Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Great Wave: Spring Equinox 2010

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The 8.8 Earthquake off the Coast of Chile on 27 February - moving into Full Moon [February 28] - was followed by a 6.3 in Argentina and was preceded by a 7.0 Earthquake on February 26, just off the Ryukyu Islands, Japan .. IRIS.

If you look at the Astrology for the time of the Earthquake, there are four planets lined up in Pisces [Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus] and three planets travelling through Aquarius [Mercury, Neptune, Chiron], and there is the Moon nicely opposite in Leo pulling through the whole lineup of planets .. On planet Earth there are massive rainstorms, landslides, flooding hurricanes. Hurricane storm winds are crossing Germany from the Southwest after hitting Spain, Portugal and France, with winds up to 140km/h.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in west and south-west France have lost electricity while a number of French coastal villages were flooded. Roads have collapsed as torrential rains have flooded the regions hit by the massive storm crossing Europe.

This is only 2010 - it is going to get a lot worse. By 'worse' I mean sudden, unexpected and weird. The 'laws of nature' as you knew them no longer apply. We are sailing into uncharted waters where we will know it and understand it when we see it, and not before.

At the end of March 2009 I wrote: Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013. Now, in 2010 I am watching the storm they call 'Xynthia' pass overhead. For some reason they used the German spelling of the Greek Cynthia [moon], another name for the Greek moon goddess 'Artemis'.

This storm is not as bad as other storms that have crossed this area over the years. I have seen really powerful, really wild storms with twisting contra winds and driving torrential rain. There has been no rainfall locally and the down-pressure of the winds are intermittent, and yet the wind is effortlessly bringing down trees and is sending pieces of buildings crashing onto the streets below.

The Earth, the Sun and all the planets are not floating through 'physical space', and we humans are not living on a surface of 'physical space'. After the fall of the Roman Empire time period things were relatively quiet on Earth as we entered a cycle of relative stability. This illusion of stability arrived at the end of the Kali Yuga [the dark age]. During that time people's minds moved away from the Spirit Origins of who they really are.

The reality is that the Earth, the Sun, Moon and Planets are all moving (floating) through inter-dimensional space. All humans on Earth inhabit Inter-dimensional space. There is no doubt in my mind, these storms are dimensional crossings buffeting the magnetic field of each layered field that we call 'reality'.

Just imagine a rip appeared in the space-time continuum and you could see other worlds, other realities and other life forms through the opening of the veil. Imagine that you could interact and co-operate with those realities. The culture you lived in could learn and develop as a result of those interactions. In some way that is where all of us are heading, and that is why this reality gets shaken up every now and then through natural cosmic cycles. This is also why some of the other levels of reality are watching us and are concerned, because as we progress we merge.

It could be that vibrational realities and their closest neighbours, all heading for the entrance to the same vortex become one reality. The spiral reality vortex pulls us into one cycle. I feel Tolkien wrote about this in Lord of The Rings. Elves, Dwarves and Men could interact within the same time-space. They could see each other, they could talk to each other and they shared the same physical (if not spiritual) dimensions.

If your world was being pulled into one of those cyclical vortices, which would probably merge over thousands of years in terms of time, but would merge in Spirit immediately. This means each dimension could see the others and interact long before their physical realities merged. Because the basic foundation of physical reality is the invisible world of spirit, the cycles of merging would be stormy and turbulent through interjecting magnetic energies. It's a matter of perspective ..

Plastic Internet Garbage Polluting Search Engines

In the early years of the Internet, before it became cluttered with 'entertainment' and general dumbing down of this incredible tool, you could do an Internet Engine search and come up with relevant information. Today most of the Search Engine techniques give you information and websites they want you to have. The results are contaminated with what I call IT (Internet Trash).

Search results on the major Search Engines spit out a general mixture of spaghetti vegetaria, bolognese, with ads for Parmesan cheese, wine, visits to Rome, buy Italien handbags .. my sense of humour .. and what you get is a refined mix of everything that can be dumped into a Search Result, and in some cases feeding you information or subtly leading you in the direction of feeding you - this is the direction we want you to go in - information.

It is like going into an Italian Restaurant and asking for Pizza Fungi and you are served Sweet and Sour Chicken with Curried Sauce. When doing research I spend a lot less time finding what I am looking for and more time dancing around keywords avoiding the trash that washes up in the search. As we search around, major Internet search engines throw out a lot of chewed up tiny bits of plastic that, in my opinion, pollute the search.

We now have a new concept: Search Engine Pollution .. Those thrown away bits of trash that float around and clog up Search Engines and get in the way of the search. This trash also includes 'Institutions', 'BIG NAMES' and the tiny shredded bits of plastic thrown out of the mainstream Media that choke the propellers of unique intelligence and thinking for oneself .. unless you have a natural built in water purifier.

This is an interesting start: We're Google junkies

I tested out some of the Search Engines, earthquakes 1800s
DuckDuckGo search engine results
Worio search engine results

I discovered the Cleveland Institute of Art History using DuckDuck search engine .. with La Tene as keywords .. so I am happy with that search.

WORIO Search Engine is in its BETA stage, and what I like about this system is that you have a little apparatus on the left, where you can conveniently change your searches from 'Worio' to 'Google' to 'Bing' in one click. I am a Tech Geek and so I like that kind of quick and efficient application.

The way I see it, the Internet is Sacred Ground. It also comes from the Earth. We humans tap into an ability the Earth has to transmit signals as communication. Using this medium we are doing what Whales and Dolphins do - only we cannot hear those signals with our ears, we use the signals to transmit words in written and spoken form. To do that we have to combine elements of nature in a way that allows energy to travel and carry signals that we can translate and understand. Out of those Earth elements we build computers and energy devices, Satellites and Transmission Systems.

Why do we have the skills to do this? Just to entertain ourselves? I don't think so. As with everything this special tool can be used to advance to the highest levels of one's own potential, or it can be used as an extension of personal petty indulgences. Over the last few years the mass indulgences - the trash vortex - have crept over the Worldwide Web like a spreading oil slick. So, I see a totally new kind of Web appearing in the 'future'. I call it the 'EarthWeb' - where infinite possibilities are born from your journey though infinite oceans.

Keywords: Plastic Oceans - Great Pacific Garbage Patch - CUIL: Pacific Trash Vortex

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dark Serpent of Revenge Poisons Italy's Longest River

As the black oil-serpent poisons rivers and tributaries of Northern Italy, destroying habitat, poisoning the fish, killing many varieties of birds and wildlife .. the media and political-economic interests attempt to convince the world that Prosciutto, and Parmesan production as well as the rice farmers will not be effected. Of course the food chain along the rivers and tributaries will be effected. This is one of the worst ecological disasters to hit Italy - and it is not only the birds, wildlife and the fish who will suffer from the release of thousands of tons of fuel into one of the longest rivers of Europe .. humans will also be effected by this tragedy for many years to come.

The fuel released in Monza, North of Milan, poured into the river Lambro through the early hours of Tuesday morning after key valves in the refinery storage tanks were opened, in what has been called 'an act of sabotage'. The dark Italian serpent of 'vendetta', an act of revenge, has created an ecological disaster that will haunt Italy's natural habitat far into the future. The black serpent winding its way into one of Europe's most important rivers, is killing wildlife and poisoning tributaries with the pollution spreading through waterways from Milan to the Adriatic coast.

The released toxic poison is spreading through one of the most agricultural productive areas of Italy, poisoning not only the water and the groundwater; but seeping into the riverbanks as well as agricultural land in an area known worldwide for its 'produce'. This insane act of 'revenge' is a warning to all people inhabiting this beautiful planet.

Vendetta, [from L. vindicta "revenge"] is a sickness of the human heart that has plagued this planet historically over thousands of years .. but it is hard to understand that a former refinery used as an oil storage depot has no security, and nothing in place to detect open valves and the outpouring of thousands of tons of oil .. amazing !! Stupidity has also plagued mankind for thousands of years. It seems revenge, neglect and stupidity go hand and hand, until their combined disaster attracts attention of the rest of the tribe.

This is a truly horrible disaster.

The Po River valley covers over seventy thousand square kilometers, crossing the northern regions of Italy, providing over a third of Italy's agricultural produce. This oil spill is not only an ecological and environmental disaster, it is also a cultural and national disaster. The fuel will breathe out into the atmosphere as well as seeping into the earth and groundwater, polluting the soil. To try and cover up the reality of this terrible situation is as irresponsible as the casual storage situation that allowed this disaster to unfold.

Lombarda Petroli, owner of the oil depot is claimed to have managed to remove the depot from a list of 'at risk' industrial plants, which would have legally required the company to maintain safety standards and emergency contingency plans to deal with an oil spill.

Just look at us .. we are at war with each other .. we are at war with the animals, birds, plants, insects and fish inhabiting this planet. We are at war with the environment, at war with nature and the oceans .. and we are at war with the Earth itself.

Most of the planet is polluted and is a 'sewage dump' for man's war with himself. The Earth is the punch-bag for the petty human ego. That a small number of men fighting and struggling in one small troubled area can destroy wildlife, farmland and pollute the lives of tens of thousands of people across a region .. well, this is the harsh reality we now have to face. It is a failure of the heart, as well as an amplification of selfishness and a total lack of intelligence.

What a terrible tragedy ...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Childhood's End: 2010 - 2020

During the time of ancient world civilisations - 2012 AD - the human species were growing upon and nourishing themselves on the soil of Spirit. The growth of human world species was not over a single lifetime, but spanned tens of thousands of years. The principle was the world you create is the world you inherit - lifetime after lifetime.

During the times of Mu, Lemuria and the newest born "Atlantis", the guardian mothers and fathers of mankind held true to a "self-discovery" template born from inner guidance. The roots of this learning process lay in the world of spirit, out of which (it was said) the world of matter is born. To the ancient humans the world of spirit was not an unseen, undetected, illusion or creation of the mind. Ancient humans could communicate with what they called the "origin worlds". The mystery was visible to them.

Earth's decline formed as Atlantean dark priests, later called "the fallen ones", desired to make man in their image. These groups - aprentices in the art of illumination- became frustrated at the slow progress Earth humans were making following the "inner-guidance". They decided it was their place to form human behaviour and decide for mankind right from wrong, and good from bad. To do this they had to rule with "fire". That meant to rule with "fear". It seemed like a good idea at the time...

The "guidance" has no personality, it was not worshipped (although it was respected), there were no "religions" and no dogma to follow. The key to the guidance was understanding a simple truth: The way (within) leads to enlightenmnet. The dark priests of Atlantis were too focused on looking outside, and concerned with how things look. They did not understand the natural organic process that leads to inner awakening of a whole planet. They were focused on power and on the use of power. "Wielding the sword of light".

This same battle today has taken the form of chemical farming (forced), as opposed to organic farming (following nature). Extracting oil from the earth (power of fire), as opposed to Tesla power (magnetic field adjustment). This was a big issue for the apprentice guardians who had grown to be very puritanical and judgemental. They idealised "perfection" and they wanted "success" - as they looked down on all the "frailties" of humans (children in their eyes), struggling to stand up on their own and take their first steps.

A human child will learn to walk in the first months, but a species may take tens of thousands of years to make those first steps in walking with "the spirit" as a mature being with real power (the heart). For those watching this shaky process over much longer lifetimes (thousands of years) it could seem pretty frustrating.

The war in heaven was a struggle by guardian apprentices to speed up the process of planetary development and add their own ideas to the pot. This is what they did. A group split off and made moves to take control of interaction zones between the guardian worlds and the physical world of man. They did not expect their teachers to counter this, as the wise do not engage in wars.

This was a violent take-over, using fire (fear) - a somewhat primitive power that can be short-burst effective but is very destructive when used in the wrong way. Some say that this is the state of things until today.

The dark priests, rebelling against their own race, did not expect to be dumped down onto the earth with less than one percent of their original powers. That is what happened. One could think that was cruel to humans, but on earth another problem was forming... One that matched the power crazy apprentices. Humans down on earth were showing a peculiar addiction to physical material life experience, and moving in the wrong direction.

Humans welcomed the power elite (although it was dark [fear]), because they need to need a father figure or a mother figure in the form of dependence. The match was perfect. The dark priests need to be needed, and the humans worshipped them. As simplistic as this may sound all problems on earth come from this pattern. Including problems of rebellion.

Over thousands of years the elite grew more and more dependant on their "children", including the complex co-dependence that forms in parent/child relationships gone wrong. You have an immature parent who never wants the child to grow up, and you had an immature child who accepts this setup.

In due process the bridge between the worlds was broken (sealed), and this world has progressed through a phase of material obsession to the exclusion of all other considerations. As the disorder intensifies, it is getting claustophobic down here, as the earth heats up with the material world obsession - which is the sole focus of the human mind at this point in time.

For spirit walking in matter to become obsessed with - and attached to - the material world creates all kinds of psychological problems. You have on one side the human species "teenager", who starts to know that they have to go on a journey and never look back. You also have the "ruling parent" elite who depends on telling the human species teenager what to do. Both parties are caught in an internal struggle that expresses itself externally. It is not an individual struggle, it is a global phenomenon.

Higher forces trying to organise human society would be like human beings trying to tell crows how to live. Imagine you want to go in and mess with crow societies, set up structures for them to follow. All this would be alien to crows. Any attempt to take over crow societies would only create chaos. This is not the way things were set out.

The perfectionists have this in-built desire for humans to be something they are not rather than for humans to be who they are. For some reason Earth-humans feel that being who they are is not good enough, they want to be like someone else. They want gods and benefactors, leaders and priests to tell them what to be and how to be... At this point the world is pretty messed up playing that game.

Between 2010 and 2020 human planetary societies are going to have to question their inherited addiction to fire (fear), and its destructive powers - which they seem unable to master. There are other planetary civilisations who have mastered the destructive power of fire, and they don't use it. There is a simple archetypal clue in there for anyone who understands.

The dark priests of Atlantis were not evil, they were just stupid. They did not understand they were aligning with a force that was out to destroy them. The only way to destroy the apprentice guardians was to set them on a path of destroying themselves. To protect everyone they got dumped down here, and have tried to create "order" in the wrong way since that time. By now they see it cannot be done the way they set out to do it.

Order (compassion) comes from within. The flower of compassion germinates within and grows from the light of intelligence... There is no outside force that can germinate the inner flower of awareness, the power of knowing. It cannot be managed, developed, stimulated, organised, restructured. Its nature is unique. Germination is the power of the individual inwardly knowing who they are.

When a person needs to be needed, they maybe do not want those dependent on them to grow up and be independent of them - and to potentially go beyond them. If you think you are more than your "slaves", then you maybe do not want to see your slaves happy and free living without you... Doing their own thing... Living their own lives...

If you look around you and you see the water you drink is dirty and polluted, the trees are dying, the food is contaminated, the air is unclean... If you see it, what do you do? Do you worry about "growing up" and leaving your "safe" little world behind? When the teenager leaves home it breaks up the "home". The nest is empty. The child is evolving on its own. Building its own "cultural unit". New nests come into being. New horizons are explored.

The old Empire nest is rotting away, and the platform it gave mankind is falling from the tree of life. If that rotting Empire is all you know and depend on then maybe it is a struggle and a trauma to see it fall from the tree piece by piece. This applies to every human being on this planet: The lies, the illusions, the deception, the dependence, building the future on the power of fire - the power of destruction.

Childhood's End 2010 - 2020 is the bridge within oneself. The lessons have been lived until now by the souls inhabiting planet Earth, experiencing the destruction of one's own environment, the rives, seas and waters of life. It has been an ongoing destruction over thousands of years of war, conflict, fear to face oneself.

Life is a big mirror to oneself, who we are, what we have become as souls - as spirit beings. The graduation point is coming now as an unseen light approaches the planet. This light will effect all planets in the solar system. It is not a planet, it is a window that connects all realities.

The human teenagers, the growing species of man, will be faced with a "call of the wild", so primordial that no one can fail to realise what is calling them. All the troubles on Earth are a result of humans not knowing who they are (within), and not understanding spirit while inhabiting the material world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Global Warming Glacier Retreats

The Climate Change 'Global Warming' lobby admit that they patched together their data in an environment of chaos and disorder. For twenty years groups of scientists have gathered 'research' material to present to the world as evidence that the planet is warming - and to claim that this excess warming is man made.

If they knew this twenty years ago - and people are not picking up on this subtle piece of information that gathering Global Warming data has been a long term project .. If they knew this, then why did these people not invest in alternative energy resources twenty years ago?

Watching the political circus, it often looks as though an opportunistic parasitic entity lives from the cream of human resources (taxes), and it does this just so it can stay at the top and not get its hands dirty having to 'produce something real'. You would never find them in the fields planting and harvesting corn or potatoes. These are the types who come along at harvest time and say: "You planted that corn on my land .. "

How many different ways can you extract taxes and resources from a fixed income? The trick is to convince people that they have to pay for their 'sins' - health insurance (sickness), carbon tax (pollution), extreme weather tax (insurance) etc.

In earlier times communities organised themselves to work together, not based on income - but based on cooperation and resolve. That is one of the key attributes of mankind, who have the ability to work together in various ways. Not because working together will benefit the individual, but because it will benefit the whole community - not only the 'petty-self'.

This Glacial retreat of man made 'Global Warming', in which the core group are having to admit that the climate was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period than it is now, and that there has been no significant warming since 1995, is an indicator of Human Consciousness Climate Change.

The essence of man is not to divide, to fight wars and to work only for self - out of self interest. The true essence of man is courage, compassion (that takes courage) and clarity of purpose .. 'vision' ..

At some point people are going to have to connect with their inner knowing, their unique inner vision, and find the courage to be who they are. The GPS to know and be who you are is Inner Vision - IVP (Inner Vision Positioning).

It took natural open cooperation to uncover the details of the Global Warming deception/manipulation. However, the lies cover up a much more complex future that will see dramatic Earth changes. We are living on Earth at a time where climate instability will not produce food for the growing human population across this planet. There will be ongoing population reduction, political geographic instability, resource conflicts and geopolitical opportunism (wars).

The first major change is happening now, where people first see the reality approaching them = 'earth changes', and they work together to figure out a way to deal with -adapt to- the changes. Everything we have taken fro granted will go through some kind of change over the next 100 to 150 years - and then it will take another 50 years to come out of this cycle of Earth geo-magnetic alteration. The video of the Landslide close to the Italian town Maierato looks like ocean waves, and that is geo-magnetic.

Water is a magnetic substance, when an area has heavy rainfall the water will interact in a powerful way with geo-magnetic flux. It is the magnetic fluctuations in the Earth that will cause all the physical Earth Changes. Matter is a denser 'shadow' cast by spirit-energy frequencies. That is why your soul can inhabit dense worlds of matter. The Spirit world gives form to physical matter, and your soul comes from (is born from) the world of Spirit to inhabit the more dense physical world - as a unique experience.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Temperatures Cool As 'Global Warming' Debates Heat Up

My theory on 'Global Warming' is that the Earth's climate is a lot cooler than the reports heating up Governmental science. Those involved are going to have to go back into their secret meetings and create a 'review', and they will probably come out and say: If you don't pay our new taxes then we are heading for a mini-ice age ... That covers all probabilities. The climate is getting colder, because it is getting warmer ... and that is why you have to do what we say no matter how stupid it sounds - because if you don't act now and pay those extra taxes - we are all going to freeze to death as the planet heats up.

Global warming scientists like to avoid all research revolving around the Sun. If you have not noticed, the sun is a big orange-yellow ball that comes up over the horizon early in the morning - crosses the sky - and disappears below the horizon as night begins to fall. If you look a bit closer at the sun's activities you may notice Sun events such as 'Solar Maximum' and 'Solar Minimum' .. which global warming scientists claim have no bearing whatsoever on the temperature rise or the current temperature decline (because you cannot tax the sun's emissions).

Is 'global warming' all down to collecting taxes? Not really - the cunning art of humans manipulating humans for a variety of gains is probably as old as mankind. Therefore, depending on the belief systems and agenda held by tribal groups of humans, you are going to see varieties of person-to-person manipulation and deception, extending to groups, corporations, political cabals and their science wolves, who like to howl at the moon when they are full of it.

Those who do not make their living out of manipulating man-to-man are attempting to study and understand what is happening to the eco-system of planet Earth. Ending the use of fossil fuels has nothing to do with the global climate heating up or cooling down - it has to do with intelligence, compassion, knowing when to change the way you do things and knowing how to change. For too long the human race has paddled along the stream of life according to hierarchies of opinion and influence from groups who are good at appearing to know what they are talking about, but who really do not have a clue - other than that they are good at manipulation.

Paying climate taxes will not change what is happening to the weather systems on this planet. You are going to have to change your way of living on the Earth, and living with the Earth. Observe nature directly and find out for yourself what Age you are living in, because you are a living part of the eco-system and will have to adapt to the changes as they unfold.

There will be coastal flooding and increasing Tsunamis over an extended period of time, the intensity of Earthquakes will increase. You will hear of - or experience - Earthquakes in areas where they are not usually experienced. There will be rapid and extreme swings of temperature from freezing polar temperatures in Southerly climates to rapid and sudden increases in temperature in Northern climates. There will be drought and there will be dramatic floods. How do I know this? Because I listen to the heartbeat of the Earth - and there is no better instrument for hearing the past and hearing the future than your own 'heart'.

Thousands of years in the future societies may create wonderful technologies, but they will not create anything as refined nor as accurate as the human heart. Scientists will eventually mimic nature by growing their technologies. They have already started to do this.

The Earth's populations are currently in a period of uncertainty, where the magnetic fluctuations of the Sun and the magnetic field fluctuations on Earth are 'in turmoil'. For us it is turmoil - because we have to deal with unusual extremes; but for the planet these cycles are normal. It is just that they happen over such long time periods that we humans can forget that this is the way it is. We are inside a varied fluctuation right now, that will probably last until 2111. It's part of what you experience when you are living on the Earth.

We are not the only ones experiencing these varied fluctuations. There are other dimensions, sharing the same 'space' who are going through similar adaptation cycles. In the not to distant future there will be some levels of open communication between some of these dimensions and this world, because the veils between the worlds have thinned.

Those who have spent thousands of years hiding this secret so that they could have an advantage of manipulation over their fellow humans will not be able to hold back the curtain behind the scenes from opening up and revealing the background crews, and the technical crews, and the door out backstage.

It is the oldest running Greek tragedy the world has known, but hopefully we will have learned something valuable by the time we come out of this dark cave of the mind. Just be careful when you read the rewrite of the script that plays: Of course, it is getting colder! It is getting colder because it is getting warmer! And it will get a lot colder before it gets warmer .. It's science ..

It is estimated that average annual temperatures around Athens [in Ancient Greece] were two to three degrees higher than today ..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year - Coming Financial War

February 14, 2010 is the Chinese Lunar New Year: 2010 - The Year of The Tiger .. However, this will come to be associated with a major world financial war. Not because of China! The financial war is the stinking sewage effect that will emerge from hundreds of years of complete mis-management of resources and trading - by 'the West'.

This coming international financial war has its roots in the dark age of the Kali Yuga, a movement away from higher development of Civilisations, towards a lowering of human standards over thousands of years. To understand what I am talking about you have to be able to use your mind to go into the Age before this one and go into the Age that follows this one - and look back into this time period from those two locations. It is not 'rocket science' you were born with these abilities. To use your mind - your consciousness - to travel beyond-time.

As always, the financial war is based on greed - those who have the wealth, not wanting to give up what they have. The reason they have to give up their social and international positions, is because they are now out of synch with the energies forming on planet Earth. Now, China will not remain 'Communist', that is also a passing phase used to castrate them, and keep them in a small cage. To control their vast wealth of people and resources.

So, 2010 - the Year of The Tiger - will certainly be a year to reflect upon as to how not to carry out financial and international relations. The 'key-words' are: sharing, co-operation, integrity and social responsibility. But these are currently vague concepts in a world that is in chaos. The situation can be summed up in this way: The owners of an international house have to leave, because they have indulged in a life-style that no longer allows them to continue to live in that house. But, rather than vacate the house to someone who can organise it better, these institutions would rather destroy the house and leave nothing behind.

The problem is the planetary house does not belong to one family, although it has been occupied by a petty 'stream of consciousness' for thousands of years - and that stream of consciousness is primitive, barbaric, violent, self-serving and totally isolated in its own form of arrogance and self-importance. Now that this petty stream is facing 'death', it has a problem. To give up POWER is death, and this tiny stream is afraid to come to an end. But whether it is afraid or not, it will end.

The reason you will see an international financial war in the Year of The Chinese Tiger, is because the beast that has ruled the Earth for the past two thousand years does not want stand aside and give up all that it owns. Which is an illusion, as we cannot take ownership of a transient physical/material experience.

These people are used to using terror to get their own way, and already they have begun to stand up and rock the boat .. 'If you do not do what we say everyone will drown.'

The fact is that everyone will not drown.

This is an opportunity for human beings all over this planet to discover the real qualities of a 'tiger' - a consciousness which is powerful and fast, intelligent and agile, cunning and silent. The tiger does not carelessly use its power in an arrogant way. It does not kill unless it needs to. It conserves its power until it has the advantage. It eats what it needs and leaves nature to provide the rest. The tiger is pure 'resource management' .. courage ..

You have to be able to know when is the right time to move and when is the right time to wait and observe. The tiger is part of nature, not separate from nature. Therefore, nature is its ally.

Nothing in nature grows at an all consuming speed unless it is an Atomic explosion, and therefore any desire to consume all resources and to own dramatically ever increasing sources of wealth is unnatural. The desire to destroy is built into the desire to have supreme wealth - you cannot have one without the other - both are born out of selfishness.

All one can do is make sure that greed and desire for power are inwardly extinguished even as many crumbling institutions around the planet may be destroyed by the flames of their own selfishness. Human consciousness also has a planetary life cycle (unfolding over longer periods of time). Each time the egg is reborn, out of the ashes of civilisations comes a new child.