Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hemp! Mercedes of Southern Europe!

I don't pretend I can see the future ...
Is Hemp the Mercedes of Southern Europe?

Let's start with Spain and Greece... You see EUROPE is not created out of banks, central banks, governments and Chinese imports! Europe is the on-the-ground co-operation between people living in Europe. It does not matter if they speak French, Spanish, German, English, Italian or Greek. It also does not matter what currency they use, because the ultimate currency is "trade" .. which means exchange.

1. Any resource (not banks) is an "economy"
2. Bankers deal in other peoples money (resources)
3. Humans trade resources
E=HR² (Economy equals Human Resources squared)

Printing debt is not going to bring Southern Europe out of a recession.

HEMP is the Mercedes of plants. You take Industrial hemp and you grow it all around Southern Europe. Local producers turn the hemp fibers into many different resources used by humans. You can make fabric for clothing, bedding, insulation materials. You can make paper using hemp fibers. You can make computer covers and electronic main boards out of hemp (that do not heat up when used).

Hemp materials can be used in car production. Hemp fibers can be used to make structured flooring materials. The fibers are an alternative for wood. Compressed hemp can be used to make tables and chairs. Hemp can also be used in all areas of house construction. It can be used as a filter material. The list is endless...

Every country in Europe would benefit from the production of hemp fibers and materials. Europe would be less dependent on imports from China and from the rest of the world. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (even France) could become exporters of hemp materials and of hemp products.

Once you've got that going the Europeans could start planting natural mixed forest trees. Not planting them in straight lines; but planting them like a natural forest. In fifty years all of Europe could receive benefits from those trees, as well as altering the climate to the benefit of all.

Climate Change? C0² ???

Climate change began (in modern times) with the Romans cutting down the great forest that covered most of Northern and Southern Europe. All we have done in the last two hundred years is to accelerate the destruction of the forests all over the entire world.

Therefore, a carbon tax is not going to benefit the climate - planting trees will!

It is really very simple .. you have hemp growing everywhere all over Europe together with the planting of natural forests. Let's call it the "Greening of Europe". There you have your natural production all over the land that people can use as a "resource" whether those people have money or not.

In other words .. when you have wealth .. let's say sixty to seventy percent are producing wealth of resources. Then you can allow those who do not have such a great amount of wealth to use resources to support themselves (like hemp growing wild or growing all over the town). Because hemp will save you and save your children's children, by saving the planet '-)

Hemp Forests
As I said .. I don't pretend to see or know the the future.
But can you see those hemp forests growing?