Knowledge Is A Resource

Knowledge is a 'resource' .. what you learn or teach yourself is your personal knowledge. If you share your knowledge with people then they can also learn what you know.

If you are a good fisherman, you can feed your family and friends. When you teach others to fish, then the whole community can feed themselves.

With Knowledge there also comes 'respect'. You cannot fish so many fish out of the water that there are no fish left, and where your grandchildren inherit a dead environment. Therefore, without wisdom knowledge can be destructive and restrict growth. Without wisdom knowledge can destroy the environment.

When you observe 'social networking' the personality writing is the magnet that draws people, and not what they write. The Internet has become a place of a 'billion tweets' ..

Like a Zen master I am not interested in having tens of thousands, millions nor billions of 'visitors' .. I am interested in showing the thirsty how to find water. I am interested in showing the hungry how to find food. Because real thirst and real hunger are the driving force behind individual growth and enhancement of the inner environment.

Look at how tools like Google assess a sites 'worthiness' .. they have something called a drop-out rate or a bounce-rate .. and they assume that someone who reads one piece of information and bounces away is a lost-potential-resource.

The way websites and Blogs are presented today is related to attachment, dependence, need and forming personality cults .. because that equals potential revenue. Not wisdom!

I am of the old school .. I was taught by 'the ancestors' .. I was able to see and talk with spirit beings and spirit guardians for as long as I can remember. These spirit teachers did not want followers or worshipers .. they simply wanted to teach (guide) so that the thirsty can drink and the hungry can eat. Not that they feed us, but that we become capable of feeding ourselves.

If I got sick, the spirit beings could guide me how to heal myself.
If I got hungry, the spirit beings could guide me how to feed myself.
If I got curious, the spirit beings guided me to teach myself.

That is why I share basic information that different people can make use of, if they wish.

Information alone is not so important, but how YOU use the information to change your life or change the lives of others. That is the challenge of the next thousand years °>)