Thursday, March 18, 2010

Origins of Alchemy: 'The Little People'

Now, the Internet is a great tool .. but it does not have all the answers and not all answers are correct. In this current time much of what is written is tainted. We are not using this tool to share visionary truths, but we are using it to speculate and mostly to influence.

Somewhere between the particles of influence are pathways to the truth.

If you know how to research then the particles of truth can bring you to a place of knowing, a place of great riches and wealth. Now 'wealth' is not about having everything you want and having it all your own way. True wealth is Alchemy .. your tribe lives in a forest and they take only what they need, leaving the greater wealth of the forest intact for generations to come. That is true wealth.

Alchemists seek not to consume the greatest amount of resources for the greatest amount of wealth. True Alchemists seek to use the minimum resource to achieve their aims .. and their aims have to be balanced with nature [with cosmos].

For example, it became popular for Kings during the Middle Ages to ask Alchemists if they could really turn lead into gold .. and the Alchemists said that unfortunately they cannot .. and I am sure those who could would also have said the same - because for Kings large amounts of gold meant they could do what they want - equals outfitting armies and invading your neighbours.

Today, if you try to research faeries or the little people - there is mostly a collection of tainted accounts of early tales. These accounts were tainted by the church, who saw the little people as a threat to their authority. When you can see the Quantum beings in the invisible realms you understand what and who they really are, as opposed to old faerie tales.

Take the issue with the church where faeries and leprechauns are bad spirits set to lead mankind astray. Well, it depends on your perspective and point of view when dealing with these elemental beings. Quantum beings exist to take care of nature, and so they wont be too happy to see trees cut down, mountains blasted away, marshes cleared and general abuse of plants and animals. In that respect, these elemental beings can get upset and they don't like humans too much.

The stories of the division between man and the little people are not totally accurate. Once the church took over it was a case of 'anything goes' .. ancient standing stones were overturned, smashed or buried .. forests were cleared .. borderlands were destroyed and farmed upon .. ancient mounds were flattened .. respect for nature was gone.

Look at who and what nature was to the church. Nature was the spirit of Cernunnos who the church cast as 'the devil', satyrs and sprites were the devil's helpers .. sprites lived in trees and forests so the people (out of fear) tore down the oldest trees and destroyed the groves. The church taught that all of nature is for man's personal use, animals have no souls, they exist only for you to consume.

The real story of the division between man and the 'little people' - brought about by the 'nature wars' - is that elemental beings withdrew their guidance from mankind. These Quantum beings were(are) there to keep mankind in his place. The principle is: If you destroy the whole forest there are no more trees. That is the basic principle. The next level is that you come into the material/physical existence to live in balance with nature and not to overcome nature. You are part of a living system and you respect it.

In our ancestral past elemental beings would not only communicate these principles to mankind, but they would often interfere, with their magic powers, to stop a lot of the destruction. They are aspects of nature designed to communicate with our spirit-in-matter level of vibration. The operating system were ancient sites, stone circles, the borderlands and megalithic sites - most of which was destroyed by the church.

Man is on his own, walking his trail of fears, leading to his own destruction.

The biggest part of the imbalance has fallen back onto the human race. More land to grow more food equals more humans - in an endless spiral of more, greater, larger, wealthier. Let's go back to the principle of our wealth being careful preservation of our environment with human communities living in balance, cooperating with nature and where populations are successful when they do not over-expand.

To achieve this we are going to have to re-establish the 'borderlands' and start communicating with the Quantum elements who exist to guide us and share valuable information that only a Quantum particle being can share. I am sure the early Alchemists hide the fact that their research and their discoveries were related to their ability to perceive and communicate with elemental beings - the real Alchemists ..

If you use nature you are a Scientist, and if you co-operate with nature you are an Alchemist. The scientist is separate from nature (the source of his/her discoveries) and the Alchemist is part of nature. The root of the word Science means to acquire knowledge through division and separation. The root of the word Alchemy is related to Egypt, from Arabic al kimiya, that which is poured out from .. which became chemistry, in the purest sense - the search to transmute ..

Transmutation and breaking apart/division are two totally different approaches to discovering the nature of the world we live in. Who were the masters of transmutation in the ancient world? Elemental beings (elemental particles), sharing their secrets with us, guiding us, teaching us and telling us off when we do something wrong (when we break the laws of balance / the laws of nature).

The so-called 'Little People' are/were the original Alchemists .. and they taught mankind the Art of Transmutation, whose essence was the higher spiritual evolution of mankind .. not material evolution - but SPIRITUAL evolution. Essentially, if you are a scientist who seeks knowledge through cutting, separating and dividing particles into their ever smaller parts - then good luck to you .. as you could be on that trail for the next trillion, or so years. If you are a Quantum scientist, then realise that the tiny Quantum particles you are detecting may be a molecule on the jacket of a leprechaun - who does not like the tiny waves you are creating inside his space-time continuum.