Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not Alone .. Together ..

One day .. a long time ago .. a Fire Monkey descended to Earth from the high mountains of another dimension. This Fire Monkey had been to Earth before .. and was accustomed to the living conditions of the people on the Planet.

The Fire Monkey brought skills to Earth from the other dimension .. and so it was that they were able to create a place where all kinds of people could experience healing and re-educate themselves about health and healthy values.

Techniques used were revolutionary for that time .. and Fire Monkey helped people with HIV and Cancer to attempt to heal themselves in HUMANE ways .. and to retain their human dignity in life. Unfortunately Fire Monkey saw the other side of the abyss nursing friends being treated with Chemotherapy and Radiation before they quickly died.

No Radiation .. no Chemotherapy +_+
This is a small part of her story ...

Like many experienced nurses and doctors working within that system Fire Monkey said: No Chemo / no Radiation .. I have seen what it does [what it did to my friends] and if I am going to die .. I want to have a death worth living [don't know if that makes sense].

There was a lot of respect and everyone said: You are so courageous.

The professionals and others who put the protocols together were not paid. They gave or donated their time asking nothing in return to create / manifest: Not Alone .. Together .. and these people also made the treatments used happen using their resources .. investing their resources to help.

HUMANE Treatments for HUMANS
The inhumanity of THE SYSTEM [the dominant system] has an array of costs that people have to pay. One of the costs is social / financial. Not only the people being treated suffer .. but friends and family suffer.

The "health" system is build like a Corporation [a financial corporation] .. where financial gain and not TREATMENT are the primary concern. One example of this is the ongoing pressure: If you do not do these treatments you will die !!

But .. you said I only have a year .. at most .. if I do these treatments #_#
That's right !! There is no effective treatment we know for Glioblastoma Multiform Grade IV ...
With treatment you may live 6 to 8 months and if you are lucky for up to a year.
It turned out [against all the odds] that it was a year with no headaches .. no symptoms .. no being sick and all the other symptoms that follow a brain tumor diagnosis. At home with no medical intervention living a normal life. Here is the video to prove it 5 months after surgery: Sheila [Lama] discussing: Future Risks

Never mind the physical costs to the person for certain aggressive kinds of treatments .. the social and financial costs are devastating no matter if the costs are private or health insurance. Being told that: "We have to save your life at ANY cost ... " and being told: I cannot afford this .. so will you do it for free?

No one asked that question .. but the answer is OBVIOUS .. right ??

The [inhuman] social and financial costs can not only bring down the person being treated .. but also bring down family and close friends. If you do not have a team who work together and know what they are doing and why then it must be very difficult if not next to impossible.

The emotional and physical costs of certain treatments are well documented.

Not Alone .. Together ..
Really the KEY is primarily organization and intelligent co-operation .. something the archaic system is incapable of providing. The answer is sociological as well as basic human values. In the future these co-operative services should be no tax [tax free / non profit] .. why not ??

Such services would be popular and would hit into the money making profits of medical corporations. If given the choice the answer is obvious to those who care about those they love. This option would include an element of courage and no fear.

The individual providing 24 hours care had been trained in the military as a young man .. and he knew what he was doing. Why not train people from a young age to cope and deal with emergencies? Practical basic stuff many of us learned as kids and later through experience because the type of universal care system did not exist.

The most important thing the TEAM focused on and were able to achieve [this was a BIG achievement] was a totally normal life. Death did not haunt us .. death was not a problem .. death was / is a natural part of life. If you are born on the Earth you are going to die.

The Fire Monkey did achieve what she set out to do [proving to all of us that it is possible] to have a QUALITY of LIFE until the end. For sure there were a few colourful moments .. but she died the way she lived. A healthy death ?? I don't know ?? Pretty much ...
We are going to put together a small video tribute as best we can. The most important message is that things have to CHANGE. The medical inhumanity has to end. The Institutional inhumanity has to end. Another way to say it is we have to focus and create new ways of dealing with illness and death .. especially old age.

One of my Grandmothers was told after a debilitating stroke and paralysis down one side that she could not return home and she would have to go into a care home for the elderly. She was a strong Sagittarius and told everyone: I am not going into care I am going home. The doctors called getting up .. disappearing paralysis and going home a "miracle".

No! It is actually called: HUMAN DETERMINATION *_*

You know what is sad? You know what is REALLY sad? The people who BELIEVE the cr#p they are told and who mindlessly accept someone else telling them WHO they are and WHAT they can and cannot do. It is really sad that people do not challenge themselves to change.

I think I was about 11 years old or maybe 9 years old .. around that time .. when I was alone in my room at night falling asleep. The light was out and the room was dark and suddenly there came a loud knock out of the wooden wardrobe on the other side of the room.

It was like: Knock knock knock .. from the inside of the wardrobe.

I was not asleep and I was not dreaming .. and my heart began pounding so I hide my head under the duvet cover. Then again the knock came from the inside of the wardrobe. Of course I thought it was a ghost and I was really afraid...

Then something in my own mind said to me: What do you have to fear? I thought about it and I thought that I have to go look inside the wardrobe and look see what it is. Then I thought to myself: The worst that can happen is I die and then I have no more problems [strange thing for a kid to think].

I got up and walked across the room to the wardrobe in the dark and did not put on the light. I opened the door and looked inside .. there was nothing in there. I could see ghosts and spirits since I was a young child and there was no ghost in there = nothing.

I saw that the wardrobe was empty and that I had nothing to fear but fear itself.

I was a different person .. a more capable person after that. The banging sound stopped and it never happened again. The event was not a paranormal haunting .. it was some mysterious Initiation / teaching / learning from the invisible spirit world .. a phenomenon that works with us and supports us.

Well .. it is the same with death ..