere all over Europe together with the planting of natural forests. Let's call it the "Greening of Europe". There you have your natural production all over the land that people can use as a "resource" whether those people have money or not.

In other words .. when you have wealth .. let's say sixty to seventy percent are producing wealth of resources. Then you can allow those who do not have such a great amount of wealth to use resources to support themselves (like hemp growing wild or growing all over the town). Because hemp will save you and save your children's children, by saving the planet '-)

Hemp Forests
As I said .. I don't pretend to see or know the the future.
But can you see those hemp forests growing?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where Is Europe's Gold!

The big question recently being asked is: Where is Europe's gold? Italy say they have their gold and France apparently have their and some of Germany's gold. No one really knows how much of Europe's (Germany's) gold is held in the US.

There is an interesting Interview by Jim Rickards: The US Wont Give Germany Their Gold. He suggests that The US hold most of Germany's and other countries gold reserves. He also suggests that whoever owns the gold can make the "future" world currency...

Tracking Down Germany's Gold
Time For Accurate Accounting!

Will Germany purchase Italy's gold to stop it leaving Europe for China? As the Chinese - it has been speculated - wanted Europe's gold up front as collateral for any loan. All of Europe's gold can be used in the future to create a European (world) trade currency of value.

There has been a lot of Europe bashing over the past few months, with especially negative commentary from the US and from the London. These comments are mostly opinions rather than anything real. We have a world where each monkey-ego party looks down on all the other monkeys .. haha!! Try looking in the mirror.

Europe Seek Balance
When you look at the situation from a sociological perspective the whole world picture really gets quite interesting. A lot of the criticism coming from the American continent has been that Europe will never create a United States of Europe, they are too divided - socially, economically and politically.

Take a look at North and South America. Canada in the North, American in the middle and Mexico in the South are no different than Northern and Southern Europe. In Canada, the French speaking block want to partition Quebec and one of the issues of secession include a return to historical boundaries that predate the Confederation of 1867.

Then you have the Canadian/American question. Two distinct regions that fought to remain as they are. Each maintains their own currency and political agenda. Then in the South, radically different from their Northern partition is Mexico. This is not really much different from Europe. I have not even reached the issue of Indian RESERVATIONS...

At least Europe did not place racially different cultures on reservations. When the US try to tell Europeans how to get their act in order .. perhaps first they need to address the current situation (that they created) of Native Americans living in terrible states of poverty inside the reservations. Indian Removal Act 1830

No one moved the Greek people onto reservations and took all their land, their resources, their heritage. At least the various cultures in Southern Europe still have their connection to the land, their heritage and their way of life. Sort out the reservation issues and then tell Europe how to fix their problems.

The European Dream
In a similar way to North America, there is Northern Europe with a totally unique culture (the Nordics), with France in the middle (the Gauls) and Southern Europe with their own totally different dynamics to those in the North (Mediterranean cultures).

Who knows? Maybe France can act as the diplomatic navel bridging North and South. The colder Northern landscape of Europe is more like Canada, France is like America (in-the-middle) and the warmer Southern landscape of Europe is similar to Mexico.

I disagree that the unique cultural heritage of each European country has to be ground down into a standardised EU corn-powder. It is a mistake to underestimate that uniqueness (diversity) can co-operate on the highest level. In other words, each culture has their own uniqueness and out of that comes a wider co-operation / working together. Because it is in everyone's interests to work together on a higher planetary level.

The most interesting question for the EU is: Which language? In attempting to create a "European Identity", which language will glue the pages of the book together? French? Italian? German? English? Spanish? How many generations will it take to stop the Germans speaking German or in another vein how many generations will it take to get the French to speak German? As one example. Across in North America the Mexicans have not yet given up speaking Spanish...

Being in the middle, I think France is perfectly placed to mediate (or bridge the gap) between North and the South. The French understand both Northern and Southern cultures. You need to look at this through the eyes of an engineering project. When you build a bridge, structural tension have to be matched with flexibility and some form of shock absorbers.

I personally see three interacting forces at work in Europe: The North, France in the middle and the South.

Danger of Losing Values
The gamblers and institutionalists who created this economic mess have no sense of affinity to any culture - and that should be a warning sign. Those individuals who could not care less who they harm or who they bring down (as long as they survive), are exactly those who lack a unique identity, a sense of culture, a sense of wider belonging and a sense of social and cultural responsibility.

It may be that two main regions of Europe have to interact and co-operate with a third orbiting region learning to interact almost like a controlled orbit. This would give time (10/15 years) for the orbiting regions to come into the trade landing zone. In my imagination each part would support the other; but co-operation would be each at their own levels

Instead of North America where the Native tribes were wiped out or moved onto reservations .. you would have a European hub coordinating flight paths, trade, exchange, beneficial projects and energy security - each at their own level. The stronger Northern zone would support the Southern zone in a structured environment where both can co-exist in harmony.

If you have a system in place where the growing problems of the South do not drag down the Northern economies, then the stronger Northern economies can support Southern Europe. It does not matter how you value the special currency exchange, because the core principle behind your actions are unity - strength and co-operation.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

El Hierro: Dreams of The Future

As of 09-11-2011, just off the coast of El Hierro (Canary Islands) underwater volcanic activity is creating land. The underwater volcanic cone is growing towards the surface of the sea, sending out a bubbling Jacuzzi of turbulent water, volcanic debris and volcanic gasses.

The really amazing thing is the nature of this ongoing underwater eruption. The less volatile basalt magma is being produced as well as a more explosive silicon dioxide rich magma, and both forms are erupting out of the active underwater volcanic vents.

In my imagination I would surmise that we are witnessing the building blocks process of land renewal. One form of magma creates (or provides) a solid foundation, while the other form (silicon dioxide) glues it all together. It is not clear whether this erupting magma will settle underwater, changing the coastline water depths - or if this will be a long term above sea level land creation just off the Southern coast of El Hierrro.

Some weeks ago I saw media headlines, that there is no way this eruption will create land (an island) .. and I think how stupid can people get? Our physical life span as humans is short .. but our spirit wisdom has a much greater span and knows many things. In the "future" you are going to see people listening to these events through the mind-of-spirit, which is where our ancestors drew their deeper understanding of nature and cosmos from.

Here we have this totally amazing event and a lot of people don't yet understand. Over the last 2,000 years humans have been programmed to look at life through a fragmented knowledge microscope. Therefore, land rising or sliding into the sea is separate from the economy, politics, trade, society ... but we are soon going to find out that changes in the physical form of the planet are not divided from economy, politics, trade and society.

When things get tough, too many people start predicting dark things. If life is not "stable" human thoughts create turbulence to add to the real-time events. For example, economic commentators recently speak only negatively about Europe. When I did my Tarot card reading for the Euro, I thought to myself: This reading is ridiculous. It's like, the Euro is never going to survive.

The Dream
So, the eruptions around El Hierro are increasing and the volcanic cone is growing towards the surface of the sea .. Greece appears to be in chaos and Italy is not far off as the attacks on the Euro continue. The volcanic activity around El Hierro is showing us that we are actively entering a time of changes that we cannot "control". It is not just this island, there is going to be a lot more.

I have this dream where I see what seems like the island of Crete or Southern Greece. I see the people there surrounded by beautiful surroundings and a lot of light. I did not see suffering, I did not see chaos - I saw balance. In the dream people were people again. Something new was happening. People were working together and there were local markets and free exchange.

This dream was not only a physical environment, it was an environment of the PSYCHE .. an energetic and emotional environment where anyone in Europe would want to go and be part of to find peace and wind down. In the dream it was a "learning environment" where knowledge and teaching was also being TRADED or shared. You see, humans are THE economic resource out of which all else comes into being.

In other words, the human interacting with the environment and with each other (society) creates trade, exchange of knowledge, co-operation, exchange of value and love. This is what we have lost over the last 2,000 years. But we are going to find it again. It's called COMMUNITY. This time a Planetary Community.

The Euro
I was still thinking it is looking bad for the Euro, regardless of what Greece does. They may have to return to the Drachma? I had another dream. It was called: The new Euro. I guess it is like stepping-stones taking society over a cross-current to the other side where something new will come into being.

As the old system falls apart there are these currency wars. Beggar thy neighbor to save yourself. Attempting to destroy the Euro. The question arose, what would the world have left? The U.S. Dollar? The Swiss Frank? The Yen? They all devalue their currency to be more competitive... Then you have the Chinese Yuan - pegged to the U.S. Dollar. In the International game of financial Chess, the Chinese castled their king (the Yuan) and the queen - which can move in any direction on the board is probably their gambit (Gold) to win the match.

It will take China years to prepare a stable Chinese Gold currency standard, and the world is burning NOW.

That leaves Europe and Russia. The move towards a solution has to be a Planetary solution. It cannot simply be a few nations. Meanwhile around the world there are going to be amazing changes. Forget tectonic plates grinding against each other. This planet has an astonishing capacity to transform its physical environment. We live on a very dynamic world.

In order to understand why economy, politics, trade and society are not separate from El Hierro type events .. just look at the levels of disruption that can effect a small island economy. This ongoing eruption of hot lava into the sea alters the ocean floor, kills fish, boats and planes have to avoid the area, it creates uncertainty. It has its advantages in that tourists may travel there out of interest; but others may avoid the island out of fear.

The interconnection between physical reality, the Earth, nature and the inner state of the human psyche - how we think and how we act - is far greater than we realise. There is also an underrated resource inside human beings that is also an undivided part of nature .. that is the spirit. When the spirit of man connects to the spirit of nature there is balance in all things.

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