Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Stay Calm With Inner Love

Be aware !! Look within !! Focus!
This morning I can [again] see the interactions of Dark Matter !! The Dark Field !!

But .. the "Invisible Worlds" say to me that the current state [awareness] of the human mind / psyche is more important! You have to understand that since I was a very young kid I already worked on the state of my own human mind [psyche]. That does not make me "superior" .. it simply makes me like a cat.

Since I was a small child Invisible World beings talk to me and teach me .. like that they teach me direct [face to face] .. even though these beings are energy. They say things to me like: Your human physical parents are not your "parents" .. we are your parents/origins. This means: "We are your true family origins."

If you do not want to hear this then do not read what I say next...

All humans on Earth are part of and have extra-terrestrial family! By that I also mean extra-terrestrial awareness .. connections .. interactions .. origins! Therefore .. HARMONY .. also implies Solar .. Galactic and Universal Harmony. Earth humans are small part of a greater whole.

You can meditate into your body and you can connect with one cell .. you can connect with nervous system .. you can connect [using your mind / psyche] with the blood or the heart. You can connect with the brain or the mind. The only problem is that you are not taught to communicate in this way.

Very small number of people gather here and read this !!

But because small is large .. the love has a greater effect. Love is a small atom affecting the large organism. If you feel the sensation of love .. then all of your body and mind are affected by the love. The love is a very tiny atom that affects your whole being .. mind and psyche.

You can connect with the love and you can cross that bridge .. in the same way you walk across a bridge or drive your car across a bridge to the other side. The connection is inside yourself! When you drive across a bridge it is taking place in the now .. and when you cross the inner bridge of awareness / love .. it is taking place now .. in this moment!

Please forgive me that I am searching for the mystery of Dark Matter Fields .. and that I am not so interested in the general psychic field of the human mind. I try to explain! Dark matter is everywhere. The state of the human mind is micro self created within the unified interactions of dark matter and magnetic light fields.

The point I am trying to make is that dark matter [dark fields] exist and interact within Universal laws and the activity of light exists and interacts within the balance yin yang of Universal laws. The same laws apply to your psyche .. your mind .. your body and your spirit.

Dark matter is like a cat .. it is an "enlightened being" ..

I don't know if you have ever had to save an animal or a bird ?? I have saved fish .. birds .. wild animals .. humans .. plants .. trees. I have also made mistakes and out of those mistakes I work even harder to protect the natural world around me.

A Strong Inner Psyche
As you read this .. who is reading? One has to look inward and discover or be aware .. who is reading this information? Who is inside this physical body? Who has attitudes and emotions? Who is responsible for the attitudes and emotions? Who is using the computer?

What is the physical body and what is the psyche / the spirit / the mind?

Naturally .. when spirit becomes one with and unites with material physical 3D body .. then the inner force of life is the observer. The Temple of Man is the physical structure and the spirit of man is the psyche. Here you have a union of physical matter and spirit-energy consciousness.

Inner Stability
How do you create inner stability? It does not matter if the world around you is calm or if the world around you is in turmoil. If the world is calm then it is easy to create and establish inner peace .. inner stability! What if the world around you is in TURMOIL ??

To stay calm with inner love .. you have to be able to create inner calm stability in all situations. Like a Master of the Martial Arts one has to create inner stability .. balance and love in times of stability and in times of turmoil.

Balance of inner love is not projection of outer love ..

Inner stability is not outer projection of STABILITY !! Do you know the ground under your feet is stable? Of course you do not know if the ground is stable .. maybe it is not stable over longer periods of time. Leaving the only possibility of inner Zen.

The Zen master does not contemplate if the ground is stable.

The Zen master contemplates if he is stable !!