Saturday, July 19, 2014

Inner Conflict = Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth

61. Chung Fu / Inner Truth
Nine in the fifth place means:
He possesses truth, which links together. No blame.

To intensify the power of inner truth, a man must always turn to his superior, from whom he can receive enlightenment as the moon receives light from the sun. However, this requires a certain humility, like that of the moon when it is not yet quite full.

At the moment when the moon becomes full and stands directly opposite the sun, it begins to wane. Just as on the one hand we must be humble and reverent when face to face with the source of enlightenment, so likewise must we on the other renounce factionalism among men. Only by pursuing one’s course like a horse that goes straight ahead without looking sideways at its mate, can one retain the inner freedom that helps one onward.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
- Richard Wilhelm
People on this Planet are experiencing a rapid increase in conflict and a tendency towards a seemingly rapid increase in wars .. violence and man killing man .. brother killing brother. The problem with this is that brothers kill many more women and children than they kill each other!

Many Incarnation(s)
Please excuse my strange approach to this problem of the whole Planet! Perhaps only small number of people should read what I am about to write? My own insight into the: Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth!

Although I was born with a good heart and gentle nature .. I was also born with deep inner cultural issues. I was aware of those issues at a VERY early age! I will try to explain this as simply and as directly as possible.

The first thing I want to say is that from a very early age I also received Guidance from the so-called Invisible Worlds and from the Masters of the Spirit Worlds .. who I have to respectfully thank for my sanity and transformed state of mind/consciousness.

Having said that .. I Me ALONE .. had to do my own inner feet on the ground basic fundamental work/training. I was Guided by mysterious spiritual forces .. but THEY could not change me! I had to change myself! I had to do the inner work myself.. and nobody was going to do it for me. No one outside could change me .. only I could only change my inner self.

Inner Conflict
Those of you who know me and read my Blog and writings .. you know that I RARELY talk about myself. That is partly because I am very shy and also because I do not want to promote "myself". Also .. it is because higher levels of awareness have nothing to do with SELF [ego self]. Awareness / consciousness is like free flowing energy or sunlight .. it just is what it is.

From my own perspective I focused my energy / intelligence to build "the bridge" .. and do I have to show others how I built that bridge? I think not !! The same Invisible Guides bug me for many days to share this deeper information. I do not see the point of doing so.

The bottom line is this:
After I was born .. and from early age [3-4 years old] I was aware of an inner duality. Most of the time in my core essence I had a good and compassionate heart. I wanted to heal people. I recall healing people in past lives. I would complain to the Spirit Worlds .. why can I not instantly heal people who are suffering? That is another story *-)

There was another force inside me that was equally as strong [if not more so] than the love and compassion. I not only recalled and knew associated past lives .. but I knew the past life source of my own incarnate "cultural war" and experiences and hatred. I simply knew 400 to 600 years of the brutal destruction of my original culture and my experience fighting against this killing force.

On the surface I was a cute and loving small kid who cared for everyone in the deepest sense .. and yet much deeper was this incarnated ANGER akin to a male warrior [although I was born in this life as a female]. Maybe I can be grateful that I was born as a female [in this life] and not as a male.

Can the Feminine save the aggressive male? Who knows !!

The next issue I had is that I was born into a world where male and female are at war with each other on the most basic levels of existence. I watched my parents fight and argue .. and I thought WTF ?? Then .. as a child you have to TAKE SIDES #_# .. does this sound familiar?

When different cultures and nations fight wars .. you HAVE to TAKE SIDES...

When a child takes the side of the Father they are traitor to the Mother! When a child takes the side of the Mother they are a traitor to the Father! As you get older (in a family conflict) each side remembers the BETRAYAL !! Oh! You sided with your FATHER! Oh! You sided with your MOTHER.

What I am trying to say is that there is no difference between inner conflict .. family conflict .. regional conflict .. national conflict and world conflict [planetary conflicts]. I go back to Jiddu Krishnamurti: Discover the root of all conflict .. all conflicts have one origin .. one root!

Inner Conflict = Incarnate Cultural Wars On Earth
I am deeply grateful that I am aware and that I was born aware of inner past-life conflicts .. which saved my life .. my consciousness .. my spiritual life. If I had pursued the warrior side of my inner conflict it would have totally destroyed me.

Although I have to do the work alone .. and no one [not even Buddha] can do the work for me .. I am deeply grateful for the love and Guidance of the Invisible Worlds. We have to do the work .. but we also have to LISTEN !! Who knows? Maybe listening IS doing THE WORK.

Cultural violence and cultural conflict has a HISTORY

The world we know today is going to change .. and the dynamics we see influencing the Planet are going to change. These dynamics are not going to change over 300 .. 500 .. 1000 years gradually [slowly]. The dynamics are going to change IN AN INSTANT and that sudden change is going to affect the Earth over the next 300 .. 500 .. 1000++ years.

I have no desire to affect the WORLD .. I have no desire to CHANGE the world.

The world is what it is at any point in space-time. Later in ?? 1000-2000 years the tree of life will be 3D physical transformation / manifestation of one nano-instant transformation / change. As a result .. all I am saying to you is for you to RESOLVE your inner-incarnate conflicts. Do not let them fester like a BAD WOUND. Heal yourself .. transform yourself .. love yourself!

One small clue to incarnation .. when born into a conflict zone .. time and time again. I was born with all inter-cultural [male] awareness of deep conflict [sorrow/anger] and struggle within a certain area. I was aware and I could see all of it and I could feel all of the deeper sorrow and conflict = does conflict arise out of SORROW ??

What does the [healthy] male want to do? He wants to protect!

The healthy male psyche does not want to protect HIMSELF .. he want to protect his FAMILY .. his FRIENDS .. HIS CULTURE and their shared FUTURE. This is probably programmed into the healthy male consciousness. I am predicting a RADICAL and instantaneous transformation of the male consciousness beyond comprehension of the current Earth paradigm!

Work hard on yourself! As there will be no FREE RIDE into the FUTURE!

61. Chung Fu / Inner Truth
Pigs and fishes. Good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water. Perseverance furthers.

Pigs and fishes are the least intelligent of all animals and therefore the most difficult to influence. The force of inner truth must grow great indeed before its influence can extend to such creatures. In dealing with persons as intractable and as difficult to influence as a pig or a fish, the whole secret of success depends on finding the right way of approach.

One must first rid oneself of all prejudice and, so to speak, let the psyche of the other person act on one without restraint. Then one will establish contact with him, understand and gain power over him. When a door has thus been opened, the force of one’s personality will influence him. If in this way one finds no obstacles insurmountable, one can undertake even the most dangerous things, such as crossing the great water, and succeed.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
- Richard Wilhelm