Monday, February 20, 2017

Not Finished .. Just Begun ..

They Gave Me A New Name
Many weeks before she died Sheila had a dream she traveled South on a train ..

.. Where THEY gave her a new name .. Who were THEY ??

Tall beings [she said] .. like the Egyptian statues .. very tall .. they looked Egyptian .. very ancient .. they are my friends .. they protect us.

Was Sheila an Ancient Egyptian freak ?? NOT AT ALL #_#

You bet we have a STORY to tell and we are gong to tell it ... but not in this post!

In the early hours of the morning 20/2/2017 the physical body passed away. Because a lot of her friends are really traumatized by the whole situation .. as well as having to face her death .. she asked me to write this post.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a medium .. I do not "channel" and I do use any kinds of "boards" or any methods to talk with "the dead". In fact .. I avoid talking with spirits who have passed on. I have [was born with] the ability .. but it is not my primary concern.
Fire Monkey To Fire Monkey
[Five Elements Transition]

Sheila Lama Sheila: Chinese Fire Monkey 1956 - Fire Monkey [End of January 2017]
Basically we were a team living and working together to create a FUTURE WORTH LIVING and Sheila was a key part of that team. We are all a key part of that team.

Forgive me if this post is ARTISTIC .. that is how my brain works. As I was writing the post I wrote Sheila was born in 1856 instead of 1956 and I did not see the mistake. Numbers have no meaning to me and in my brain 1856 is as valid as 1956 ...

For sure .. she told me off that I wrote 1856 ..
.. so I had to go back and check it! YEH !! I know .. +_+

For those who knew Sheila .. this is a one time info session and there are going to be no future questions and answers. Past associations have ended and the future has begun. I have to do this now .. but I am already in the future working on the projects that are waiting for us.

History: Sheila worked her whole life to serve others and not herself. Her passion was to help others and she neglected her own self-interest or watching out for herself. She owned a Health Spa where she pioneered [ahead of her time] many innovative heath support treatments such as wheatgrass juice and others.

As the financial crisis hit she maintained the Spa with her own resources [to help and benefit others] and that cost her a heavy personal price. In the end she was struggling and she knew it ... and no one helped her out .. but many many people benefited from her unfailing commitment in many ways.

Later in life she did waken up and was able to free herself from a failing system to forge ahead and create for herself a life worth living. The last eight years were [for her] a powerful self-transformation. The old Sheila died and the new Sheila Lama was born.

In past lives she has lived as Lamas and Buddhists live.

You know .. death is not that simple .. not as simple as you think. At the end of 2015 Sheila collapsed .. was rushed to have an MRI and was immediately sent straight into surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumor.

The brain tumor was so large the surgeon said she had very little chance of survival. Later they said if the tumor had not been removed so fast that she would have died within hours. So .. Dr Carma removed the brain tumor and everyone waited ...

Sheila recovered consciousness and woke up into what they call: A Golden Dawn.
They call it A Golden Age [it is the same thing]

The recovery was as though there had been no brain surgery .. no brain tumor and no damage to the brain. Then came the news that the tumor was Glioblastoma Multiform Grade IV .. the most aggressive form of tumor with the fastest rate of growth.

After surgery there was still a small rest of the tumor that would grow again that could not be removed due to the danger of damaging the brain. The specialists told her that she had three to eight months to live. If she was lucky she would survive up to eight months with aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

In private the specialists admitted that chemotherapy and radiation would not kill or remove Glioblastoma IV Multiform because we pressed them on it having done extensive research of professional medical papers on these treatments. As it is destroyed the multiform mutates into an even more aggressive form that is immune to the treatments that destroy the tumor.

Some researchers have suggested Cancer is a fungus [fungi love radiation].

No one gave up and Sheila embarked on protocols that appeared to contain the growth of the tumor. In 2016 after 3 months the next MRI scan showed no renewal of tumor growth. Usually a Glioblastoma Grade IV doubles in size every two weeks. There was nothing on the scan until suddenly 6 months later in May 2016 - from November 2015 to April 2016 .. we were winning clear [that was how we felt].

Even more amazing was that there were no headaches .. no seizures .. no epileptic seizures .. no physical symptoms such as paralysis or difficulty walking. Things seemed to get back to normal and the professionals helping Sheila were impressed.

The brain surgeon warned us that whatever this thing is it seems to defy the laws of physics.

We did not know then .. we know now what they were trying to convey. A year later Sheila suddenly and dramatically collapsed to the date of the first collapse in 2015. It was just back with no warning .. and yet no one gave up on the situation .. we increased our efforts.

For a while it seemed to work and things seemed to get better.
Then out of the blue that was it .. whatever this was .. we could not defeat it !!
There is a LOT more to this story that cannot be written now. We just want to show that for the SPIRIT death does not exist. The SOUL does not experience death. The physical body is born and dies. When your car no longer works you PERSONALLY do not experience the death of the car. You go get another car. It is the same with the body.

The timeline is Incarnate Sheila left the body at the end of 2016 when tall beings came into the garden and took her back through a portal to another dimension from which her spirit had come to incarnate on Earth.

I can see and interact with the spirit worlds .. and I was brought there to the meeting that was to decide to manifest a recovery or leave. It was decided that Sheila leaves with them. The elemental body Operating System was left behind that is the functioning navigation system Incarnate Spirits use when they inhabit physical material dimensions.

The physical elemental body seemed to defy reality and continued to survive against all the odds .. until a dream near the end of Chinese Fire Monkey just before Chinese New Year = 2017 Fire Rooster. We were told "It's the end .. it's over .. " I had a dream where Sheila was talking to us saying: I am here with you .. I am not in that body.

We know a lot of people are obsessed with physical death and suffering! People fear death and the ending of physical incarnation. We are not afraid of life and we are not afraid of death .. we were not afraid to succeed and we were not afraid to fail. What is failure ??

What is the spirit? What is the message?

In physical life there is birth and death .. but not in the spirit world. In physical life there is beginning and end .. but not in the spirit world. In physical life there is suffering .. but not in the spirit world. In physical world the ego-self [thought] is only concerned with its own survival = fear. That is not LIFE and that is not LIVING.

I see the spirit world as clearly as I see the physical world .. so why are humans so blind?
What has happened to humanity since the fall of Atlantis that they accept this isolation?

It is not a question of someone dying or not ..
but why do YOU live the way you do TODAY ..
NOW and into tomorrow? Never changing!