Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay Calm - Be Aware - Pay Attention

Remember .. be aware .. of why you are here on Earth?

There were occasions in my early life where I was at the Talks of the Master and I was listening to the Master. As a short-cut .. who is THE MASTER ?? Basically .. the observer [the listener] has to be ONE with the "teachings" of the Master.

I am not talking about current modern experience where so-called Masters are violent .. deranged .. psychotic .. disturbed .. mentally ill or fragmented. I am talking about balance .. about Nature .. love as a creative force and inner cohesion.

In terms of RELATIONSHIP .. the Master is undivided from the Inner Master = we are ONE. This dynamic is not so easy to understand in terms of thought. We currently imagine that student / disciple is lower and Master is higher. This concept is false .. obviously!

Perhaps your inner spirit is learning over many thousands of years or over tens of thousands of years .. or over millions of years. Learning is timeless. One can learn in an instant beyond time from one instant. When the true Master teaches .. they are undivided from the whole. There is no higher and lower .. there is only harmony. This is not Esoteric idea / psychological ideal .. it is more real than physical reality.

I was listening to the Master when a global tragedy happened [some years ago] and a passenger plane was brought down [it was all over the global news] .. and what I want to convey to you is this... He did not comment one word .. he did not react .. he did not divert from the core of his teachings .. he said NOTHING.

This made a great impression on me until today.

I was never a media type .. I never had a Television .. I did not read Newspapers!

Obviously when a passenger plane is shot down in unusual circumstances it is hard to ignore. But .. I am talking 30 years ago. Perhaps a more naive world? I don't know! Everything has changed with the Internet. We are living in a different world.

Be Aware of Inner Reaction! Be Silent!
Spirit is incarnate in physical matter [3D body] and within that body we have psychic connection .. we have the basic ground psyche .. we have basic physical functions of the brain and nervous system [body] .. and we have emotional neurological reactions.

Learning or teaching oneself inner silence is not so easy [it is like inner Martial Arts]. You cannot measure inner ability to apply deeper psyche of the martial Arts. One can learn this discipline .. but one cannot measure it.

If a Master teaches you and defeats you .. because you are not paying attention .. this is energy [inner failure] .. we defeat ourselves. The discipline always lies inside oneself and not outside. The psyche is key to balance and ability to stay calm and in harmony.

Everyone today thinks that the OUTER WORLD is the problem and we are responsible for the outer events. This is because humans have moved away from the depth of the core INNER EVENT(s). Humans move away from who they are. Humans move away from why they are here [on Earth].

There are two levels of awareness: One level is instinct survival where without thinking the body can react to local events. Then there is higher awareness of the inner psyche that exists outside of linear time. Where the physical body = survival acts immediately .. the deeper inner psyche does not react.

I was taught [or I learned] that the deeper psyche does not REACT.
How do you touch upon this deeper psyche? AWARENESS!

Everyone in Western world thinks that Martial Arts are physical discipline!
Nothing could be farther from the truth...

The Martial Arts are first and foremost an inner [psychic] discipline where the psyche trains the body and the mind. As spirit is incarnate in physical body .. of course the psyche trains the body! At all points in space and time the state of the mind [psyche] is most important.

Essentially .. the INDIVIDUAL does not exist .. but the energy / psyche is part of the whole. We share a common ground .. we are undivided part of one whole. For reference look at the Universe .. look up at the stars .. observe Nature .. and look within .. observe your own nature.

To get EXITED and to REACT .. ?? Why do we react so fast ??
Stay calm .. be aware .. pay attention!

Pay attention to what ?? Pay attention to what is going on inside you !!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disinfect Your Car

This is based on my own past experience of getting sick with flu or intestinal flu three to six days after the car was repaired and - on one occasion - I was told the car took longer because the mechanic got sick with a flu bug. Then I got sick!

Basically .. always think HYGIENE .. what we touch also = what we contaminate!

On a daily basis we are putting bacteria from our hands on everything we touch .. and we are picking up bacteria from everything we touch. At the same time anti-bacteria [antibiotics] do not help .. as they also destroy the balanced good bacteria on the skin and in the colon!

If you buy a second hand car .. or even if you buy a "new" car .. everything you touch is contaminated with bacteria that is not part of your everyday world. Some bacteria and viruses may not affect you while others may affect you. Also be aware that bacteria from your hands are also taking root on the car .. the doors .. the switches .. the steering wheel .. the handbrake .. the clutch.

Recent reports about the dangers of airports and the passenger touch surfaces in planes are contaminated with multiple bacteria(s) .. pose unseen health questions for travelers .. I wipe my hands with 80 percent alcohol. I don't drink alcohol .. I disinfect bacteria with spray alcohol .. you can also use lemon juice.

What about your car?

I love my car .. and when I get a new car [also second hand] .. I am aware that all the surfaces of the car are contaminated with bacteria. I am also aware that when I drive the car I am putting bacteria onto the steering wheel from the sweat of my skin .. onto doors .. brake handle .. switches .. gear stick [yes! I drive using gears] .. onto anything I touch.

Let me explain! The bacteria on my skin is regulated by my skin PH and immune system = kept in control and balance within my living body immune eco-system. But .. when the same bacteria pass from my hands [through sweat] onto other surfaces .. such as door handles .. steering wheel .. plastic switches and brake leavers [over time] .. their chemistry changes. I hope that makes sense.

If your car gets repaired .. disinfect it! If you buy a new car .. disinfect it. As you use your car month to month .. disinfect it. If you get Winter flu .. disinfect your car. The car is the one thing people do not pay attention to in general or when they get sick .. the same with hotels!

Dr Hulda Clark often warned people to be aware of hygiene .. especially the hands! You touch a surface and then you touch your face .. your eyes .. the side of your mouth. You do not have to touch your face as the bacteria enters the body through the skin. This is why you have an IMMUNE SYSTEM!

I am so grateful that I have allergy sensitivity! I never go to a hotel when travelling .. I use a tent and look for camping sites. Simply because .. on the occasions I sleep in a hotel I suddenly cannot breathe. Some hotels use pesticides on the mattress and bedding to kill bed bugs !! I have had experiences where I lie down to sleep and after half an hour my heart is racing .. I cannot breathe .. my body starts to hyper ventilate .. brain dizzy .. the allergy attacks begin.

When I move to sleep on the floor all symptoms disappear #_#
Where does all this toxic sh#t go? INTO THE GLANDS !!

The glandular system is the unseen silent force that is the least respected of all the organs. Anything that enters your skin meets the glands as the first line of defense. Then add to that your Pineal gland .. Pituitary gland .. Hypothalamus [all in the brain]. Western science calls this the Endocrine System.

The glands in the body go from tiny ducts to essential inner brain Pineal gland functions .. Pituitary gland .. Adrenal glands [kidneys] .. where all glands in the body communicate and function as one. Everything in your body communicates with itself.

Recently I began to disinfect the car using 80 percent alcohol on a tissue / cloth. I just patiently wipe clean every surface I touch .. including the outer door handles and the inner back doors. You can do this every 3 months .. every 6 months .. it only takes a few minutes.

In the case of your car .. be aware that bacteria transform and change once they leave the control of your physical body. For example .. bacteria mutate depending on their physical environment and they even exchange chemical information and growth cycles. This is a living biological computer without end.

I also used sodium bicarbonate in water .. lemon juice in water .. vitamin C in water. There are many natural ways to keep your car clean and healthy.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Recover Your Thyroid Naturally!

I found this by accident while working on other projects ...
This is an in depth 2 hour presentation on the health of the thyroid

I am sorry .. but I always want to know why my body is doing what it is doing! For example .. my body can be reacting in multiple ways and knocking me sideways .. but when I know and understand WHY my body is reacting in certain ways .. I can heal it. This is simply my own personal experience.

I have a complex brain .. I understand stuff like this #_#

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Inner Conflict = Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth

61. Chung Fu / Inner Truth
Nine in the fifth place means:
He possesses truth, which links together. No blame.

To intensify the power of inner truth, a man must always turn to his superior, from whom he can receive enlightenment as the moon receives light from the sun. However, this requires a certain humility, like that of the moon when it is not yet quite full.

At the moment when the moon becomes full and stands directly opposite the sun, it begins to wane. Just as on the one hand we must be humble and reverent when face to face with the source of enlightenment, so likewise must we on the other renounce factionalism among men. Only by pursuing one’s course like a horse that goes straight ahead without looking sideways at its mate, can one retain the inner freedom that helps one onward.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
- Richard Wilhelm
People on this Planet are experiencing a rapid increase in conflict and a tendency towards a seemingly rapid increase in wars .. violence and man killing man .. brother killing brother. The problem with this is that brothers kill many more women and children than they kill each other!

Many Incarnation(s)
Please excuse my strange approach to this problem of the whole Planet! Perhaps only small number of people should read what I am about to write? My own insight into the: Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth!

Although I was born with a good heart and gentle nature .. I was also born with deep inner cultural issues. I was aware of those issues at a VERY early age! I will try to explain this as simply and as directly as possible.

The first thing I want to say is that from a very early age I also received Guidance from the so-called Invisible Worlds and from the Masters of the Spirit Worlds .. who I have to respectfully thank for my sanity and transformed state of mind/consciousness.

Having said that .. I Me ALONE .. had to do my own inner feet on the ground basic fundamental work/training. I was Guided by mysterious spiritual forces .. but THEY could not change me! I had to change myself! I had to do the inner work myself.. and nobody was going to do it for me. No one outside could change me .. only I could only change my inner self.

Inner Conflict
Those of you who know me and read my Blog and writings .. you know that I RARELY talk about myself. That is partly because I am very shy and also because I do not want to promote "myself". Also .. it is because higher levels of awareness have nothing to do with SELF [ego self]. Awareness / consciousness is like free flowing energy or sunlight .. it just is what it is.

From my own perspective I focused my energy / intelligence to build "the bridge" .. and do I have to show others how I built that bridge? I think not !! The same Invisible Guides bug me for many days to share this deeper information. I do not see the point of doing so.

The bottom line is this:
After I was born .. and from early age [3-4 years old] I was aware of an inner duality. Most of the time in my core essence I had a good and compassionate heart. I wanted to heal people. I recall healing people in past lives. I would complain to the Spirit Worlds .. why can I not instantly heal people who are suffering? That is another story *-)

There was another force inside me that was equally as strong [if not more so] than the love and compassion. I not only recalled and knew associated past lives .. but I knew the past life source of my own incarnate "cultural war" and experiences and hatred. I simply knew 400 to 600 years of the brutal destruction of my original culture and my experience fighting against this killing force.

On the surface I was a cute and loving small kid who cared for everyone in the deepest sense .. and yet much deeper was this incarnated ANGER akin to a male warrior [although I was born in this life as a female]. Maybe I can be grateful that I was born as a female [in this life] and not as a male.

Can the Feminine save the aggressive male? Who knows !!

The next issue I had is that I was born into a world where male and female are at war with each other on the most basic levels of existence. I watched my parents fight and argue .. and I thought WTF ?? Then .. as a child you have to TAKE SIDES #_# .. does this sound familiar?

When different cultures and nations fight wars .. you HAVE to TAKE SIDES...

When a child takes the side of the Father they are traitor to the Mother! When a child takes the side of the Mother they are a traitor to the Father! As you get older (in a family conflict) each side remembers the BETRAYAL !! Oh! You sided with your FATHER! Oh! You sided with your MOTHER.

What I am trying to say is that there is no difference between inner conflict .. family conflict .. regional conflict .. national conflict and world conflict [planetary conflicts]. I go back to Jiddu Krishnamurti: Discover the root of all conflict .. all conflicts have one origin .. one root!

Inner Conflict = Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth
I am deeply grateful that I am aware and that I was born aware of inner past-life conflicts .. which saved my life .. my consciousness .. my spiritual life. If I had pursued the warrior side of my inner conflict it would have totally destroyed me.

Although I have to do the work alone .. and no one [not even Buddha] can do the work for me .. I am deeply grateful for the love and Guidance of the Invisible Worlds. We have to do the work .. but we also have to LISTEN !! Who knows? Maybe listening IS doing THE WORK.

Cultural violence and cultural conflict has a HISTORY

The world we know today is going to change .. and the dynamics we see influencing the Planet are going to change. These dynamics are not going to change over 300 .. 500 .. 1000 years gradually [slowly]. The dynamics are going to change IN AN INSTANT and that sudden change is going to affect the Earth over the next 300 .. 500 .. 1000++ years.

I have no desire to affect the WORLD .. I have no desire to CHANGE the world.

The world is what it is at any point in space-time. Later in ?? 1000-2000 years the tree of life will be 3D physical transformation / manifestation of one nano-instant transformation / change. As a result .. all I am saying to you is for you to RESOLVE your inner-incarnate conflicts. Do not let them fester like a BAD WOUND. Heal yourself .. transform yourself .. love yourself!

One small clue to incarnation .. when born into a conflict zone .. time and time again. I was born with all inter-cultural [male] awareness of deep conflict [sorrow/anger] and struggle within a certain area. I was aware and I could see all of it and I could feel all of the deeper sorrow and conflict = does conflict arise out of SORROW ??

What does the [healthy] male want to do? He wants to protect!

The healthy male psyche does not want to protect HIMSELF .. he want to protect his FAMILY .. his FRIENDS .. HIS CULTURE and their shared FUTURE. This is probably programmed into the healthy male consciousness. I am predicting a RADICAL and instantaneous transformation of the male consciousness beyond comprehension of the current Earth paradigm!

Work hard on yourself! As there will be no FREE RIDE into the FUTURE!

61. Chung Fu / Inner Truth
Pigs and fishes. Good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water. Perseverance furthers.

Pigs and fishes are the least intelligent of all animals and therefore the most difficult to influence. The force of inner truth must grow great indeed before its influence can extend to such creatures. In dealing with persons as intractable and as difficult to influence as a pig or a fish, the whole secret of success depends on finding the right way of approach.

One must first rid oneself of all prejudice and, so to speak, let the psyche of the other person act on one without restraint. Then one will establish contact with him, understand and gain power over him. When a door has thus been opened, the force of one’s personality will influence him. If in this way one finds no obstacles insurmountable, one can undertake even the most dangerous things, such as crossing the great water, and succeed.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
- Richard Wilhelm

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Raw Potato Heal Tissue Inflammation?

In my lifetime i experienced two types of spinal .. connective tissue injury and pain: One type of spinal injury [pain] is when I lift something heavy and/or turn in the wrong way too quickly for my body to support the weight and the movements.

The other type of spinal [connective tissue injury] is an internal inflammation / allergy reaction that comes from the gut and effortlessly spreads out into the kidneys .. liver .. pancreas and essential ligaments connecting the bones [in my experience].

I never drink coffee! I don't even like coffee! That tastes moldy! For some strange reason I go out and I buy ground Organic [Fair Trade] coffee and I drink it... One of the reasons I do not drink coffee is because I generally do not use sugar and I do not like sweets or desserts. I have to put a load of sugar into a cup of coffee to mask the horrible taste! This is my own personal experience.

I drink this Organic [ground] Coffee day-1 .. day-2 .. day-3 and so on! The funny part is that I do not even like the taste of coffee. Plus .. this is the only recent change I make in my diet that is mainly mold contamination and allergy free.

How do I define: Mold contamination and allergy free .. for my diet?

I do not eat bread of any kind. I do not eat mushrooms. I avoid yeast products. I avoid sugar [including artificial sweeteners]. I do not drink sugary drinks. I stopped eating fruits [I may explain later in another post] .. I try to eat a mostly high vegetable water diet. I prefer to drink non-sweetened herb teas that I gather myself fresh from the local environment.

Allergy reactions [in my own experience] do not take place as a result of the physical food and fruits I eat / consume .. but they happen INTERNALLY as a reaction to mold / yeast / fungal / pesticide contamination of foods. I have also experienced eating ORGANIC fruit .. that later cause allergy / gut reaction .. and so maybe we are back to mold-fungi contamination ??

Can Raw Potato Heal Tissue Inflammation?
I want to share with you my own personal experience and my own personal solutions from my recent yeughy coffee .. allergy reaction .. and stomach gut upset that within 24 hours later spread out to the connective tissues of my spine and connective tissue between the ribs .. all of which I 80 percent reduced using grated RAW POTATO *-)

Step-by-step I will share with you the bad symptoms in my gut and in my body after drinking this moldy tasting coffee that I masked with 2 teaspoons of sugar to be able to drink it down. First was my stomach [acid] and then was my gut [small and large intestines] .. but worst of all to come was a day later when my spine and ribs became inflamed.

I knew it was the roasted coffee .. because that was the only change I had made to my diet over the past months. I can tell you now: NEVER AGAIN .. will I do this to my body. To harm the physical body is [for me] a sign of total DISRESPECT. So .. if you make a mistake? Correct it!

Over 3 days I tried the Cayenne Pepper sticky patches usually efficient in reducing local inflammation if the spine is injured in lifting heavy objects. I experienced when I have a physical injury I can clean it up real fast with Cayenne Pepper patches placed directly on the painful irritated area of my back.

I noticed the Cayenne patches then caused hot irritation / inflammation in my spine .. spreading out from the kidneys. That was when I turned to an older solution = grated raw potato and grated raw cabbage poultices on the body which are generally known to detox the body by drawing out the irritants.

This is simply my own experience working with my own physical body!

I know from my own experiences how to use moist wet healing clay .. or mashed raw fresh cabbage or fresh raw grated potato to remove inflammation from the body. For example .. I use a plastic bag to maintain heat and retain the fluids of the raw vegetables over 2-3 hours.

One could lie down and a friend could put raw grated potato / cabbage onto the back and cover with a hydration plastic bag to maintain the moisture. Also .. during the night when sleeping I prefer to use wet healing clay and a plastic bag on top held in place with a semi-tight cotton shirt. The situation with raw grated potato or raw grated cabbage is fluid moisture.

In recent days I have discovered that when I have / experience a direct physical injury to a joint or spine .. I can generally reduce the swelling / inflammation using Eucalyptus/Camphor salve. If the joint inflammation reaction is internal gut allergy reaction to mold / fungi then .. in my own personal experience .. raw potato or raw cabbage draws the toxic reactions out of my body.

You also have to understand that I know what I am doing!

I have an intimate direct relationship with my body .. and I listen to my body .. I meditate and I ask for inner guidance how to heal the physical body. I am not proposing that YOU try anything that I share with you. I do not know what inner relationship you have with your own body.

If you have a sense of humor .. I find it really funny that raw grated potato removed the allergy reaction in the connective tissue of my spine and the connective tissue between the ribs [associated with the spine] in 1-2 hours. In my personal experience.

I love my body .. I respect my body .. I listen to my body ..

In a way I feel sad that I put this moldy coffee sh#it into my gut.
I could smell it [the mold] and I taste it .. this moldy fungal contaminated yeughy taste .. and as a result I suffered the physical consequences. I like to be aware of what I eat and drink and the effects or benefits that follow.

I try to follow the benefits and avoid the painful allergy reactions.

I also have this vision that "IN THE FUTURE" human beings will move into a higher and more enlightened physical .. mental and emotional state of mind. For example .. I experienced physical emotional trauma trying to deal with a gut allergy reaction that shot straight into my connective tissues.

The gut is connected to the brain is connected to the tissues...

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Probiotic Brain Gut Energy Systems

Did you know that your brain and your gut / intestine communicate directly with each other? That the gut and the brain have an ongoing dialogue .. communication of the inner kind? The gut and the brain are so intimately connected that some researchers now suggest that the gut and the brain are part of one system.

We all have neurons in our gut / intestinal tract .. therefore how much of human brain [in the skull] cognitive deterioration begins in the colon? How much does healthy brain function depend on a healthy colon?

I am not an "expert" .. I am simply a friend of my body. I listen to my body and show respect and love. No one taught me this .. I had to learn the hard way through my own experiences. I discovered that listening to my own body [partly through inner meditation / awareness] and trusting my body intelligence .. that there is a much deeper level of communication beyond words / intellect.

Normally we do not use [are not aware of] this deeper mind/brain connection. I became aware that in a certain deep state of awareness that the body intelligence is in a state of ongoing communication with the cells .. the blood .. immune system and right inside the skeletal structures within the bones.

Through my own experience I personally think that each human [spirit incarnation] experiences difficulties in a lifetime so they can potentially provide a solution that benefits mankind and other life forms on the Planets they inhabit.

In earlier incarnations we experienced what is now called Initiation. The students of transformation would be taught and would later enter underground chambers [for example] and could only find their way out alive if they could apply the teachings to "pass through". When the students emerged from their passage .. that was essentially an inner passage .. they were re-born !!

There are many such incarnations on Earth who have many thousands of years [+] of these initiation experiences and have the inner skill and energy to pass through trials and transform .. not only their own lives .. but transform the future of mankind.

What does this have to do with your GUT ??

I cannot explain every detail in one post .. and so I have to cut this short! If you do not understand what I am saying .. then just think: This is crazy ... The problem with humans today is that everyone wants to influence everyone. This influence thing can create such an entangled mess [confusion]. I do not want to influence anyone .. but when I see people suffering I have compassion.

I did not know I had leaky gut and I did not know anything [= zero] about gut probiotics .. Candida Albicans or leaky gut syndrome. Most recently there is a renewed discussion about not doing any kind of exercise and gaining weight. In the last few years I notice so many overweight people in town including men and women 20 / 30 years younger than myself.

I want to share my own experience on this!

I am sharing with you my own experience and my own personal assessment and understanding of what took place within my own body. This experience is in no way a "health guide" .. it is simply part of my own life and understanding. Most important of all it is part of my own relationship with my body.

My basic summary of Candida and leaky gut was that increasing weight was one symptom .. but there were also neurological effects that are more subtle. For example .. experts now claim that overweight people do not exercise enough. I can tell you that when the gut / colon does not function [loses essential gut probiotics] the effect is general brain fog and neurological dysfunction.

I don't know how else to explain this? I was a slim very healthy [I thought] individual with lots of energy and a good immune system. But before I identified Candida overgrowth and leaky gut in my intestines I began to suffer a brain body lethargy = no energy.

At the same time overweight or underweight created the same problem. I gained a lot of weight in a very short time and then I lost a lot of weight in a very short time. With leaky gut it did not matter if I gained weight or if I lost weight .. the brain fog and the no-energy lethargy was the same !!

I wanted to exercise and I wanted to strengthen the physical body .. but there was just this inner loss of power that made any attempts I made irrelevant. What was this loss of power? In my view essential healthy probiotics are all over the entire body: IN the blood .. in the cells .. in the brain .. in the bones .. in the nervous system .. in the organs .. lungs and in the heart!

With leaky gut I noticed that my tendons and muscles would involuntarily twist when I had a so-called allergy reaction. My knees .. joints and even my eyes would swell when I was experiencing these allergy reactions. I know some of you will understand that neurotoxins in my entire body [not only the brain] were changing electro-signals within the bodies muscles and nerves.

Fungal inflammation does not only take place within the joints and bone-muscle root connections [tissue] .. but fungal neurotoxins also inflame the brain tissues. They can inflame the vertebra and the connective tissue between the vertebra and skeletal joints.

In my own personal experience once I had leaky gut and drastic loss of beneficial gut probiotics .. it did not matter if I experience weight gain or I experienced rapid weigh loss. The physical body had an internal lethargy = was incapable of benefiting from any kind of physical exercise.

Probiotic Brain Gut Energy Systems
It took me years to gradually re-balance my own gut flora and allow my body to function within a natural healthy inner environment. The body cannot detox 100 percent from day one .. because the organs .. the kidneys .. the liver .. the heart and the colon have to remove all that toxic waste.

Going beyond the physical cellular health of the body .. there is the energy system! If the energy is not there then the physical structure cannot function. But! What is the physical / energy relationship of the human body? I don't know! I can tell you that inner tissue and organ fungal overgrowth created a change in the electrical signature of my physical body.

I have this theory that the entire body has its own internal electrical frequency in harmony with the brain and the neural systems. It is my theory that fungal intrusion change the electrical frequencies of the body .. interfering with the entire neurological functions and immune system of the brain.

Future researchers should pay more attention to the healthy electrical frequencies of the body / mind connection and the overall health frequency of the human organism. We inhabit spiritually a physical structure that is based on energy [chi] life force. That means the essential life force has to effortlessly interact with the physical material form.

In my view probiotics [that are also a mystery life-source connection] are an important and essential basic micro-connector to sustain physical life and that fungi are designed to break down matter after death = after the loss of electrical [electro-magnetic] cohesion.

I personally was not able to physically "exercise" my way out of rapid weight gain and rapid weigh loss .. even though since I was 13 years old I know how to do this and why !! Even worse is that there is an internal gut / brain effect that just bogs you down and counteracts any attempts to train using physical exercises. You can stand on your head and it has no effect!

To what extent has 100 years of pasteurization [of everything] contributed to the destruction of beneficial gut microbial flora within the human digestive systems? Ten years ago I could buy organic yoghurt from the local store and if I put one tablespoon of the joghurt in milk I would have my own fresh joghurt within 10 hours. Today's organic joghurt is dead = it does not cultivate in milk !!

This is not only about pasteurized joghurt .. but sauerkraut and fermented vegetables are also heated to death [pasteurized] but the soil and the vegetables are lacking in essential beneficial probiotics. Killing our external environment [balance] is also killing humans.

Researchers now claim that certain pesticides are killing the bees .. but no one understand why they are killing the bees! The pesticides are destroying the bees internal GUT FLORA .. and no one gives a sh#t .. sorry for the pun!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Creating Space Between Sensation & Desire

What is inner space between sensation and desire?
.. Inner space is Qi.

It was the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti that allowed me to find [create] my own inner space between contact - sensation and desire [REACTION]. Humans do not yet understand the original energy of desire. The energy of desire is neither good nor bad .. it simply is what it is.

When you switch on your computer or tablet .. you can use this tool to do harm or you can use this tool to inspire people and do good. Otherwise you can simply use the tool [which requires energy] to function in this world and get things done [neutral]. We have potential for force aggression .. we have potential use for compassion and we have potential use of generally neutral. It is the same with energy of desire.

I saw recently information where "experts" used this teaching of Krishnamurti without acknowledging the source .. and they wrongly stated that THERE IS a SPACE between stimulation and desire. All you have to do is to be aware of the space between stimulation and desire [reaction].

What Krishnamurti pointed out to people is that the human reacts INSTANTLY to stimulation and rather than action we have REACTION = the space does not exist .. meaning that we have to create that space. I have been there .. I have done it and I know that it works! Reaction is faster than thought and it is intelligence [awareness] that creates the space between auto-pilot sensation-reaction.

Desire is not of itself a problem .. but how we use desire!

Creating Space Between Sensation & Desire
Human emotions turn on a never ending circle with no apparent logic or reason behind each reaction and the effects this has on our minds and our bodies. Apparently contact-sensation creates reaction [desire]. But .. be aware that the vessel [the temple of man] is already set to follow a number of reactions in multiple out-of-control variations.

Reactions are the interface humans have as part of connecting with and interacting with the environment. When in danger the psyche has to react .. does react in multiple ways. I taught myself to stay calm no matter what .. but I had to work hard to pass through the Inner Temple of Initiation.

The reason the Inner Temple is set up this way is because Universe places each vibration at its primary associated level. When incarnate spirit accepts the auto-pilot setting and ego-self functions within those settings .. that determines the spirits Universal vibration level.

Recently the Masters told me to "slow down" ...
I have no idea what they are talking about .. but I will figure it out !!
The first rule of the self is to be aware that all experiences take place inside. The experiences and reactions may be set off through outer interactions .. but the outer influence is essentially irrelevant to the Masters of Inner Space.

When you create a space [awareness] between contact sensation and reaction .. this is a deeper form of Inner Martial Arts. From what I understand so far about "slowing down" is that with that deeper pool of consciousness is movement faster than thought and probably faster than light.

When you create space between sensation and reaction it does not mean you move like a tortoise! When you observe the Masters they are very fast beyond time and yet they appear to have made no move at all. The same principle applies to how you inwardly react to stimulus and energy of desire.

When you apply inner silent awareness [observation] you are moving much faster than reaction and thought. At the same time by creating space you are inwardly slowing down time-space. When the mind remains on the energy interaction surface of the life-force pool .. then all a human being experiences are non-stop impulse reactions. This is the way the primary human interface was designed.

Incarnate spirits who accept auto-pilot primary impulse interactions .. that is what they get lifetime after lifetime. A true Master can overcome any primary restrictions at birth and re-create his / her own incarnation. Cheating is not allowed = the Universe will not allow scientists to create a super advanced master race !!

Let me go back to the illusion of "emotional contagion". Let's say I put together a team of manipulators to create illumination of Nirvana across all social networks! Key words cause instant enlightenment of the people who use social networks!

Ha! Ha! Hahaha! Hahaha!

What I am trying to say is that we all swim at the depths suited to our own inner characters. If you try to drag surface fish to the deeper depths then you will instantly kill them. Humans are not experiencing "manipulation" .. but humans are experiencing their own inner reactions at any point in time and space.

I am not afraid of manipulation .. I am afraid of my own inner stupidity!

To get to higher levels you have to be aware of how stupid you are... If you study Tibetan and Buddhist art you see many representations of "demons" .. and those beings have many forms and many functions. I am not a student of Tibetan philosophy .. but I like timeless visual art language.

Many people misunderstand the Tibetan Demons and they imagine that the people are worshiping dark entities and non-human entities. Hey! Guess what! Earth humans came from higher non-human sources. For example .. humans breed plants and vegetables .. humans also breed animals and influence the genetic signatures of these life forms. Therefore, many animals and plants on Earth today are creations of non-plant and non-animal interventions !!

Humans are a complex mixture of many different forces.

When someone attacks you and you instantly react .. that lower energy drags you onto their level. The attacker is at a lower energy level and they are that which they project onto the world around them. They also seek to have higher energy level .. but they do not do the inner work to pass through to higher energy levels. They attack those who have done the work and who have high energy levels.

When you create space there is nothing to hit!

Cats are very good examples of inner and outer space. There is one funny situation where bad ninja cat is biting the audio cables attached to the Panasonic DVC30 as we were filming. We try to catch the cat to stop him biting the thin audio cables. The cat creates SPACE. The cat jumps and spins and twirls so that all we catch is empty space. I hope that makes sense !!

The Ancient Masters were able to alter reality in the same way cats alter reality. They could apparently defy gravity. They could restrain matter without physical movement. They could go deeper into the energy center where consciousness alters space and time. Or .. deeper space-time alters consciousness!

Friday, July 04, 2014

First Law of The Self

Computers and computer software application and design
.. are based on the functions of the human brain

I recently noticed a new hysteria on the World Wide Web described as "emotional contagion" .. hahaha .. emotional contagion! I do not indulge in social media. I was using the Internet in its beginning [early days] when creative artists had to build and design their own websites and interactions were wild and free!

Apparently those who use social media are in danger of being infected by "emotional contagion" ?? Seriously .. people .. some of you have to wake the f#ck up !! Like get a brain .. and maybe take some responsibility for who you are. "Oh! My! God! I was infected by emotional contagion!" On some levels the Internet has become a circus .. a gladiator entertainment circus .. where people battle to see who will dominate the area at any point in time and space.

First .. what is EMOTION?

Since you were a small child you have experienced emotions .. and do you have any idea .. do you have any insight into the nature of your emotions? No? Maybe some of you have taught yourselves to understand and have insights into the spectrum of human emotions .. like AWARENESS and MEDITATION.

The root of emotion is [to] move [motion / movement] - to excite / to disturb.

Let's say: moving .. stirring .. agitation .. any strong feeling. Let's say that something inside the human being is set in motion [an experience of feelings that can change and develop]. For example .. one can feel happy for no apparent reason .. one can feel sorrow or fear .. one can feel compassion or anger. All humans share these basic emotions.

Small Child .. Big Dreams
As a very small child I begin to experience these emotions. You come out of the baby state of protected awareness and your spirit begins to connect with the electronics and the software of the human body. At first maybe you are like a happy passenger on an early flight .. and suddenly you begin to experience that you are sitting in the pilot seat.

One could say that emotions are like weather patters or turbulence that the pilot experiences during the flight path of an entire life [experience]. There are dangers .. there are beautiful moments .. there are what the f#ck [moments]. How the pilot reacts in situations is part of what we currently call emotions.

A pilot flying through the spectrum of life can become aggressive .. angry .. violent .. passive .. fearful .. fearless .. discover love and compassion .. can experience elation / happiness and inner peace. Do you see how many emotions there are? Why are there so many emotions?

What broadband spectrum of emotions do human beings mainly use?

As a small child I was aware of all these emotions .. like multiple levels of software installed on a computer [and how to use this software]. My first reaction four years old was .. who put me down here in the mad house? I was a small child .. I wandered out into the garden on my own .. I looked up at the sky.

I am looking up and in my mind I have this mysterious impression of disk shaped lights .. and I say to them: Get down here right now and take me back home!! This Planet is a complete insane nut house and I did not agree to this. I am laughing now .. but in the moment it was not funny.

The biggest problem I was aware of at the time was not my OWN emotions [that were pretty calm] .. but the emotions of the people around me. I became aware that most people were on out of control emotional roller-coaster rides of the self-indulgent kind.

I was thinking as a child .. no one can fix this .. people are insane !!

My sky brothers and sisters did not come down [as I commanded] to take me home .. and so I am still here. They never answer direct .. but I vaguely recall an interaction that said to me: You can do it!

Before my Grandfather died [I was nine years old when he died] .. we went on a holiday train journey to the sea .. on a steam-engine train that sounded like: Clickety-click clickety-click .. click clack .. clickety-click.

On the train my grandfather said: can you hear it? I asked: Hear what? My Grandfather answered: Yes I can do it. Yes I can do it. I know I can do it. I know I can do it. Yes I can. Yes I can. I know I can. I know I can.
[to the rhythm of the train].

My Grandfather did not know that the ETs said to me: You can do it!

First Law of The Self
I am going to say to all of you now: Yes! You can! The basis of what I am going to say is more complex than many people want to hear. You can do it .. but it is WHAT you do and HOW that matters. For example .. you can be angry .. you can be hurt .. you can be afraid .. you can be suffering .. you can be jealous .. you can be happy .. feel love .. compassion .. feel inner peace.

Emotional contagion does not exist.

For some reason we like to think of ourselves as victims. There is a current thread of poor humans being manipulated and influenced by more "powerful" interests and institutions. Guess what? You are them and they are you. All humanity shares the same basic functioning software that allows us to live and interact and survive on this Planet.

All human races on the Earth have different languages and different ethnic cultures .. but all Earth humans share same basic feelings .. desires and emotions beyond spoken languages. You can be angry in any language on Earth and it is just anger. You can feel compassion in any language on Earth an it is just compassion.

Emotions are not CONTAGIOUS .. emotions are built in [like an operating software]. You influence yourself.

The first law of the self as taught to me is that I AM RESPONSIBLE for my own emotional state even when I allow those emotions to run on inner autopilot setting. If I am unaware of my emotions [reactions] and I simply go along for the [unconscious] ride .. I am STILL responsible for state of my own mind.

I try to make this brief and simple!

All the emotions and feelings are set up as dynamic interactive relationships between inner and outer life forms / experiences. If you are in danger and you react it can save your life. If you feel compassion and love it can save your life. Let's say we have multiple choices.

Whoever designed this is beyond brilliant !!

Emotions are designed as highly advanced interactive software of sensation and compass of awareness and compass of intelligence [when the human beings are not on auto-pilot]. Emotions are also inter-species instantly recognisable. When a cat is angry .. you know it! When is cat is loving .. you know it! When a dog is sad .. you know it! When a dog is sending you the love .. you know it!

We humans do not use Inner Compass !!

This is where I come back to the Roman Circus. In general humans do not use the inner compass. In general humans are on a roller-coaster ride of emotions .. feelings and sensations [without discipline and intelligence]. Worst of all .. they blame each other for external influence of the roller-coaster emotional rides.

Emotions are experienced inside .. from within .. THAT IS THE KEY !!

The situation is negative and I feel BAD! The situation is positive and I feel good! The first thing I was taught by the spiritual beings is BALANCE. If someone is negative? So what! If someone is positive? So what! If someone attacks you? So what! That is inner balance.

The first law of the self is the navigation of the entire inner software you have to work with on all levels of being. Incantations are free to use the inner software on the lowest or highest levels of existence .. or put it all on auto-pilot!

The Donkey
I hope this makes sense .. but when you lead a donkey along the path and the donkey stops and for whatever reason refuses to move. You can try using a carrot to move the donkey or you can try hitting the donkey with a stick and maybe neither causes the donkey to move! It is the same with your "emotions".


If the donkey decides to move on along the path .. it is the inner decision of the donkey that changes the energy of what is happening. The same with a horse. When horses sense danger ahead they will refuse to go any further .. no matter what the human does to try and control the mind and direction of the horse. The same applies to humans!

The incarnate human is at the center of their own spirit incarnation and that includes EMOTIONS! I taught myself to be calm and aware in all situations [not to have emotions on auto-pilot]. People tell you how amazing you are! Is that so? People tell you how stupid you are! Is that so? The dynamics are within us and how we use those dynamics creates our lives .. lifetime after lifetime!

Is That So?
Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbors as one living a pure life. A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without any warning, her parents discovered she was with child. This made her parents very angry. She would not confess who the man was, but after much harassment at last named Hakuin.

In great anger the parents went to the master.
"Is that so?" was all he would say.

When the child was born, the parents brought it to the Hakuin, who now was viewed as a pariah by the whole village. They demanded that he take care of the child since it was his responsibility.
"Is that so?" Hakuin said calmly as he accepted the child.

A year later the girl-mother could stand it no longer. She told her parents the truth – that the real father of the child was a young man who worked in the fishmarket. The mother and father of the girl at once went to Hakuin to ask his forgiveness, to apologize at length, and to get the child back again. Hakuin was willing. In yielding the child, all he said was: "Is that so?"

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Stay Calm With Inner Love

Be aware !! Look within !! Focus!
This morning I can [again] see the interactions of Dark Matter !! The Dark Field !!

But .. the "Invisible Worlds" say to me that the current state [awareness] of the human mind / psyche is more important! You have to understand that since I was a very young kid I already worked on the state of my own human mind [psyche]. That does not make me "superior" .. it simply makes me like a cat.

Since I was a small child Invisible World beings talk to me and teach me .. like that they teach me direct [face to face] .. even though these beings are energy. They say things to me like: Your human physical parents are not your "parents" .. we are your parents/origins. This means: "We are your true family origins."

If you do not want to hear this then do not read what I say next...

All humans on Earth are part of and have extra-terrestrial family! By that I also mean extra-terrestrial awareness .. connections .. interactions .. origins! Therefore .. HARMONY .. also implies Solar .. Galactic and Universal Harmony. Earth humans are small part of a greater whole.

You can meditate into your body and you can connect with one cell .. you can connect with nervous system .. you can connect [using your mind / psyche] with the blood or the heart. You can connect with the brain or the mind. The only problem is that you are not taught to communicate in this way.

Very small number of people gather here and read this !!

But because small is large .. the love has a greater effect. Love is a small atom affecting the large organism. If you feel the sensation of love .. then all of your body and mind are affected by the love. The love is a very tiny atom that affects your whole being .. mind and psyche.

You can connect with the love and you can cross that bridge .. in the same way you walk across a bridge or drive your car across a bridge to the other side. The connection is inside yourself! When you drive across a bridge it is taking place in the now .. and when you cross the inner bridge of awareness / love .. it is taking place now .. in this moment!

Please forgive me that I am searching for the mystery of Dark Matter Fields .. and that I am not so interested in the general psychic field of the human mind. I try to explain! Dark matter is everywhere. The state of the human mind is micro self created within the unified interactions of dark matter and magnetic light fields.

The point I am trying to make is that dark matter [dark fields] exist and interact within Universal laws and the activity of light exists and interacts within the balance yin yang of Universal laws. The same laws apply to your psyche .. your mind .. your body and your spirit.

Dark matter is like a cat .. it is an "enlightened being" ..

I don't know if you have ever had to save an animal or a bird ?? I have saved fish .. birds .. wild animals .. humans .. plants .. trees. I have also made mistakes and out of those mistakes I work even harder to protect the natural world around me.

A Strong Inner Psyche
As you read this .. who is reading? One has to look inward and discover or be aware .. who is reading this information? Who is inside this physical body? Who has attitudes and emotions? Who is responsible for the attitudes and emotions? Who is using the computer?

What is the physical body and what is the psyche / the spirit / the mind?

Naturally .. when spirit becomes one with and unites with material physical 3D body .. then the inner force of life is the observer. The Temple of Man is the physical structure and the spirit of man is the psyche. Here you have a union of physical matter and spirit-energy consciousness.

Inner Stability
How do you create inner stability? It does not matter if the world around you is calm or if the world around you is in turmoil. If the world is calm then it is easy to create and establish inner peace .. inner stability! What if the world around you is in TURMOIL ??

To stay calm with inner love .. you have to be able to create inner calm stability in all situations. Like a Master of the Martial Arts one has to create inner stability .. balance and love in times of stability and in times of turmoil.

Balance of inner love is not projection of outer love ..

Inner stability is not outer projection of STABILITY !! Do you know the ground under your feet is stable? Of course you do not know if the ground is stable .. maybe it is not stable over longer periods of time. Leaving the only possibility of inner Zen.

The Zen master does not contemplate if the ground is stable.

The Zen master contemplates if he is stable !!