Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plastic Internet Garbage Polluting Search Engines

In the early years of the Internet, before it became cluttered with 'entertainment' and general dumbing down of this incredible tool, you could do an Internet Engine search and come up with relevant information. Today most of the Search Engine techniques give you information and websites they want you to have. The results are contaminated with what I call IT (Internet Trash).

Search results on the major Search Engines spit out a general mixture of spaghetti vegetaria, bolognese, with ads for Parmesan cheese, wine, visits to Rome, buy Italien handbags .. my sense of humour .. and what you get is a refined mix of everything that can be dumped into a Search Result, and in some cases feeding you information or subtly leading you in the direction of feeding you - this is the direction we want you to go in - information.

It is like going into an Italian Restaurant and asking for Pizza Fungi and you are served Sweet and Sour Chicken with Curried Sauce. When doing research I spend a lot less time finding what I am looking for and more time dancing around keywords avoiding the trash that washes up in the search. As we search around, major Internet search engines throw out a lot of chewed up tiny bits of plastic that, in my opinion, pollute the search.

We now have a new concept: Search Engine Pollution .. Those thrown away bits of trash that float around and clog up Search Engines and get in the way of the search. This trash also includes 'Institutions', 'BIG NAMES' and the tiny shredded bits of plastic thrown out of the mainstream Media that choke the propellers of unique intelligence and thinking for oneself .. unless you have a natural built in water purifier.

This is an interesting start: We're Google junkies

I tested out some of the Search Engines, earthquakes 1800s
DuckDuckGo search engine results
Worio search engine results

I discovered the Cleveland Institute of Art History using DuckDuck search engine .. with La Tene as keywords .. so I am happy with that search.

WORIO Search Engine is in its BETA stage, and what I like about this system is that you have a little apparatus on the left, where you can conveniently change your searches from 'Worio' to 'Google' to 'Bing' in one click. I am a Tech Geek and so I like that kind of quick and efficient application.

The way I see it, the Internet is Sacred Ground. It also comes from the Earth. We humans tap into an ability the Earth has to transmit signals as communication. Using this medium we are doing what Whales and Dolphins do - only we cannot hear those signals with our ears, we use the signals to transmit words in written and spoken form. To do that we have to combine elements of nature in a way that allows energy to travel and carry signals that we can translate and understand. Out of those Earth elements we build computers and energy devices, Satellites and Transmission Systems.

Why do we have the skills to do this? Just to entertain ourselves? I don't think so. As with everything this special tool can be used to advance to the highest levels of one's own potential, or it can be used as an extension of personal petty indulgences. Over the last few years the mass indulgences - the trash vortex - have crept over the Worldwide Web like a spreading oil slick. So, I see a totally new kind of Web appearing in the 'future'. I call it the 'EarthWeb' - where infinite possibilities are born from your journey though infinite oceans.

Keywords: Plastic Oceans - Great Pacific Garbage Patch - CUIL: Pacific Trash Vortex