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Death +_+ Is The Biggest Conspiracy!

Ancient*Futures: Is Death The Biggest Conspiracy?

In the video you see a visit to an ancient site that is much older than people realize. At the time a friend was dying [the physical body was dying] .. and I had an experience where there was other dimension beings type meeting in the garden with us humans. These beings decided it was time for the spirit to return to their original dimension.

A round portal opened and they all walked through .. disappeared .. the portal closed and we found out that each human incarnation also has an ELEMENTAL. The elemental is an intelligent operating system that allows spirit incarnations to navigate time and space reality.

Death Is The Biggest Conspiracy
The invisible worlds guided us to go to this ancient INSTALLATION where we had no clue about what was there. In the video you see the statue that is claimed to be the God Asklepios: Healer and bringer of the dead back to life.

Around the Planet - as we now enter a new phase - these ancient installations are rebooting [like an advanced living intelligent Operating System]. The first conspiracy is that everyone has been conditioned or programmed to believe that all these ancient locations are dead places dedicated to the gods.

Nothing could be further from the truth ...

The beings depicted are not gods .. they are UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. It is all a code [more advanced than computer code] .. using avatar / symbols to connect and activate nodes. There was no malicious design intended .. it is humans who have become malicious .. but that is THEIR problem!

Researchers identify Zeus as Planet Jupiter and Hades as Planet Pluto .. I think Earth was Asklepios ?? am not sure .. but all I know is the bolt(s) of lightning from the Planet Jupiter were hitting Earth probably when the new Sun was born. Zeus [Jupiter] was kicked out as Father of the Gods [Planets] .. as the new Father [The Sun] took its place.

What I was shown after the visit is that bolts of lightning from Jupiter struck Earth .. destroying a highly advanced civilization on the Planet and Asklepios bringing the dead back to life is related to re-incarnation. I imagine the higher re-incarnation order of Earth got damaged or destroyed ?? As for the anger of Hades / Pluto .. the Planet was pushed out from an inner orbit to an outer orbit by Earth.

This all comes into my mind after visiting the installation #_#

Art Is The Unknown [Death]
This is a photograph I took working to heal [save someone's life] .. where I can see death and I can see the invisible worlds of spirit. It helps you to see what death looks like through the eyes of a Seer .. Artist & Healer.

This image was taken at the time period I became aware the incarnate spirit has walked out of the body .. left the Earth cycle and was escorted to another dimension [their original dimension]. Revealing that DEATH is not at all what we think it is!

When spirits die the compassion they feel that is the illusion sadness of the Earth [relating to the damaged intelligence of Asklepios] .. is that people do not see beyond their ego conditioning of the tiny little thought program of limited experience and limited knowledge.

Of course .. THOUGHT [which is time] is afraid of death .. because thought dies when the spirit incarnation leaves the body and the physical brain and body no longer function. Each time physical body ends the limited [time restricted] petty little individual ME thought program comes to an end.

Thought [ego] experiences death together with the ending of the physical material body.

What is The Biggest Conspiracy?
Over the last 2,000 years since the death of Atlantis [Asklepios] the human mind has lost its original way [intelligent navigation systems] .. and lives in FEAR of DEATH .. that is a TOTAL ILLUSION .. because you cannot understand life without understanding death. Duality is balance yin / Yang principles: Life is death and death is life!

When spirit incarnates [occupies] physical space-time life and death are ONE...

That which is born dies .. that which dies is born. The beginning and the end are one. These are not just WORDS .. there is fundamental reality beyond the words. The word is just a sign post guiding the traveler to go to the actual location and find out the TRUTH for themselves.

I show you birth-death-rebirth principle: I was born with a passion for discipline of Martial Arts .. but I don't want to hit anyone or defeat anyone .. I just have this passion. This was a time when there was no Kung Fu influence in Scotland .. but it was in my blood .. and the blood travels through the heart!

The only Martial Arts film I ever saw in my life [until 2011 videos on the Internet] .. was the original [black & white] Japanese: Seven Samurai with subtitles. That film blew my mind .. but other than this there was no TV .. no films .. no outside influence.
BIRTH = I was very young and we do not have much money .. but I save up to buy Gichin Funakoshi - Karate-Do Kyohan that had just been published in English [so I was around 15 / 16 years old]. I studied this book every day and would go out into the garden bare foot even in Winter [even in frost and snow] and teach myself as I was obsessed .. that this was my life.

DEATH = The ancient Invisible Guides came to me and asked me to change my development of Karate-Do Kyohan from the physical training to inner teachings training ... and I died in that moment ... I was devastated. Even as I write this I have tears in my eyes. The reason is .. I was not going to survive in this Earth environment with physical Martial Arts skills .. but I was going to survive [the future] with deeper more ancient unseen hidden skills .. so physical aspect dies.

REBIRTH = No! It does not die .. the INITIATION [Guidance] gives birth to a new unique manifestation. I am forced to draw on much older incarnations more important to this life experience. It demands that I go deeper. It demands that I apply awareness and skills that do not exist in this common World [today]. Because .. we all have to live in this common World conditioned by the fallen Roman Empire who turned against principles of TRUTH...

But .. why do you believe the lies and illusions that deny UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES of TRUTH that are designed / encoded inside the genes of all humans ?? The genes that are your Intelligent Operating Systems ?? You see .. All this realization comes out of the death [transformation] of one human being who leaves Earth at this time.

Because .. everyone is crying and suffering and thinking only of themselves .. because of FEAR of DEATH. Because personal and collective FEAR is the darkness not death. The petty little ego [thought] is terrified of death = ending. Not only ending of the physical body .. but any kind of ending of its patterns and attachments.

That conditioning did not exist inside me at 15 years old .. because I did not allow it to condition my unique incarnation. I challenge the programming of the ego / the petty self. I did not argue with the Guidance of the Invisible Worlds when they challenged me to change as I KNOW the TRUTH when I hear it!

Why can you not see that fear is like a drug that distorts the mind? Why can you not see that suffering is like a drug that distorts the mind? Through good fortune we were guided and came upon an ancient installation that taught these fundamental principles way back long before the Romans and Greek Civilizations.

There is a lot more to come and we are still working on this project.

We currently have Mercury in Pisces [February 25 - March 13] where I have ?? Mercury in Aries [my birth sign] .. I know nothing about Astrology .. but I suspect that our birth aspects also interact with the cycle of aspects. All this passion to ask these questions is my Mercury in Aries talking to Mercury in Pisces #_# .. if that makes sense ??

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Five Elements Eclipse Extreme Weather Cycles

Three 144 Year Five Elements Cycles
Chinese Fire Rooster 1717
Chinese Metal Rooster 1861
Chinese Fire Rooster 2017

300 year great storm cycle: 1717 - 2017

Five Elements Solar Eclipse Cycles
22 April 1716 Total Solar Eclipse
15 October 1716 Annular Solar Eclipse
The Great Snow of 1717 - was a series of extreme snow storms that covered New England and New York between February 27 and March 17. The Winter prior to these great storms had been the worst in memory .. in December 1716 snow had fallen to the depth of 5 feet.
Two Solar eclipses at the beginning and end of 1716 with a series of volcanic eruptions from Mount Kirishima Japan / Kelud in Indonesia / Taal Volcano Philippines.

As I wrote in February 14 post: Five Elements Natural Flood Cycles
The December 1717 Christmas Flood [Holland] - 14,000 people drowned

11 January 1861 Annular Solar Eclipse
31 December 1861 Total Solar Eclipse
Chinese Metal Rooster 144 Years later: After after two exceptionally dry decades California experienced the worst Central Valley Flood from December 1861 to January 1862 - The Great California Flood.
Two Solar eclipses beginning and end of 1861 with no significant volcanic activity powerful enough to blame for the mass flooding. This is why I call them NATURAL CYCLES .. because Planet Earth follows intelligent but complex balance cycles.

26 February 2017 "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse
21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
From 1717 to 2017 is a 300 year Five Elements - Chinese Fire Rooster Cycle. After significant drought cycle affecting California State an unusual mass water event took place where incredible storms quickly filled all the dams to full capacity. Resulting in the Oroville dam crisis of Jan / Feb 2017 that is ongoing.
Two Total Solar eclipses beginning and end of 2017 .. the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse happened today [26 February] and there have been no significant eruptions to blame for the mass flooding and storms hitting California.

Earth*Tech Geek
I am simply making a historical and structural technical analysis based on my own research and life long observations. Tech*geeks are not "experts" they are just Geeks! That is another word for natural observers ... and wot-do-eye observe?

The February 26 2017 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse was in Pisces .. and that governs water and weather! Being an Eclipse of such long duration means that the effects could continue for years. Full Solar Eclipse cycles do have long term effects regardless.

It's all about water .. and I have said in the past: Water has variations in weight / heaviness according to the Sun Cycles [Solar Cycles]. According to my own observations .. as of January 2017 we are currently in a heavy water cycle = natural heavy deep low lying fog / mist as well as the associated pollution.

Heavy water is [in my mind] associated with high winds .. water and wind are like two intertwining Sky Dragons or as I call this phenomenon: Sky Ocean Currents / Atmospheric Ocean Currents. The relationships between water and wind is electrical [current] flow.

In terms of California today you have a number of changes to the natural landscape that did not exist 144 & 300 years ago. The most recent changes to the mountain valley are 50 year old dams. Technically 50 years are at their capacity and the mass water catchments and snow are at the top of their physical capacity.

The weight of the water trapped behind the dams did not exist in 1861 / 1862. This vast weight of water is not only captured as snow in the high mountain ranges .. or filling the rivers .. the water behind the dams is soaking out into the surrounding landscape that is not naturally designed to hold or be under the weight of those water levels.

These are just basic structural and geological problems to think about.

The dams in California were not designed to deal with the levels of water flowing to overcapacity they have today. For sure humans only experience heavy water cycles every 144 to 300 years .. this current situation is not in the current human radar of expectations [experience].

Technically .. if California had experienced high rain fall levels each year the dams would have been built differently. Unfortunately the dams were constructed for a dry desert / drought climate [experience]. No one thinks about it until the longer cycle high rainfall / floods come as are happening now.

A number of factors are going to influence what happens next: Two Solar Eclipses in 2017 .. with the first Eclipse creating its effects today [February 26]. That weight of water behind multiple dams is an unknown for these types of weather cycle patterns.

We are talking dams filled to full capacity with the storm season having only begun that can continue until March / April. Two Total Solar Eclipses in 2017 .. leaving the increased potential for more heavy storms in Dec 2017 - Jan / Feb 2018.

Then there is the snow melt crisis that has set off mass flooding of the valley in the past. This is not only about rain fall levels. The biggest danger could be warmer air melting the snow real fast. That water flow from the mountains could overwhelm the structures of dams downstream.

The other unknown is the earthquake effect of dams on the surrounding geology as the water from the dams soaks into the ground structure. It is called: Reservoir Induced Seismicity or Dam Induced Seismicity. Extra water pressure in the micro-cracks and fissures in the ground under or nearby have the potential to trigger seismic activity.

That part is currently a big unknown as these dams have never had to face 144 or 300 storm / heavy water climate cycle as they are only 50 years old. The depth and volume of water can play a role in triggering earthquakes. I would also add that it depends on the geological structure of the area.

The type of rock .. the rock soil strata .. the electrical signatures of the rock .. brittle or hard? Then it also depends on the water and gas chambers deep under the earth [including lava] that can get displaced. Once you get into the geological layers things get really complex. This is more complex than the human body ...

There are multi complex layers effecting the next immediate 13 months .. due to the influences of the two powerful Solar Eclipses within 2017 .. adding to the 144 year cycle and the 300 year cycle. We live in a multi complex multi layered reality of which I have only talked about geology .. I have not yet touched upon the supernatural and paranormal = the unknown factor that also plays a part in WHAT IS.

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Not Alone .. Together ..

One day .. a long time ago .. a Fire Monkey descended to Earth from the high mountains of another dimension. This Fire Monkey had been to Earth before .. and was accustomed to the living conditions of the people on the Planet.

The Fire Monkey brought skills to Earth from the other dimension .. and so it was that they were able to create a place where all kinds of people could experience healing and re-educate themselves about health and healthy values.

Techniques used were revolutionary for that time .. and Fire Monkey helped people with HIV and Cancer to attempt to heal themselves in HUMANE ways .. and to retain their human dignity in life. Unfortunately Fire Monkey saw the other side of the abyss nursing friends being treated with Chemotherapy and Radiation before they quickly died.

No Radiation .. no Chemotherapy +_+
This is a small part of her story ...

Like many experienced nurses and doctors working within that system Fire Monkey said: No Chemo / no Radiation .. I have seen what it does [what it did to my friends] and if I am going to die .. I want to have a death worth living [don't know if that makes sense].

There was a lot of respect and everyone said: You are so courageous.

The professionals and others who put the protocols together were not paid. They gave or donated their time asking nothing in return to create / manifest: Not Alone .. Together .. and these people also made the treatments used happen using their resources .. investing their resources to help.

HUMANE Treatments for HUMANS
The inhumanity of THE SYSTEM [the dominant system] has an array of costs that people have to pay. One of the costs is social / financial. Not only the people being treated suffer .. but friends and family suffer.

The "health" system is build like a Corporation [a financial corporation] .. where financial gain and not TREATMENT are the primary concern. One example of this is the ongoing pressure: If you do not do these treatments you will die !!

But .. you said I only have a year .. at most .. if I do these treatments #_#
That's right !! There is no effective treatment we know for Glioblastoma Multiform Grade IV ...
With treatment you may live 6 to 8 months and if you are lucky for up to a year.
It turned out [against all the odds] that it was a year with no headaches .. no symptoms .. no being sick and all the other symptoms that follow a brain tumor diagnosis. At home with no medical intervention living a normal life. Here is the video to prove it 5 months after surgery: Sheila [Lama] discussing: Future Risks

Never mind the physical costs to the person for certain aggressive kinds of treatments .. the social and financial costs are devastating no matter if the costs are private or health insurance. Being told that: "We have to save your life at ANY cost ... " and being told: I cannot afford this .. so will you do it for free?

No one asked that question .. but the answer is OBVIOUS .. right ??

The [inhuman] social and financial costs can not only bring down the person being treated .. but also bring down family and close friends. If you do not have a team who work together and know what they are doing and why then it must be very difficult if not next to impossible.

The emotional and physical costs of certain treatments are well documented.

Not Alone .. Together ..
Really the KEY is primarily organization and intelligent co-operation .. something the archaic system is incapable of providing. The answer is sociological as well as basic human values. In the future these co-operative services should be no tax [tax free / non profit] .. why not ??

Such services would be popular and would hit into the money making profits of medical corporations. If given the choice the answer is obvious to those who care about those they love. This option would include an element of courage and no fear.

The individual providing 24 hours care had been trained in the military as a young man .. and he knew what he was doing. Why not train people from a young age to cope and deal with emergencies? Practical basic stuff many of us learned as kids and later through experience because the type of universal care system did not exist.

The most important thing the TEAM focused on and were able to achieve [this was a BIG achievement] was a totally normal life. Death did not haunt us .. death was not a problem .. death was / is a natural part of life. If you are born on the Earth you are going to die.

The Fire Monkey did achieve what she set out to do [proving to all of us that it is possible] to have a QUALITY of LIFE until the end. For sure there were a few colourful moments .. but she died the way she lived. A healthy death ?? I don't know ?? Pretty much ...
We are going to put together a small video tribute as best we can. The most important message is that things have to CHANGE. The medical inhumanity has to end. The Institutional inhumanity has to end. Another way to say it is we have to focus and create new ways of dealing with illness and death .. especially old age.

One of my Grandmothers was told after a debilitating stroke and paralysis down one side that she could not return home and she would have to go into a care home for the elderly. She was a strong Sagittarius and told everyone: I am not going into care I am going home. The doctors called getting up .. disappearing paralysis and going home a "miracle".

No! It is actually called: HUMAN DETERMINATION *_*

You know what is sad? You know what is REALLY sad? The people who BELIEVE the cr#p they are told and who mindlessly accept someone else telling them WHO they are and WHAT they can and cannot do. It is really sad that people do not challenge themselves to change.

I think I was about 11 years old or maybe 9 years old .. around that time .. when I was alone in my room at night falling asleep. The light was out and the room was dark and suddenly there came a loud knock out of the wooden wardrobe on the other side of the room.

It was like: Knock knock knock .. from the inside of the wardrobe.

I was not asleep and I was not dreaming .. and my heart began pounding so I hide my head under the duvet cover. Then again the knock came from the inside of the wardrobe. Of course I thought it was a ghost and I was really afraid...

Then something in my own mind said to me: What do you have to fear? I thought about it and I thought that I have to go look inside the wardrobe and look see what it is. Then I thought to myself: The worst that can happen is I die and then I have no more problems [strange thing for a kid to think].

I got up and walked across the room to the wardrobe in the dark and did not put on the light. I opened the door and looked inside .. there was nothing in there. I could see ghosts and spirits since I was a young child and there was no ghost in there = nothing.

I saw that the wardrobe was empty and that I had nothing to fear but fear itself.

I was a different person .. a more capable person after that. The banging sound stopped and it never happened again. The event was not a paranormal haunting .. it was some mysterious Initiation / teaching / learning from the invisible spirit world .. a phenomenon that works with us and supports us.

Well .. it is the same with death ..

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Not Finished .. Just Begun ..

They Gave Me A New Name
Many weeks before she died Sheila had a dream she traveled South on a train ..

.. Where THEY gave her a new name .. Who were THEY ??

Tall beings [she said] .. like the Egyptian statues .. very tall .. they looked Egyptian .. very ancient .. they are my friends .. they protect us.

Was Sheila an Ancient Egyptian freak ?? NOT AT ALL #_#

You bet we have a STORY to tell and we are gong to tell it ... but not in this post!

In the early hours of the morning 20/2/2017 the physical body passed away. Because a lot of her friends are really traumatized by the whole situation .. as well as having to face her death .. she asked me to write this post.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a medium .. I do not "channel" and I do use any kinds of "boards" or any methods to talk with "the dead". In fact .. I avoid talking with spirits who have passed on. I have [was born with] the ability .. but it is not my primary concern.
Fire Monkey To Fire Monkey
[Five Elements Transition]

Sheila Lama Sheila: Chinese Fire Monkey 1956 - Fire Monkey [End of January 2017]
Basically we were a team living and working together to create a FUTURE WORTH LIVING and Sheila was a key part of that team. We are all a key part of that team.

Forgive me if this post is ARTISTIC .. that is how my brain works. As I was writing the post I wrote Sheila was born in 1856 instead of 1956 and I did not see the mistake. Numbers have no meaning to me and in my brain 1856 is as valid as 1956 ...

For sure .. she told me off that I wrote 1856 ..
.. so I had to go back and check it! YEH !! I know .. +_+

For those who knew Sheila .. this is a one time info session and there are going to be no future questions and answers. Past associations have ended and the future has begun. I have to do this now .. but I am already in the future working on the projects that are waiting for us.

History: Sheila worked her whole life to serve others and not herself. Her passion was to help others and she neglected her own self-interest or watching out for herself. She owned a Health Spa where she pioneered [ahead of her time] many innovative heath support treatments such as wheatgrass juice and others.

As the financial crisis hit she maintained the Spa with her own resources [to help and benefit others] and that cost her a heavy personal price. In the end she was struggling and she knew it ... and no one helped her out .. but many many people benefited from her unfailing commitment in many ways.

Later in life she did waken up and was able to free herself from a failing system to forge ahead and create for herself a life worth living. The last eight years were [for her] a powerful self-transformation. The old Sheila died and the new Sheila Lama was born.

In past lives she has lived as Lamas and Buddhists live.

You know .. death is not that simple .. not as simple as you think. At the end of 2015 Sheila collapsed .. was rushed to have an MRI and was immediately sent straight into surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumor.

The brain tumor was so large the surgeon said she had very little chance of survival. Later they said if the tumor had not been removed so fast that she would have died within hours. So .. Dr Carma removed the brain tumor and everyone waited ...

Sheila recovered consciousness and woke up into what they call: A Golden Dawn.
They call it A Golden Age [it is the same thing]

The recovery was as though there had been no brain surgery .. no brain tumor and no damage to the brain. Then came the news that the tumor was Glioblastoma Multiform Grade IV .. the most aggressive form of tumor with the fastest rate of growth.

After surgery there was still a small rest of the tumor that would grow again that could not be removed due to the danger of damaging the brain. The specialists told her that she had three to eight months to live. If she was lucky she would survive up to eight months with aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

In private the specialists admitted that chemotherapy and radiation would not kill or remove Glioblastoma IV Multiform because we pressed them on it having done extensive research of professional medical papers on these treatments. As it is destroyed the multiform mutates into an even more aggressive form that is immune to the treatments that destroy the tumor.

Some researchers have suggested Cancer is a fungus [fungi love radiation].

No one gave up and Sheila embarked on protocols that appeared to contain the growth of the tumor. In 2016 after 3 months the next MRI scan showed no renewal of tumor growth. Usually a Glioblastoma Grade IV doubles in size every two weeks. There was nothing on the scan until suddenly 6 months later in May 2016 - from November 2015 to April 2016 .. we were winning clear [that was how we felt].

Even more amazing was that there were no headaches .. no seizures .. no epileptic seizures .. no physical symptoms such as paralysis or difficulty walking. Things seemed to get back to normal and the professionals helping Sheila were impressed.

The brain surgeon warned us that whatever this thing is it seems to defy the laws of physics.

We did not know then .. we know now what they were trying to convey. A year later Sheila suddenly and dramatically collapsed to the date of the first collapse in 2015. It was just back with no warning .. and yet no one gave up on the situation .. we increased our efforts.

For a while it seemed to work and things seemed to get better.
Then out of the blue that was it .. whatever this was .. we could not defeat it !!
There is a LOT more to this story that cannot be written now. We just want to show that for the SPIRIT death does not exist. The SOUL does not experience death. The physical body is born and dies. When your car no longer works you PERSONALLY do not experience the death of the car. You go get another car. It is the same with the body.

The timeline is Incarnate Sheila left the body at the end of 2016 when tall beings came into the garden and took her back through a portal to another dimension from which her spirit had come to incarnate on Earth.

I can see and interact with the spirit worlds .. and I was brought there to the meeting that was to decide to manifest a recovery or leave. It was decided that Sheila leaves with them. The elemental body Operating System was left behind that is the functioning navigation system Incarnate Spirits use when they inhabit physical material dimensions.

The physical elemental body seemed to defy reality and continued to survive against all the odds .. until a dream near the end of Chinese Fire Monkey just before Chinese New Year = 2017 Fire Rooster. We were told "It's the end .. it's over .. " I had a dream where Sheila was talking to us saying: I am here with you .. I am not in that body.

We know a lot of people are obsessed with physical death and suffering! People fear death and the ending of physical incarnation. We are not afraid of life and we are not afraid of death .. we were not afraid to succeed and we were not afraid to fail. What is failure ??

What is the spirit? What is the message?

In physical life there is birth and death .. but not in the spirit world. In physical life there is beginning and end .. but not in the spirit world. In physical life there is suffering .. but not in the spirit world. In physical world the ego-self [thought] is only concerned with its own survival = fear. That is not LIFE and that is not LIVING.

I see the spirit world as clearly as I see the physical world .. so why are humans so blind?
What has happened to humanity since the fall of Atlantis that they accept this isolation?

It is not a question of someone dying or not ..
but why do YOU live the way you do TODAY ..
NOW and into tomorrow? Never changing!

Atmospheric Oceans Electrical Cycles

Great Flood of 1861/ 1862
Chinese Metal Rooster Cycle - December 1861 / January 1862
1681 .. 1741 .. 1801 .. 1861 .. 1921 .. 1981 .. 2041 .. 2101 - Metal Rooster

Great Flood of 2017
Chinese Fire Rooster Cycle - January / February 2017
1717 .. 1777 .. 1837 .. 1897 .. 1957 .. 2017 .. 2077 .. 2137 - Fire Rooster

144 / 300 year recorded storm cycles: 1717 - 1861 - 2017

The Great Flood of 1962 was the largest flood in [European] recorded history flooding California .. Nevada and Oregon [in Chinese Metal Rooster Year].

Snow Melt
January 1862 floods devastated California after rapid warm weather rapid melting of mountain snow. The 1862 floods devastated California after warm air caused rapid melting of mountain snow. January 2017 floods threaten California dams after a rapid melting of mountain snow.

Over 1,000 Chinese miners died on the Yuba river as a result of a mega flash flood. To some extent the building of the Oroville dam has controlled and reduced [until now ] extensive lower plain flooding. It is my guess that they knew in the 1950's that the lower - below sea level - Sacramento plains naturally flooded over long term cycles [Sky Oceans].

They could not NOT know it considering the geological and historical evidence .. and more recently in 2013 Michael Dettinger & Lynn Ingram [Dept of Earth & Planetary Science] co-authored: The Coming MEGAFLOODS

Atmospheric Oceans / Sky Oceans
I have been seeing this term: Atmospheric Rivers all over the place. In reality - as I have said for months - the Planet is surrounded by vast invisible bands of water that make up an ocean = dynamic forms of water humans do not understand or even realize exist.

Science estimates the Earth's atmosphere contains 37.5 billion gallons.

I will show one weakness in our understanding of water that leads to a lack of understanding as to how the Earth's climate works over long / very long and short cycles. Oxygen levels in air [21 %] is higher than oxygen levels in water [estimated 1%] .. but where air and water meet oxygen molecules in air dissolve into water.

It must go both ways .. and that is water is highly adaptive and extremely complex variable = it transforms and maintains its cohesion as water. For example .. the human body is mostly made up of water and yet the water in your body appears to be different than the water in rivers or lakes. This is why I say water is a complex adaptive variable: Water adapts to its surroundings while maintaining its core structures.

When measuring the amounts of water in the atmosphere they measure water vapor [humidity]. The amount of water in this form in the atmosphere is highly variable as it depends on changes in temperatures.

These claims are based on water that man can recognize and they do not in any way observe the more complex unknown variables that form unrecognized forms of water inside and outside the Earth's atmosphere.

It is my theory that the Sun expels highly charged forms of water as Coronal discharge and Solar Flares = electrically changed forces that can form or integrate as water on Earth or any Planet in the Solar System. If you see vapor around the Moon or Mars it is coming from the Sun.

A Planet's surface life process lies in its ability to capture .. build on and maintain this water. Technically we can call this ability an atmosphere or a living atmosphere. Extremely advanced interplanetary civilizations would have to revitalize Mars atmosphere to capture the highly charged water from the Sun.

You not only have these interchangeable variations in water and oxygen levels .. as well as higher frequency water that is not recognized by science .. but the higher frequency water in and around Earth's atmosphere regulates the amounts of water that exist across the Planet.

Electrical Cycles: Flooding & Drought
The reasons I see that long and short term climatic weather patterns exist [as planetary cycles] is due to the theory that the Sun's activity releases water in highly charged electrical forms unrecognized by science today = as "water".

The electrical charge is key to this as it is variations in electrical charge that facilitate a wide range of adaptations and bonds - especially once these flares reach the Earth's atmosphere. The electrical charge allows form adaptation and bonding.

It is similar principle to: You eat food and the food becomes you. You drink water and the water becomes you. The blood and cells of the body will adapt incoming compounds to their needs. You breathe air and the air becomes you.

In the same way the life force of the Planet can consume the "food" from the Sun's activity. In this case I would say the nutrition [energy] from the Sun is a higher [electrically] charged form of water = the waters of life.

To talk about "atmospheric rivers" makes no sense #_#

You have to think about this in a technical sense .. and I am teaching you how you can do this for yourself = you are not going to find this in books or on the Internet! You are going to find this through your own OBSERVATION(s) .. watching Nature.

Now comes the TECH side .. "atmospheric rivers" .. well rivers have BANKS. Rivers flow through STRUCTURES [matter]. If physical LAND structure do not give rivers and lakes their forms then water just flows everywhere.

On flat flood plains sitting below sea level with no defining structures to give water form [a river] the water flows uncontrolled everywhere and in every direction = called a FLOOD. Otherwise called a CATASTROPHE = unrestricted mass flow of water.

Technically this is an atmospheric ocean surrounding the Earth with electromagnetic bands [electric current] with alternating flow characteristics that adapt and change to each other and respond to the varying levels of activity of the Sun.

The so-called atmospheric rivers are [in reality] varying density bands contained within a massive invisible atmospheric ocean where variations in electrical charge draw in or disperse water vapor. The density or dispersion of water vapor [rain storms] are charged by bands of electrical currents / electrical flow.

In my next post I will explain the electrical charge of water effect and memory.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Five Elements Natural Flood Cycles [Earth*Tech]

1681 .. 1741 .. 1801 .. 1861 .. 1921 .. 1981 .. 2041 .. 2101 - Metal Rooster
1693 .. 1753 .. 1813 .. 1873 .. 1933 .. 1993 .. 2053 .. 2113 - Water Rooster
1705 .. 1765 .. 1825 .. 1885 .. 1945 .. 2005 .. 2065 .. 2125 - Wood Rooster
1717 .. 1777 .. 1837 .. 1897 .. 1957 .. 2017 .. 2077 .. 2137 - Fire Rooster
1729 .. 1789 .. 1849 .. 1909 .. 1969 .. 2029 .. 2089 .. 2149 - Earth Rooster

Five Elements Flood Cycles
Humans are not above Nature .. humans are PART of Nature. Numbers mean nothing to me unless I can see the patterns in terms of solids .. geometric patterns and event cycles.

You can see the visual pattern in the Chinese Rooster Cycles Chart showing 144 year flood cycles: The Great Christmas Flood in 1717 .. the Great California Flood in 1861 and the ongoing California "Great Flood" of 2017 [causing damage to the spillway and emergency spillway of the 50 year old Oroville dam near Sacramento].

144 Year Five Elements - Natural Flood Cycles
1717 - Christmas Flood [Holland] 14,000 people drowned
1861/62 - The Great California Flood [after two exceptionally dry decades]
2017 - The Californian Flood [Oroville Dam Evacuations]

1717 Fire Rooster / 1861-62 Metal Rooster / 2017 Fire Rooster
December - January Flood Patterns
- 1825 Los Angeles Flood [Wood Rooster] changed the course of the Los Angeles river.
- 1909 California Flood [Earth Rooster] 300,000 acres flooded in the Sacramento Valley.
- 1933 Crescenta Valley Flood [Water Rooster] destroying more than 400 homes.

Humans create and form primitive technology from the superior technology of the Planet that is basically the technology of Nature. Earth climate natural cycles are the Operating System of this Planet. Humans did not create TECHNOLOGY .. humans ADAPT technology from an intelligent Earth.

Intelligent Earth Phenomenon
The Planet has entered a new era that can be called: The Aquarius High Technology Era. This is not technology as you know it. The era itself IS TECHNOLOGY similar to Mu / Lemuria and Atlantis .. related to Mars but hopefully more advanced in terms of consciousness and inner transformation of a planetary species.

We can take the current [ongoing] Oroville dam disaster in Chinese 2017 Red Fire Chicken [Rooster] cycle. You have to look at this with a new mind and no longer with the old [Roman] brain. The old brain is past and the new brain cycle has begun.

The new Aquarius Tech Cycle is this: I give an example... In this 144 year flood cycle everyone is focusing and looking at the tiny small Oroville dam [crisis] = the dam .. the dam .. the dam. How insanely stupid can these people be? Engineers have such fancy names and professional titles to put the icing on the politically correct cake they bake for the public.

You have to expand your mind to see and understand the much bigger: Intelligent Earth Phenomenon .. of which .. the Oroville dam is one tiny little part in a very big process that is the Earth humans inhabit. All five elements interact but let us take WATER as an example.

Beginning of January 2017 I wrote:
New Year Passage 2017: Earth Inner Nucleus Transforming Heavy Water
What I understand observing Nature cycles is that water has variations in weight that probably adapt to changes in the Sun [which makes sense] over time. Variations in the weight of water includes the water deep inside the ground as well as the weight of water vapor.

In January 2017 the density of water vapor in the atmosphere increased .. and some would call this gravity of water maybe? I do not like the term gravity = it does not exist. I think it is frequency and not some force of "gravity". It is stupid to say that force of gravity holds you to the surface of the Planet = you would be crushed.

Humans build large dams in places where large bodies of water cannot naturally exist. This means the land based infrastructure is not designed for those volumes of water. Natural flood cycles are going to be a problem depending on the volumes of water released in those cycles that are Earth*Tech designed to feed and nourish the surrounding landscape.

The bigger picture is that within 144 year flood cycle the volume [weight] of water is designed to affect [benefit] the landscape over the next 144 years. It is a LIFE cycle. Humans have put the pressure [the weight] onto large areas not designed for those volumes of water. So .. obviously at some point there is going to be a crisis [depending on the variations in weight / atmospheric volume].

Add to this something no one really considers. The water in those dams soaks [unhindered] into the surrounding earth and rocks. Technically you are dramatically increasing the weight and volume of water across a vast underground area that is not designed for those water flows. Therefore dams are often associated with earthquakes.

The vast weight of water has to go somewhere and it is going to displace something else .. either soil / gas / lava or rocks. The big mega-dams were only built in the last 50 years within a 144 year mega flood cycle. No one knows the effect these dams could have when volumes of water suddenly and rapidly increase.

Dams in California were not structurally designed to carry these rapid heavy volumes of water. Be aware that volume is equal to weight [that is my theory]. Sudden rapid increase in volume of water is going to increase the ground / atmospheric fluid weight.

You have to be aware that the density of invisible water vapor in the low Earth atmosphere [as well as Upper atmosphere] has increased and this is equal to an increase in weight. Part of that water vapor descends to earth are rain or snow [fresh water].

That is what I mean when I say: Earth's High Technology / Intelligent Earth Phenomenon.

I could be wrong ?? but I think the 2017 - 2077 cycle could be a high cycle of transformation that is also very dangerous. I mean .. 2077 may be out with the old and in with the new. That means catastrophic as well as challenging and empowering new ways of adapting and living on Earth.
One snowflake on Mount Fuji
How bright the Sun is
A dewdrop on the Cherry Blossoms
Tree branches touch the mountain's roots
You have to understand it is all connected... The weight of one snowflake or one raindrop on the top of the mountains is equal to the weight of the total volume of water flowing down river or flowing into a lake.

Tell People The Truth

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Chinese Red Fire Chicken / Rooster 2017 [Metal]

Five Elements Cycles
In this Incarnation [Earth visit] I have not studied ancient Chinese Five Elements Astrology. Also you need to speak and write Chinese to understand this.

The mind of an ARTIST does not have to speak a language .. because ART is the oldest highest direct understanding on all levels of the human mind: Glyphs .. pictographs .. solids / geometry .. electrical current .. movement of electrical fields .. atomic structures of elements.

.. it gets complex !!
What I am going to do differently with Chinese Astrology [how I read the energy of the cycles] is to break it all down as best I can using pictographic langauge. I would have to write a book that no one would read because it is way too complex. But .. when we put our understanding into pictures each person understands on their OWN LEVEL.

I wanted to post this at Chinese New Year or at least the beginning of February. I had to count backwards and it took me quite a few days as I have real difficulty counting forward .. but it was very interesting to figure out those mathematical patterns for myself.
When you figure something out for yourself it has more value...
2017 - Year of Female Red Yin Chicken
The 2017 - Red Fire Chicken Cycle: Jan 28 2017 - Feb 15 2018. The Chicken is yin / fixed Element - Metal / 2nd Trine [Ox Snake & Chicken]. The origin of the guiding ELEMENT is YIN [female chicken].

Consciousness - Space & Time
Rather than attempt to analyze the potential innovations and conflicts that may arise in the Chicken / Rooster Year I will show you how this cycle affected me [immediately] and is continuing to affect me. If you study the drawing you can clearly see the INNOVATION effect.

Our consciousness can eliminate space and time to connect without effort instantly to any information in the living data base of Universal Consciousness. Basically .. because the ancient Five Elements Divination worked as a compass or system of navigation and warning .. there came a time in human history where ruling families saw this as a threat.

The masters [seers] could warn or advise how one needed to interact with the short and long term element cycles. Rulers had become "personalities" rather than servants and technicians of the incarnate beings / population / human family. The wealth was drained from society at large and taken into custody of small ruling family elites.

Out of fear and in petty fits of anger these "divine" rulers destroyed pretty much most of the original systems and understanding of the Five Elements Cycles & Principles. Those principles are electrical flow / energy through elements moving physical matter.

In the drawing / chart you see the basic principles of rotating element cycles [combinations] that reveal electrical charge according to the elements involved. For example fire and metal have their own unique electrical field signatures and patterns.

In these drawings / pictographs .. you see how the element cycle of Red Yin Fire Chicken affects me. The Five Elements system was redesigned to be a "fortune telling" astrological calendar to deceive and hide its true origins.

The rulers and the people lost higher consciousness and by re designing the Five Elements system to cater to the ME / the self personality stream of consciousness the Five Elements Principles have survived until today where people born over the next 100 to 200 years can reverse engineer the true system and update it.

Electrical Cycles Progression As TIME
In this diagram you can see the pictograph showing electrical current / energy flow / movement of time and physical matter as defined by the elements. What is time and how does time progress?

Time is not only a mathematical program within the brain / mind [thought]. The movement of physical matter in space is time. Movement is time. Outside of physical movement time does not exist.

In this way consciousness can see the "past" and the "future" NOW.

Chinese characters of Goat / Monkey / Rooster / Dog ... are not ANIMALS they are AVATARS or elemental codes. Characteristics of these signs are codes for the elements of which mankind is simply a part. Humans are not the dominant species on this Planet !!

Humans are one element in a complex pattern of elements each interacting in their own unique ways. You have to ask: What creates movement? Magnetic polarity .. electrical flow [current] .. energy creates movement. There are many different mathematical ways to look at this flow and understand it.

In the pictograph drawing you see the triangle = 3 branches .. the square = four branches. Both the triangle and square relate to the circle or sphere. The triangle is a pyramid [including the square] and the square is a cube including aspects of the triangle and the sphere.
Female Yin Fire Chicken Elements Cycle
1117 .. 1417 .. 1717 .. 2017 .. 2317
1177 .. 1477 .. 1777 .. 2077 .. 2377
1237 .. 1537 .. 1837 .. 2137 .. 2437
1297 .. 1597 .. 1897 .. 2197 .. 2497
1357 .. 1657 .. 1957 .. 2257 .. 2557
If you want to time travel you would probably have to navigate using the Five Element Mathematical Cycles. Can we move from 2016 Red Fire Monkey year to a 1177 Red Fire Chicken Year ?? Maybe not #_#

What I am drawing here are physical as well as dimension pathways including consciousness pathways through physical material time. Some people like to say the past and the future do not exist. As Jiddu Krishnamurti tried to help people realise giving a very subtle clue: The past present and future are ONE. Past and future are NOW.

What does that mean? Past and future exist now?

I am trying to show in the drawings the mathematics are pathway clues to the electrical current flow [energy] patterns through space and time. Electrical current [flow] and energy are not time related. Electromagnetic energy are outside of time.

Elements form physical matter and the movement of those elements [movement of physical matter] is called "time" within space [dimension]. A seed germinating .. developing .. growing .. flowering is the movement of physical matter = time.

There have to be time related element cycle flow patterns that affect the Planet and everything on the Planet in various ways. One example is long term cycle weather patterns that repeat in 60 year cycles. The Five Elements Astrological Cycles were used by farmers to better predict the long term cycle change in weather patterns.

Time travel .. in 1117 [Year of Element Fire Chicken] the Chinese had innovated and used the first needle pointing compass in maritime navigation: 1117 - Zhu Yu’s Pingchow Table Talk: "In dark weather, sailors look at the south-pointing needle."

In the charts above you have 60 year cycles .. 1117 - 1177 and there are 300 year cycles .. 1117 - 1417 [I hope I am counting right ??]. Then go to 1177 BC [this may be connected to 1777 in US History that changed the World also] .. there is a book by Eric Cline: 1177 BC The Year Civilization Collapsed and the link is the video about the book.

American Revolution .. November 1777 Congress began to move for ratification of the Articles of Confederation. By 1777 a new confederation had substantially taken form and its seed was sown or the seed of 1776 had taken root by the end of 1777.

These are planetary cycles .. civilization cycles and consciousness cycles that we humans have to navigate. We humans [society / consciousness] are affected by the elements cycles in more ways that personal Five Elements Astrology.

The real point I have to make is CONSCIOUSNESS .. electrical current flow affecting the movement of matter and affecting our lives. Electrical current = energy where ENERGY is equal to CONSCIOUSNESS. So .. the NEW Five Elements understanding past and future is YOU. Then we go into the areas of Shaolin Martial Arts / Chi / Tao / Dao / Zen .. Tai Chi / Karate Do Kyohan / AIKIDO. Where physical movement and consciousness are one.