Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disinfect Your Car

This is based on my own past experience of getting sick with flu or intestinal flu three to six days after the car was repaired and - on one occasion - I was told the car took longer because the mechanic got sick with a flu bug. Then I got sick!

Basically .. always think HYGIENE .. what we touch also = what we contaminate!

On a daily basis we are putting bacteria from our hands on everything we touch .. and we are picking up bacteria from everything we touch. At the same time anti-bacteria [antibiotics] do not help .. as they also destroy the balanced good bacteria on the skin and in the colon!

If you buy a second hand car .. or even if you buy a "new" car .. everything you touch is contaminated with bacteria that is not part of your everyday world. Some bacteria and viruses may not affect you while others may affect you. Also be aware that bacteria from your hands are also taking root on the car .. the doors .. the switches .. the steering wheel .. the handbrake .. the clutch.

Recent reports about the dangers of airports and the passenger touch surfaces in planes are contaminated with multiple bacteria(s) .. pose unseen health questions for travelers .. I wipe my hands with 80 percent alcohol. I don't drink alcohol .. I disinfect bacteria with spray alcohol .. you can also use lemon juice.

What about your car?

I love my car .. and when I get a new car [also second hand] .. I am aware that all the surfaces of the car are contaminated with bacteria. I am also aware that when I drive the car I am putting bacteria onto the steering wheel from the sweat of my skin .. onto doors .. brake handle .. switches .. gear stick [yes! I drive using gears] .. onto anything I touch.

Let me explain! The bacteria on my skin is regulated by my skin PH and immune system = kept in control and balance within my living body immune eco-system. But .. when the same bacteria pass from my hands [through sweat] onto other surfaces .. such as door handles .. steering wheel .. plastic switches and brake leavers [over time] .. their chemistry changes. I hope that makes sense.

If your car gets repaired .. disinfect it! If you buy a new car .. disinfect it. As you use your car month to month .. disinfect it. If you get Winter flu .. disinfect your car. The car is the one thing people do not pay attention to in general or when they get sick .. the same with hotels!

Dr Hulda Clark often warned people to be aware of hygiene .. especially the hands! You touch a surface and then you touch your face .. your eyes .. the side of your mouth. You do not have to touch your face as the bacteria enters the body through the skin. This is why you have an IMMUNE SYSTEM!

I am so grateful that I have allergy sensitivity! I never go to a hotel when travelling .. I use a tent and look for camping sites. Simply because .. on the occasions I sleep in a hotel I suddenly cannot breathe. Some hotels use pesticides on the mattress and bedding to kill bed bugs !! I have had experiences where I lie down to sleep and after half an hour my heart is racing .. I cannot breathe .. my body starts to hyper ventilate .. brain dizzy .. the allergy attacks begin.

When I move to sleep on the floor all symptoms disappear #_#
Where does all this toxic sh#t go? INTO THE GLANDS !!

The glandular system is the unseen silent force that is the least respected of all the organs. Anything that enters your skin meets the glands as the first line of defense. Then add to that your Pineal gland .. Pituitary gland .. Hypothalamus [all in the brain]. Western science calls this the Endocrine System.

The glands in the body go from tiny ducts to essential inner brain Pineal gland functions .. Pituitary gland .. Adrenal glands [kidneys] .. where all glands in the body communicate and function as one. Everything in your body communicates with itself.

Recently I began to disinfect the car using 80 percent alcohol on a tissue / cloth. I just patiently wipe clean every surface I touch .. including the outer door handles and the inner back doors. You can do this every 3 months .. every 6 months .. it only takes a few minutes.

In the case of your car .. be aware that bacteria transform and change once they leave the control of your physical body. For example .. bacteria mutate depending on their physical environment and they even exchange chemical information and growth cycles. This is a living biological computer without end.

I also used sodium bicarbonate in water .. lemon juice in water .. vitamin C in water. There are many natural ways to keep your car clean and healthy.