Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Great Wave: Spring Equinox 2010

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The 8.8 Earthquake off the Coast of Chile on 27 February - moving into Full Moon [February 28] - was followed by a 6.3 in Argentina and was preceded by a 7.0 Earthquake on February 26, just off the Ryukyu Islands, Japan .. IRIS.

If you look at the Astrology for the time of the Earthquake, there are four planets lined up in Pisces [Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus] and three planets travelling through Aquarius [Mercury, Neptune, Chiron], and there is the Moon nicely opposite in Leo pulling through the whole lineup of planets .. On planet Earth there are massive rainstorms, landslides, flooding hurricanes. Hurricane storm winds are crossing Germany from the Southwest after hitting Spain, Portugal and France, with winds up to 140km/h.

Hundreds of thousands of homes in west and south-west France have lost electricity while a number of French coastal villages were flooded. Roads have collapsed as torrential rains have flooded the regions hit by the massive storm crossing Europe.

This is only 2010 - it is going to get a lot worse. By 'worse' I mean sudden, unexpected and weird. The 'laws of nature' as you knew them no longer apply. We are sailing into uncharted waters where we will know it and understand it when we see it, and not before.

At the end of March 2009 I wrote: Spirit World Tsunami 2010 - 2013. Now, in 2010 I am watching the storm they call 'Xynthia' pass overhead. For some reason they used the German spelling of the Greek Cynthia [moon], another name for the Greek moon goddess 'Artemis'.

This storm is not as bad as other storms that have crossed this area over the years. I have seen really powerful, really wild storms with twisting contra winds and driving torrential rain. There has been no rainfall locally and the down-pressure of the winds are intermittent, and yet the wind is effortlessly bringing down trees and is sending pieces of buildings crashing onto the streets below.

The Earth, the Sun and all the planets are not floating through 'physical space', and we humans are not living on a surface of 'physical space'. After the fall of the Roman Empire time period things were relatively quiet on Earth as we entered a cycle of relative stability. This illusion of stability arrived at the end of the Kali Yuga [the dark age]. During that time people's minds moved away from the Spirit Origins of who they really are.

The reality is that the Earth, the Sun, Moon and Planets are all moving (floating) through inter-dimensional space. All humans on Earth inhabit Inter-dimensional space. There is no doubt in my mind, these storms are dimensional crossings buffeting the magnetic field of each layered field that we call 'reality'.

Just imagine a rip appeared in the space-time continuum and you could see other worlds, other realities and other life forms through the opening of the veil. Imagine that you could interact and co-operate with those realities. The culture you lived in could learn and develop as a result of those interactions. In some way that is where all of us are heading, and that is why this reality gets shaken up every now and then through natural cosmic cycles. This is also why some of the other levels of reality are watching us and are concerned, because as we progress we merge.

It could be that vibrational realities and their closest neighbours, all heading for the entrance to the same vortex become one reality. The spiral reality vortex pulls us into one cycle. I feel Tolkien wrote about this in Lord of The Rings. Elves, Dwarves and Men could interact within the same time-space. They could see each other, they could talk to each other and they shared the same physical (if not spiritual) dimensions.

If your world was being pulled into one of those cyclical vortices, which would probably merge over thousands of years in terms of time, but would merge in Spirit immediately. This means each dimension could see the others and interact long before their physical realities merged. Because the basic foundation of physical reality is the invisible world of spirit, the cycles of merging would be stormy and turbulent through interjecting magnetic energies. It's a matter of perspective ..